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Tom & Katie Eat Maestro's Steakhouse

Tom & Katie Eat Maestro's Steakhouse

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted leaving Maestro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA last night.  The pair definitely seemed paparazzi friendly this time around…  More pictures in the gallery!

In a recent Yahoo! entertainment poll, Tom Cruise ranked last in a list of celebrities people found as best mates.  Here’s the rundown:  1. Jack Black 25% 2. Johnny Depp 22% 3. Will Smith 18% 4. Samuel L Jackson 7% 5. Orlando Bloom 6% = Mel Gibson 6% = Brad Pitt 6% 6. Jack Nicholson 5% 7. Colin Farrell 4% = Jamie Foxx 4% 8. Tom Cruise 3%. Uh, Jack Black is #1…  so something is screwy with the poll anyway.

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  • Anon

    He seems to not (look like) to have a problem with her being taller than him. Someone said on another thread he won’t let her wear hight heels—he seems fine with it.Can’t wait to see the bundle of joy!!!In away TC is like AJ—he doesn’t care what people think of him—he’s living his lifeGo TomKat Go!!!

  • d.c.

    What a material jerk. This proves a possible cut in salary does wonders for Tom’s acceptance to behave normally for publicity.

  • fifi

    I think Tom has always been paparazzi friendly. Remember when he and Kate always had those PDAs (shudder) in front of the paparazzi? He has never ever shied away from publicity. What I have to point out though is he is trying to behave normally now ever since the collapse of MI:3 (although how a movie which made tons of money could be a failure — I guess it always has to be placed in context that MI:3 did below expectations seeing as how much they spent so much in advertising and promotion).

  • emily

    Katie looks so differrent. they both scare me. the last post about katie wearing heels she looked really pretty. i think she is better of without tom. lok at her then and now they look so crazy.

  • coeky

    how sweet they go for dinner all by them selfs!!!!Oh wait they have company….TOBAD they are never alone!!!!! He is so Gay…

  • blah!

    Is that kid EVER going to see the outside?

  • Tom Cruise is gay

    If you add some luminosity to the pic where there are in the car, you’ll see that Katie Holmes’ facial expression is the one of someone on the verge to burst into tears.

  • kayla

    They look wonderful. I am so glad that they are going out and having fun. This couple Rocks.

  • None

    It’s too bad they can’t enter and leave restaurants through the front door. Maybe too many paps and regular people out front? Seems they and other celebs go through the side or back doors where the trash cans are. Ahhhh, to be a celeb, ha ha ha!

  • sid

    She really looks good here. Love her hair!!

  • adranni

    New Beautifull Britney Pics

  • Reality Check

    Hey kayla, this "couple" is the laughing stuck everywhere on the internet, on TV shows and in the all the medias. They are scorned everywhere. They are a joke. A dwarf and his zombie beard.

  • Mary

    Has anyone noticed how Katie looks much better after the pregnancy. In another thread, I noticed how her face looks much better. She lookeds so tired before. But now she looks better than ever. I wonder if she’s happy with Tom. I am so boggled by their relationship and I don’t think tom should have made a public spectacle of their relationship. And I so wish he would stop making those nasty wide scrunched up smiles. It’s extremely unattractive. I wonder if Tom is going to make Katie have another baby. Katie looks happier now, like she’s finally going to be freed soon from her obligation to have his baby. Maybe that isn’t her baby. Maybe she was carrying Suri only. Maybe they used another egg and inseminated her.

  • Rockmelon

    Uhmmmm……did you get a look at all of the pictures? Their eyes are so friggin weird! I’m sure it’s the reflection from the flash but I don’t think anyone else in the pictures has those same evil eyes.

  • emily

    i think that tom and katie should show their baby to the world. and let their 110 days of fame be up. they are so annoying they just have to break up. i totally agree with you. tom is a gay short freak i hate him. some one shouls do katie before tom fried her brain and after tom fried her brain. he should just stay single for the rst of his life he is too old. no. the only person tom loves is himself and noone can change that. BREAK UP!!!

  • emily

    i htink that Katie faked her pregnancy. just to get attention.i mean why make the pregnancy and their love so public and now they dont even want to take the baby out of there own house. that is crazy!

  • emily

    okay adranni,first of all i am a huge britney fan bout I CANT UNDER STAND A WORD ON YOUR SITE!! there are so many other britney pictuers and websites like and well i dont want to go off topic anymore. where did britney come out of random??

  • vicky

    she do NOT sims happy

  • TomKat is a scam

    Why is that everything about them seems staged and fake. Her smile is forced and fake, she tries to dress like an older woman (but she looks much older than her age though) to fit with Tom’s age. She is so not spontanious. She’s a stepford wife. All fake.Tom is trying to look "normal" but it’s to late. You can figure he’s been talking to her before leaving : "Katie , try to look happy but please do not make that stupid simian laugh of yours. Just try to smile like a normal woman, not showing your 89 teeth. " And she obeys.And be sure he’s not the father of the alien baby. It’s probably adopted or she has been inseminated.

  • gia

    who is that devil-freak w/them in the car?

  • anonymous

    First of all, I find it "interesting" that this couple who has "organic" food flown in to wherever they are, is eating at a steakhouse. Secondly, even though Katie looks better recently, she still looks nowhere like the cute girl she once was. This just shows what life in a cult fishbowl does to someone. And, I agree with the comment above about them never being alone-every "outing" of theirs, is always a group event filled with other "monitors". Looks like the girl is "earning" every dollar of their deal. Hopefully before she wastes too much more of her time, she realizes that it isn’t worth it and takes off. Also, for legal purposes, she is probably better off not marrying the midget if she wants to retain any chance of having custody of their mystery baby.

  • uh

    They looks strange in the 5th pic.

  • Mire

    Wow Kat is so thin she looks great! She got thin quick.

  • emily

    tom and katie need to break up. do u no how sad she looks here?? look at that fake smile!! adn look at her in the car she looks like she is about to cry. and tom is showing off!!! if you want to find out more about how i want these 2 to break up(for katies sake) you can look at my other posts above. the ones that say emily

  • emily

    you can respond back to me at this webite! RESPOND PLEASE!!!

  • maria

    These two remind me a horror movie I saw once — "possessed" sound familiar? Kate does look a bit prettier than when she was pregnate, but then maybe she wasn’t allowed to bath in her new found religion — or should I saw the religion that Tom shoved down her throat.


    When she was "pregnate" she could not go to her hairdresser and her make-up artist. That why she looked like battered shit for several months. So maybe you wonder why couldn’t she go to her hairdresser and her make-up artist at the time she was "pregnate" : it’s because they would have for sure notice the PILLOW under her sweater. But now that the fake pregnancy is over and that she doesn’t have to make sure nobody would notice any PROSTHESIS anymore, she can have her hair and make up done by professionals.Anyways, she looks a bit better but she still has those glassy eyes and vacant look. And she’s mocked by everybody in Hollywood.

  • emily

    RESPOND PEOLE JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica

    She had post partum depression and because he made such a big deal about it, they are having to keep it a secret

  • maria

    Hi Emily: I don’t get the deal with the baby, but we’ve seen Gwen’s, we’ve seen Brits, we’ve seen AJ’s and we’ve seen tons of other babies as well. I don’t get this whole ‘waiting’ to show baby — so many assumptions — very scary. If I was happy and media hungry as Tom is, I’d be showing my baby all over the place. This is one scary relationship, and if Kate has any brains (which, I doubt, as she married her poster) she’d pick baby and run home to New York and her parents. As far as Katie not looking good through her pregnate stage, it’s when a woman’s pregnate that she should look her most beautiful. I like Brit, but sometimes she looks so trailer with the get ups she picks to wear………….and that baby she carries around with her———-is the most gorgeous little guy. I bet you thought I was going to say something naughty about the baby — well Maria does not make fun of babies — that’s off limits. The pictures of Brit and baby in People are spectacular. She looks very happy with her little guy.

  • None

    Organic can be organic meat. Are Tom and Katie vegetarians as in eating only organic produce. Maybe this steakhouse has organic beef. Maybe they ate fish. Most steakhouses serve other food besides steak.

  • Tracy

    Does anyone on here know how to spell??

  • Tasha T

    Well, they seem happy and if they dont want to show their baby to the world, so be it? Why is everyone so concerned? Everyone has a conspiracy theory….maybe there isnt one? I think everyone needs to get a life, katie was a nobody really before she was with Tom and is more than likely overwhelmed at the media attention she now receives, poor thing. Considering no one knows them personally, its amazing how how judgemental people turn into. Leave them be, they arent hurting anyone. Katies a big girl and if she isnt happy and is too scared to leave as everyone keeps saying, too bad, theres a million women out there that are too scared to leave their husbands, partners etc, why not turn your attention to them as well?

  • lisa

    hubby heard that the suri cruise baby was deformed as why it hasnt been seen in public…LMAO

  • movie fan

    Lisa, you’d laugh at a deformed baby? You are sick and need help. What an evil person you must be.

  • here we go again

    You know,This whole wher is Suri thing is getting old. If the little midget doesn’t want to show off his spawn then fine. But I believe he’s just trying to build up the suspense. Trying to get more hype and more money. He doesn’t need the money but he does WANT the hype. He needs it…it makes him feel BIG. He has to be the bigger star, the most powerful actor so his so called baby has to make the most on her pictures right?And as for Katie wearing heels. HIS "People" do read the blogs and polls…trying to feel out his popularity. They read the comments:Tom won’t let Katie out of the house So out she comes.Tom won’t let Katie wear heels because she’ll appear too tall.Out comes Katie in heelsKatie never looks happy.Here’s a pic of Katie smiling.Suri doesn’t exist.Oh wait here’s a pic of Katie WITH Suri in the background.Katie looks frumpyHey now look here’s Katie on a Shopping spree.Katie’s hair looks horrible.What do ya know…now Katies has a new due.PLEASE PEOPLE!!! THIS IS ALL A DARN ACT!!! DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. THE MIGHTY MIDGET IS JUST TRYING TO RAISE PUBLIC OPINION AND HIS PAYCHECK ONCE AGAIN!!!

  • yukon

    Where are they Alaska? She looks to be wearing a winter coat in the middle of August. These two are just really scary freakish.

  • sbitty

    katie is not as stupid as you all think, she’s sitting pretty on 30 mil right now and she’s 27 more than you all will ever have…

  • blah

    Emily….get a life. I cannot believe someone can be so damn interested in what Tom and Katy do. Maybe get your own boyfriend and GET OUTTA THE HOUSE. Instead of living vicariously thru these two. OMG – this is why they should break up…blah blah blah. Let them do what the hell they want. WHO REALLY GIVES A F????

  • blah

    Oh I forgot one thing. to #36 "Here We Go Again"AMEN!!!! You are SO RIGHT!!!!!

  • joe

    i think maybe kates ans toms baby is downs or something like that

  • nana

    God! he’s so hot!

  • Sue

    Can she sit farther away from him in the car? It looks like she is trying to make a break for it.



  • DepecheModelover

    Love TomKat!! Leave em alone…..give em a break. We’ll see the kid when they want us to see the kid.

  • Teetee

    I feel badly for Tom, Katie, her parents and Nicole,and of course, his other children, I know from experience, that Scientology is so vicious and scary, you’ve no idea. Maybe Tom did make a money deal with Katie, I heard snippets of info that several actresses were offered vast amounts of money to make a deal with him. Well, obviously, the deals’ in play, I just pray for the kids involved, Nicole has aged 10 years in 5. They have him(Tom) by the balls, and I guess where he decides to place those balls are really his business, you are all right, follow your instincts, Tom is in one hell of a mess, I hope they all can get out relatively unscathed, watch out for Dianetics, folks, I’ll say no more, Good Luck, from one who really knows the score.

  • cjpumpkin

    tom career is going under, Katie better get away from that crazy man before she becomes unemployed. She can do so much better. She needs to take her daughter and get out ASAP!!!! She looks like she is controlled by Tom!!!!!!!Run Katie run with Suri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corrine

    I think Tom Cruise seems like a pretty decent guy he doesn’t seem fazed by the things the media says about him.

  • Jeniva

    I think Tom Cruise is normal atleast he didn’t have thoughts of running his car into the wall with his baby in it like Brooke Shields did. Now that’s fucking crazy!

  • damn people

    I liked Tom at one time. It has been his behavior recently that gives me the creeps. Not being with Katy and not having a child or wanting to shield that child or because he jumped on a couch. but because he is so damned involved in that religion, it seems to have made him into a total control freak, seems he fell for it hook, line and sinker and is trying to drag others down with him. I totally believe it is because of him and that religion (if you can even call it that) that he left Nicole. Ten years of marriage and two kids and he just up and dismisses everything. Katy does look like she is about to cry and is very sad. Seems she can’t hide her saddness very well. I feel for her, but she is a grown woman and makes her own choices. About the money, that guy is mega rich, I really don’t see him going poor anytime soon, then again look at MJ and his neverland.Seems like a typical small man syndrome that the religion helped him get over and become and overlord in his mind. If you are religious at all you know you are not supposed to go to false profits or new religions.Normally I do not even look at these people as I am so baffled and disgusted. This just happen to catch my eye on a lazy night and so I read to see what others think as well.It just goes to show after years of liking the guy and his "persona" one does not really know a person at all. Impressions can and are deceiving.