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Laguna Beach season 3 cast

Laguna Beach season 3 cast

Laguna Beach is back for a third season with an all-new cast of teens ready to fight, cry, laugh, and experience what it is like to grow up as an affluent teen in Laguna Beach, California. The third season of the MTV hit drama premieres tomororw night on MTV @ 10PM EST.

Here’s the Laguna Beach season 3 trailer.

Get the rest of the cast names and bios after the jump as well as some more info on the show’s third season details.  Tune in to the show’s season 3 premiere tomorrow night to find out!  Oh, and be sure to be on the lookout for Laguna Beach Season 2 DVD, which was released August 8th! The season 2 DVD includes all 17 episodes as well as the usual bonus DVD features like deleted scenes and cast interviews, and also some not-so-common DVD features like cast home videos and childhood photos.

HOW TO WIN THE FREE DVD ::  To win the Laguna Beach :: Season 2 DVD set, simply leave a comment in this entry.  One entry per person.  Be sure to include a valid email address so the winner can be contacted (not published). A winner will be chosen at random. Entries must be made before Tuesday, August 22 @ 7PM EST.  Good luck!

Gallery updated with individual cast photos!

 - Doobybrain

“The second season of ‘Laguna Beach’ was really a sequel to the first season, it completed the story, while this season we start from scratch with all new kids, all new drama and all new stories, which is very exciting,” said Tony DiSanto, Executive Producer on ‘Laguna Beach.’  “Of course there will be some familiar faces and places, but this season is a whole new chapter in the Laguna saga.”

This year, a variety of coming of age stories that surround high school life will be revealed.  A girl will find love for the first time, but will she hold onto it?  Will a lifelong friendship turn into something more?  Does a high school rock band have a chance at making it big?  And will a girl ousted from the popular clique find her way back in?

Here are the cast names and bios:

Tessa –While she and Chase have dated in the past, their relationship is something between friendship and maybe a little something more. 

Chase – This hot lead singer of his very own rock band, “Open Air Stereo,” is popular with guys and girls.  He’s also a best friend and shoulder to cry on for Tessa

Kyndra – The reigning queen bee of LB, Kyndra has it all – the right clothes, money to spend and the best party house.  She rules the alpha-clique with best friend Cami, and Lexie.

Cami – Always ready with a biting one-liner, Cami has style, confidence and attitude, and is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.  As Kyndra’s best friend, they’re all about the parties, fashion and keeping the hot guys in their court.

Raquel (aka “Rocky”) – Along with her best friend Tessa, Rocky is in a clash with the popular girls in school. 

Cameron – He’s a player both on and off the field.  All the girls in Laguna Beach have a crush on Cameron, but will this All-American jock get in trouble with too many loves?

Kelan – He’s lead guitarist in the band with good friend Chase, but Kelan is way more serious about making it work from a business perspective. 

Lexie –Training to be a professional dancer leaves her little time for all the boys who fall at her feet.

Breanna – She’s Lauren’s (LC) little sister and those are big shoes to fill.

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  • Tina

    I love Laguna!!! Hope I win!

  • Jen

    I never really got the appeal of Laguna Beach until I watched a few episodes, and then I was hooked. It’s my guilty pleasure of the moment!

  • m

    I’d rather have my eyes ripped from their sockets than watch that joke of a show.

  • mo

    ah, my guilty pleasure is back! it’ll be interesting to see if they’re half as compelling as the "characters" from seasons 1 and 2.

  • Maria

    I watched two episodes last year — then threw up. What a waste of air space. Gee, they’ve got a token black chick and a token hispanic chick and a token asian chick. Still a dumb show. For those of you who love it — please remember, this is just my opinion and it’s what makes the world go round.

  • Emily

    I love jared and laguna sooo much… i would love to win

  • Ren

    Laguna rocks my world!

  • Kristal

    I never used to watch Laguna till my sis told me to just give it a chance, so I did, and surprise it’s my total Guilty Pleasure.

  • mark

    Laguna beach is awesome but the hills is even better

  • Lauren

    It’s like a train wreck, I don’t want to watch but I can’t take my eyes away…

  • Bessie

    I hope this season is as good as season 2

  • TIM


  • MMMMM….

    # 3 | m | I completely agree with you. oh my…oh…oh my! Did they actually add a black girl to the cast…oh wait a person of color…cuz I can’t really tell if she’s overly tanned or actually black.

  • athena


  • Angela

    I am addicted to Laguna Beach!

  • dee

    Love this show!! I cant wait to see what LC’s sister is like

  • LP

    so annoying, but so addictive.

  • wow

    Whew, I was starting to think that Laguna had no minorities… and now look a african american, hispanic and asian….Obviously someone mentioned it!

  • Maria

    Yeah, just like Friends when they added a black actress for a few weeks to date one of the guys. I mean, I live in New York. What block in New York doesn’t have a person of ‘colour’ walking by, living in the building, etc.? I mean do white people only watch TV? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!

  • Maria

    MMMMM: No, she’s black. Knowing how these shows work, they’ll have her for a few and then kill her off or send her away. God forbid that Laguna Beach has any black people on it! As for the Asian and Hispanic — they’ll go the same route.

  • Jacq

    Guilty pleasure, Love Laguna Beach!!

  • GJ


  • melissab

    this show was soo addicting…wonder how the new season is gonna live up

  • Autumn

    I love the show, but this season doesn’t look very good. You have to have pretty/hot people to make a good show. I really don’t want to watch 30 minutes of ugly people, which is what they are.

  • Shannon

    I love this show! It makes me realize it’s better to be not rich and not snobby!!!

  • Colleen

    Season One was the best! =)

  • Monika

    I absouloutley LOVE this show! I’m so glad there’e a third season!

  • duders

    You know, I thought it was a joke at first, and then I watched a couple of eps and even though I hated everyone and felt that every one of the cast members deserved to die for their sniveling, selfish, backstabbing and generally pathetic behavior to themselves and to each other… i got hooked on the show. i guess I like getting angry, because that’s all that happens after every ep but I keep watching. This season’s cast looks like the fugliest group of pretty people I have ever seen in my life, if you know what I mean.

  • angelah

    i was so addicted to the first 2 seasons..

  • Leslie

    this show is sooo addictive, we just got it here in canada so i missed all of the first season and a bit of the second season. but i cant wait for the third.

  • Jessica

    ahhh!! i wanna win!!!!

  • valeen

    lagunabeach season1&2 forever.`team lc.

  • Lia

    Laguna rocks…although i dont no about season 3, there are all new ppl but hey maybe it will be good..

  • Carol

    i’m embarrassed to say…..i LOVE laguna beach!

  • Joe

    I am 30 years old and I still love laguna beach! i watch it with my neighbors kids!

  • Ed

    I absolutely LOVED season 2. That episode when Jason kissed Jessica right in front of Lauren had me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for season 3 cause it’s a new batch of bratty spoiled kids. I love how MTV ripped off FOX and basically made a more successful show than The O.C. Where do they find these kids? Are all Laguna kids like this?

  • Cecilia

    hi there laguna beach rocks i love thta show and i love the way they dress muah i hope i win …

  • Suzannah

    Pick Me!! Laguna wont be the same without Kristen and LC :(

  • Mindy Phillips

    I wanna win so badly!

  • Miss Sharon

    I HEART season 2 of the LB!!! i would love to win this contest =]

  • guilty pleasure

    i didn’t LC but loved Kristin. I saw a preview on TV and the girl in the green dress is supposed to be a bitch and the one who loves to gossip.

  • smits

    I hope this season lives up to expectations. I loved the first two seasons and I can’t wait to watch this one!! all the best!p.s.It looks like the added a little ethnic flair – which is awesome!

  • Linda

    Totally agree with everyone about LB being a guilty pleasure. I got hooked on the reruns this summer. Can’t wait to see what the new batch is like.

  • david

    I have to admit, the guys are really hot this season. I don’t remember them looking like that when I was in high school.

  • bev

    OMG OMG I would love to win season 2 on DVD. I have to admit, it’s sort of sad that I am in my 20s and a Laguna Beach fan but it’s true. Well, at least a closet fan… who would have much fun watching these on her dvd player.

  • Suzie

    i don’t like those new kids

  • wonji han

    i dont think season 3 will be as interesting as season 1 and 2. i dont like them new kids =(

  • mememe

    Laguna Beyotch!

  • kaz

    we get it on mtv in australia. Season 1 was ok, season 2 was fantastic! i don’t know if season 3 can live up to it but we’ll see. Is that how people really are in those areas? Why the hell is Kristin Cavelleri a ‘star’ in USA now? me and my friends thought it was a joke but it appears to be true… first paris, nicole, kimberly and now kristin?? i guess u don’t need to have talent to be a star over there!!! which is true in a lot of countries now i guess e.g. Posh Spice

  • Annie

    I love LGB!