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Rupert Friend Physique

Rupert Friend Physique

Rupert Friend, also known as the man who dates Keira Knightley and starred alongside her in Pride and Prejudice, was photographed outside the London apartment that the two of them share with no shirt on! He watched from the steps as two other folks moved a large cabinet case (actually…what is that thing?) up onto the sidewalk and into the apartment. More photos of him and his body in the gallery.

Wow, he really does look like Orlando Bloom here. Just uncanny, really.

 - Doobybrain

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rupert friend physique03
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  • black

    How old is he again?He looks like bad 32…….and is already loosing hair.

  • bridget

    dude…this guy looks like a mongoloid taht ate a basket of raw lemons…FUGGLY

  • Maria

    Oh my gosh, he does NOT look like Orlando — NOT, NOT, NOT. He’s not very attractive at all — maybe with a shirt on he can pass as OK. I think it’s the nose. Yuck!

  • smakris

    He is sooo bad! he could pass for a troll! Sorry Kiera. i’m really sorry for you. i can’t stand looking at him. he’s soooo ugly!

  • sarah

    yes, and just like orlando bloom he needs to CUT THAT HAIR. it looks ghastly.

  • Maria

    Hi Sarah: Orlando can’t cut his hair until Pirates 3 is over. I agree with you though, CUT THE HAIR!!

  • jaromir

    Actually he does look like Orlando, a bit more fug, but the resembalance is uncanny.

  • Lisa

    This creature feature does NOT look like Orlando Bloom.

  • Elle

    Sorta Orlando-ish, but Orlando is better looking in his facial features. Better cheakbons, eyes, nose.

  • josie

    As I scrolled down to see the title of the article, I thought for sure it was going to be"Orlando Bloom is balding!"

  • Baltazar

    way better than orlando, more of a top than a bottom..lolnice!

  • jeisa

    GROSS. She has downgraded. Jamie Dornan was SO much better.

  • ken egan

    have y’all gone crazy?! Everyon knows that’s GOLLUM from Lord Of The Rings!

  • marcheline

    OK, just put a bag on his head and we’re good to go…

  • Maria

    Ken Egan & Marcheline: Too funny. I don’t see the Orlando ‘thing’ at all. Orlando is a cutie pie –this guy looks like he smells. Well, as the saying goes, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder’. I’m just glad I don’t have to ‘Behold’ him too long. HA! HA!

  • movie fan

    He’s making a face in the sun!! Jeez, people, I’ll bet if this guy hit on any of you in real life, you’d be FLATTERED!!!Besides, it’s great to see that Keira isn’t as shallow as you folks and spent time getting to know him on the set and loves him for who he is. Jamie Dornan was a self-absorbed wuss who didn’t want her to succeed — how could ANYONE be a downgrade after that?

  • Maria

    Hi Movie Fan: Sorry, but if he hit on my, I’d hit him right back — with a chair. No thank you. The man does nothing for me. If Keira likes him then that’s all good, but me personally, YUCK!!

  • The Bitch Is Back

    Why is he just standing outside there shirtless?

  • Sir-Cocks-Alot

    HOT body, really like that mid-section!

  • Running

    Definitely a butter face!

  • Randi

    Quite the widow’s peak ugly Orly has going on. He looks good in sunglasses — I’d fuck him in sunglasses. A bag is a little extreme.

  • asher

    This is why the lovely Keira refuses to acknowledge his existence in interviews…she’s feeling a bit shy about going through her Julia Roberts phase (of dating trolls) so early in her career. I hope he’s hung atleatst.

  • wise-ass

    boy looks like he smells, badly…….

  • bunni

    Rupert is seriously beautiful – we will be seeing lots more of him in movies – these pics are really dazzling, he looks so young and buff.

  • tom

    Isn’t it funny how girls so quickly go to the ‘I’ll bet he smells bad’ – this is their last line of defense against liking someone so gorgeous – he wouldn’t come near me, but I’ll bet he smells bad anyway, so I don’t want him.

  • Maria

    Gorgeous? Gorgeous? Tom, you must be out of your bloody mind!! Gorgeous is not a word I would use for this guy……………..and I still think he looks like he smells. I wouldn’t say he’s a troll, but NOT, NOT, NOT, Gorgeous! He’s still a YUCK.

  • Maria

    …………and he’s got a big mose and NO lips!!! No lips — YUCK. He’s got ‘chicken lips’.

  • Maria

    Who said he looked ‘buff’? He looks like a storm wind will flip him over. Where’s the ‘six pack’. Now give me a ‘six pack’ and you’re ‘buff’.

  • anon

    Check out for more info, news and gossip on Rupert

  • david

    Ah, these exquisite Brit boys – when they’re perfect, the way he holds his arm over his chest, the impossibly perfect line of that smooth stomach, he looks like he just stepped out of the shower – they embody that elegant British heritage thing. Rule Britiania!

  • Scarlet.R

    He kinda looks like something from Star Trek…but he still has a hot body and Kiera is supposed to like very striking men isnt she? he has damn good cheekbones too.

  • Leahtard

    yo, hot body but i’d need a bag over the smushface he has if i was going to do him

  • Maria

    Leahtard: Even with a bag over his head — YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!