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Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend eat at San Lorenzo

Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend eat at San Lorenzo

Keira Knightley and her boyfriend Rupert Friend went to eat at San Lorenzo restaurant in London on Tuesday. The press seemed to catch Rupert at almost all the bad times because in just about every photo his eye balls look like they want to jump out of their sockets. Keira on the other hand was firmly gripping his hand as they walked to and from the San Lorenzo restaurant amidst the photographers.

 - Doobybrain

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  • peter

    damm she is tiny…. 1st

  • ErinMarie79

    Keira is pretty. Rupert is pretty scary.

  • sara

    Jamie was so much hotter.

  • balzac

    she is just annoying. pardon, but she looks dumb.

  • Eme

    Um… have any of you even seen Keira’s Pride & Prejudice? Rupert is gorgeous as Mr. Wickham. Some people just aren’t "photogenic." But… he does look rather scary in these photos, hahahahahahaha.

  • mickey

    Rupert did look good in P&P but here he looks like a crazed heroin addict.

  • aycaramba

    knight’s bf needs 2 cut his hair, he looks older than brad pitt, all i can say, ciao italia….

  • Maria

    I said this guy was YUCK!!!

  • C

    so.. what are they eating? nothing?hahaha. oh weeell.

  • Gaby

    what she is doing with this guy….she is so pretty, she can do soooooooo much better…I mean, look at Jamie her ex….he is HOT!

  • f

    she looks dumb? where? yes, he was a good wickham. did his job alright. did you notice the shirt he wears is the same keira went shopping in (see a former post, i think yesterday or wednesday). keira’s too bony. i know they say it’s her body type just like it is with misha barton, too. but hell – she could gain a lil weight here and there! her upper body could use some meat.

  • f

    need to add: he definitely either overacts here or is high. that sure is a grimace.

  • haemina

    they’re both kinda gross.btw awesome job herman! i like having you as the guest blogger while jared’s out. long time no see dude! :)

  • Runholly

    That boy is beyond fugly. Imagine those eyes staring at you during sex…yikes!

  • jessica

    He looks like a peterpuffer. He’s so fuglishous.

  • louveciennes

    A restaurant? Why bother?? What did she order, Ex-Lax and a sprig of parsley?Dude looks like he’s getting electrocuted in every photo. What a weirdo.



  • Billie

    If I was in front of a pack of papparazzi who were shooting their flashing lenses at me, I’d look bug eyed too. And annoyed! As he seems to be. As for attire and his hair, he’s not out promoting a movie. He’s just enjoying some downtime with his lady. He looks more relaxed (and handsome) in the pictures inside of the cab or car.

  • Manny

    Oh my gosh. Can he look anymore like Orli in pic #8 and pic #10. I thought she didn’t like the way Orli kisses but she is dating one that looks like him.

  • lela

    yay! keira doesn’t look like a hobo! wait… why is she wearing that stupid hat?

  • Jessica

    I think they’re both gorgeous!

  • f

    billie, i agree. he looks handsome in the cab and there you can see why keira dates him.

  • Rachel

    this isn’t good at all!

  • Nika

    Both of them lack sex appeal.

  • movie fan

    Maybe he has qualities that matter more than looks? She said she was always laughing on the set of P&P and they had such a good time and he made everyone feel like a family there. Sounds like a good guy to date!I guess you folks would date someone who wants you to fail to make them feel better if he looked hot, like Jamie. What a bunch of losers here!

  • bunni

    Dont put the bad pics of him up front, he looks great in some other shots. He is going to be a big star like her.

  • BobbyinNashville

    Keira Knightley and the vampire Lestat. What a cute couple. LOL

  • jill

    They are both UGLY.

  • Scarlet.R

    Awww, i think its cute the way hes gripping her hand and pushing through the crowd of paparazzi. i’ve seen both of them together shopping on Oxforn street and they look gorgeous together, hes very striking in real life.

  • turtlecock

    Is that Charles Manson’s evil seed? Wickedly fug!

  • beanni

    He does look a lot like Orlando, especially in two of the pics. But I have to say, there is a distinct difference, and I just like Orlando’s look better. Maybe it’s the smile. Dunno, he just doesn’t have quite the same appeal. But he was very good as the cunning Mr. Wickham, I must say.

  • tom

    This is a great couple – so elegant in their youth.

  • keira’s cousin

    I’m giving comments because I get really sick of certain people. One, they are really nice person’s and they get along very well, they have really much incommun, so why bother about looks? and besides, he ain’t ugly, he just looks a bit weird on these pictures, but how would any of you feel when you try to have a quit evening with someone you love, and always there are paparazi trying to get some pictures and interfearing with your life? Ok sh is amous and they have chosen for it, but come on, give them a break :sI think they are very nice toghtether, ond for those who won’t beleive it, our Keira can eat like a cow! I’ve read many reactions that her upper body is to thin, and that she hasn’t got any breast, well she hasn’t nmade herself and thank god Keira is still naturall!!! I hate people who like silicone pamela!!!Small tits run in our family, and we are proud about it! my keira rules!!!!!

  • cristina

    r u really keira’s cousin?
    well i think they both look nice together.I also love Keira Knightley.I always visit her websites.I have read those rumors about her:that she is anorexic,i think she isn’t,she just “maybe” loose some weights.Maybe it’s because people compare her figure to the first pirate movie,well she is a bit chubby there but still sexy.

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