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Jodie Foster is The Brave One

Jodie Foster is The Brave One

Jodie Foster’s The Brave One is set to open on October12, 2007. More pictures from the set in Brooklyn, NY have surfaced…  as well pictures of her sitting on the stoop of her West Village apartment, where her neighbors have called her out on being unfriendly.

Jodie Foster recently defended Mel Gibson‘s behavior saying that that her Hollywood pal is "absolutely not" anti-Semitic — "Mel is honest, loyal, kind, but alcoholism has been a lifelong struggle for him and his family. I do not have personal experience with addiction, but I have seen it take many paths in people I know. He took his recovery very seriously, which is why I know he is strong enough to get through this now."

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  • The Accused

    I don’t hate blacks, I just call them the "N" word when I am drunk.I don’t hate gays, I just call them the "F" word when I am drunk.I don’t hate women, I just call them the "B" word when I am drunk.I don’t hate white people, I just call them the "C" word when I am drunk.Oh, please Jodie, you’re a smart girl and this excuse is garbage.I have gotten drunk many a times and I NEVER shouted racial slurs. It is not in my conscience.Although I have awoken with a couple of people I did not recognize – after a drunk night but that is a different story.Anyway, people are what they say. Words are powerful. i fyou make anti-Jewish comments, I don’t care how drunk, you have acted in an anti-Jewish manner. Period.

  • april

    Hopefully this new movie will not suck, like Flightplan. I do love Jodie’s previous work though.

  • Lina

    Wonderful Jodie! Finally the voice of reason! She said everything it should be said about Mel. He´s gonna beat this, I´m sure he will. And the haters can shove it up into their asses.

  • Melissa

    I agree with #1. I do believe Mel Gibson is ABSOLUTELY an anti-semite. And I will never support him again. And, like him, I have done the most embrassing and sometimes awful things while drunk. BUT I NEVER YELLED RACIAL OR ETHNIC OR ANTI-WHATEVER SLURS AT PEOPLE! You know why? Because, ya damn fool, I have no feelings of anti-whatever against people. Only people who have strong feelings like Mel on certain issues, will voice their thoughts, ESPECIALLY when they’re drunk!AND YOU KNOW WHAT JACKIE MASON, YOU IGNORANT JEW, GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM! YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE AMONGST THE REST OF THE JEWISH POPULATION IN AMERICA! Another ignorant one. (If you read the interview Jackie Mason did with Fox News’ Cavuto, you’d see why he’s probably the the most dull-headed, unsuccessful Jewish person in America!"Jews cause all the wars in the world…" Mel says. I THINK YOU’RE LOOKIN AT THE WRONG RELIGION! Frickin go back to Australia or New Zealand or whatever forest you’re Nazi dad found you in.

  • Melissa

    And another thing. DID MEL STOP TO THINK HOW HURTFUL IT IS FOR JEWISH PEOPLE TO HEAR AND PUT UP WITH SUCH THINGS, COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH? Does he not understand this? Mel, are you stupid, or are you aware of the fact that there are Jewish children and they heard what you said? How dare you. Thank you so much for TRYING to make inncoent Jewish human beings feel low everywhere, BUT GUESS WHAT?? You failed…. BIG TIME!

  • fred

    Melissa – your slip is showing — seems like you have some real issues of your own – why not take a minute and look inside.

  • SFElizabeth

    Jodie’s on & off screen persona as a tough woman (and a lesbian all her life) just don’t jive w/Mel’s comments about Sugar-Tits & Jews, and he’s always been a big gay-hater as well(been that way for years, while sober). Wake up Jodie – he ain’t what you think. As a result of her standing up for him, I went from a big fan to No, I don’t think I care to see her now ….

  • maria

    Hi Lina: I agree with you. Gosh, like we’re all perfect! He needs help and hopefully he’ll get it. Waking up with people you don’t remember — now that’s real cool!! NOT!!

  • Human

    "Jews cause all the wars in the world…" Mel says. I THINK YOU’RE LOOKIN AT THE WRONG RELIGION! Frickin go back to Australia or New Zealand or whatever forest you’re Nazi dad found you in. # 4 | Melissa | August 11, 2006 10:43 PM | Report Abuse Why do you have an agenda against other religion, are you suggesting that another religion is the cause of all wars? If yes then you are not better than mr. racist Gibson

  • Don

    I live just a block away from Jodie, I don’t think it’s her fault if she is protective of her privacy, she has crazy fans. Remember what happened to Ronald Reagan when he was the sitting president?

  • T

    Isn’t that lisa bonet’s daughter

  • Chickapea

    Is that Jodie Foster or Jon Bon Jovi?

  • J.mix

    Jodie,You’re a CHAIN SMOKER with two young children.I’d say you have some ADDICTION problems!

  • judi

    I didn’t see Flightplan, but I have liked other movies that she’s been in…As far as Mel goes, I grew up with 2 alcoholic parents, and they can definitly say things when they are drunk that they wouldn’t dream about saying when they are sober, and don’t even believe when they are sober, he has apologized many times already and he’s getting help..I still like him and his work, and will see another Mel movie…

  • bookworm

    she’s looking more and more dykey with each successive movie. not that there’s anything wrong with that. just an observation.

  • sara

    #1 Totaly agree with you. He is anti-semite as his futher is. Finally the truth came out of his mouth.

  • Sam

    Oh please. Some of you haters need to check yourselves before condemning a man you have never met. Jodie Foster has been friends with Mel for more than a decade. I think that she would know better than any of you on what his character is like. Stop judging a guy who made a drunken mistake in front of the world. He has apologized profusely, which is more than what Shaquille O’Neil or Sarah Silverman ever did when they threw racial epithets PUBLICLY to the asian american community. I’m still waiting for MY apology on that one. But then again, some of you wouldn’t give a shit if OTHER religions and races are insulted PUBLICLY, right? hypocrisy reaks.

  • Nana

    Gibson wasn’t speaking at a U.N. rallyor giving his thoughts during an open and publicinterview. His mistake was made to one (jewish) cop at 2:30AMduring a DUI arrest on the Pacific Coast Highway. When you’re drunk and angry, all sorts of stuff comes out to attack the person in front of you. Geez, all of us have ever said or thought something stereotypical or offensive in our life while SOBER. if you say you haven’t, you’re a liar.I’d like to see a fraction of themedia’s outrage made over Gibson’s private mistake towards any other public figure who mocks or offends anyone of the Muslim, Christian, or Catholic faith or everytime Hollywood produces another stereotypical fimor program depicting Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, or Arabs, in an offensive and stereotypical manner.

  • april

    MELISSA – I think you mean "go back to the USA". He a New Yorker. And get over it people – you’re all SO incensed at what he said about Jewish people. How important do Jewish people think they are, that a man’s career should be ended because of 1 or 2 sentences that came out of his mouth?? Please. And not one of you incensed about the fact that he was driving drunk, with an open bottle of booze, and could have killed someone. Get your priorities straight.This whole american "anti-jewish/jewish thing is ridiculous.

  • Yasmine

    Love Jodie and love the fact that she’s friends with Mel Gibson, another brilliant artist. lay off of Mel, haters. To me, the people so ready to clobber Gibson are the biggest self-righteous hypocrites of them all. I hope Mel and Jodie make another movie together. Loved them both in MAVERICK.

  • Super

    I LOVE JODIE AND MEL.Those who hate Mel are bunch of hypocrites.They have to look at themselves too.Those haters are actually war lovers.Question: who slowly killed Jesus Christ?Don’t tell me it was Osama Bin Laden.Why there’s war in Middle East? Don’t tell me it was bec. of Mel Gibson.Thanks Jared for all the photos.

  • Larry

    #9 HUman, if Melissa was implying another religion, then maybe you should take a look at the history books and the recent history of events and see what she means. Basically, one religion in particular, that I can think of, has used terrorism against all countries and is probably the most hated religion in the world. Muslims have attacked religions such Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and even battle within their own different sects. They have made enemies for their own selfish needs. They have attacked in India, Europe, South Asia, America and so on. They have made enemies out of everyone. What do you expect then? Kindness? Humans are forgiving but they never forget and they’re not stupid enough to believe something that harmed them earlier.

  • josh

    FIRST OFF, YOU PEOPLE HAD NO PROBLEM ATTACKING MUSLIMS AFTER 9/11 HAPPENED. But when Mel Gibson verbally attacks Jews in a drunken state, Jews are to blame for that as well? I am fully aware of the state of mind a person is in when they are drunk. They say and do things that are inexcusable and embarassing. But if I was drunk and i hit or killed someone or stole something, should I be EXCUSED for that?? Because MY EXCUSE WAS THAT I WAS DRUNK. DIDN’T MEAN IT. No.In regards to Jackie Mason’s interview, maybe you didn’t hear about how he stated in July 2004 that Islam was a murderous religion. Maybe Melissa has a point there. Jackie, who although American, seems like an idiot. In the Cavuto interview, he didn’t even know how to speak English. In July 2004, Mason allegedly called Islam a "murderous religion": "This is amazing information that almost nobody is aware of… everyone thinks that it’s a legitimate religion that preaches love and brotherhood. The truth of the matter is [that terrorists] are reflecting the religion and following the religion they are following the orders of the religion directly from the Quran… in plain English, the whole Muslim religion is preaching and teaching hate, terrorism and murder, and nobody knows it, and its about time they found out about it. The Quran… is 50 versions of hate, venom, hostility, and murder… dedicated to terrorism… I don’t know how we can call it a religion in the traditional sense. It should be called a murderous organization that’s out to kill people." -Jackie MasonBasically, Islam should not take any blame for the war in the Middle East? Jews are to blame? Maybe you forgot that Muslim terrorists attacked America on 9/11 and plan on doing it again and again. Are Americans to blame too? Muslims shouldn’t take any responsibility whatsoever, right? Mel Gibson shouldt take any responsibility for his drunken slurs, right? What other excuses can you come up with? How many enemies are Muslim terrorists going to make aorund the world? Are the French people to blame for the continuous bombings in France by their large Arabic population? I’m not saying all Muslims are like this. But Muslims themselves ahve to police their religion. Or else face alot of controversy, wars and newer enemies.

  • nasty & mean

    looks so butchy and bitchy.

  • anony

    Mr. Gibson’s incident is clearly a case of fundamental attribution error on the public’s views. It’s true he made "The Passion", (I’ve never seen it, Personally), but the uneducated media have to keep their perpetuation up to fuel the punishment to no ends. Mr. Gibson’s only real anomaly is putting the bottle up to his mouth.

  • Mira

    I don’t know what Mel Gibson has against Jewish people and their religion. Judaism is the basis of Islam and Christianity and other religions as well. I grew up in downstate NY and worked in Manhattan, and I don’t know, maybe I feel differently than others, but I actually liked the Jewish people there. Rosie O’Donnell said something along the lines of how she felt she was Jewish because she grew up with good Jewish people. Jewish people came to america and alot of them started out poor including in bad ol’ Bronx, NY and still grew up to b good, decent human beings. Maybe it was the prejudice they had to go through. Maybe it was the morals their family taught. I don’t know. But from my personal experience, I found Jewish people to be really honest, good people. I, so far, have not had a problem with any of them. I cant even say there are a few ‘bad seeds’ because I really have not met one, even amongst the younger, wilder generation. I think that if Mel Gibson just got to know the Jewish people, especially in NY, and i’m sure everywhere else, he’d see how they’re a good people. Seriously. If you’ve worked with them, like i have, you’d see that most of them have heart, even at the wrokplace, even in tough NY, that you wont find in others. I really havent seen a truly arrogant Jewish person, both young, middle-aged and old. To be honest with you, they treat you like family, no matter what color, ethnicity, nationality or religion you are. Maybe they grew up knowing what it was like to be slighted and feel more empathy for others. More care in some way.

  • DJ Jones

    LOL, are you people retarded??Did Gibson make his remarks at a rally or to a publication? He was drunk at 2:30AM and he apologized profusely. You people who hate on Mel are such hypocrites. I see racist/stereotypical depictions of other racial minorities produced by Hollywood. I hear Muslims and Christians and Catholics constantly slandered or attacked by public figures or the media or from Hollwyood. Where was your outrage then? instead of focusing on acts/offenses done while SOBER, you condemn a man who was drunk and angry during a DUI arrest at 2:30 in the morning?Um, yeah, real reasonable.Some of you need to get over yourselves. your hypocrisy disgusts me. Did Sarah Silverman ever apologize for calling asians "chinks" on a talk show? She was sober by the way when she said it. Oh, and she’s Jewish too. Not a peep from the media or from any of you. Give me a break. At least Mel apologized.

  • tellisa

    TEAM MEL. I love him as an artist and he seems like a genuine person. the people who are judging him need to get a life. he made a private mistake that got made public because of who he is. he has apologized. if anything, those who are vindictive or unforgiving are generating antisemitism because of their blatant hypocrisy. sorry but it’s the brutal truth

  • asher

    She’s a power dyke now! On screen at least. In real life she hasn’t felt the need to ‘share her secret’. Come on grrl, millions of young lesbeens all over the world need a hot strong role model. Big Rosie just ain’t cuttin’ it no mo’!

  • millie

    isn’t it Lenny Kravitz’ daughter on this photo?

  • Trixie

    Mel Gibson didn’t apologize for anything he said. His publicist issued two statements in his name. That’s not the same thing as a personal and public apology coming from Mel’s own lips. Jodie should not have apologized for him either. Mel should stand up and speak for himself and stop passing the buck. He should be a man and face the music, instead of the cowardly way he’s hiding behind others.

  • Cookie

    Sarah Silverman said the word "chinks" as part of a joke ABOUT RACISM. It wasn’t a racist joke. She was making fun of racists and racism.Mel Gibson iS an anti-semite. He wasn’t telling a joke.

  • alparker

    Some of you critize Mel and then go and attack him and Jodie. Since when is it a crime to have an opinion? Oh right. Only if you don’t like jews. hy do we have to like All Jews, or blacks or mexicans. Everyone’s life is shaped by experiences. Who cares what his personal views are? I bet all the kids the jews killed in Lebanon would kinda think the Jews are responsible. Or is killing kids okay because you can’t find the fighters the way the jew mind works? Hitler – good idea, wrong time. Bring back the ovens. Westinghouse has one that holds 6.

  • AussieDace

    sshhhesh! Have non of you Mel haters ever said anything stupid whilst drunk?! I know I have plenty of times. Get off his case. He has a problem with the drink and is seeking help. If Jewish leaders can forgive him why can’t the rest of you? Maybe you just hate Catholics…. Is forgiveness not part of any other religion????? Come back to Oz Mel, we love you here and will not judge you.

  • it’s a duck

    I love how people who otherwise would scream bloody murder if you tried to govern their actions as "free" Americans (assuming you mostly are) are quick to abdicate all responsibility for their words or actions when they choose to drink. You don’t get to have it both ways. Either you are in charge of yourself, or you are not. You don’t get to claim it only when no one’s criticizing you.

  • alison

    dear fred,Jodie is a very loyal friend to mel and he needs her to speak out for him. We all should have such good pals. Foster is a great actress and an even better friend.

  • David Daniel

    Alcohol can bring out the worst or best in us. But that is the key term-”in us.” When I used to drink, it was more of the same–joking around. A friend of mine was more angry when he drank, another was more of a womanizer when he was drunk. Alcohol only brings out what is actually in us. Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite. In an interview, he stated that his father denied the Holocaust and that his father never said anything that wasn’t true. In other words, Mel Gibson is a Holocaust denier and a racist. We should bury his movie career.

  • Mike

    The Accused, you are right Mel Gibson must take responciblity for his behavior. Please note that Jodie Foster was not excusing his behavior but giving a personal assessment of Mel Gibson character, juxaposing his behavior that night as beyond his limits of exceptible. As rational person it is understandible that we all have emotional or other prejudices inwhich as act of intellectual will over nature is required to supress them in favor of what we know to be right. Alcoholism can prevent our good judgement allowing us to behave unexceptly by our own standard as well as others. Alcoholism is very different casaul drug use since the behavoir is out of control so another person’s drunken night does not compare. Myself while completely under the influence am still well within control.

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  • Alex

    I have no doubt in my mind that Jews are evil. They control every fiber of america. They hijacked america completely and threaten people with antisemite TAG and basicall assasinated JFK and they killed 3000 americans. The funny thing is they make americans to think that fictional muslim arabs did it.

    i do think jews crossed limit on 9/11 , more people read why gentiles hate jews. Why hitler hated jews. Once you understand that you know jews most SADISTIC evil people in the world

    ofcourse Islam is counter to jews. To get rid of evil , you have to be evil. That is the reason islam born. Eliminate jews. As long as single muslim exist the war against jews will never end.

    Jews already conquered white people.