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Sophia Bush & Jon Foster Pictures

Sophia Bush & Jon Foster Pictures

Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) and Jon Foster (Windfall) are apparently now an item.  The pair made a pit stop for a brief bathroom break in Camarillo, California as they "headed north for a romantic getaway weekend." Sophia still has an impending divorce with One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray after seeking an annulment (citing "fraud") in February 2006. 

Sophia, 24, and Jon, 22, met last year on the set of the horror film Stay Alive (also starring Frankie Muniz, Milo Ventimiglia, and Samaire Armstrong), which came out earlier this year.  In fact, check out her favorite part of working on the movie: "Just being down there with all of the cast. I think one of the things that will show through is the camaraderie we have, it’s really very real. I don’t go a week without talking to Jon [Foster] and Frankie [Muniz]

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  • al

    I hope Sophia is happy. She deserves it after what that mongrel Chad did to her. Go Sophia! She looks gorgeous as always.

  • kyra

    didn’t she work with that guy just before the separation from Chad? that’s very interesting…I believe she’s just a big liar and cheater

  • Aisling

    Wish her all the best. At least she’s with someone who’s in her age group!! :)

  • Bell

    Im glad for Sophia, she deserves to be happy with everything with CMM.

  • Cat

    what did Chad to to her?

  • cat

    That was ‘what did Chad DO to her?’ Sorry folks, that was my first time posting. "Preview" is a nice feature not to ignore!!!

  • Bell

    Probably cheated on her…

  • Lola

    aww im so happy for her!!! she does deserve someone that treats her right and i hope he does!…unlike some…..

  • Sir-Cocks-Alot

    I wonder if he’s going bald like his brother did and will have to wear increasingly bad hair pieces too? He’s the cuter of the two.

  • Truth

    Sophia now dating a costar from a movie she filmed near the beginning of her marriage that is now over…….*LIGHTBULB!*

  • Doug

    What a good looking couple.

  • Alison

    I hope this one does not turn out to be scum like CMM as she seems like a nice person. I mean cheating on your wife of 2 weeks is just the lowest. Especially if it was with Paris Hilton as reported…..

  • jenpo

    is he the guy who played the angel dude in XMEN THE LAST STAND?

  • Bell

    No. Jon Foster played in Stay Alive with Sophia and is maybe most known as Ben in Life As We Know It and Damien in Windfall.

  • bananahammock

    i still think that chad and sophia are more of an item. they look better together. i really hope that chad will leave kenzie dalton,dump her and go back to sophia bush so that they could fix things and all.

  • God

    YAY! It’s finally out in the open! I was waiting for the media to catch on…seeing as the Jon and Sophia rumors have been going on for some time….She looks happy, I just hope he treats her better then "The Chad"…but then again, Jon has a brain, so he probably will……They look awesome together! She should bring him to the TCA later today……she probably wont….but she should….

  • annmitch

    oh god!this is really gud news!chad is nothing but a cheater and a stupid liar who is now preying on young kenzie 2 cheat again!chad is such a loser n far from being handsome!way to go sophia!ur way better n gorgeous for that scum CMM!ewww CMM!!

  • Tanja

    I hope, he makes her happy! CMM is such an jerk! Sophia Bush is a great woman, and i hope, she gets happy!

  • Scarlet.R

    Awww, hes so much hotter than Chad, and he has a kinder face too, Chad always looks really smug. I can’t believe he’s going out with an 18 year old now, the poor girl, shes clearly been brainwashed by the idea of marrying a (so-called) film star. He can’t even act. I hope Sophia and Jon are very happy, they look cute together. x x x

  • Nikki

    Finally! The media was a little behind with this one….lol…Jon and Sophia didn’t exactly start their relationship yesterday….anyway…they lok adorable together, and I hope for both of their sake that thing’s work out, god knows Sophia deserves it after putting up with America’s biggest himbo….Sophia was, and is, WAY to good for Chad…maybe his soon to be mrs.Murray the 2nd will see that she can do better too…I hear Spencer Breslin is availible…well…maybe Chad will hook up with his dream girl Dakota Fanning…..RUN DAKOTA!

  • Truth

    Chad never cheated on his wife. You don’t see him dating H. Duff, P. Hilton or E. Cuthbert…or any of his earlier costars do you? No. Only Sophia is doing that.

  • T.O.M

    I’m glad their relationship is finally public. They make a cute couple and she really is happy. And for all those who think that Sophia’s the one who cheated, then you’re wrong. She and Jon met on the set last year while she was still married – but they’ve only been dating for four months. They didn’t get together until long after she sought the annulment

  • Wilbur

    Aww….They look adorable together, and hopefully he wont pull a Chad and treat her like crap,but from what I can tell, he seems to have a hell lot of more in his brain then,like Nikki posted, America’s biggest himbo….and ass for that matter. And Truth….what more proof do you need? Chad cheated, deal with it! And about dating his co-stars…..kenzie may not be a co-star, but she was on the show when they met….so no, Sophia is not the only one dating someone she worked with. And it’s funny how like EVERY single gossip mag out there, and other sources say the same thing…Chad couldn’t keep it in his pants…and yet, people still believes he’s a male mother Teresa…….well he needs all the fans he can get, because he sure doesn’t have as many as he had before……..but anyway…..Good Luck to Jon and Soph!

  • Bell

    Nikki: No, you just saw him to ask someone else to marry him when he even wasn´t divorced.You don´t have to date somone to cheat with them. Who it was, I don´t care but Sophia was humilated and deserves to be happy.

  • Truth

    Tabloids…wow…what proof! I guess that means the Boogeyman is real, there are Martians on Earth, the Loch Ness Monster is real, and UFOs fly around each night.You crucify Chad because he is dating Kenzie, yet glorify Sophia when she moves on too. You people are hypocrites.

  • Bell

    Sophia did not cheat on Chad, its a big difference.I dont care at all when it comes to CMM, I like him as a actor but he is a cheater and there is no excuse for it.

  • Nikki

    Hey Bell…I think you took me for Truth…..I believe Chad cheated….Truth was the one saying he didn’t……well whatever she/he needs to believe to get thru the day….but I for one, am more convinced as ever that Chad cheated.

  • Jen

    is he the guy who played the angel dude in XMEN THE LAST STAND?# 13 | jenpo | August 20, 2006 05:12 AM———————————————-That’s Ben Foster, which is this guy’s brother.

  • CJ

    Chad did Paris Hilton when they were filming "House of Wax," which is sad because he proposed to Sophia while he was in Austrailia filming "HOW." So he ruined things as her husband before he was even her husband. He’s also a regular at stripclubs, and he’s been with other women as well. Lucky Kenzie!! She picked a winner, especially knowing all the things she knows about him. I use to think Chad was amazing, now he’s just a hot jerk. Which kinda brings down his hottness.Jon’s pretty cool, younger than Sophia but he’s cool, kinda cute. He was on that show "Life As We Know It" on ABC. I hope she’s happy. She’s been friends with Jon since "Stay Alive" so maybe recently love bloomed. :)

  • liz

    you guys are so judgemental

  • Bell

    Nikki: I am so sorry, I meant Truth.

  • CJ

    To "Liz" I don’t know what everyone else is saying because frankly, I didn’t read the other comments, I just skimmed through them. But, what I said is not "judgemental." The so-called rumors about Chad with Paris, the stripclubs and women he slept with I didn’t make up in my head. Chad confirmed that he had done it, he confessed to Sophia and even she said she was shocked by hot accurate the tabolids were. As for my comment on his hottness and whether he’s a jerk, that’s my opinion. I think a guy and a girl are jerks if they cheat on their spouse, excuse me if that’s not approved by others. Last time I checked, when you get married, you should stop sleeping with other people. If Chad didn’t want people to talk about him, he wouldn’t have gotten into this business. He’s a public figure, people are gonna talk. As for Sophia, I do think it’s great she has a new guy. I mean come on, why is it okay for Chad to screw around, then mess up his marriage and be able to find "happiness" 5 months later with a girl who was still in high school, she wasn’t even an adult when they got together. Sophia deserves to have someone too. But, I’m just commenting on what you said. If it wasn’t entirely directed towards me, sorry. To be judgemental would be me calling Chad a bad person. He’s not a bad person, I love his work, he’s a nice guy… but he made a big mistake with cheating on Sophia. He even says that.

  • CJ

    I mean "how accurate," not "hot accurate" lol sorry.

  • Kate

    Why are you assuming that Chad cheated on her? There are no pics of him with other women back when he was married to Sophia. the fact that their marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean he cheated on her. and just because he is a man doesn’t make him an unfaithful husband. how do you know he had sex with Paris Hilton? if he had, there would be a porn video all over the net or at least some pics of them. And now, it turns out that Sophia met her new boyfriend at the beginning of her unsuccesful marriage with Chad MM and they have been intimate friends since then. There are obvious hints that she cheated on Chad, so why don’t you call her a cheater? Your comments are SEXIST and I hope you stop accusing people of being unfaithful without any kind of proof or hint or anything.

  • Emma

    Oh, for the love of God! Let it go! So what if Sophia cheated on Chad or the other way around! Who cares?! Point is, they both moved on. Sophia moved on with Jon and Chad moved on with Kenzie. And they’re both happier this way, plus Chad and Sophia are even somewhat friends. Let’s just leave it at that. Beside Jon and Sophia look adorable together.

  • huh?

    how OLD is jon foster?

  • amy

    Jon is 22 and Soph is 24.

  • Hutu

    She’s got herself a Toy Boy.As for the poor Sophia, after what Chad did to her crap. She’s the one who chose to marry him when he was a player right from the beginning of their realtionship. She wasnt exactly an innocent nor blind. She should have put a stop to it before the wedding instead of a few months later, divorcing in typical hollywood fashion. All it did was make her more famous (as few people actually know who she is now).I feel sorry for their co-stars. The two media whored that realtionship til it fell apart at the seems, that would be one messy situation to be stuck in the middle of.

  • Ali

    I can’t go into details but I have a very close friend that was around during the time of the split and trust me, Chad was the only cheater out of the two. Sophia wanted a marriage like her parents have, one that lasts and entire lifetime but she wasn’t going to stand by and let him cheat on her and she shouldn’t have. Before you go and say my comments are sexist, you should know the facts. Chad has all but admitted that he cheated on her, you just have read into certain interviews right and listen to a song that a good friend of both Chad and Sophia wrote about them.

  • skyla

    That’s Ben Foster, which is this guy’s brother. # 28 | Jen | August 20, 2006 01:36 PM | Report Abuse ————————————————–Thanks for confirming that, I used to watch Life As We Know It and wonder if he was. They are both great actors and cute in a weird way too.

  • Chantelp

    I just skimmed through what everyone has said and yeah I think Chad is hot and have for a few yrs now but what happened in his marriage did not show him in his best light. He did cheat because he admitted it and she also said that the tabloids were pretty accurate about it. He regreted it and wanted her back but she wasnt about to deal with it. I love her and learned to love her over the yrs watching "OTH". She deserves to be happy and she is a great girl and its his loss not hers. Also just because he didnt hook up into a relationship with his co-stars doesnt mean nothing happened with them. You can down her for hooking up with someone that she worked with but isnt that how her and Chad met??? and isnt that where he met his new girl?? she was an extra but still. She talks to Jon and Frankie on a regular basis and Im assuming with her and Jon it just happened over time of knowing eachother. You can be friends with someone and than eventually fall in love with them. I dont think she did anything with him while they were workin. Anyways he cheated now its time for her to move on with her life and be happy. I wish her all the best and cant wait for "OTH" to return this fall.

  • Diana

    i think sophia is wrong thinking that chad was cheating on her becasue there was no proof at all. i’m not on anyone’s side but i’m just saying its not right to "assume" something is wrong when you dont know for sure if it really happened.

  • The Rat

    Oh great.Another Chad Michael Moron clone just like Austin Nichols..When is she gonna get a brain and quit dating these frat boy losers that she meets on set and date a real man….

  • ugh

    You can down her for hooking up with someone that she worked with but isnt that how her and Chad met??? and isnt that where he met his new girl?? she was an extra but still. Dude that proves our point. After the debacle of Chophia why would you hook up with another co-star? Frankly you shouldnt eat where you poop.

  • macy

    Oh come on. It’s her life, let her do whatever she wants as Chad does the same. And you cannot say that Sophia is wrong for assuming anything you’re an idiot, because they dealt with it themselves; and they knew why their relationship ended.

  • The Rat

    you need to shut up macy. u dont even know wat ur talking about except saying things like "OH MY GOD THEY’RE A GOOD COUPLE". Just except the fact that jon is another Chad Michael Moron wanna be.

  • The Rat

    And like I said before, and say it again, she needs to get a brain and quit dating these Chad Michael Moron 20 something frat boy clones and date a real man….I mean if you look at Jon Foster’s photo and Austoin Nichols both of them look like that douchebag she was married to…..

  • Soulpatrol

    Sophia never dated Austin, and neither him or Jon are Chad look a likes, and even if they were, what does that have to do with her dating Jon? She clearly likes him, nothing you can do about that. I do agree with Chad being a douchebag, something he proved at the bball game. anyway, I hope everything works out for Sophia and Jon, if he makes her happy…..great for them.

  • CJ

    To "KATE" come on now, you’re calling me "Sexist," at least I’m not riding off a "what if Sophia cheated first."Chad CONFIRMED… do you know what "confirmed" means? Main Entry: con·firmPronunciation: k&n-’f&rmFunction: transitive verbEtymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French cunfermer, from Latin confirmare, from com- + firmare to make firm, from firmus firm1 : to give approval to : RATIFY 2 : to make firm or firmer : STRENGTHEN 3 : to administer the rite of confirmation to4 : to give new assurance of the validity of : remove doubt about by authoritative act or indisputable fact He CONFIRMED that he cheated on Sophia with Paris, among other people. Plus when asked about it Chad says HE messed up and he won’t make the same MISTAKE again. So watch who you’re calling "Sexist" it’s not like Sophia and Chad broke up and we all sat down to think of a reason why.By the way.. not EVERY celebrity takes pictures with the other women or men they’re screwing. Sorry if we don’t have photos of Paris and Chad going on, you could always ask him for them though.Oh and as for Sophia meeting Jon at the beginning of her unsuccessful marriage. Yeah she did, they made a movie together while he had a girlfriend and she was married. Chad on the other hand filmed "House of Wax" first.I think YOU should get your facts straight. And by the way I DO like Chad, I DO love One Tree Hill.. just because I think he was wrong for cheating doesn’t change that. And SO WHAT if Sophia cheated, then they’re BOTH wrong. But Sophia didn’t cheat.But if Sophia had been the one cheating you’d ALLLLL be sitting here calling her names and then we’d have someone like you say "You’re all so sexist" maybe Chad’s the one who cheated.It’s a lose, lose situation. Put it this way, they were in love.. and now he finds love in a girl who probably still had a curfew. I rest my case.

  • Laura

    CMM supposedlly slept with Paris Hilton while fiming House of Wax, though it was never proved, all Sophia said was that she was surprised at how many of the rumors were true. We believe it was Chad that had come back in September 05, after that Sophia broke it off and got legally sepperated from him. I do hope she’s happy, but I always will believe he true love lies with Chad, they were to cute for words, it breaks my heart to see them apart, at least we have One Tree Hill.