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Katie Holmes at Barneys More photos

Katie Holmes at Barneys More photos

Surprise surprise! More pictures of Katie Holmes shopping at Barneys on Wednesday have surfaced and there are close-ups of Katie in some black high-heel shoes. From what I know, Katie hardly ever wears heels when Tom Cruise is with her because it makes him seem even shorter than he already is. And since Katie is naturally taller (even without the heels on), Cruise doesn’t allow her to wear heels when she’s going to be standing next to her because it means he’ll look like a midget.

There’s also a video of Katie in her getaway vehicle too if you haven’t seen that yet.

 - Doobybrain

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katie shops at barneys01
katie shops at barneys02
katie shops at barneys03
katie shops at barneys04
katie shops at barneys05
katie shops at barneys06
katie shops at barneys07
katie shops at barneys08
katie shops at barneys09
katie shops at barneys10
katie shops at barneys11
katie shops at barneys12
katie shops at barneys13
katie shops at barneys14
katie shops at barneys15
katie shops at barneys16
katie shops at barneys17
katie shops at barneys18
katie shops at barneys19
katie shops at barneys20
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  • lmenaki

    she looks really really good here

  • hans

    She looks beautiful!!!!! You go Katie!!! I love u!!!!Always.

  • f

    those are not just heels! they’re killers! it seems she lives out here love for such type of shoes when tom’s not with her! she takes her chance. :-)the heels would kill me if i wore such! :-o

  • just asking

    How many inches are those heels …. 4 in?

  • JasC

    she looks great. luurve the heels

  • Ugh

    That Scientology chick is in the last picture with her. Beyond ridiculous

  • Babs

    Katie looks gorgeous. I feel bad for Katie though. There is something that is so creepy about her relationship. In a lot of these pics her expressions are just so empty….fight Katie, free yourself!!!!

  • shirls

    Aww, she looks so beautiful, i LOVE her heels

  • Chris

    Killer heels!!! Perfect for kicking Tom’s ass, all that’s missing is a whip!!!

  • widya

    why katie holmes looks like penelope cruz, ex-girlfriend of Tom Cruise? firstly, i thought it was Cruz but overall, she was georgous

  • Sweetpear

    Why are so many people with her? Tom is afraid she would run away if she’s shopping alone? She looks good but those shoes look painful to wear. I guess I would go all out and wear a foot high shoes when I’m not with the midget too. LOL

  • dajrekshn

    that’s not her..

  • Alicia

    why does she even go shopping? it’s not like she’ll wear that sh*t out anywhere!

  • kempeke

    She DOES look kinda like Penelope in some of these pics! Weird!

  • tandem

    I’m sorry, that top is frumpy and the shoes seem to be more than she can handle – they don’t suit her (though they are fierce). She looks pretty in the face, but the look is not working for her. I mean she’s what, 26/27 y.o. – she needs to hip it up a bit every now and then.

  • Ali

    I feel very sorry for this girl. She was such a sweet youg thing and now she just looks so unhappy all the time, despite her smiles. This Scientology cult stuff is shocking. Poor kid was just an incubator for Cruises’ offspring. I mean in all honesty what good has it done her? She has a child she’s clearly not allowed to take out in public, and is estrange from her family thanks to some nutter who thinks he’s God. Very worrying. If I was her mother I’d have dragged her out of that relationship, quick smart.

  • pagebetty

    ============== She looks happy. who knows if she really is. Was this in Colorado?============ I love those heels! They’re hot! They make her at least 6′ feet tall. She is 5′ 10" naturally.

  • Peter
  • Hmmm… the 2nd

    okay so….No one believes that there is a baby…it’s all over the net and the Tabloids and then SUDDENLY there is a pic of Katie in the window with…SURPRISE…a baby or what appears to be a baby in the background.Next…The tabs and net are full of "IS KATIE A PRISONER? KATIE IS DEPRESSED! KATIE IS UNHAPPY! KATIE LOOKS HORRIBLE AND FRUMPY!" AND AGAIN SUDDENLY there are photos of a happy go lucky Katie out shopping no less. Please…these two are just waaaayyy toooo full of it!!!And yet again the fool is out and there is NO baby to see. And before any of you start! THAT KID IS 4 MONTHS OLD. She’s big enough now to take on the outside world from her mother’s arms. Hell you can’t Gwen S, Rachel W or Britt-Britt in the damn house!

  • Canadian Girl

    It doesn’t look like she’s too steady on those killer heels. She needs to RUN from him – I loved her in Dawson’s Creek – she’ll never be able to be her own person.


    OH C’MON! she wears heels when she’s with the guy….she looked beautiful at a bunch of premieres for what was it…WOW…??? I remember being stunning in a blue short dress and she had KILLER SHOES!!!

  • aycaramba

    katie does look very nice in those pics, lovin the hair, outfits n shoes n sunglasses…..

  • smplyjenn

    Katie, Sprint from the handlers and break free of the madness that is Tom Cruise. You where very beautiful once, come back to your fans.that outfit is a nightmere, the shirt is wearing her, I like tight pants, but they are just to tight, the clue is that roll behind the knee, Gastly!Was happy to see in pic #9 she gave a real smile.g’day ya’ll

  • Lexi

    Katie looks awesome!!!! As a matter of fact, I think she looks better than before she had the baby….more mature looking and radiant.

  • André

    I’ve never seen her so ugly!She looks like a 50 year old lady!I used to like her but after this whole Tom Cruise thing I hate them rly hard..

  • André

    And those heels are awful!They look like something Pamela Anderson would use..or maybe Tom Crusie if he’d dress like a woman…Katie should wera jeans. That would be cool. Just like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson.

  • jac

    ew i wouldn’t be caught dead in that. i hate skinny pants and the shirt and belt looks hideous. yuck

  • Jamie

    I don’t know. There is just something off. She reminds me of a little girl playing grown up and wearing her mother’s clothes. She’s trying too hard to look "mature". And for God’s sake, how many people does she need around her to go shopping??? And, are those TC’s sunglasses? I swear I saw him wearing a pair just like them.

  • :)

    i dunno..but she looks different. Like it’s not katie but someone that just looks like her….

  • Yvonne

    I think the trousers are too long & the belt makes her stomach look big. I have seen Katie wear nicer clothers. Otherwise she looks well.

  • pandy

    If they keep on going like this..dont want to see the baby anymore..its getting really annoyng.