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Jennifer Aniston Bikini

Jennifer Aniston Bikini

Woof, woof!  Jennifer Aniston and her two pet pups were spotted at her Malibu home earlier this weekend.  Jen sported a purple bikini and tanned on her balcony in the Sunday sun.  Her two dogs Corgi-Terrier mix dog Norman and Dolly (?) walked down the sandy beaches of Malibu together alongside Jen‘s beautiful beachfront home.  More pictures in the gallery!

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jennifer aniston bikini 02
jennifer aniston bikini 03
jennifer aniston bikini 04
jennifer aniston bikini 05
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  • Lara

    Lovely Lovely Lovely – just love her and her dogs are cute

  • doglover

    Those are three cute dogs.

  • nah

    I dunno, I think the dogs are kinda average, and plain looking, then again they say people often pick dogs who look just like them.

  • Rinna

    Aaaawww, looks like Norman and the new dog get along just nicely.Thanks for these pictures, it’s always great to see new Jen pictures.

  • lara

    if you want to say anything bad about her or her dogs….wel dan is julle almal net n klomp suur koeie

  • lawrence

    she looks ugly without make-up…pitt did an upgrade.

  • Lisa

    The body is okay epecially at her age. but her face is really getting old so fast. she look older than Courtney Cox.

  • benny

    The body is okay epecially at her age. but her face is really getting old so fast. she look older than Courtney Cox. # 7 | Lisa|Well, that sort of happens when you are a sun worshiper.. God forbid she should not look tanned all the time.

  • Lina

    Is it allowed in Malibu for your dogs to wander on the beach by themselves? Well at least Norman has some company now while Jen gets her daily tan in.

  • Lester

    She cant be expected to be with her dogs all the time, she has a very full life with her tanning and hair care, not to mention the hours of exercise she puts herself through to maintain her figure at her age. They are only dogs, not children,

  • LOL

    Well thank goodness she doesnt have kids, can you imagine how tanned a baby of hers would have to be? Oh wait what am I saying .. the baby would be with the nanny most of the day, never mind.

  • kay

    she reminds me of this neighbor of mine, she was about my mom’s age.. nice cute figure but she too loved tanning so much that when she was in her mid 40′s she looked much much older. Of course Jen has all the money in the world for facelifts and such… I guess she knows what she is doing but.. my neighbor died of cancer when she was only 54. I guess that is why I love shade so much. It was really sad,, she was a nice person.

  • Jenwannabe

    I like that Jen loves tanning. I love tanning. I like that she is boring and simple. It makes it easier for me to strive to be like her. If she wasnt so shallow, I wouldnt stand a chance.

  • jojo

    Why isnt she with her fiancee?? She isnt working now, they should want to be together during this time. Oh wait… the Break Up is already out. No reason to keep up the charade I guess.

  • giveherabreak

    I read recently that tanning is addictive. Like really physically and emotionally addictive. They get some kinda high. Since I have very fair skin, i dont tan so i dont really get it, but i read it was found to be true.

  • givemeabreak

    OH so NOW she is a victim of tan addiction? please. Enough with Jen as victim. She is not a child. Actions have consequences. There are at least $120 million reasons I dont feel sorry for her for any reason.

  • cancerprone

    Tanning and smoking are both addictive , both are cancerous. Jen better check with her family doctor regularly. skin cancer and lung cancer are really painful and scary.

  • LoVe

    It’s TANNING, my god. You guys are actually going to judge a person is no good because of how she prefers tanning? Jesus.Great pics. Thanks.

  • cancerprone

    18 | LoVe You can search on Medline. Too much tanning is really BAD !!!!!!

  • Yes

    It’s TANNING, my god. You guys are actually going to judge a person is no good because of how she prefers tanning? Jesus|No one said she was no good. Just that she does so little else.

  • ???

    Is that engagement rumor true ? Us weekly was so sure of it. but I’m so curious why are Hollywood celebrities getting the pain of engaged and married , they gonna divorce afterward any way. you got news of ton of celebity couple divorcing and separating everyday

  • KK

    either you guys are stupid or just pathetic going that low to abuse dogs just shows how superficial you all are ,you keep on abusing jen that she is ugly and everything and say she is superficial guys practice what you preach people. to call her adog really is that called for don’t give me that crap that people abuse angie and the rest it is nort jen doing that is it . leave thie girl alone she looks old is it your damn business no she is always tanning oh well it is her body and that is a lie she has just finished directing her fist film and just opened her production company and if you hate her so damn much just take your eyes of her this has gone too far and there is a limit to how far you guy sshould go and you have overstepped it , i know i am talking to walls and you do not listen but i can talk and i am expecting your abuses after all that is what you guys do best so let us see i am so used to it that it actually feels incomplete whan i am not abused ps SHE IS PAINTING IN THAT PICTURE LOOK AT HER HAIR AND YOU WOULD SEE THE PAINTING BRUSH

  • justpassing

    i dont think she is painting, maybe she is reading the US weekly mag, headlining Vince proposes, hence, the reaction in her face.

  • ewwww

    yup! ugly face.

  • chimichimichinchin

    the big dog looks like Vince Vaughn….

  • Robert

    It is interesting to see some kids (or just one sick kid again and again) posting very strange & funny things about Jen Aniston – - like how ugly & old she has become since her divorce! :) And how smoking and tanning will kill her. Why do you care in the first place? It is her own life to begin with, non? Or is it yours???? And then the same guy says how Brad made a good choice of sleeping with a slut and upgrading his choice of being with a slut who looks good on make up and how Angelina will rock our world because she sleeps with Brad and has 3 kids. Ha ha. And then, the same story goes on and on until the same guy posts like a million times in the same site which simply is a sign of sickness really. The site showed Jen and her 2 dogs! Who cares if Jen marries Vince? Or who cares if Brad sleeps and then breaks up with Angelina? I mean honestly, is it really nobody’s business including the sick kid who is coming to this site like a million times to post bad negative things about Ms. Aniston. If you are a fan of Brangelina, we understand because you can be. But that simply does not give you a right to insult a person who is simply having her own life with her two dogs. But yet again, it just is a hopeless bargain.

  • Katanga




  • painful

    you can call Angelina all the names you want but Brad left Jen and went for her that has got to hurt.IT must be painful since Angelina was suppose to be the dark one,the slut and what ever name you want.Brad you are the man

  • toofunny

    # 22 | KK |OMG that was the funniest post ever!!!!Oh, and I don’t think that is a paint brush either. who puts a paint brush in their hair?

  • Just D Truth

    #26 Robert: The posters here are not kids, otherwise, they would not be able to judge the pics of Jennifer as ugly. Most kids would really not comment about the ugliness of people. The posters are mostly mature people who are only basing their comments on what they see in the pics. CAn you honestly say that she is pretty in that pics? Ok the body maybe is great but her face without make -up is just bleh!!! Just be fair, the blogs have pics to look at and poster react to the pics and make comments. Since you are a fan of JA, then probably you can turn a blind eye and say her face is pretty in that picture, but most of us cant.

  • toofunny

    # 26 | Robert |You seem to care, or you wouldnt be having this hissy fit.why do we care? I dont really care about her really, she is just like a car accident…you dont really want to look at it but………

  • Third dog?

    Those are three cute dogs. # 2 | doglover ====================Where is the third dog? Are you implying Ms. Aniston looks like a dog?

  • Fanny

    She has chopsticks in her hair. Watch out Janice Min of US Weekly, Jennifer is giving you a signal! How dare you reported her engagement to Vince!Nice Pad! I should be looking so happy in such a place. She is probably bottomless, she used to have a transparent fence.

  • Rachel

    love the dogs!

  • hilarious

    #2 Doglover; he, he, I did miss your post, hilarious! dont be so mean… its 2 cute dogs and 1 not so cute human.

  • doglover

    Where is the third dog? Are you implying Ms. Aniston looks like a dog? |OOps, my bad, only two of the dogs are cute.

  • #33isagenius

    Maybe Norman and Dolly will get it on and give jen some grandpuppies!

  • zzzzz

    im so sick of her face. she’s old and annoying. Yuk!

  • ela

    leave brad or angelina alone please, this post is about more!!

  • Sam

    She is more beautiful than ever…Woow..Because now she is with a rel man!!!

  • JEN FAN!

    I HAVE A QUESTION…if you don`t like JENNIFER ANSITON..because you visit this post???Jen`s fans don`t go to Angelina`s post..because we dont`t mind what happend in her lifee!! PLEASEEE STOP WITH THIIIS IS SO PATETIC!!!!!I can imagine all of the people that blame Jen hear…They have to be very beautiful married with childrems with a lot of friends and perfect to blame others persons!!!IF YOU LIKE ANGELINA AND BRAD …GOOD FOR US .GO TO THEYR FORUMS AND ENJOY !!



  • jen


  • inday

    #41 Sam, you are soooo right, jen is with a REEL man.

  • inday

    #41 and Sam, you are sooo right again.. Jen is as beautiful as Dustin Hoffman. Look at #2 pix profile.

  • Chica

    Ha ha ha, I just was saying on the other thread how come we don’t get new picture of Jen, I didn’t see this one. Why they took her picture in the bikini? That is not right, she is like naked a little, maybe they should take the picture down.I have this article about Jen maybe we can have a discussion about it. Why do we not always have discussion about Jen? I can look for articles and pictures and put it here. Everybody just want to talk about Brangelina on the Jen thread. Brangelina have their thread, talk about Brangelina there.Meet Jen’s New ManIf we were to tell you that Jennifer Aniston’s new bloke was very hairy – what would you say?And if we were to tell you he was a bit of a dog, would you be shocked?Well, hairy and a dog are two of the very things Jen’s new man is.This is because her new man is actually a dog – see what we did there?Jen was snapped returning home with the new puppy earlier this week and what a little cutie pie he is.He’s yet to be christened – and we’re not completely sure of the sex of the little thing – but we reckon the names Brad and Angelina are out…

  • Skin Doctor

    Jen, this is a friendly advice … hope you learn from it The Darker Side of TanningPublic health experts and medical professionals are continuing to warn people about the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, tanning beds, and sun lamps. Two types of ultraviolet radiation are Ultraュviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB). UVB has long been associated with sunburn while UVA has been recognized as a deeper penetrating radiation.Although it’s been known for some time that too much UV radiation can be harmful, new information may now make these warnings even more important. Some scientists have suggested recently that there may be an association between UVA radiation and malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.What are the dangers of tanning? UV radiation from the sun, tanning beds, or from sun lamps may cause skin cancer. While skin cancer has been associated with sunburn, moderate tanning may also produce the same effect. UV radiation can also have a damaging effect on the immune system and cause premature aging of the skin, giving it a wrinkled, leathery appearance.But isn’t getting some sun good for your health? People sometimes associate a suntan with good health and vitality. In fact, just a small amount of sunlight is needed for the body to manufacture vitamin D. It doesn’t take much sunlight to make all the vitamin D you can use ュ certainly far less than it takes to get a suntan!Are people actually being harmed by sunlight?Yes. The number of skin cancer cases has been rising over the years, and experts say that this is due to increasing exposure to UV radiation from the sun, tanning beds, and sun lamps. More than 1 million new skin cancer cases are likely to be diagnosed in the U.S. this year.But aren’t the types of skin cancer caused by the sun, tanning beds, and sun lamps easily curable? Not necessarily. Malignant melanoma, now with a suspected link to UVA exposure, is often fatal, if not detected early. The number of cases of melanoma is rising in the U.S., with an estimated 38,300 cases and 7,300 deaths anticipated this year.Why doesn’t the skin of young people show these harmful effects?Skin aging and cancer are delayed effects that don’t usually show up for many years after the exposure. Unfortunately, since the damage is not immediately visible, young people are often unaware of the dangers of tanning. Physicians and scientists are especially concerned that cases of skin cancer will continue to increase as people who are now in their teens and twenties reach middle age.But why is it that some people can tan for many years and still not show damage? People who choose to tan are greatly increasing their risk of developing skin cancer. This is especially true if tanning occurs over a period of years, because damage to the skin accumulates. Unlike skin cancer, premature aging of the skin will occur in everyone who is repeatedly exposed to the sun over a long time, although the damage may be less apparent and take longer to show up in people with darker skin.

  • Chica

    What do you think of the article? I was thinking maybe they new man was a real man then I read it. Ha ha ha ha, they write it funny, think it is about her her dog in the picture. What type of dog is it, anybody know?

  • Chica

    #48That article is not about Jen, why do you put it on the Jen thread?