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Brad Pitt Zooms Off

Brad Pitt Zooms Off

Here are some more photos of Brad Pitt with his beloved motorcycle in Los Angeles, CA. This time however, he’s off the bike and in what looks to be pretty good spirits. Enjoy these photos which haven’t yet been posted here.

 - Doobybrain

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brad pitt off motorcycle01
brad pitt off motorcycle02
brad pitt off motorcycle03
brad pitt off motorcycle04
brad pitt off motorcycle05

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  • ana

    thanks, JJ! He’s a happy, happy man. He looks so cute in the pics.

  • freidaflo


  • CCCC

    Thank you JJ… you are so kind to us. Hoping you are having fun. Brad is always so hot.

  • briseis

    Thank you very much, Doobybrain. Love these pictures of handsome Braddy. You are spoiling us in Jared’s absence. Appreciate it much!

  • black

    Doesn´t look like Angie left him………Yeah he seems really happy, good for him.And the short hair is doing wonders for him.

  • gitane

    good morning, braddy! doobybrain, you’ve certainly gotten used to us, haven’t you? good job!

  • Brad is HOT

    Lucky Angie! Go Brad Go!

  • forever sexy

    Love those Sexy Thighs!!!

  • real

    the paparazzi was stupid!! or his camera was very cheap!!…the quality of the pics is very bad…but brad looks so great!

  • Brad’s necklace

    What’s in Brad’s necklace? … what type of pendant?

  • nice

    hi everyone! am a ne w here,hope you like me coz like you guys am a BAMZS fans. by the way am FILIPINA. i really really love brangelina

  • Missouri Fan

    What a peaceful start of the thread!GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!HI DobbyBrain !Handsome Brad is wearing black ring same ring I saw angie is wearing ( I don’t remember what thread) I do believe what PT said they are married. I love this family.

  • Missouri Fan

    # 2 | freidaflo | Im still voting for the humanitarian poll. Thanks for the reminder on the last thread. Hi!

  • Pol

    Yeah. Thanks for the pics.

  • gitane

    # 10 | Brad’s necklaceit’s a ring. i think it’s the one that matches angie’s.

  • oil

    oh please no more with the rings fanfiction stories… Brad is wearing a simple rings!!! i love brad!

  • Missouri Fan

    Stardust- Thanks for recognizing to be a "regular poster" in the last thread. I wish I good be a brilliant & intelligent poster like you guys but unfortunately I’m not, flattering words doesn’t comes out of my head. Anyway , I assigned myself to greet newcomers being overlooked. I hope this is iOk for all the BAMZS fans. I am very interested to join that EA too. Have a nice day again thank you…

  • ((chanel))

    wow brad looks good when were these pics made?? yesterday??

  • real

    # 18 | ((chanel)) the date is august 13.

  • Missouri Fan

    Kaseladang from the last thread.WELCOME! I’m happy you identify yourself as a pinay, you’re right i’ve seen your post many times keep coming. How are u there in DUBAI ?What do you do ?

  • crybabyAniston

    Brad looks hot and fine as alway but it his air of contentment that is very telling. This is one satisfied man.

  • Missouri Fan

    # 11 | nice | WELCOME to the BAMZS thread!Another Pinay! I’m happy for you to join us. Where you at?

  • truth hurts

    IT doesn’t look like just one ring.I think anyone has got a right to discuss the ring because this is a blog and its the first time we have seen that ring on his finger.I know the reason why you don,t want people to discuss the ring and Iam sure by the end of the day you will have exposed why.

  • Just Jared Fan

    Morning all I must say braddy is looking like he ate a good breakfast….tee hee

  • ((chanel))

    # 19 | real —————–oh so these pics are made 3 days ago

  • loli

    humm yummi!

  • sl

    Always lurked, never posted, so Hi!How come he looks about 25 and not 42 – something (one) agrees with him!

  • real

    # 27 | sl he looks his age,a man with 42 is not old, he is a handsome man with a pretty hair ( a lot of young men are getting bald like Heath Ledger) and a increible amazing body!

  • Lynn Campbell

    What great pictures – this looks like the smile of a man that has Angelina Jolie in his life!Estelle – so sorry to hear about your lossElena – welcome back and hope you are feeling betterAndromeda – best wishes to you and your brotherMissouri Fan, thank you for welcoming new people. I have to log off and on so many different times I never have a chance to properly say hello. :):)

  • Boston Babe

    The actual date of these pictures is August 12th. They’re from the same day he and Angelina were at Burbank airport.

  • kaseladang

    # 20 | Missouri Fan yes, been here quite long. but it’s usually cyberblondie that i get to chat before due to time differences. dunno if guli still remembers me, i asked her about istanbul as i went there last month.Dubai is okay, pretty scorching.. 45′C normally.. lots of bamzs fans here too. remember the post about the fake id with brad’s photo? i sent it hehe. funny..any news on brad’s tattoo?

  • Missouri Fan

    Inspirational Cyber Friendship I would like to share.Do not keep the alabaster boxes of your love and tenderness sealed up…. Fill (your friends’)lives with sweetness. Speak approving, cheering words while their ears can hear them and while their hearts can be thrilled by them… Have a GOOD DAY everyone… Going to 10 hrs work. Goodbye all.. I’m voting before I leave to work..

  • real

    # 30 | Boston Babe according to rameypix photo agency the date is august 13RAMEY EXC BRAD PITT ON NEW BIKEBRAD PITT 081306

  • rowena

    estelle,sorry for your loss,but if your grandma is 150 yr old please,let her rest in peace,she’ll be fine there!my sympathy!take care!

  • Boston Babe

    Ramey posted those a day late. I saw them at another site before the 13th. Ramey never posts their pictures the same day. They aren’t a blog like Splash and/or x17

  • CCCC

    # 30 | Boston Babe – Thank you, he is indeed a happy gorgeous man.

  • cute brad

    He looks a bit thinner – do you think he’s working out for O13?He looks really cute, but the shoes are ugly.

  • Maria

    Good Morning All: OK, do we like him light hair or dark har? Me? I don’t care. I like him light hair, dark hair, no hair — HA! HA! Made my morning, I can tell you that!!Boston Babe: Thanks for the info.Missouri Fan: Welcome!! This is a great site for all those who love BP/AJ. JJ gives us great pictures and as much up-to-date information as he can. I’ve been to Istanbul and LOVED IT!!! I would go back tomorrow if I could. ALL of Turkey is amazing. I’ve never been to Dubai, though. I hear it’s a pretty clean place, as my nephew visited while stationed in Saudi.I received alot of ‘Welcome’ notes a few weeks back and it felt wonderful — especially from those who have been on this site longer than myself. So…….You have a great day, and again, WELCOME!!

  • kaseladang

    # 38 | Maria Hi, i think you are referring to me and not missouri fan hehe. yes dubai is okay, but would rather be somewhere else in this heat.yes i also fell in love with istanbul, i think i left a piece of my heart there, will probably come back for it soon lol!yes bamzs fans here are great, been here even before jj changed the site layout but i only post when i get some time. plus when you’ve been away long, posts and comments get piled up that i cant finish reading and replying to them hehe. thanks for the welcome. :)

  • kaseladang

    i am dying to know what brad’s tattoo says!

  • piyutra


  • aileen

    Wow new thread Thaks Doobybrain. Love that Brad & Angie too!

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Doobybrain for posting these pics…

  • Original Curious

    Thanks DoobyBrain. I think you’re getting the hang of it! LOLWelcome to all new posters – and, MissouriFan, I can’t think of a better person to welcome everyone than you. Keep up the good work!I must say, he is looking mighty fine! He seems better able to handle the razzis when he’s on his own too. I think maybe he goes into Papa Bear mode when the kids are around; and when he’s out with Angie, I think they just try to not be interesting [as IF].

  • lara

    old pics – boring!!!!

  • 81

    He looks HAPPY!


    I love that mans eyes and eyebrows…swoon…the way they go down in that puppydog expression…it was so cute when I saw Shiloh had that same downward eyebrow tilt, even though her little faint baby brows hadn’t come in yet…you could see the expression already.

  • Medulla

    Thanks doobybrain & JJ the pics are great, BP looks so young and sexy…….. hot hot.Angie is one lucky gal and I like the way she visits him on the set in Vegas to keep sex alive between them unlike chin chin who was too busy and away doing Bomb movies.

  • Maria

    Kaseladanag: Ohhhh, HEAT — YUCK!! I’m not a Summer person, I can’t take too much heat, and you’re in a place where it’s HOT, HOT, HOT. I could have stayed in Instanbul for months and not be home sick for New York. I can live anywhere in the world, but have to come back to The Apple and get recharged. Love my city very much, but also appreciate other cities as well — Cairo (with all the madness) Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Istanbul, Vienna, — yup, I could stay in those cities for months!! You have a super day and try and stay cool.


    Thanks for the pic Doobybrain. You, Jared & Audrey are all great & so kind to BAMZS fans.