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Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston Airport

Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston Airport

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson were both at LAX airport yesterday and they happened to cross paths as they were going to and from their destinations. I may be totally out of the loop, but is it me or do they not look too happy to see and greet each other? It almost looks like Jennifer Aniston is yelling at Kate Hudson. Maybe Kate Hudson still has her recent split from Chris Robinson on her mind? Who knows…

Gallery has been updated with more pics!! And now it doesn’t seem that Jennifer was screaming at Kate anymore.

 - Doobybrain

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  • carolina a.m.

    It’s definitely you, dooby..Love both of these women. Adorable!

  • Good Advice

    Jen is saying–good for you Kate. Kicking that cheater to the curb!

  • JenA=Great Legs

    Say what you want–but Jen’s legs are near perfect.

  • Unsexy legs

    Jen’s legs are horrible.

  • Real Advice

    Chin is saying — now Kate you need to get your pity party started. Get all your friends to badmouth your ex to deflect what a horrible actor you really are.

  • yuck

    Jen’s legs look like baseball bats in those pics.

  • just asking

    What happened to her engagement with Vince? Is it still on? Can somebody give updates, please?

  • judi

    OH NO! Here we go again, the Jen haters will flock here in groves to get thier frustrations out…I think Jen looks great, and I think the pics may be taken out of context, they are probably just talking…

  • Mimi

    Forget about her legs check out her chin and jacked up mouth.

  • JenFan
  • Tim

    Oh my god what a lesgs!!!! jennifer is so beautiful!!!

  • Deliah

    I like Kate. I think she’s gorgeous. Maniston…not so much.

  • dragonfly

    I have a feeling these two women will handle their divorces very differently. Jen is trying to give Kate Leslie Bennett’s #, but Kate is like, "No, thanks…."

  • Deliah

    #10 JenFanIf I were a maniston fan I wouldn’t think it was funny. Almost 2 years later she’s still linked to Brangelina, not the other way around. But I guess you’re not smart enough to figure out this stuff hurts chin more than its hurts brangelina.

  • JenFan

    Here is another video that I also think is funny. I bet it really is like this in their home.This is the best video I have ever seen. I totally believe it is this way in there home.

  • JenFan

    # 14 | Deliah |FUCK OFF AND CRAWL BACK TO YOLUR HOLE! If you don’t like what I post go back to the brangelina thrreads where I always see you post!

  • Deliah

    # 15 | JenFanAgain maniston fans do the best job at keeping maniston down. Keep it up it works for us brangelina fans. lmao No wonder she said you guys make her skin crawl.

  • now now deliah…

    # 14 | Deliah ————-I’m betting you’ve been in a few of those brangilinaville threads on JJ where all the do is talk about Jen, the X. C’mon now. Who are you kidding. JEN LOOKS FABULOUS & SO DOES KATE.

  • Deliah

    # 16 | JenFanI will as soon as you learn how to spell. Moron! lol

  • Eavesdropper

    Jen – Hey Kate, I heard about your divorce. How are ya holding up.Kate – Oh I’m cool. It wasn’t like unexpected or anything so I was kinda prepared for it.Jen – Now Kate, that’s the last thing you want to say in public. Girl you gotta act like you were blind sided by it.Kate – What do you mean?Jen – Pity Party, girl. You do not mess with the power of the Pity Party. Look at me, after 3 bombs I’m still in the news.Kate – uhhh…..about that, aren’t you a little embarrased? Do you know people are laughing at you?Jen – what do you mean?Kate – I mean, it was obvious your marrigae was failing, yet you pretend like it came out of nowhere. It seems a little childish. Look at me, I’m 27yrs old with a Kid and I’d never stoop to that level. I have to much class for that.Jen – (pointing finger) Are you calling me classless bitch?Kate – whatever Jen, Whatever. You need to chill out with the pity party.(To her friend)Come on let’s get outta here before someone takes my picture with this whiny woman….girl. Jeez, why couldn’t I have run into Angelina Jolie at the airport? Now that will elevate my status.Jen – (Screaming) what did you say? Do you know who I am? I am America’s Sweetheart! Americaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’s Sweethearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!Kate – Jesus, she has lost it. Quick let’s get outta here.

  • JenFan

    # 17 | Deliah Jen is so over Brad the Twit. And I do think it’s funny because i’ve always said the would come a day when ol’ braddy would wake up and say to himself "what the hell have I done." Well guess what brad Jen has moved on and you can’t have her anymore!

  • plain Jane

    Jen is not ugly … however she is plain.

  • Cute Pix

    Wonder where they are going?

  • Deliah

    # 21 | JenFanBrad wouldn’t spit on that barren troll if she was on fire.

  • Aniston Fan

    # 20 | Eavesdropper – I know you. Jealous of Jen is your real name. LOL

  • Deliah

    # 20 | Eavesdropper- LMAO

  • NMore brangelina

    # 8 | judi | – Doesn’t matter. Think about it.Know any brangelina fans personally? Neither do I.

  • Mimi

    # 27 | NMore brangelinaWell you spend your life in a mental ward. That explains things.

  • JenFan

    Jen – Hey Kate, I heard about your divorce. How are ya holding up.Kate – Oh I’m cool. It wasn’t like unexpected or anything so I was kinda prepared for it.Jen – Now Kate, if you ever need a friend you have my number right?Kate – Sure I do Jen and I will be giving you a call because I think you handled what that creep did to you with lot of class.Jen – No matter what always act like a lady Kate and be happy. It’s the best revenge.Kate – uhhh… I know. I don’t know how angelina whorly can even show her face after how she acted.Jen – what do you mean?Kate – I mean, it was obvious you and Brad were trying to work things out but then AJ had to step in and act the way she did. I am so glad you have so much more class then her.Jen – (pointing finger) You hold your head up Girl!Kate – Thanks Jen(To her friend) There goes one classy lady

  • Deliah

    # 27 | NMore brangelinaThats easy to explain your fellow chin fans meet their friends at weight watchers meetings. No brangie fans there.

  • JenFan

    # 30 | Deliah No brangie fans thereYeah cuz’ there to fat to fit through the door.

  • Kurt Russell

    Kate, Don’t Listen to her!!!!!!!!!!!! She can’t keep a man either!This is the wrong woman to get advice from – look at her Kate. 37, childless, a failed marriage, no great film career, a big nose, and Jay Leno chin.Kate talk to Goldie Hawn, your mom, and she’ll give you advice on a good relationship. Maniston will lead you to single pathetic girl hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deliah

    # 29 | JenFanI give you credit for trying but ultimately you failed miserably just like your chin idol. TPoor chin fans.

  • judi

    Actually NMore Brangelina, I don’t know any AJ fans, everyone I know thinks shes a freaky Ho. And will dump Brad in a heartbeat..I wonder if there is 1 or 2 Brangalina fans that keep posting with different names..that probably whats going on…LOL

  • squid

    hmm nah doesn’t look too friendly. i wonder what happened..

  • Deliah

    # 31 | JenFanReread what you wrote and tell me again how that makes sense? Idiot. lmao

  • Jan Brady

    Nice nose Chin.

  • JenFan

    # 33 | DeliahI would not expect you to like it but I find it very believable.

  • Mile Long Chin

    Gee Judi, I know LOTS of AJ fans, but no JA fans. I bet Kate was telling JA she was a whiny bitch and she should get over herself.

  • Deliah

    # 38 | JenFanlmao You are your own worst enemy. Give a chin fan enough rope and she’ll hang her fat pimply self.

  • JenFan

    # 36 | Deliah But I tried typing slow so even you would get it. But I do understand that all branjalina fans do have a hard time reading and comprehending all at the same time. JMHO also

  • sara

    I still don’t get how Jen got voted for best legs. They look normal to me, if not bit stumpyand short. When I think about best legs, I think of people like Nadia Auermann or Naomi Campbell, not Jennifer Aniston.

  • To #34

    # 34 | judi – You are an ignorant fool. It is about time you have an intelligent conversation… you post such crap and nonsensical shit. You keep calling Angie a "ho" and how would you know that. Are you a "ho" because it certainly takes one to know one. Grow up woman… you give woman a bad name. You would be an embarrassment to your idol. Have a decent conversation for once. At least Chica doesn’t bad mouth anyone, I give her a lot of credit for that. She has more respect than you will ever get from anybody. Badmouthing people wouldn’t get you any where anytime soon.

  • dragonfly

    LMAO!! Than "Angelina acted the way she did"…..hahahha hahaa!! OMG, that’s the funniest accusation ever. If two people want to work out their problems and stay in a marriage, another person "acting" a certain way isn’t going to muck it up for them. Besides, they *are* actors….. Brad knows a sham job when he sees it, and it wasn’t coming from Angie. It kills me how some people simply can’t accept the fact that the man simply feel out of love with Jennifer long before Angie came along, and when Angie did come into his life he fell hard and fast for her. I think Jen had fallen out of love with Brad as well, she just gave all those interviews not because she didn’t know the divorce was coming, but because she felt Brad had embarrassed her publicly and she wanted to try and get the public’s sympathy. Well, it is back-firing on her because it has gone on too long. If she would just allow herself to fade into the woodwork a little bit and stop this PR machine going on by her publicist, her image would be alot better.

  • Lainey gossip

    Kate’s Release and Ryder Rivals RachelBelow. Gossip. Conjecture. Lots of allegedly. You know the drill. Kate and Chris over, not surprising considering: 1. this is Hollywood 2. she was married at 21 and this is Hollywood and 3. she married a musician at 21 and this is Hollywood So for what it’s worth, here’s what I’ve pieced together, although if you live and breathe this sh*t you’re probably familiar with the infidelity reports – that he is apparently legendary for cheating, that it was one of those things everyone just ‘knew’, like the ‘Happy’ Friend and her ‘Happy’ hook, old news that just blended into the scenery and according to the rumours, her way of dealing with it was to numb the pain through pot, supposedly as legendary for smoking as he was for straying. The underground is buzzing that Kate had a heart to heart with her parents about a month ago and they supposedly told her to get out of denial and wave away the haze. Mostly because of the alleged betrayals but also because she wasn’t happy about a life on the road for her son, which would have been the future if the marriage were to continue. It was Kurt who was the most persuasive, a loving father telling his daughter she deserved more, more than Chris, and – ALLEGEDLY – more than the kind of husband her biological father was to Goldie. Ouch. Thank Goddess Kate Hudson is not one to wallow, which is why Hollywood insiders don’t expect she’ll take the Vanity Fair/Leslie Bennetts route and disdainfully blubber for pity à la Aniston and Swank. Fingers crossed on that one. UPDATE:no wallowing necessary! The clever folks at Us Weekly are pointing at Owen Wilson. LOVE. Definitely approve. And finally, speaking of Jennifer Aniston, the woman with what is undeniably the most beautiful head of hair in Hollywood – it looks like she might have some competition…and from the most unlikely foe. Ryder Russell Robinson – how about those locks? Maybe even superior to Jen’s by virtue of the fact that she achieves hers via blow out while Triple R tosses his au naturel? Nahhhh…I think I’m inclined to leave the distinction with Aniston. After all, everyone deserves at least one A grade, don’t you think?

  • Deliah

    JenFanYou’re stupid and I’m still laughing at you. Now lets get back to Chinnifer. She’s not aging too well. Too much sun and too many cigarettes. She’s starting to look like a prune.

  • JenFan

    Hey dragonfly how do you "feel out of love" go back to 4th grade and when you learn what words mean, then you can come back and we will talk.

  • Hey people

    What happened to Vince engagement? Did he chicken out? It seems no man wants Jen. I guess she has to settle for her girlfriends.

  • JenFan

    # 46 | Deliah OOHHHH that hurts me and affects my like so deeply…..NOTLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Eavesdropper

    Continuation from From JenFanFriend – what? Classy Lady? Are you kidding me?Kate – Shuush….let’s just get outta here.Friend – Okay, but you better start talking. What do you mean classy Lady? Kate – don’t you get it? I had to say it or we’ll have an airport blow up on our hands.Friend – What do you mean?Kate – Helloooooo, haven’t you been paying attention? Jen is an insecure woman, who needs to be validated and if she doesn’t get it, she’s gonna whine. Remember the incident with Kimberly Stewart?Friend – Who?Kate – Exactly. Some nobody calls her homely and she was a nervous wreck. I’ve got my own problems, I don’t want to add the problems of a 37yrs old woman to mine. So I threw her a bone just so we’ll get rid of her.Friend – Ahhh, I see. I was worried there for a secKate – Puh-lease, the last thing she is, is classy. (Suddenly they hear a loud scream)Jen – How dare you say you want to search me? Do you think I’m Al Queda? I am Americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sweetheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart. Kate – Jesus, she’s lost it. Quick let’s get outta here before someone sees us.