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3 dvd giveaway

3 dvd giveaway

…if you win this contest!

Lots of contests lately. Up for grabs are 3 compelling DVD titles, all released August 8th, that touch upon and invade our notions of social norms in everyday life.

C.S.A.: Confederate States of America

Bold, satirical and wildly funny, the film poses the question: What would have happened if the South had won the Civil War? Played as a straight-faced Ken Burns-style documentary with uncanny parallels to our current society, CSA presents an alternative modern day America as a land in which slavery is alive and well throughout the 50 states, other non-whites and non-Christians are relegated to reservations, the country is in an ongoing Cold War with Canada and a Slave Shopping Network plays on TV. In the words of Spike Lee, an Executive Producer, the film is "eye opening and jaw dropping."

Sorry, Haters

Sorry, Haters is a psychological thriller with political and social undertones set in today’s New York. It’s a story of anger, revenge and retribution so timely it could be true. It begins when Ashade, a Muslim cab driver (Abdellatif Kechiche), picks up Phoebe (Robin Wright Penn) a well-heeled professional woman. Although Ashade and Phoebe have nothing in common, each holds troubling urges and hidden motivations. When Phoebe takes an interest in exonerating Ashade’s brother, a series of events are set in motion resulting in the revelation of a devastating hidden truth. Sorry, Haters is that rare film that dares to capture the anxiety of a city on edge. With powerful performances by Robin Wright Penn, Abdellatif Kechiche, Sandra Oh and Josh Hamilton, it has the courage to ask the most forbidden questions about who we are, and suggest some surprising answers.


This is the strange, disturbing story of the Manderlay plantation. Manderlay lay on a lonely plain somewhere in the deep south of the USA. It was in the year of 1933 that Grace and her father had left the township of Dogville behind them. Grace’s father and his army of villains had spent the entire winter seeking out new hunting grounds in vain, and now they were heading south in one last attempt to find a favourable location in which to take up residence. By chance their cars stop in the state of Alabama in front of a large iron gate bearing a thick chain and a padlock. Beside the gate, a dead oak tree towers over a heavy boulder with Manderlay hewn in monumental letters into the granite. Just as Grace, her father and his men are about to leave after a short break and a quick lunch, a young black woman runs up to the car. She knocks on Grace’s window. She hammers at the glass in despair. Ignoring her father’s advice to leave others to their own affairs, Grace follows the girl through the gates of Manderlay and there, she finds a group of people living as if slavery had not been abolished seventy years earlier, with white masters and black slaves… Grace believes that she has a duty to make it up to the slaves for injustices they have suffered at the hands of her kind: ‘we brought them here, we abused them and made them what they are’, as she argues to her father; and she decides that having liberated Manderlay, she will remain at the plantation until she has seen them through their first harvest. Her father grudgingly leaves her with four henchmen and a lawyer, warning Grace that he won’t be there to pick up the pieces when her plans for the resurrection of Manderlay fall apart…

Leave a wonderful comment in this post along with a valid email address (won’t be published) and a winner will be chosen randomly. One entry per person. This contest is for all 3 DVD titles mentioned above. Contest ends promptly on Tuesday, August 22 @ 7PM EST. Good luck!

 - Doobybrain

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  • Jazz

    I love Just Jared it’s my favourite blog! I check it 6 times a day! Woohooo!

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    all three movies are must see. no blockbuster here….educate yourself

  • Miwa

    Just love Jared!!!

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    Just Jared is my #1 source for juicy news and photos, especially on the talented + hunky Wentworth Miller, love you JJ!!!Thanks Doobybrain :O)

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    I check in every day I love this site and btwdobybrian is doing a great jobthank-you for the opertunity to win some thing!;)

  • Just Jared Fan

    Oh sorry its Doobybrain no offence ok ! your doing a great job

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  • macheath

    This site is pretty much my lifeline.God, I don’t think I would like anything more than to own Manderlay. I was such a huge fan of Dogville, and now with Bryce Dallas Howard? How can I turn that down?

  • Maggie

    I WANT MANDERLAY!! IF someone else wins it and doesn’t want it, send it my way! Please!

  • Tam

    This site is great and so are those movies!!! Send ‘em my way!! Thx JJ!

  • kara Miller

    I like free stuff!!!!

  • Thaigirl

    Mandelay sounds really intriguing. I hope to see it. Thanks for the great site Jared.

  • Stephanie

    Wonderful comment!

  • Liz

    You are one of my many vices, and I can’t go on without my fix.

  • Liz

    You are one of my many vices, and I can’t go on without my fix.

  • Cathy

    Love your site and would love to have those DVDs!

  • Carol

    they all sound incredibly interesting. thanks Jared!

  • JOe

    Those are 3 of my favorite movies, oh my gosh. How did they know?

  • brennang

    exposing the hypocrisy of social norms is always best when done to the extreme, it shows how archaic our society can be

  • ginneh

    i would really love to win CSA-it looks like a winner. I guess because I live in a former confederate state(Alabama), I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Ed

    I love Bryce Dallas Howard. I really want to see Manderlay. Sadly I’ve never heard of these films. Oh well I stll want them.

  • christine

    it seems like sandra oh is popping up all over the place these days!

  • jjoy

    can i have 3 of them??….i really like sandra oh….she’s funny at Arli$$ of HBO and now at Grey’s Anatomy….i also love Robin Wright Penn…i saw her on that tv sitcom, the Bold and the Beautiful and seen her movies, the Princess Bride and Forrest Gump….i would also like to see Manderlay and CSA….i saw Spike’s movie 25th hour starring Ed Norton…man…that movie is good….i hope i get the chance to see these movies by winning them….:-)

  • Melia66

    I haven’t heard of any of these movies, but they all sound very intriguing. I’ll have to check them out…

  • Shirley

    All three movies sound great and I would love to win them. Love your site…it’s a must for viewing everyday. Keep up the good work.

  • Elissa

    triple woooooo

  • Lindsay

    Oh, my gosh, I LOVE this contest! I am such a DVD whore, and I really wanted to see CSA- it sounds very thought-provoking. Hey Maggie, if I win I’ll send you Manderlay after I watch it, OK?

  • Jessica

    CSA sounds REALLY interesting!

  • Sarah-Jean

    They sound like good movies.

  • Anne

    CSA is such a crazy movie. It’s definitely extreme and exaggerated, but it’s scary to think of what the United States would have been like had the Confederate Army won the Civil War.

  • cain

    WOW! These are some thought provoking movies here. You’ve really got me excited to see what they’re all about. I remember when I read and saw the short story "The Lottery", another story putting ‘Social Norms’ on it’s head. It really makes you realize that the ‘Social Norms’ we have today could easily have been totally opposite from what we believe about ourselves and the world today. I truly believe that two of the main reasons the world is at conflict today is that is that 1)People believe that being right is more important than peace and 2)People don’t want to believe that we have more in common than we have differences. Anyway DoobyBrain you’re doing an excellent job. I’ll be sure to let Jared know.

  • Josh

    Ooh, I was wondering how Manderlay was compared to Dogville. Hopefully I will find out. Thanks Jared.

  • lashawn harris

    just in for my daily jared fix………

  • abk

    i’ve been waiting to see CSA – maybe i’ll see it sooner than i thought.

  • Sara

    CSA is AWSOME. I’m from the town it was filmed in, and I know a few of the actors. Kevin Wilmont, the director, is really clever.If anyone still wants it after not winning it, it’s available to buy on amazon I think.

  • Bob"ManPaw"Rowell

    Jared~!!!! MY MAN~!! Sup Dawg? Here’z dat uh.. ego-massagin "wonderful comment" ya had to get before ya kick me those 3 dvds. ok….I did my part…now you do yourz n get dem dvdz in the mail to me do0d~! peace..

  • Bob "ManPaw" R.

    Jared~!!!! MY MAN~!! Sup Dawg? Here’z dat uh.. ego-massagin "wonderful comment" ya had to get before ya kick me those 3 dvds. ok….I did my part…now you do yourz n get dem dvdz in the mail to me do0d~! peace..

  • Kristin O’Keefe

    Awesome Choices.

  • Flea

    I always feel a bit schizophrenic taking time out from my serious work as a civil rights attorney to check the gossip blogs. But with this post, you’ve managed to combine society tidbits and social justice. We all need both sides of our brain stimulated, and it’s nice to see you don’t forget the high-brow. Kudos and thanks!

  • Ronn Rucker

    All three look incredibly interesting. I hope I win!

  • mary

    wow wow wow! dvds :D yay

  • bowlby4

    Never heard of any of these. Would be cool to win and see them.

  • lala

    I check your site every day because you always have the best celeb photos and wonderfully snarky comments!

  • ariel

    I would love to see these 3 movies. Sounds good to me.

  • kristina

    In a world of tabloids and gossips, it seems that all people care about are which celebrity will "accidentally" show their breast, are they together or are they not and Paris Hilton. It’s refreshing that gossip websites are willing to take a littel bit of breather and educate its readers. Thanks justjared…..And also I BETTER WIN. ALL 3 DVDS LOOK WORTH WATCHING.

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    Gimme gimme gimme!!!(p.s., i miss your hot scoop at the church jared… r.i.p. FCoWM!)

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    Ooh, I love giveaways! :)

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    These movies sound good. I’d love to check the one out with Sandra Oh in it particularly (great Canadian actress!).

  • girlgoyle

    I so wanted to see CSA

  • tyler

    omg i loved sorry , haters…. robin wright penn is one of the greatest actresses not getting work today. why she hasnt blown out of the water amazes me. i hope it is only her choice that she has few roles becuase if it were up to me… id cast her in everything. -got ur back mrs. penntyler