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Even more Angelina Jolie St John ads

Even more Angelina Jolie St John ads

Ok, so I lied. This is going to be my last post before Jared comes back from vacation and returns the site to its regularly scheduled posting. Heh.

So here is one more new St. John ad featuring Angelina Jolie, who most of you probably know is the face of St. John Knits for Spring 2006.

If you’ve somehow missed the other pictures of her in these St. John ads, you can see the rest in the links below:

 - Doobybrain

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  • Andee

    She is so beautiful

  • Estelle

    Thanks Dooby…you are the best., I don’t like the hat netting, but she is still gorgeous

  • NYC Gal in Cali

    Angie looks great!! A throwback to the days of old Hollywood.

  • Estelle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSOURI FAN!! (I would love to sing for you but, AG and Guli said no…) LOLHave a wonderful, blessful and happy day.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Doobybrain for the new Thread, she is stunning, don’t really care for the netting hat though

  • John Henry

    She looks so French in that picture


    I don’t like this picture.

  • Estelle

    Hi Alex, I guess you have troll patroll job today, BBL…I have to get some breakfast, see you in 15 minutes…..WE LOVE YOU CINDY2, BE WELLS….TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!

  • lara

    Happy B-Day to you, MF!She is such a classic beauty. Look at the eyes!I also respect and admire her need to keep her private life – private – no matter the demand!

  • Face Facts-OCD’rs

    Horrible foto. She looks at least 45 and weirdly similar to Joan Crawford.

  • Bobblehead Doll?

    Her head too big for her neck. And she looks so airbrushed as to be plastic, but still not pretty.

  • Carolina a.m.

    Very strange looking picture. And UR RIGHT.Very Joan Crawford.

  • phonybaloney

    Can you say "majorly airbrushed"? Where is the vein in her forehead?

  • Alexanderina

    # 9 | Estelle | – Hi Estelle, no troll patrol duty for me today, I am getting ready to spend the whole day out, hopefully someone else can keep the trolls in check today, I see that we already have one.

  • little sistahs

    Still couldn’t airbrush the bags out from under her eyes? What’s up with that? This woman looks like she’s burned the candle at both ends for a number of years. Definitely looks older than 30-35, whatever she is.

  • Love

    Gorgeous! Not my fave from her st. john ads though.

  • Neutral

    Her face is perfect and unique: she looks likeAngelina Jolie.

  • Tabitha

    I don’t care for the netting but Angelina look beuutiful .

  • allison

    Her eyes look very glassy. Like she’s psycho or drugged or something. I read that the St. John’s exec who chose her got the axe, but she’s still got a contract, altho sales are way down.

  • no more brangelin

    Can’t see this ad selling much St. John’s. Jolie is way out of her league on this one. Instead of looking classic she looks crazed.

  • fascination

    Still the gorgeous Angie.

  • Alexanderina

    Oh oh I spoke to soon, now all the haters is out, I guess some people just don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday morning/afternoon but to wait for a Angelina or Brad thread on JJ to come and post they nasty comments, really sad, what pathetic lives you people must have.

  • Serendepity

    This looks nothing like the last uncorrected photo I saw of Angelina. Maybe this is this the wax figure from that museum? LOL

  • Duh

    # 20 | allisonthe sales were down before they hired Angelina. That’s why they hired her. they wanted a new look with a new model.

  • advice

    St. John is famously patronized bt Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice. Angie is doing great!

  • Original Curious

    First of all, Thanks Doobybrain……hopefully it won’t take 4 pages for it to just be chatter.Secondly – while it isn’t my favorite shot ever of her, she still looks "mahvelous"Third, I want to personally thank all those who took the time to share their negative opinions. Because, ya know, without you, we’d just be chatting amongst ourselves, and it seems a lot of us have better things to do today. So, thanks for all the negatives, I’m sure sooner or later someone will come to play with you.

  • tabloids

    Angie is doing it for charity first and foremost. That’s the most important thing.

  • Wellsbells

    Hey – whose the troll? Everybody is entitled to their POV. Maybe AJ was aiming for Jackie O, but she did indeed chanel Joan Crawford here. Very unsettling.

  • bradislucky

    Brad and the kids are still lucky to have you Angie.

  • Allison is a Twit

    # 20 | allison | – Allison is just jealous because she can’t afford to buy anything St. Johns, isn’t that right Allison, I heard that Wal-Mart is your favorite store, why don’t you go and give them some sales today.

  • L.L.

    Hello! This is one BEAUTIFUL woman whodoesn’t need makeup to look that..Who else in HW can do that?!

  • Passing Through

    I didn’t like this picture when I first saw it – that lipstick is too dark for her skintone – but I gotta admit it’s starting to grow on me. There’s not a whole lot of current modesl would be able to pull off this look in the first place, but AJ can work the camera like nobody’s business!

  • justine

    Must agree to disagree with #28. Angelina Jolie was trying to improve her image by choosing to align with St. Johns and once again invoke "charity". The executive who hired her did indeed get fired. Sales were flat but the choice of Jolie did NOT turn things around-and the person responsible for her contract has since been dismissed.

  • sam team jolie

    Angieee you are so gorgeous,i love you!

  • comment

    Everyone saw the dresses that she wore at Davos, so she has already successfully done a worldwide ad. for St. John.

  • Alexanderina

    See you all later my fellow BAMZS Fans. BBLAngie girl you are beautiful no matter what the haters say

  • crybabyAniston

    Of all the photos Angie took in France this one is the most European of the bunch. Very traditional and for me more Spanish or Italian for me. Reminds me all those late 1940′s or 1950′s film noir pictures. Very dramatic photos and I love it.PS. I see the trolls are here speading their negativity. I thought they accepted for fact that Brad dumped their idol and upgrade for another wife with beauty, brains and a mothering instinct, that was sorely lacking in his previous ex.One that had no problem giving him the child he so surely wanted on top of providing him with 2 other children to love. A lonely man who now has a family of to focus all that wonderful love inside him. I see a lonely man…no more but a very satisfied and happy man.

  • genette

    Pearl earrings don’t really go with Angelina Jolie.Blood vial has always been more her style. lolSeriously, this photograph seems fake and is not very appealing or compelling in any way. Is St. John’s selling black veils? If not, then what? Bad ad message.

  • ryan

    so oridinary if she walks on the street behind me i don’t even look at her ;wow she looks so old ; i thought she was rosario dawson give me MONICCA BELLUCCI ; BROOK SHIELD ANY DAY !

  • fan

    Also see: ANGELINA JOLIELEONARDO DICAPRIOGISELE BUNDCHENELIZABETH HURLEYNICOLE KIDMANHollywood superstar ANGELINA JOLIE is set to become the highest paid actress-turned-model when she named the new face of Californian fashion label St John.The GIRL, INTERRUPTED beauty has reportedly been offered a $12 million (GBP6.7 million) contract which will also see her take on a stake in the fashion house and become a director.The 30-year-old will replace LEONARDO DiCAPRIO’s on-off lover GISELE BUNDCHEN as the face of St John who appears photographed by celebrity snapper MARIO TESTINO in the label’s autumn/winter collection.Jolie’s anticipated deal could have a huge impact on future advertisement deals struck by actresses – GWYNETH PALTROW and ELIZABETH HURLEY were paid $5.4 million (GBP3 million) to represent Estee Lauder, while NICOLE KIDMAN received $5 million (GBP2.7 million) to be the face of Chanel.

  • Good grief

    #37 I don’t understand why you would insist that anyone who dislikes jolie, is an automatic fan of Aniston. I’m not a fan of any of the "3" and never was, but Jolie is the only one that I am just totally turned off by. And I don’t like this picture any more than I admire or respect the manipulative Jolie. If you want to be manipulated that’s your biz, but to each his/her own. I don’t need your permission to speak up on Jared’s site.

  • truth

    She looks like a movie star. They tried to do the 1940′s style to appeal to a different audience.

  • Your News is Old

    # 40 | fan That was the marketing plan roll out…but it failed by most reports. Just check it out and stop trying to stem the negativity by posting old and more hopeful news. The ad campaign more or less failed. Sorry.I’m not a fan of Jolie either, but wouldn’t have chosen St. John’s as a favorite label anyway. Too old and stuffy for me–although I can understand Jolie trying to court that much-needed approval base.

  • architect

    Most people cannot pull off black and white pics like she does.

  • rowena


  • Desert

    So very Joan Crawford. It almost doesn’t look like her.I recently read ‘Notes from my Travels’ as I bought the book for my mom’s birthday, and decided to give it a go before I wraped it up. My mom is very much an Angie and Brad fan, and just a note to the haters, my parents got divorced just a few years ago because my dad had been having an affair. So if my mom, who was the ‘wronged woman’ can see the good, the beauty and the intelligence in Angie, then no one has the right to say that only immoral people would like Angie. But I digress.I won’t say that Angie is a brilliant writer, but the book still really affected me because you can tell that she’s writing from her heart. Her stories made me cry. They made me feel. And most of all, they made me admire her all the more.PS. I cannot resist. My mom has also said on more than one occasion that she find Jen very shallow and boring, not a person you could have an intelligent conversation with. :) And hey, I agree with her. Please don’t kill me Jared!

  • Paging Dr. FG

    ((((((PAGING DR. FEELGOOD)))))) It seems that some of your patients have escaped from the mental hospital, please come to JJ ASAP and take them away, I think they are in desperate need of some meds

  • Josh

    Jolie may have been going for the innocent look but all she got was deer in the headlights. Way too much widely-known history to pull off ingenue.

  • dana

    She looks wonderful. So glamorous. This is my favorite St. John photo.

  • Jake

    Futterlina anyway? History does have a way of repeating.