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K-fed Lose Control Video

K-fed Lose Control Video

Kevin Federline just debuted his single "Lost Control" with a live performance for the Teen Choice Awards.  He was introduced by gum-chewing wife Britney Spears (pregnant with their second child), closed out the show, and surprisingly wasn’t booed offstage.    Let me ask you… during K-fed‘s sensational rapping performance, how long did you cover your ears? Did you have to turn off the TV mid-performance?  If you were able to last the whole way through, how many times did you laugh?

Watch the video below… can’t wait for the "Lose Control" music video!   More pictures in the gallery from rehearsals…

BTW :: Did anyone else catch Jesse McCartney crying when Jason McElwain was awarded the Teen Choice Courage Award?

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  • Nikki

    why does Britney inisit on chewing gum everywhere. Couldn’t see take it out of her mouth to introduce that douche bag she calls a spouse?

  • Pattie

    His performance made me truly appreciate the artist formerly known as Vanilla Ice.

  • aveeno1

    K-Fed wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be! I expected worse but he held up! Brit should stop chewing gum…. aggrrr… she looked cute…..

  • Lina

    For his first performance like EVER, he actually wasn’t as bad as i expected it to be. The beat was hot, the voice sucked, but the performance was okay. Better than i actually expected. And, i can’t believe i actually just said that.

  • Anthony

    What a disgrace. I cannot believe someone couldn’t think up a better choice for a closing performance. I don’t understand how such an untalented turd can get in the spotlight just because his wife is Brittany Spears, who is now a slob anyway.

  • katie

    For how much money he bragged about having in the song, he should have hired someone who is good to produce his album. That was crap!! Stick with dancing Kevin!! I loved in the begining when asked about K-Fed Ludacris said that "he was gonna need luck" and he wasn’t saying it like he was thinking it was gonna be a good performance or anything more like this is going to be the crappiest crap performance..

  • katie

    Plus I love how he said that this song was gonna blow us all away….well I’m still here and I think that song sucked!!

  • lmaoooooo

    That performance was sooooo bad, Horribly bad. He wasnt even rhyming to his own beat. I guess you gotta give him some slack, being its his first performance infront of so many people. but ummm.. brits rack was looking nice and her mans a lame.

  • chrissay-chris

    the song wasn’t as hellacious as popo-flop but it seemed rather blah. why doesn’t he do a better dance song since he can dance his ass off?? instead of his wannabe gansta act. brir looked silly, all preggo on the teen show and her man is not that special.

  • char

    i’m still in disbeliefe that he was able to have such a widely promoted performance on an awards show!! the fact that ppl even give him the time of day is just disgraceful. where would he be if he wasn’t married to britney?? seriously, we all know the answer to that and the fact that he is talentless but yet still able to be "famous" is just wrong. i caught only a short snippet of his preformance, and he was rapping about his "ice" and how he is a "superstar" b/c everyone "knows who he is" or something like that. what the hell is wrong with this guy? acting all bad ass as if he deserved it or earned it himself. ugh God, makes me sick. moreover, wrong with society that this guy can even be a superstar?

  • Jordyn

    Ok so why the heck do white guys insist on acting like black thugs….which they can’t do. and PLEASE bring back Vanilla Ice….or even Eminem…the guy gives me trailer trash creeps…you know the OMG I was living next to the guy who killed 20 people and buried them under his trailer…..that kind of creeps.

  • claire

    honestly, i feel bad for the guy. give him a break.. he didn’t completely embarass himself..

  • Jackie

    He was god awful. but my sound cut out during parts of it, maybe censoring? oh well, best part of the performance, imo.

  • maria

    I completely forgot that the award show was on, and right when I’m turning the channel, who do I see, but a very pregnate Brit –didn’t look bad at all — coming on stage to introduce her husband. Well, she turned me off with that bloody chewing gum — so trailer trash — my goodness. I like Brit, but can’t her people help her with some manners training. Now, for the husband. The two young boys in the beginning were 100% better than him, and after just five seconds, I changed back to my baseball/football games. Since I’m not a ‘rap’ lover per say, I wasn’t interested and then he was awful!!! I’ve seen MM and his beats are much better — who wrote this dribble husband sang? YUCK! Anyway, I must bid you a good night, as I’ve got to go back to my games and make sure my teams won. HA! HA! Talk to you all tomorrow. Good night!!

  • Y Britney Y?

    Uh the only thing i noticed was her gigantic jugs. what was she thinking by wearing that baby doll dress?? Her boobs… are weird, like they’re just weird. Can’t describe it. Like bad implants gone wrong or deflated or something. Anyway, what the hell was she thinking by wearing that dress?? And on a kids’ show?? And all some of you can notice was her stupid gum. What is up with her friggin gum? She looks stupid with that gum in her mouth.

  • Frickin Weird

    Kevin Federline is so nasty, period. He’ just gross! I hate the way he talks and makes weird faces and is just trashy. Britney is so stupid for marrying him. Kevin atleast TRY to look cool when you’re thug instead of looking and acting like a wannabe or clown. Jeez, how does he expect to be taken seriously by the rap community with such a dumb brain?? Eminem, maybe you should give him some guidance.

  • aycaramba

    britney needs 2 know when or where she can have a chewing gum, she shouldn’t have a gum when she’s on live tv, can’t her mother or publicist tell her about it? i think chewing gum on live tv is very unappropriate, that is just low, i like bitney but when she’s chewing gum on live tv she turns me off, ewww

  • Aunt Lovie

    I too was shocked when I saw Brittany. What WAS she thinking, you could almost see her underwear, it was so short and very unflattering on the bursting out of her dress bust line! Maybe her hormones have her all confused, including what color her hair should be! No comment on K Fed! Go Greenday…lol

  • Give it Up

    I wish the execs would realize we don’t want to see Britney or her husband. A lot of money was put into this and I know she thought having big names backing him would help, but the bottom line is that he’s just not a singer….dancing is what he’s good at. And I agree…. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Britney because of the way she dresses and acts.

  • hehe

    BritneyS man was like he thinks hes hot. NO Hes not what he was singing. I didnt get it. I would say Britney is stupit women in the whole world. Why she married that homeless guy he is spending her money its so weird. He was looking so idiot. The both. How she introduced in the world that stupid gyu. ITS A SHAME SHAME.

  • Give it Up

    I wish the execs would realize we don’t want to see Britney or her husband. A lot of money was put into this and I know she thought having big names backing him would help, but the bottom line is that he’s just not a singer….dancing is what he’s good at. And I agree…. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Britney because of the way she dresses and acts.

  • d. c.

    For real; he spent millions just to do that! I’m sure the promoters and sound guys took his money and gave a great snicker of ..Hahahahaha fool!

  • t

    yes i did catch the crying! i wondered if anyone would post about it, he was wiping the tear out of his eye and everything, he was more emotional about the whole thing than the kid winning the award.

  • phillyafterdark

    For real, for sure.. this stank..

  • Daniel

    Britney looked AMAZING!!We missed you Brit

  • Kristine

    Britney was beautiful (even with the gum), but man…listening to Kevin was PAINFUL! It was like having sandpaper rubbed inside my ears!

  • Kristine

    Recent studies have shown that Kevin Federline is the main cause of cringing.

  • kyana

    the beat was the only good thing about the song….him and brit look like white trash

  • A

    those werent even original beats. his performance sucked. shes a dumb ass. the kids were alright in the beginning hte first kid didn’t even know the damn song he was just moving his mouth that was hilarious. oh yeah and rihanna suckssssssssss she didnt even sing live she was laggin on some of the lyrics. anywho kevin sucks and doesnt deserve his so called "famous" status

  • a


  • Elissa

    This was an embarassment & disgrace.

  • Doug

    I actually thought K-fed did a great job, and Britney has never looked better. Two thumbs up!

  • tony

    i just care about britney.. she looked cute, georgous.. loveeed it!!!! Kevin is a whole different story

  • mickey


  • x.a.n.

    Britney’s look has seriously improved since Dateline. She looked very nice. Kevin’s performance was cheesy, though.

  • ringerchick16

    I laughed so hard I cried and I’m NOT lying!!!

  • dawn

    I alternated between laughing at Jesse McCartney crying and thnking "awww". But K-Fed, I think all rappers should join together-East coast and West coast–and beat him for that crime against music he’s committing.

  • goldend

    What a precious moment ….it was like 1989 all over again… America truly is the land where dreams can come true.

  • Ali

    Good lord, what does she look like? Couldn’t she cover those puppies up a bit, this was a show for TEENS after all. She’s a disgrace. A vapid, talentless moron who should just go back to her trailer park. She gives women a bad name and portrays a very bad impression for her younger fans.

  • Spenderline sucks

    Wow! That performance was LAME! Bad vocals,bad lyrics, bad crotch grabbing, just all around BAD! Did he say – "Im in a new tax bracket?" or something stupid like that? I was caught up in how bad the vocals were. Poor Brit, She had it all- and he’s gonna cost her – A Lot. to get rid of him. Gotta give her props for the "glow" the dress was a bit risque, but she did look great and happy. Her son is a doll too. Yikes, Paris and Kevin give the whole music biz a black eye. Is talent no longer a requirement to get in? Dear Kev, It did make me say "Oh my God- he is awful!"

  • trullesand

    this performance wasn´t bad. i only wonder why every rapper has to look the same, move the same. he had the chance to really be unique by doing something else than the whole pussy-thang. he didn´t seized it.why kfed is so dumb to call himself a "superstar"? man, you´re a superstar when someone tells you, not when you just want to be one. he just tries it a little to hard. good luck to him anyway.

  • tina

    wasn’t wow factor, as he is not 50 cent, his voice needs to be stronger and louder, but all in all it was good, i know i couldn’t go and do that in front of all those people so kudos to kfed, and britney looked fantastic admitedly the dress needed to be abit longer, i wish i still had my pregnancy boobs!sob sob

  • Jo

    #41 your right ….your a star when the fans tell you.Also I don’t understand how someone who has never had a hit or a song on the radio or any other credit to his name can be the closing act for a big TV show…….Ahhh! I guess they used Brittney to introduce him.

  • Jessie

    I liked the rappers and the DJ using KFed as their sidekick :) ‘Cause honestly, that’s the best KFed ever going to be: a Sidekick. Maybe a modeling career would work out for him.

  • Kellie

    How sad for him that he had to have his wife ask the audience to “be nice to him” before he went on. He’s had performances in huge clubs in Vegas before but nothing of his caliber. He was lucky to get Vegas! How much do you think Brit paid them to get him on this show? Starting with the teens was a smart choice though…you can brainwash the young easier. But he SUCKED! Why hasn’t she stopped him from rapping yet? Oh, I forgot…they’re both talentless singers. I could only make out a few words here and there…the words I did catch sucked! The little kids on stage with him kind of reminded me of Kid Rock with his version of Mini Me, what was his name? Joey?…“Lose Control” is the title of an Emenem song. How typical White Rapper of him…He didn’t even dance which is his strong point. And his superstar status is all in his head because he’s in the tabloids with his wife all the time…what a sad, sad little man…

  • salmonella

    I don’t know if KFed’s performance was good or bad, it was just kind of boring to me.

  • UberGoober

    I love how he comes out saying that he’s practically broke because he refuses to use his wife’s money but then gets this job of closing this huge awards show. I hope they paid him so he can provide for his family another day!Idiot. But there are countless kids out there who watched the show and are probably saving their allowances to buy his album just because he was on a show and just because Britney is his wife.

  • move over Eminem

    WOW. All I can say is WOW. I guess Eminem can just move over, that whole Eight Mile thing sure doesn’t look authentic anymore after K-Fed.umm…he should consider not quitting his day job. Oh wait, he doesn’t have a day job.

  • Nicole

    The guy on the turntables was much more talented… his once in a while vocals shadowed K-Fed. Bad. Very Bad.

  • geniass

    I had to leave the room to claw my eyes out.