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America's Next Top Model Cycle 7

America's Next Top Model Cycle 7

When The WB and UPN join forces this coming fall (September 18th to be exact) to form The CW Television Network, its first scheduled programming will be America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 (premiering on The CW on Wednesday, September 20 @ 8PM EST).

The show will be just like its other 6 cycle/season predecessors but of course with an all-new cast of 13 models who want to make it big. Cycle 7 will provide plenty of new surprises such as the show’s first set of twins, Amanda and Michelle.

Tyra Banks
comes back again to host and judge.

The competition gets fierce and feisty for the seventh cycle of the hit dramality "America’s Next Top Model," now on The CW, as the 13 finalists fight to make their dreams of becoming a top model a reality. This season, an incredible transformation takes place as the finalists face tougher challenges and live the high life participating in glamorous photo shoots all while living under one roof in a posh Los Angeles mansion.

During this cycle, the 13 participants live together and ferociously vie for the grand prize, competing in a highly accelerated modeling boot camp.  The participants abilities are tested each week as they strive to master the runway, fashion photo shoots, perfect publicity skills and learn the business aspects of becoming a supermodel, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the "America’s Next Top Model" cameras. Throughout the series, supermodel Tyra Banks, art director of photo shoots Jay Manuel, and runway guru J. Alexander mentor the participants. The new grand prize package for "America’s Next Top Model" will be announced at a later date.

Banks leads the panel of "America’s Next Top Model" judges, comprised of leading fashion industry experts, including supermodel Twiggy, photographer Nigel Barker and runway expert J. Alexander, who closely evaluate the progress of the models to narrow the field each week.  In addition, special guest judges appear to critique within his or her area of expertise.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 should be as exciting and entertaining as all of the rest. Be sure to tune in! The complete list of the 13 new contestants after they jump!

 - Doobybrain

Name: A.J.
Occupation: Student
Age: 20
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.

Name: Amanda
Occupation: Bookstore Sales Associate
Age: 18
Hometown: Anaheim, Calif.

Name: Anchal
Occupation: Sales Clerk
Age: 19
Hometown: Homestead, Fla.

Name: Brooke
Occupation: Student
Age: 18
Hometown: Keller, Texas

Name: CariDee
Occupation: Photographer
Age: 21
Hometown: Fargo, N.D.

Name: Christian
Occupation: Bank Teller
Age: 19
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Name: Eugena
Occupation: Customer Service Representative
Age: 21
Hometown: Palmdale, Calif.

Name: Jaeda
Occupation: Student
Age: 18
Hometown: Parkersburg, Iowa

Name: Megg
Occupation: Retail Clerk
Age: 18
Hometown: Los Angeles

Name: Megan
Occupation: Bartender
Age: 23
Hometown: San Francisco

Name: Melrose
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Age: 23
Hometown: San Francisco

Name: Michelle
Occupation: Student
Age: 18
Hometown: Anaheim, Calif.

Name: Monique
Occupation: Marketing Representative
Age: 19
Hometown: Chicago

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  • missloUiSiAna

    Not to be mean but all the other girls in the past were prettier. My moneys on the chick from India, there’s just something exotic and unique about her. Next would be the punk rocker looking chick. All the others just don’t look model material to me…..

  • Dahamu

    I think the indian should win, beautifil, if not the first punker black hair girl!

  • mark

    Oh ya, I should point out that I wasn’t saying fuck that to the comment above mine. Just in general this one looks odd.Like having a set of twins in the competition? Lame stupid gimic.

  • wtfnyc4

    Is it just me, or are those twins not even cute? I don’t mean ‘not extremely pretty’ — I mean NOT pretty? Having two of them doesn’t fix that!

  • Mad White Girl

    Mark: The third row first picture on the left is that of a white girl who is FUGLY beyond understanding yet you attack the black girls? You’re an idiot! Dumb ass!The Indian girl HAS to win hands down. That is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. BTW Mark, she is dark skinned too. HAHAHA. And how do you think Indian people got this dark? By mixing with black Africans you Moron so stop being jealous of dark beautiful women.

  • mark

    LOLIndian people got dark by mixing with Africans. You go tell that to an Indian person and I’ll call an ambulance for you you racist bitch. The black girls there are all nasty. Fucking gutter ugly. You’re a retard. I said the twins thing was lame. But you didn’t notice that because of your racial bias. I bet you didn’t even notice that one you pointed out is one of the two twins there. No all you saw was the part about me pointing out how utterly disgusting those black chicks look. They’re only on there to fill a quota.Everyone with even an hint of intelligence knows Top Model is biased towards blacks because of Tyra Banks enthnicity. Why do you think 90% of the challenge judges are always black? Get a clue.Racism is ugly and stupid. I’m going on pure aesthetics. You’re focused on race.

  • Mad White Girl

    Wow Mark: You’re an angry and bitter little on!!!First of all two of the models who won (maybe more) have been non-White. So how do you figure the bias?Also, would you say American Idol is biased to White people since only two winners have been black? Good question huh?Look, the history of the world works like this: the first known man was born in South Africa. As the Africans (blacks) moved up the continent, they mixed with others to create what we know as the East Indians. Some East Indians are darker than actuall black people!Also, read "The Story of Man" – in it the scientist traces the DNA of a South African with that of a man in Asia and they DNA was identical. They were related.So to claim that East Indians have black blood is not farfetched at all – it is quite accurate. But uneducated people such as yourself would not see that.Your entire focus is on how "ugly the black girls are" – so are you saying they are ugly because they are black?The white girls are not exactly Cindy Crawford, are they? What is your point?Aww. I know. You were turned down by a hot black chick cause she found a cute black boy with a hot long penis instead of you and you are bitter.Or did the black boys in your basketball HS team tease you because of your thumb size penis? So now poor little Marky is all angry and hates all black women.How sad. Poor mark, the troll.

  • Sandbitch

    My eyes my eyes! I’d need to consume a case of beer to describe any of those poor girls as even slightly attractive. Are you sure they aren’t rejects from Extreme Makeover? Sh*t, maybe I should go check that I’m on the right planet…

  • mark

    Um..I’m Canadian you retards. So go to the south all you want you fucking jackass. And thanks for assuming I’m white. Fucking dunce. Maybe I’m black and mad they picked ugly black girls? No that couldn’t be.And bitch with the bullshit "we all came from South Africa:…actually go to school. That’s an unproven THEORY dumbshit. Wait…but it was in a book! LOL You’re a fucking tool.So according to you idiots pointing out racism makes someone a racist?Wow…you guys really are fucking dumb.I never said they were ugly because they were black. I said the black girls there are ugly. Its your own racial bias that curves your perception into immediately being defensive and thinking what you did.Your own racism has exposed the lot of you.Same way the COMPETITION JUDGES are ALMOST ALWAYS BLACK and FAVOUR the BLACK girls on the show. See the racism? Cause that’s what that is. If you really cared about being judged fairly you’d be angry about that instead of immediately jumping up and down screaming kill whitey every chance you get.PS: per the theory that black people populated Asia and the middle east…part of that theory is white people came down from Bavaria and brought them civilization. So you should probably rethink what you’re placing your faith in.So what’s you problem bitches? Black guy’s keep leaving you for white girls? Maybe you should learn to keep your mouths shut and that might not happen so much.

  • nothing special

    most of the girls aren’t pretty at all (the indian girl being the exception) the white girls are plain, the black girls are run of the mill—none of them are actual model material. however, in looking more closely at the twins, i think there is a certain "it factor" about them. it’s like they were so ugly it came full circle and ended up at curiously beguiling. a lot of models aren’t conventionally pretty, but they have an interesting aethetic which makes people want to look at them. i think the twins have that and they kind of remind me of Carmen Cass (VS, Calvin Klein)p.s. the origins of man aren’t from SOUTH AFRICA (all the way at the effin southermost tip of africa?!?!) it is widely believed that the cradle of life was in eastern north africa, which is why the first human civilizations (sumerians, mesopotamians) settled in the middle east. but i suppose early man migrated all the way from south africa to settle between the tigris and euphrates rivers huh?

  • Marcheline

    OK – the only girl in this picture who even remotely approaches model status is at the very bottom, on the right side. Some of these gals are just plain old nasty looking! WTF?

  • chantelle

    So someone says the black girls are ugly and everyone drops a load?Ladies…if that’s how you show your favor for dark skinned people, stop.Those girls ARE ugly. I don’t even like the Indian one. Her eyes too big. They need men on that show.

  • elle

    mark: you are white admit! coward! i am white and i am appalled at your comment.if you were not making a racist statement, why say ‘the black girls are fug? why point out their blackness.if you are going to be a racist, at least own up to it. don’t be so cowardly also, the first signs of life and civilization is documented as south africa – unless you’re a crazed born again then you believe the world was created in 7 days right?i can’t even fart in seven days. racist pigs.

  • Sandie

    Fuck that.That first short hair girl should win.They seem even more desperate for dark skinned girls this year than usual. All those black chicks are fugly. # 2 | mark | August 16, 2006 10:23 AM | Report Abuse —————————————-Mark, the above is your very first post.And you are mad that people find this racist?Ok, you and Mel Gibson need to find an island full of White people and go live there. We won’t miss you. And I am white too btw.

  • Alexis

    yeah, the twins have droopy eyes. i have’nt agreed with ANTM picks for models or winners until last year. sometimes, i honestly don’t know wtf they’re thinking.

  • mark

    I was told a long time ago: "no matter how much you dumb something down or how much sense you make, stupid people will always find a way to be confused"And here we are.

  • Anon

    ^^^ Nice cop out Mark.Your colors are clear for everyone to see. Sad for you.Let’s ignore people like Mark and focus on the issue at hand: I love this show and I think the gorgeous East Indian girl should win – she looks like Ashwarya Rai

  • mark

    Lol.Flagged? You racists are a joke.The Indian girl IS very pretty.The black girls shown there look like 4 dollar whores.

  • Dana

    The twins are ugly.

  • lisalisa

    if any of you have ever picked up an issue of vogue (etc..) u might have noticed that more then half of the models are not even slightly pretty, but they do have a quality that most of the general population lacks….height and thinness, so ‘prettiness’ has very little to do with making a decent lving in the modelling industry. altho i have noticed that being beautiful does help a model in becoming famous

  • elizabeth

    were these photos taken b4 or after the makeover..lmao..when i saw pics of last seasons girls i thought they were hideous but when i saw them on tv they looked alot better to me. anyways what i think you people don’t understand is you don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a model….they look for girls who are not necessarily beautiful but exotic or unique looking… none of you have your own modeling agency or work for one so you dont know what these agencies look for in girls

  • joliepittme

    What is the point of that show? I haven’t heard of any of the previous winners except for the first one because she did all those reality shows, that hardly has anything to do with modeling? I think if i was an aispiring model, I would do it the old fashioned way since that way I might have a better chance of breaking in.

  • aREALindiangirl

    Goodness, always back with the race thing. I have never posted a comment, but I thought I should because I can’t hold my tongue in this case.I don’t think any of the women on this show are very attractive, but as another commenter said, models are models because they are weird looking, thin and tall. (Think Alek Wek.) It’s not that common for a model to actually be very pretty in the face and have the other modelesque qualities as well.And now to enlighten those who are ignorant about Indians. Indian people come in all shades, from pale white to pitch black. The aryans came down from Iran through Afghanistan, Pakistan and then through Northern India. Thus, the Dravidians mixing with the Aryans made us so varied in color. So the skin color topic should be put to rest. Also, just from looking at Anchal the Indian decent model, one cannot tell what part of India she is from. It could be anywhere, really. She could even be Sri Lankan, Pakistani (doubtful though, with so few Hindus living there) or Bangladeshi (also doubtful because of same reason). I am amazed at people who act as though they are in the know, trying to beguile others with the use of grandiloquent words or speech. Please, all it does is show your own ignorance, and once you’ve resorted to cursing, all credibility is gone.

  • Anon

    Thus, the Dravidians mixing with the Aryans made us so varied in color.——————-A real Indian Girl: Funny you claim the Aryan and the Dravidian but somehow you left out the Black element.Interesting. So East Indians are made up of Aryans and Dravidians only and NOT blacks from Africa?You’re funny. Read a book sweetie.

  • That’s Right!

    TO MARK:: Whether or not you think the black girls are ugly, the bottom line is a very very wealthy beautiful black woman is determining the fate of all these girls (Tyra Banks) – this black chick is calling the shots. My friend worked on the show last season.So black models ugly or not – a black chick is running the show honey> HAHAHAHA!

  • Curry Love

    Indians varied in color? Most of them look black to me – just their hair might be different. Y’all got black in you – admit that shit.There’s a great line in Mississipi Massala (a film by an Indian woman) where she makes that point. The Denzel Washington character tells an Indian that there was no difference racially and physically between them because Denzel was actually lighter than the guy who did not want Denzel to date his daughter.Indians are hung up on the whole British white blood thing that is why they suppress their black heritage.

  • Tess

    Love the Indian Girl and the black girl to the left and the white blonde above the Indian girl. Either way, show is lame!

  • Venom

    @Curry Love: Are you kidding? Indians DO vary in color. Look at Aishwarya Rai. And no, she’s not part British. Anglo-Indians (mix of British and Indians) were rare in India during British imperialism and most of them left India after the British left. The few ones in India today live in their own communtities and only speak English.

  • anglosaxon

    team mark! i is something to make all africans proud…

  • mark

    To Thats Right:Thanks for demonstating the kind of idiotic racism that prevails in the minds of lower class morons like yourself. By your reasoning white people who run shows are then justified in siding with white contenstants. Chinese with Chinese and so on.BTW…she may be running the show…but she ain’t running the network. Honey.Laugh that off.To Curry Love:You’re a fucking retard. According to you then Indians started off as white? Wow…you’re dumb. Bottom line is this: there are a hell of a lot more Indian people than Black people and their country is a fucking hell of a lot better shape than Afirca. They have no "black heritage" The British didn’t lighten their skin, that came a long time before British colonianlism. Aryans bred with the existing population in the north. That’s why Indians from the north are generally lighter skinned. Additionally, within their cast system the darker the skin the lower you are. The poor are darker. Go find a movie about that with Denzel fuckwit.

  • Perfect Girl

    ^^^ Mark and the likes: What existing population did the Aryans breed with to create the Indian race?And please explain why so many East Indians are dark skinned? Where did this dark skin magically appear from?Also, what is your point about contestants getting preferential treatment? You did not answer a great question posed to you earlier by a previous poster….Is American Idol racist for having only TWO black contestants? Is that preferential treatment to whites?Is Who Wants to Be A Millionaire racist toward blacks and preferential to whites?Is Project Runway who has never had a black winner – is that preferential treatment to whites?Your arguments are like a huge slimy donut – FULL OF HOLES!You obviously are getting what you want out of this thread: Attention. Your life must be so empty. I bet you are 300 pounds with no friends and pathetic. Why else are you posting so much?If you hate black people, great! What do you want a prize for it? Honey, you are not the only one who knows how to hate a race of people so hating blacks does not make you special or clever.Go ahead and hate them – do they care? A people who have been through hell and back surely could not care less that a loser like you on a celebrity blog hates them.My friend and I are sitting here and laughing at you. You’re a troll!

  • Perfect Girl

    ^^^ Mark and the likes: What existing population did the Aryans breed with to create the Indian race?And please explain why so many East Indians are dark skinned? Where did this dark skin magically appear from?Also, what is your point about contestants getting preferential treatment? You did not answer a great question posed to you earlier by a previous poster….Is American Idol racist for having only TWO black contestants? Is that preferential treatment to whites?Is Who Wants to Be A Millionaire racist toward blacks and preferential to whites?Is Project Runway who has never had a black winner – is that preferential treatment to whites?Your arguments are like a huge slimy donut – FULL OF HOLES!You obviously are getting what you want out of this thread: Attention. Your life must be so empty. I bet you are 300 pounds with no friends and pathetic. Why else are you posting so much?If you hate black people, great! What do you want a prize for it? Honey, you are not the only one who knows how to hate a race of people so hating blacks does not make you special or clever.Go ahead and hate them – do they care? A people who have been through hell and back surely could not care less that a loser like you on a celebrity blog hates them.My friend and I are sitting here and laughing at you. You’re a troll!

  • mark

    They bred with…INDIANS! Where di the Indians come from? NOBODY HAS ANY IDEA BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW TALKING EVOLUTION. How far back do you want to go? Single cell organism pride?Here’s your people should get preferred treatment. That’s racist. Get it?2 black contestants on American Idol? That’s FINE. Because those 2 EARNED IT. Get it? No racial bias is better than any. Understand?I don’t hate black people. I hate racist black people who think they’re somehow owed something. Every fucking race on the planet has at one time or another gone through hell. The Irish have had a way harder time than Africans could ever fucking dream of! But that’s absurd to you. Because you’re black and racist and a functional retard.Equality is not preferential treatment for whites. It’s called fair play. Get it? If you want everyone to start playing favorites to their own then black peope are fucked. You do realize you’re a very small percent of the American population right? Even smaller in Europe. You want to be part of the majority then go back to Africa and see how much you like female genital mutliation and the other fucked up tribal rituals that still go on there. So fuck off. No one cares what anyone says on a celebrity blog but in reality people are 10 times as likely to listen to a me than you. How’s that feel? Want it to change? The stop feeding into racism with your idiocy because for every little victory you think you make ten thousand turn around and bite you in the ass. You and your friend still laughing? Then put down the crack pipes and go call your baby daddies to get some money to feed yo keeds. Racism is fun huh? Except when it doesn’t benefit you. The only way to get rid of it is to stop it in its entirety. Casting a bunch of nasty ass black chicks just so you can have more black people on the show and making every challenge judge black just makes people shrug you off and dismiss you. This show should know that but I guess part of their key demo is cuntrag porch sitting racist whores like you and your mystery friend who I suspect is really a worn down vibrator with a dead battery.

  • aneurysm

    I hate to be a cheerleader, but Mark is spot on.

  • Tamitoo

    The Irish have had a way harder time than Africans could ever fucking dream of! …………Mark^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mark, you just contradicted yourself by claiming one group of people (Irish) had a harder time than Blacks.Wasn’t that your point all along? That Blacks should not claim they have had more pain than others yet you claim the Irish have categorically had a harder time?Did you not take debate classes in college? Or were there no colleges where you come from?By the way, I went to provate school (Lycee Francais) with African children of Diplomats and scholars. Africa is not all mutilation and tribal warfare. But I am lucky that my parents, although white, had us travel everywhere.I hate to say this but I think racism is a class thing. I mean my family was very comfortable so our dinner guests were from all walks of life: educated, well off, and worldy.I suppose if you grow up poor you only see your own kind and you can’t afford family trips and exotic getaways then you are one tracked.I was visiting Thailand and Kenya by the time I was five years old. Saw the great wall of China and pyramids in Egypt in Elementary school. I guess most people don’t have that luxury.Anyway, how did everyone get off the topic so much? There is no one race better than the other. We have all dark pasts and have all wonderful things in our history too. It is all subjective.Again, if you level the playing field and give poor white people the same services as comfortable white people than they would not hate so much. Same with other races.Racism comes from jealousy. And underexposure. I have two Godmothers. One White and one who is Black and quite well known in her field and has written many books. I consider myself lucky but I know not every white person has had this priviledge and I think that’s sad.

  • Anonymous

    Mark, you sure spend a lot of time worrying about preferential treatment Black people get. Must be a huge issue for you.Ok, Blacks get preferential treatment and get things as tokenism, blah, blah, blah, blah…ok, you made your point Now what do you want?We get it!!!!!!!!!! Now please let us have a fun debate about dumb models and go jack off your speeches somewhere else!!!Yeah, we get the Irish and the whites and whoever else have had it just as bad, blah, blah , blah,and yes, Africa is barren and has nothing to offer, blah, blah , blah,….snore, bore. Let us have fun here and shut the fuck up already Mark!

  • Arora

    Mark,STFU! Racist pig! Who cares about your opinions. LOSER! Big fat pig like yourself, probably on your computer all day, resenting your boss and everyone else. Cannot hope to get a date and hate everyone. Go home and suck your you know what.

  • Surfer Boi

    Mark, for once in his pathetic life, needs some much needed juicy ARYAN pussy then he’ll leave us all alone. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  • mark

    So one person thinks they’re great because their parents spoiled them? I’ve been on every continent and I went to a private school as well (UCC) and I grew up in the same neighborhood as our current prime minister. So? That some how means its okay to play favorites to a particular race of people? Make some sense. In all your supposed travels you sure didn’t manage to pick up any humility or rational thinking skills. But at least you got some good pictures. Probably.Yes there is no one race better than the other. Thanks for agreeing with me. Now pick up on the point at hand. Maybe you should go ask one of your moms about it since you think they’re so brilliant?Intellect apparently isn’t class thing. I point out racism and you call me a racist. Der.My point about the Irish was that the DON’T bitch all the time about their past where as blacks seem to do nothing but. Not all…but some. One is too many. Other than one person thinking they’re hot shit there was nothing else said in the other posts. So I guess you guys have nothing to combat racism being wrong with other than you like it when it benefits you?To the person who just wants to have fun: I made one comment about the black chicks up there being horridly ugly and a bunch of fucking idiots (most likely all black) felt the need to cry about it. I didn’t say black chicks are ugly, I said those ones are. Immediately it was assumed I’m white and picking on black people and they went on the attack. Which is typical of slow witted, lower class, servant types. Now this place is peppered with extremely racist comments that gave a nice look into people’s ignorance of Indians and how much they realize, accept, and agree with racism when they or their kind benefit from it. It’s something everyone already knows but visibal minorities almost never admit to. So now the cowards are exposed.Keep that in mind when you’re watching this show.

  • aneurysm

    Mark, you are debating with a bunch of "politically correct" eegits’. Is an argument that they just won’t understand until they find a system they are pushing on the rest of us working directly against them.

  • Nicole

    OKay, alright, enough, If i may say something, I think we’ve had enough of the back n forth about the socio-political race fallacies n such. First of all none of us should be debating about race or where "who" "comes from", if you paid any attention, scientist debated about this two centuries ago, and what we have all come to realize is that though some maybe african or asian or latina, or anglo saxon, we all stemmed from the same ancestor, biological & geographical adaptation is the name of the game, we all reside within the same species, so our genes are the same no matter where you go okay…, as for physical differences and attributes, genotype and phenotype are responsible for that based upon the ways in which cultures thrive in the physical environments which they live while producing and passing down workable and surviving traits. Since the history lesson is finished, I would suggest that you guys reevaluate your approach in judging a modeling competition, and realize that racism has no place here and should be squashed all together. If you don’t know what you are talking about then you should probably close that fuggin hole in that pitiful area u call a face (ahem) … since u asked…discrimination against minorities, especially blacks was perpetrated for centuries without much question or contest, which i could say few of you know about about or could even imagine, (myself included), so when you make your poorly though out racist comments I would hope for you to consider that Tyra Banks is a successful model, it is her show, and if she puts people on the show who she thinks has potential being black or white, then she has the right to very well do that. Though her being African American does allow her help aspiring African American gals who are trying to break into the industry, and see something that the industry has not seen because of people like… I mean and has discarded from being defined as beautiful in the first place, shit, a large percentage of success in this world is based on who you know and not necessarily the talent you have, and I can say that for all of the presidents AND talentless black and white people who were given a chance because of someone they knew, ….(yeah, anyway, my money is on Eugena!

  • mark

    Thanks for again backing up my comment that racism is okay for you when it benefits yous.Next time don’t lead in with the pompous, false objective introduction with the half assed attaempt at clarifying anything in regards to the science involved in evolution. The only history lesson in there was a nice history of this person’s last 5 minutes in scrambling to come across as intelligent. Your grade 9 science class answer made me laugh though so thanks for that Corky.So again…since somehow it seems to be sweeping over certain people’s heads: racism in any form=wrong. Black chicks on this season (Including the last racist moron’s pick, the tranny Eugena) are butt fucking ugly. This show would be much better if Tyra Banks weren’t such an obvious bigot. Black people don’t mind though because it benefits black people. That’s racism children. If anyone else wants to make an attempt please do us all a favour and either say something new and or useful or keep it short.

  • Asafo

    I think antm is going to be like a cheap setting and judging room and sucky prizes caused they moved to CW

  • whatever890

    The Arayans and Dravidians only went through northern India. That’s why people in Northern India are a lighter shade. People in south India didn’t face that kind of interbreeding/exposion of the Aryans and Dravidians. Thus why they’re darker.I’ve never once read anywhere that african ancestry is prominent, or even really there for Indians, besides the fact that some Indians have moved to South Africa, though that isn’t exactly relavent.

  • callie

    i’m going to disagree with most to you and say that the "Indian" girl (who does have a name by the way: Anchal) may not win. i personally dont find her to be extremely beautiful or model-esque. in the 6th season, the pre-show prediction to win was Gina and look how far she got…the 5th episode.i have high hopes for either Jaeda or Megan

  • Ashley

    i think think indian girl is going to win she so pretty. she looks like a model to me.

  • Seth

    Why does every blog turn into a racist argument. You people are fucking retarded. A remark at times is just that, a remark. Don’t be so fucking sensitive, it’s nausiating. No wonder no one likes you! I side with Mark on this, what he said was just a passing comment. If he hadn’t pointed out they were the black ones then no one would know who he was referring to. The black girls aren’t that ugly, but they’re no Eva, or Naima or Danielle, that’s for sure. The white girls aren’t that much better either, but that’s the beauty of this show…taking the ugly duckling and making her DAMN. All you idiots need to take a chill pill and not be so fucking defensive, you sound like morons, the whole lot of you. Try this one for size…"all these bitches are ugly"…now the blacks, whites and indians can overload my e-mail with death threats (

  • ella

    well..I really loved watching america’s next top model..and it really helped me a lot knowing real trends and gave me inspirations as well.. I know it caridee will won…and its a great thing…looking forward for the cycle 8..hoping for a new twist

  • http://iquique yuri

    o lindoo lindoo
    bueno yo soy de CHILE aqui tambien vemos american next top model es super buena . Taira es de maciado linda ,pero ya me tengo que despediar bay

    laa. yurii ♥

  • http://iquique yuri

    o lindoo lindoo
    bueno yo soy de CHILE aqui tambien vemos american next top model es super buena . Taira es de maciado linda ,pero ya me tengo que despediar bay

    laa. yurii ♥