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Heath Ledger one finger salute

Heath Ledger one finger salute

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams seemed quite annoyed at the press photographers following the two as they vacationed and sunbathed in Mexico. So annoyed in fact, that the two of them got up from their chaise lounges and responded with a steady line of the one-finger salute. Heath Ledger also went ahead and scribbled a lovely little note to the photographer. It turns out that the act worked because not shortly after receiving the message, the photographers bolted. Good for Heath and Michelle!

 - Doobybrain

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  • Emily

    lol funny

  • C

    HAHA. thats cute.

  • D

    Makes me proud to be an Aussie!

  • Candy

    Is Michelle topless in the second pic?

  • littlebit

    I thought the same thing as Candy…Is she topless? But good for them, they got the photographers to leave.

  • lea

    Right yet you all enjoy looking at the photos?? So how exactly do these photographers take pics which you all want to see, if you all want them to leave??????? someone please explain cause it confuses the hell out of me!!

  • whatever works

    Looks like they’re following Jodie Foster’s

  • Susan

    Yes, good for them! They do have rights to their own privacy. Michelle, honey, your swimsuit looks as if it’s for a little girl. Maybe something more grown up next time around.

  • Frisco

    these two no talent MORONS will be begging for their pics to be taken in a few years when NO ONE cares about them.

  • mary

    Are you people kidding? Do you know what irony is? You come to a website that exists thanks to paparazzi photos and yet you are all: "you go, girl!" when "stars" flip the paparazzi off?

  • kate

    That’s low!

  • case

    I don’t care about them flipping off the paparazzi – I’m too buy being horrified by Michelle’s hideous bathing suit. No one past the age of 5 should be seen in that thing.

  • Maria

    Michelle can wear what she wants. If I had her body, I’d wear anything and not give a hoot!! I JUST LOVE what they did. JUST LOVE IT!!!

  • Maria

    Hi Mary: Pappo pictures are cool, and I’m sure we all love looking at them, or else we would not be here, but come on, give these guys some ‘private’ time to themselves. When they are in New York, the pappos take tons of pictures of them and they don’t give them the bird. They just wanted some nice down time to enjoy the sun. We’ve got to give them that much, no?

  • Tom

    What the heck are they so made at. I think they are mad about Jake being hounded about his sexually . Just my quess.

  • Original jpf

    Can’t blame them at all. On another note, Heath’s looking a bit rough these days, but that’s cool. He had a great last year with becoming a new dad, and success with his films, and now he’s chilling. Good for them.jpf

  • Jessie

    Rofl on the bathing suit! That’s just plain ugly! HAHAHA

  • I

    Those "stars" are seriously pissing me of. They are famous, rich, successful and they still complain when some photographers take their pictures. Get over yourselves.

  • I

    Forgot to add, Heath looks awful and Michelle looks like a child.

  • Nikki

    i think its cute oh well. I think she has a sheet over her she doesnt look nude or topless to me and if she is she looks pure white

  • 21

    I don’t know what’s so cute about giving the paps the one finger salute? Michelle is topless, obviously, and i thought she was shy. Well, well.

  • Frisco SUCKS

    Sounds like Frisco’s a bitter loser who is upset that heath & michelle have a better live then he does.

  • TR

    They both look awful!!

  • nanabanana

    i really like her bathing suit. it’s cute. she’s just lounging with her husband!

  • Fuckoff

    Heath Leadger is one of the finest actors in cinema right now. He is someone who can actually ACT while being a pretty face. Yes, Pitt, I’m looking at you

  • Heathshelle

    nanabanana, they are not married yet.

  • BunGirl

    Right on!!!!! Sometimes the press just gets outta hand and people get tired of it. Good for them. If she is topless……again, good for her!

  • Franny

    um yea she is topless in the second pick ewww! Many of these people are right they have a right to tell the papparazzi to f off.

  • Assholes

    Gawd look at those faces. They should be smiling that someone even cares about their stupid lives. That beard is hideous.

  • Assholes

    Gawd look at those faces. They should be smiling that someone even cares about their stupid lives. That beard is hideous.

  • pippa

    To # 30: yeah, someone like you. because if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be on a celeb gossip blog, now would you?

  • Serena

    Michelle is just mad cuz they got her in that fug bathing suite yuck!!!!

  • Tom

    Are they fingering the pap or they fingering the people who look at the pics. who are probably big fans of theirs.

  • Bernice

    LOve It

  • Sam

    #33: That would suck if they (also) meant the fans. But reading all the comments, the fans don’t seem to mind.

  • UberGoober

    All I can say to Heath is "Whoa, Yetti!"

  • Kevin

    Hey Bitch! I wouldn’t even let my eight year old daughter wear that ugly freaking bathing suit! As for you Heath, you look as stupid and gross as your name sounds! Screw you both! If you want privacy, do what most REAL stars do and really get away from it. Too bad you can’t afford to!!

  • fan

    Michelle sure looks better now since she lost all the weight.

  • Michelle & Heath

    It’s kind of funny, esp since it reportedly worked well enough for them to go back to enjoying their privacy. Maybe it’s a hollywood trend. They called a meeting in hell-ay and now everybody is going to give the papz the finger till they go away.Good for them.

  • Patricia

    É o que acontece quando invadem em demasia a privacidade!!!

  • Patricia

    É o que acontece quando invadem em demasia a privacidade!!!

  • gigersnaps

    whats up with her second grader bathing suit

  • emi

    My 7 year old daughter DOES have a bathing suit exactly like that , just in a different color.Classy pair those two.

  • dosita

    um, they have no privacy anymore. they are "celebrities." but honestly, who give a fart what michelle williams does? she’s only "famous" now for dating heath. and i still have no diea why anyone cares what the hell he does either.

  • Doug

    Ha ha! I love it!

  • Matt

    They deserve their privacy. Leave them alone!

  • aycaramba

    think her bathingsuit is cute, loved it.

  • Tina

    Michelle looks like Heaths young daughter in that photo. And I too have to say my little girl also has a swimsuit just like hers.

  • AussieDace

    There’s a difference between wanting your photo taken and having it taken being spyed on which is what the paparazzi do best. Good on Heath & Michelle. Who care’s about Heath’s beard, his choice and Michelle doesn’t seem to care, so why should anyone else.

  • hollywood couple

    at least they are onellywood couple you can tell are united–at least on this one issue.Go Heath & Michelle.