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Kingston Rossdale

Kingston Rossdale

Rock Steady!  Gwen Stefani took 2-month-old son Kingston Rossdale back to the recording studio yestertday at Mix Magic in Los Angeles.  Gwen wore a Harajuku Lovers tube top and sweats, topped off with Dior shoes. Kingston modeled a graffiti print one-sie, part of his mommy’s new line of baby clothes, Harajuku Lovers – the children’s division of L.A.M.B.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Jess

    first for the first time?

  • Jess

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY LOL…..that bubby is so cute and what a cool mummy!!!

  • Gwenfan

    Aaawwww….what a beautiful baby Kingston is!!!….Wow, he’s gonna be such a handsome little guy. Well, since both of his parents are so good-looking, i guess the blessings were passed on to the offspring. Kingston is a lucky little boy.

  • Angelika

    Kingston is definitely the cutest celebrity baby out there, I can’t stop awwwing :D

  • ana

    Kingston is so cute. I noticed, Gwen is driving Black Range Rover like Angie’s too.

  • Beth

    What a doll baby! I miss having a baby! :( My two girls are so big now! I need a little boy………

  • Nekrasova

    Maybe Katie could learn from Gwen – when you have a baby, you should hold it and spend time with it. And even let family and close friends hold and kiss the baby, too. Thank God Gwen is so normal.

  • Just Jared Fan

    He is getting so big so fast wow babies change so muchyah she seems like a good mother always keeping her son very close to her, alot of body contact, very good for the babes

  • missloUiSiAna

    Aw! Isn’t she in Cali? I wonder why she has a Texas inspection sticker then???

  • d

    1. That baby looks like an alien- 2 pretty people making a kid = an ugly kid (that is just a fact people).2. That Range Rover is a piece of junk. I used to drive a 2005 and it was a heap. (now I drive a Benz)…dont hate

  • Erin

    Aww. He is adorable! Ugly vehicle though.#10 – So your parents must have both been pretty good looking huh? I kid. . don’t hate.

  • Babs

    I wonder how much time Gwen spends with Kingston versus how much time she spends getting ready to look good for the paparazzi? She is the most over-done celeb mom out there. But that is one cute kid for sure!

  • Shana

    Harajuku Lovers is Gwen’s second clothing line inspired by her album made for all ages and sizes, not just babies. As you can see she is wearing a Harajuku Lovers shirt….the pants are L.A.M.B. And Gwen and her husband Gavin have had a Range Rover for many years. They have a silver one and just recently bought the black one earlier this year. They aren’t copying Angelina Jolie.

  • Shana

    And Gwen spends lots of time with Kingston. She brings him to the studio with her every time, and is always seen carrying him rather than someone else and taking him for walks. What’s wrong with wanting to look good even though you are a mom?

  • ana

    # 13 | Shana |I’m not insinuating that she copies Angie. I just thought that Angie and Gwen have more than one thing in comment beside them just gave birth to their babies around the same time but they also drove a Black Range Rover, which I thought it was cool seeing my two favorite celebrity moms have more than one thing in comment.

  • Babs

    Nothing is wrong with looking good as a mom (i actually think Gwen looks ridiculous though). Lots of hollywood moms looks beautiful. All i am saying is that she looks like it takes her 3 hours to get ready, and then she comes outside carrying her gorgeous baby, i am just wondering what it is like behind closed doors, thats all.

  • Sarah

    I love how blantantly she pimps her clothing line. I really mean that as a compliment. I hate false modesty so go Gwen!

  • L.L.

    I have absolutely nothing against her, honestly.But she is not beautiful, and her dressing doesn’t make any sense. At least, it’s not in harmony. Kate Moss is the best dressed one.Then, of "celebrities", it is SJ Parker.The baby is cute, but no, not preety!

  • Lisa

    The child and Gwen look cute but the clothes don’t. I am just not feeling the clothes.

  • mel

    They look cute, but I want more Gavin. :D

  • Maggie

    Can someone shed light on why people think that a tube top looks good with a bra underneath? trashy!

  • Angie

    Uh, Harajuku Lovers is NOT a division of LAMB, first of all.. it is completely seperate, and you can get men’s and women’s clothing in HL… also, the pants are LAMB… I have the same ones lol. even if i had never seen those pants before i would be able to tell they were LAMB, it’s weird, so distinctive… but yay for Gwen at looking like such a knockout like always..

  • jamie

    Gwen has been doing her hair and make-up for like that since the days before she was famous. I’m sure it doesn’t take long for her to get ready like that….she’s been doing it forever!!!

  • angiebringshiloh

    awww kingston but i wanna see shiloh??? where the hell are shiloh????? i

  • Athletic

    The kid is adorable…mommy needs to dress a little better. Her clothes are downright ugly.

  • inTexas

    I see the TX registration sticker, but here in Texas there is also a required sticker for an annual inspection that should be placed right below the registration. The vehicle was probably purchased in or transferred from Texas and the sticker was already installed. They come with one new from the dealership.

  • Fashion Police

    I think Gwen looks great and people who are used to to dressing up don’t take too much time to look beautiful. It becomes a habit and just as easy as brushing your teeth.

  • sweet_rocker

    She has to wear a bra with a tube top now because she actually has boobs. Come on now, it doesn’t look that bad. Plus she just hitting the studio anyways, not going on the red carpet.

  • frisky

    im sure heart gwen stefani and kingston, they both are beautiful.

  • Gillian

    Awwwww, he’s so cute. Just makes me feel all broody, been a while since mine were babies.

  • Breanna

    I really like that tube top! I want it! I cant find it anywhere though!!

  • Betsy

    To all these jealous and catty woman stating that Gwen is "overdone" and "trashy" and "needs to dress better", you obviously have no sense of personal style and are probably one of those boring people that buys all of their clothes at J.Crew. She is one of the few unique style icons, and looks amazing after having a baby only 2 months ago. Jealous, much?

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