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Jessica Biel has a big butt

Jessica Biel has a big butt

Ever since the August 15 premiere of The Illusionist in New York City, the whole industry has been buzzing about the mysteriously new X-factor on Jessica Biel’s body: her humongous butt. Everybody’s been wondering why Jessica’s behind is only beginning to get noticed now, especially since there’s no immediate speculation that she might have gotten it through surgery, meaning that she had to have had this asset all her life. Maybe a new workout routine helped bring it out?

In any case, it was hard to miss her large tail at The Illusionist premiere, but if for some reason you did, you can check out the photos of it (as well as the rest of Jessica) along with her co-stars Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti. Also, there are several photos of her returning to her hotel later on in the day.

 - Doobybrain

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  • aycaramba

    wow, 1st? cool, Jessica’s butt r way 2 big, don’t like ewwww. she has great body though…

  • Nika

    It’s just the white dress and it’s fine fabric. It makes everybody’s ass looks bigger. That and the way she stands, pushing her butt behind.

  • ErinMarie

    She has a great body! I love her make-up too. White makes everyone butt look big too.

  • Roni

    she looks fine and natural…..Thank God There are beautiful people like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel:)

  • Maria

    She looks very pretty, and she’s made a nice smooth transition from TV to movies. I loved her kickin’ butt in Blade III.

  • tandem

    I don’t think she has ever looked better. Her butt is sexy and she looks fit.

  • meaghan

    I think i just became a lesbian

  • A

    her butt was like that in stealth. I think it’s a little bigger though but then again she’s been working out alot. I think she looks great thought give jlo and beyonce a run for their money. white girl with an ass is hard to find. lol

  • peter

    Thats one round butt… holly crappp

  • Marcheline

    Actually, I think her butt looks kinda flat at the back – like she’s wearing those "butt pads" they sell in cheesy catalogs next to the faux garden stepping stones and personalized mailing labels. Butt… whatever.

  • Melissa J

    I think she looks great, healthy, not all skin and bones.

  • Modern Man

    I’d love to rock that rump.

  • doug

    one word: stunning

  • Dee

    She is really getting beautiful… with all that makeup. Keep it on! i think she’s the only one that looks really, really good with dark eyeliner and light pink lipstick. I love her face and her body is very good. I saw other photos of her at the Illusionist premiere, which is not on here, and her butt was more pronounced in those photos than here. I was shocked. It looked almost fake. I think it was the way she was standing. I partly think she’s trying to look better because of some comments that were made on blogs that her body looked manly and that she looked like a guy in regular sporty dress down clothes. I wonder if she did something to enhance her butt due to those comments about her body looking manly or boyish (especially the ones where she was in a red bikini on a beach). Either way, she looks much better and she looks really good in the photos where she’s going to her hotel. She looks excellent right now. Just hope she doesn’t try to get more muscular. Although, I am all for strong women. So, when you think about it that way, I guess the stronger the better. Atleast, no one will get away with trying to attack her.

  • m

    Sweet jeebus. That’s a nice looking can.

  • stacy

    Wow. When did Jessica Biel get so hot?

  • skyla

    Great butt, almost as good as mine lol! She’s very beautiful and has a healthly looking figure. At least her butt doesn’t hang down so far you can see it from the front like Paris Hilton’s.

  • bits

    there were pics of her huge ass in a bikini months ago on dlisted or somewhere. the ass is not new. that people are noticing it is.

  • pagebetty

    ========= This Jessica is better than all the other chicks in Hollywood. ===== Finally somebody brings back the curvy, feminine shape of the female body! I’m sick of the skin and bones look already! ======= Oh and she has that butt because she works out. You know? She hits the gym like crazy.

  • J!NX

    HAHA. Random photo of Ed Norton — just to remind us it’s his movie. HAHA

  • Arysma Lozano

    she has always had a buig butt…look at the reruns of 7th heaven and look at Texas Chainsaw Massacre!! HELLOO!!! im surprised no one talked about this before

  • Arysma Lozano

    she has always had a buig butt…look at the reruns of 7th heaven and look at Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Arysma Lozano

    she has always had a buig butt…look at the reruns of 7th heaven and look at Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Rachel

    i read somewhere that she was banned from the gym during this movie so that she wouldn’t look so buff. maybe that was a factor.

  • jonny

    she’s beautiful

  • maxv

    Awesome BOOTY!!! I feel in love with her beautiful gift while watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Pere

    She has had that booty for a while… just look at the swimsuit scene in Summer Catch!

  • screena

    Ewww..Almost too big in some of the pics maybe it’s the angle and the way she is standing..from behind she looks good. I think she is really beautiful.

  • Scottay

    I’d tap dat booty!

  • fritz

    she’s really oh so sexy…gifted with all those curves..btw she has a big butt every man wants and a big boobs i may say…pretty damn sexy..i like her with justin, hope it last..

  • fritz

    she’s definitely sexy..with all the curves in proper places, big butt and boobs as well…Show them Jessica what real sexy means…i like her with justin, hope it last.

  • jeremy

    It’s called bodybuilding. She packed on a huge amount of muscle for Blade 3, and her training is shown in the special features.

    Most women think that if they lift something larger than 10 pounds, they’ll turn into a the incredible hulk. That is why most women will never look this good.

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  • v.s.gaudio

    L’andatura del giogo a portata di mano
    di V.S. Gaudio

    L’andatura di Jessica Biel in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” è un esempio di doppio innesco, su una base allascata al trotto, essendo una longilinea mesomorfa e avendo l’estensione del movimento alta e dilaterale con l’orientamento direzionale diagonale/dimensionale, habi 4 Regolatori di Intensità, disposti in questo modo: Forza medio alta =+; Tempo medio veloce =+; Spazio medio largo =+; Flusso mobile + , che le danno questo “close-hauling”, tirando serrato, che in un’andatura slack, allascata, più che farla “veleggiare chiusa”(sail close) la fanno “veleggiare aperta”(sail open), rivelando così, anche per l’orientamento direzionale diagonale, l’innesco di bolina: la ventenne che sta andando verso “quella porta” così aperta, tanto sentimentale-flemmatica(il passo al lasco) ma con la spinta amorfo-nervosa della bolina ha il bagliore dell’aura che illumina l’organicità, la accenta, con questo suo principio di totalità che Bode chiamava “Movimento organico accentato” e che è “quel movimento( questo movimento) in cui la base riflessa è integrata da una componente volitiva correttamente orientata verso il baricentro, in modo tale che non risulti eluso il principio di totalità, cioè in modo tale che sia il corpo nella sua interezza, e non le singole parti, ad agire”: andando così allascata e di bolina, con leggerezza laterale e lentezza dell’avanti, tra Alida Valli, Grace Kelly e Raquel Welch, ha proprio la stessa “maneira de andar” di Sandra Alexis(cfr.:V.S.Gaudio, La maneira de andar di Sandra Alexis. Estetica e teoria dell’andatura, “Lunarionuovo” n.15, Catania aprile 2006)ma, essendo una longilinea mesomorfa, porta i jeans, sì, con la forza e la vivacità di un’impressione che corrisponde all’idea, ma, rendendo ancor più sensoriale l’idea.
    L’allure slack sailing-open, che è una condensazione del passo “beam reach”(lasco) “on the wind”(bolina stretta), che sta andando ad aprire quella porta: che “beam” sia il “giogo della bilancia” e il “fascio di luce”, il “segnale unidirezionale” e “reach” sia “arrivare a”, “raggiungere”, abbiamo finito col far sottentrare, nel titolo della camminata di Jessica Biel in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, che il giogo(beam) è a portata di mano(reach), e lei “arriva” a “dargli luce”.

  • Amber Evelyn

    I think her butt looks particularly pronounced in these photos, partly because she’s wearing something white, which shows up everything, but also because of her pose, she’s looking back over her shoulder which naturally causes you to arch your back, which sticks your butt out.

    But yeah, I’m liking Biel’s big butt!

  • Carl

    OMG, get over yourselves. What?? Do you want her to have a flat boney ass? That would be disgusting. For a girl of her thin and fit body, she has a great ass, men like that.

    We do not like you boney ass bitches and we hat was Hollywood did to Jessical Alba and Jennifer Lopez who had a great ass at one point but made them feel insecure with stupid news posts like this.

    F U JustJared, her ass is hot.

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