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Tom & Katie meet the Beckhams

Tom & Katie meet the Beckhams

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon to watch soccer superstar David Beckham play soccer during an an exhibition match with Real Madrid.  Just last week, it was reported that proud parents Tom and Katie invited David and Victoria Beckham to meet baby Suri at their home in LA.   And the week before that, it was reported that the Beckhams were intersted in buying real estate in the area as well.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Alida

    I am sick to death of TomKat, boring boring boring already!! And wheres that kid of theirs? Hmmmmmmmm

  • where?

    Where are the Beckhams?

  • Deede

    Hey Alida…..would you take a 3 month old to a soccer tourny….no, don’t answer because if you are asking you must have taken your kids to HOT GAMES. Geeze. It’s too damn hot to have your babies outside for long!

  • Maria

    Alida: I so agree. Who bloody cares!!?? I especially don’t give a rats arse about Posh either. What a waste of time and space that woman is. Beck — now he’s too yummy, but what ya gonna do? Let’s see here, Angie is home breast feeding and taking care of her little ones, but Tom can’t go to a soccer match without dragging his robot along. Who’s breast feeding the baby? Oh, I know — Kirsti Alley. HA! HA! GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  • Maria

    Deede: Oh I agree with you, the baby is too small to be out in the sun. I thin Alida is just — like so many of us — tired of the ‘baby’ talk, and no baby to show for it. I guess — for those who are interested — will have to wait for rag that will have the pictures of all three of them on cover. Me, I could give a toss.

  • Maria

    Alida: One more point from this New Yorker. I personally, would not want to leave my small baby alone with anyone other than ME! I’d want to be home bonding like there is no tomorrow. A bloody soccer game can wait! But, that’s just me.

  • jo

    What a bunch of phony bolony!!I’m so sick and tired of all this fake publicity….when will this crap end.Just imagine they have to inlist the help of an English couple(more publicity whore’s) to help solidify their love and a baby.I guess no other celebrities in America will touch them with a ten foot pool.They have become the Leper’s of Hollywood and Scientoloyg is the Leper Colony!!GO AWAY TOM!!!!

  • Maria

    Jo: TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for making my day!!

  • Kayla

    Since when is it a crime to go to a game? They didn’t ask for their picture to be on this site, or any other site. They are going out to watch a friend play soccer. If you are tired of them, simple soulution, dont write or read about them. Nobody is forcing you to come on this site and read about them. Just pass by to a topic you are more interested about, but dont come on here and complain about how you are sick of them. Are they suppose to lock themselves in their home and never come out, because you dont want to see them. Yea right, like who are you to tell people what they should or should not do. I am glad we are seeing pictures of them and htey look great. They will show Suri when they feel like showing Suri and not minute sooner. They are trying to live their lives, let them do it. A little advice, next time you come upon an article about Katie and Tom, dont read it.

  • Jackie

    it’s amazing that in JJ, no female fits the role of good mother unless she is AJ. what a world.

  • Charlie

    Don’t any of you remember that Tom Cruise is actually a good actor? who cares who he dates or what he does..the celebrity culture is bullcrap. He does his job why should we expect more automatically? Discuss.. haha

  • Maria

    Charlie: I so disagree with you on Tom being a good actor — he’s so one dimensional. See, this is what makes the world go ’round — you like, me no like.

  • erica

    # 3 | Deede yeah…the problem is they DON’T TAKE HER ANYWHERE!!!Yet every Scientologist in the world has seen her and she is"The most beautiful baby they’ve ever seen. and she has a head full of striaght / curly (depending on who’s reading the skit) dark hair. If you don’t want anyone to see your kid. That’s fine…say that!! Just stop shoving all this BS about how gorgeous she is, or how she attended a birthday party at a dirty old skating rink, or how some d-list actress got to hold her, and don’t say you plan to publish her newborn photos in a VF spread and the kid is now 4 months old.

  • here we go again

    it’s amazing that in JJ, no female fits the role of good mother unless she is AJ. what a world. # 10 | Jackie why are you bringing this crap up. No one said that and yet here you are starting strife. Who knows what kind of mother Katie is we’ve not seen her since that baby was born. As for other mothers (excluding Britt) they all seem to be great mothers. So cut out the crap!!!

  • Maria

    Jackie: I never said that Kat was not a good mother — I really don’t care what she does. I only know that I, personally, would not leave my new baby in care of anyone other than ME, until it was a bit older. Everyone does what they want with their lives, and they raise their children the way they want, but it’s just ME. I know I would NEVER leave to go to a soccer game in another state while my baby is in another. Now, doesn’t Tom own a house in Utah? If this is correct, they may have brought Suri with them. I mean the whole Suri thing is a ‘big secret’, so who knows.

  • Beth

    I love soccer……….

  • charlie

    hey, he’s not my favourite, i dont really care for the guy, i just think people obsess far too much about his personal (albeit very public) life. The worse thing is you get addicted! Since i started my job i havent stopped, i never cared before…i dont care now, i just cant stop checking just jared…help me.

  • Maria

    Hi Charlie: Oh, I’ve never liked him — not even when he was dancing in his shorts. HA! HA! Not one of my favourites. I saw a movie last night, which was totally amazing. It might be hard for some to view, as it’s Christian Bale at his best — and looking horrible. It’s called ‘The Machinist’. NOW — that’s acting!!! Not his Batman body — let me warn you up front. Sometimes it was painful for me to watch. When I talk about Tom, it’s his acting. I could care a rats arse what he does in his private life. I just object when he opens up his mouth and his brains fall out. Sometimes one must keep their opinions to themselves — especially when they are in the public eye. You have a good day and try and check out ‘The Machinist’. You may not like it, but the acting is amazing.

  • Charlie

    My day is almost over thank goodness its 17:10 over here in London, im just wasting time before i leave! Best film i’ve seen in ages is The Edukators, german subtitled but absolutley wicked.

  • kayla

    Tom is a great actor.

  • Maria

    Charlie: Thanks for the film review. I’ll be on the look out for it here in The Apple. Have a safe trip home. Is the spelling correct ‘Edukators’? Loooooooove London!!

  • Sarah-Jean

    Oh boy….

  • so ironic

    MARIA :we’ve not seen katie after giving birth she was taking care of her baby and perserving her she doesn’t sell her baby to magazine’s like some others …"she not a media whore"and for your "AJ" who is taking care of her babies and her littel jesus now when she’s shoting marrian pearl biopic (which she stole it to jen)huh who’s breast the baby ?omg!!!

  • Charlie

    Maria: Yeh The Edukators (2004) its got the same actor Daniel Bruhl from Goodbye Lenin! another good movie. London is looking not so lovely today all grey-skies, but its a good place to call home. Enjoy the movie, you’ll end up feeling all anti-capitalist!

  • Jo

    EVERYBODY ……has the right to comment on this very public figure….remember the asshole wants the publicity and love’s the limelight.However, we the public who "PAY" to see his dumb-ass-movies demand some honesty, I’m personally insulted by this false publicity and Tom & Katies lack of intugrity….how dare they use an infant to mask this circus!!This is a prefound lack of respect for the public’s integentance…. how transparent!!!….using Posh Spice who will do "anything" to stay relevent.And furthermore if Tom’s publicity team insists on peppering this site with goody-goody post’s go right ahead……we the movie paying public will fight back with our opanion….bring it on bitches!!!YES!…..TOM STAY HOME PLEEEEEZE !!

  • Maria

    So Ironic: Yes, AJ/BP sold their pictures for tons of monies for Africa Aid. I see nothing wrong in that. She’ snot shown the baby since, which is a good thing. Now, let’s get this cleared up — she didn’t steal the movie for JA, the movie was ‘given’ to her by BP’s company, as they knew AJ’s acting is 100 times better than JA. Come on, be real here, let’s get over the whole AJ/JA thing. It’s over. It’s done! Stick a fork in it and let’s get on with our lives.Charlie: Yes, you live in an amazing city. I’ve been there several times and I just adore it. Loooooove those museums!! I’ll be on the hunt for the movies you recommended. If you’ve anymore you think I should get, please let me know. Love my movies — at least good ones. HA! HA!

  • Maria

    Hi Jo: Oh, I’ve NEVER paid to see Tom Cruise in a movie — NEVER!!! I dont’ like his acting, so me no pay for horrible actor. When his movies come to cable and I’m snowed in and there’s nothing to see, then MAYBE and I mean, MAYBE, I’ll watch it. I saw ‘Last Samauri’ and loved the Japanese cast — they were amazing! TOM — well, back to one dimensional again. I’d rather watch BBC America. Love my BBC America!!!

  • blah

    I find Tom sickening and Katy pathetic. No one would drag me around like his little doll. GET A BACK BONE. And has he spent all of 5 min with this kid?? He is such a loser…and so is she.

  • Mariah

    My two cents on who is a bad mother— POSH that’s who! She is only "seen" with her boys’ when a photo op is planned… either that or it’s been a slow shopping day and god forbid she has to return to the "home-front" and actually spend time with her kids or DB is "whisking" her away on another romantic vaca. without the boys’ in tow– to "work" on precurring that much desired daughter— Puhlease… all of it makes me want to vomit… Please, Please, Please— fug, pug-snout, anorexic, ex-"posh" spice— Puhlease– GO AWAY!

  • Maria

    Mariah: You go girl!!! I so agree with you on Posh — what a waste of space.

  • Dahamu

    See me trash celebrites in my blog!

  • Dahamu

    See me trash celebrites in my blog!

  • em

    I have seen a number of Tom Cruise movies through the years and this last year I find his behaviour very creepy. Andrew Morton will publish an unauthorized biography on him and I can just imagine the hype and scandal it can bring to Tom Cruise. Andrew Morton has his claim to fame when he wrote the bestseller book about Princess Diana and that goes to say that his book will be based on truths and not fabrications!


    It’s fun to pick on this short psycho. Probably the only "celebrity" to work his way DOWN the food chain! Can you imagine the brilliant conversation that occurs with the Beckhams? TC: " Vicky, would you like to order?" Pishposh: "Yes daaarling, I’ll have the water, ice on the side…" TC:" anyone want to see pictures of my spawn?" Pish and Beck (looks of horror as they push their chairs back from the table" uh sure…" Screams can be heard echoing from the dining room, vomiting, wails of "OH GOD NO" as chaos enfolds.

  • Meeps

    It wasn’t yesterday. It was the 12th. BTW!

  • az

    why do people like david beckham he is not even a good footballer matter of fact he is not even in the top ten of the worlds best player category that is why the england coach drop him

  • Maria

    Az: It has nothing to do with him being a good footballer — it’s all about his looks. I liked his looks as well, but when I heard him speak, I was a bit turned off. I expected a husky voice and got a wimpy one. Very disappointing. As long as I can look at him and not hear him speak. I’m OK. HA! HA!

  • Maria

    Oooooooooh, Morton doing a book on Cruise. What secrets will lie in those pages, I wonder?

  • lety

    Maria, I have to children and I would love to be able to go at least one place with just me and my hubby. We got a whole lifetime to bond, there’s nothing wrong with katie leaving her child while she goes and watches a game. I you want to be bonding 24/7 good for you, but we all need a break.

  • jo

    Hi Marie…….#27Is everyone her from England??……where are the Americans???Ahh !!… must be at a Tom Cruise movie :)

  • OTVIII part 2

    the baby in the photo looks kinda big for the supposed age of surl. maybe it’s little tom cruise in diapers. or maybe she’s babysitting toms little playmate davie miscavige. Katie, just keep the two of them away from ouji board games, you know how those two can be around the black art stuff. You know what a bad influence little ronnie hubbard and jackie parsons were in the whore of babylon games they played.

  • asher

    Closested gay celeb duo have sex while they’re beards drink tea on the pateo! News at ten!

  • EL

    Leave them alone. They want to live a life of their choice. So back off and get a life!

  • vicky

    look bitches if don’t like tom and katie well then talk shit about someone else because i know they love each other and if they leave suri at home let them but let me tell you something bitches go fuck someone else okay bitches and oh yeah fuck all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!