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Famous Magazine shoots Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton was seen at the Altona House in Sydney, Australia shooting a commercial for Australian celebrity magazine, Famous. Although Australia is currently in their winter season, Mischa was filming barefoot in a yellow bikini covered by a sheer floral top.

 - Doobybrain

More about what Mischa has been doing in Australia:

Barton, in Sydney to spruik department store chain David Jones, has shot a television commercial for local celebrity magazine Famous.

On a sunny Sydney winter’s day, Barton was photographed barefoot, sporting a yellow bikini covered by a sheer pink floral caftan.

The commercial was shot at ‘Altona’, a private mansion in Sydney’s Potts Point, owned by Deke and Eve Miskin, who have provided the use of their home to celebrities such as Naomi Watts and partner Liev Schreiber, U2′s Bono and family, and Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams.

Dutch model Marius Hordijk plays Barton’s boyfriend in the commercial. Hordijk has previously modelled for Hugo Boss and Versace.

Famous is believed to be spending around $500,000 on the campaign.

Barton arrived in Australia on Monday, bringing a large entourage, including her parents, and younger sister, Hania.

Media reports rumor the actor is being paid in excess of $100,000 for her work with David Jones, sitting front row at the department stores spring/summer collection launch on Wednesday.

The 20-year-old American is also believed to have been paid a large sum to shoot Friday’s commercial for Famous.

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  • mahsnowy

    FIRST AGAIN…LOL… Her hair look great. She sure does look after it well. She is really pretty.

  • steandric

    what have this girl mischa barton done other than a few cheap tv and film shows to deserve all this huge media coverage all over the places? i don’t understand.

  • Lenapalooza

    I think she’s so lovely…

  • ginger

    Hey, you guys see the Huvane fiasco. First we watched Jennifer Aniston commit marriage suicide, now we are watching her commit career suicide. What a gal.

  • Maria

    Hi All: Can someone tell me what makes this girl so important or popular? I never watched the show, and from what I’ve read, she was killed off. Maybe they should kill off any information (being naughty here) on her, as really, I don’t get her or why we would want to know — at least me, anyway. Didn’t she date some rich guy who is a real jerk and friend of Paris Hilton — gosh, if he’s a friend of Paris, that’s answers that!!

  • Maria

    Hi Mahsnowy: Her hair looks great because she’s filming a commercial and she’s got the whole ‘hair dresser/make up’ happening. I’ve seen pictures of her around town and her hair doesn’t look this good. I do like the colour, though — very soft highlights.

  • Rafael

    I don’t understand you guys.If you don’t like Miscah why are you here posting and seeing her photos?And if you dispise Paris Hilton that much why do you come to a site like this? I are not gonna find anything different from paris Hilton, lindsay Lohan and other hollow celebs..I like them.I like Mischa and she’s cool and pretty.The OC was a great show and I think she is gonna be a huge star in the future. Of course she has not done very much..she’s 20 years old. But I can teel you I’m 21 and i haven’t done half what she has. And I bet any of you either. I also bet you don’t have the fun Paris Hilton has being the way she is.

  • movie fan

    Mischa has charisma, even if she is a spoiled brat. She is very popular overseas, too, somehow her looks translate well and even places that don’t know her very well are fascinated by her. She turns up in gossip pages in Europe, Asia and Australia all the time, much more so than many movie stars from America. That will bode well for her career when she transitions to movies and they want them to do well overseas.

  • Me

    I think she is gorgeous, however, I don’t think she’s a good actress.

  • cleo

    Great Mischa! Bilson whore!!!!

  • peeps

    She is merely symptomatic of the media’s obsession with hyping young, sexy starlets, and making the public believe that they should worship these starlets as well . Mischa Barton fits the bill: She parties with other young, sexy starlets. She rarely takes a bad photo, she carries clothes well. She has a cute pet dog. Whether she’s accomplished anything of substance, or has any real acting ability- it doesn’t really matter.

  • igor

    Mischa today is what Penelope Cruz was a few years ago when she first came to Hollywood. Everyone going ga-ga over her and no one exactly knowing why.

  • gina

    yeap everyone knows and sees that she looks stunneed and she’s really beautiful thats for sure but her acting career isnot good enough ı think…her acting ability isn’T that good she’s just trying to act but in the future maybe she’ll become the best in this she’S only gorgeous,cocky one…:)

  • gina

    yeap everyone knows and sees that she looks stunneed and she’s really beautiful thats for sure but her acting career isnot good enough ı think…her acting ability isn’T that good she’s just trying to act but in the future maybe she’ll become the best in this she’S only gorgeous,cocky one…:)

  • Tralalala

    She is very beautiful. In the time we live, that’s enough. The other three youngsters on The OC are far better actors, but they’re not so full of themselves and they try to live normal life and not look for the spotlight all the time. If Mischa spend time fighting against Paris Hilton, well, that’s said a lot.

  • clo

    OC is shit without Mischa. Bilson is an idiot. Reeser and the others are ugly. Ben McKenzie is old. I save only Brody.

  • blah

    She reallyl does suck as an actress. Good thing she somewhat prety. but someone…PLEASE HELP THIS GIRL DRESS

  • AussieDace

    She was spotted frolicking on Bondi Beach in the middle of winter I don’t know why! It is bloody freezing here at the moment 15degree (celcius) days isn’t a beach day by any means, thats catch a cold weather. Here I am in ugg boots a skivvy (turtle neck) and a coat and she’s in a bikini … oh and she called Sydney Harbour a river … hhhmm not too bright this girl. Also in her press interview she didn’t know any of the names of the Aussie Fashion designers she was here to promote … DO YOUR HOMEWORK if your getting paid $100k a day to promote something. Yes she is gorgous but she missed out in the brain dept.