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Paris is out

Paris is out

AOL Music is offering an exclusive listening opportunity to the world with Paris, Paris Hilton’s new album produced by Scott Storch, Jonathan Rotem, and Dr. Luke. You can listen to all 39 minutes and 55 seconds of Paris pop, dance, and [some] hip-hop all week at AOL Music.

Paris Hilton will also be promoting her new album in several stores this week across the US. See if she’s stopping by your hometown this week:

August 15
Y-100, Miami, Fl – 7PM-9PM
Specs, 501 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

August 16
Z-100, New York, NY – 6PM-8PM
FYE, 1290 6th Ave, NY, NY 10019

August 18
KIIS, Los Angeles, CA – 7PM-9PM
Best Buy, 11031 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064

The track list for Paris:

  1. Turn It Up
  2. Fightin’ Over Me (feat. Fat Joe and Jadakiss)
  3. Stars Are Blind
  4. I Want You
  5. Jealousy
  6. Heartbeat
  7. Nothing In This World
  8. Screwed
  9. Not Leaving Without You
  10. Turn You On
  11. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

I personally couldn’t think of any more unoriginal track names. But in all truthfulness, I think everybody sort of knows that it’s going to be her name that’s probably going to sell this album. She’s honestly already famous enough that whatever she does, someone somewhere will buy it. I’m not outright saying the album is bad, I’m just saying it’s not the best out there. Listen in if you care to have a sneak peak/listen (or if you’re trying to decide if you want to buy the album).

Paris will be released in stores on August 22nd. There are some reports of her entire album already popping up on torrent download sites, but I have not confirmed this yet. Enjoy.

 - Doobybrain

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  • wow

    1st, Ive heard worst, ex: brits records

  • msguidedmama

    wow first! and I can’t wait to get the album! no wait, I am not going to buy it, what a joke.

  • Dahamu

    See me trash celebrites in my blog!

  • Ed

    Yup her album leaked like last week. I have it on my iPod already and I love it. I can’t wait until they play "Turn It Up" and "Fighting Over Me" in the clubs. This is pure Paris.

  • C

    ha.. no thank you.

  • Dawn

    I preview the album at aol and i couldn’t bare to listen to any song, except for a short part of turn it up. it was probably because she didn’t sing most of the song — in fact, she barely sung. she has such a whiny bratty voice sounds ok at best only because the instruments and music drowns her voice out.

  • Susan

    What a joke! Paris sucks and so does her music!

  • true

    Wow, in every single picture they cover her crazy left eye. Either she’s looking down or her hair is in it. That’s some funny stuff. No comment on her album, don’t like her type of music…. or her for that matter.

  • Maria

    OK. One word — YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    She IS covering her lazing eye! LMAO! thats funny. I was starting to believe that she didnt notice her lazy eye because for some reason she thinks she perfect…..

  • pippa

    i like stars are blind, and i’m about to hear turn it up to see if it’s ok.

  • pippa

    ok turn it up is awful.

  • yeah

    Let’s all hate the music just because it’s Paris, It’s way better than it could have been, I love "I Want You". If you like pure pop I don’t see how you can hate this.

  • jd
  • jo

    Forget about firecrotch……she has a bald-crotch!I saw it on dlisted.comYuck Yuck and Yuck…to both her crotch and her music.

  • anonymous


  • Lena

    Get those fucking ugly toes fixed… Stupid as a bag of hammers LOL

  • AussieDacey

    I cannot stand Paris Hilton or her music or anything about her … if the dumb sluts film clips comes on my tv I will run from the other end of the house to turn it off. She is the worlds biggest slut and thinks its "like cool". South Park said it best when they took the piss out of her "i wanna be a dirty whore" gggrrrr I’ve never disliked someone so much in my life.

  • Tiffy

    The album sucks, she slaughtered Do You Think..she should be ashamed, same with whoever produced that track.I might like this crap if I was 14.I do however like the new Hillary Duff song..hehe.

  • kc

    im still laughing about the lazy eye hehehehe not at the fact that she has one but how obviously they’re tryin to cover it up. and about the album… she needs to get over herself. maybe someone should explain to her that just becuase people know know who you are does NOT mean you automatically enable you to sing. She should stick to her day job…… doing nothing…. and hopefully she will just fade into oblivion….

  • Scarlet.R

    This is the worst thing i’ve ever heard, i really didnt like Paris hilton before(any girl who gets famous for screwing a guy in a video is no good by me, plus shes dumb as a goldfish) but now i realise she is most probably the anti-christ..(maybe not but still, she sucks). my ears are actually aching. yuk. and the girl is butt-ugly. god knows how she gets so many men after her and cheating on their (way prettier) girlfriends with her.

  • http://THiS1DUHH Nick