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Angelina Jolie: Airplane Flying

Angelina Jolie: Airplane Flying

Angelina Jolie was spotted on the runway again, piloting her small single-engine Cirrus SR-22 airplane yesterday in Burbank, California. Angelina, 31, is taking flying lessons to try to get her instrument rating, which enables her to fly a new turbo jet aircraft of her own — a plane that can fly at a speed of over 300 miles per hour. More pictures in the gallery (they’re a little distorted from the heat)!

[Various pictures via ZXING/ SNAP-PiX]
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angelina jolie airplane 01
angelina jolie airplane 02
angelina jolie airplane 03
angelina jolie airplane 04
angelina jolie airplane 05
angelina jolie airplane 06
angelina jolie airplane 07
angelina jolie airplane 08
angelina jolie airplane 09
angelina jolie airplane 10
angelina jolie airplane 11
angelina jolie airplane 12
angelina jolie airplane 13
angelina jolie airplane 14
angelina jolie airplane 15
angelina jolie airplane 16
angelina jolie airplane 17

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  • WOW

    Yay! 1st! I love BAMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • x17rocks

    Fly fly fly away ….come again another day

  • FITR

    Is it just me or does it look like she got another longitude/latitude tatoo on her arm? Probably Namibia for Shiloh’s place of birth, no?

  • loli

    I think it’s just you!!! ^^

  • pov

    She seems pregnant again for me, beautiful pics thanks jj and welcome back

  • Alix

    yay, love BAMZS, any update is perfect!

  • boring

    Bamz fans are 2 busy bashin jen on the other thread.nice without them…….jolie,same shirt same hair same jeans.

  • pregnant again?

    Yeah, she looks pregnant!

  • FITR

    I don’t think she’s pregnant again at all. She DID just have a baby three months ago, its probably just leftover weight from Shiloh. And I don’t think thats a bad thing, it just shows she’s normal like every other mother who recently gave birth and that she’s not super stick thin 2 weeks after her baby is born. She must still be nursing, her boobs are still gigantic.

  • FITR

    # 4 | loli – no, look in the picture that is blown up in the main post…she totally looks like she has THREE lines above the faded remnants of the dragon tatoo. At least I think so. ;-)

  • jerseygirl

    WOOT!! i misssed angelina, thanks jared

  • briseis

    I thought she had lost the weight when they were pictured coming out of that restaurant with Maddox. But now she looks as if she’s gained the weight back — maybe she is pregnant again, who knows? That seems to be the trend though with Heidi Klum and Britney Spears leading the way.

  • stef

    looks like she has a new tattoo on her upper arm, it looks like there are three lines now instead of two! namibia maybe.

  • think positive!

    Brad and Angie have the same trainer.This is the same guy who was with Brad when he was having flying lessons in Paris.I heard the Burbank airport is very close to the studios Brad is shooting O13.He may took the kids with him on the set so Angie can do her lesson ;)

  • remember da truth

    When she flies that plane, she reminds me of the old TV series Wonder Woman, when Lynda Carter would be in the invisible plane that looks like this Cessna! Makes me giggle!

  • new tattoo

    looks like she has a new tattoo on her upper arm, it looks like there are three lines now instead of two! namibia maybe. # 13 | stef ================yeah, I seem to see 3 lines.

  • sosickofher

    Same ol’ Same ol’ Hair pulled back into a ponytail, sunglasses, and lets not forget the EVER present BLACK clothes. This woman could not get dressed in anything other then black unless someone dresses her.

  • freidaflo

    THANX JJNice Pics. Preg. again? They must be very busy.Am really going to work now!!! See ya later guys.

  • ell

    hay I just wanna to say I am going on holiday. have a nice month .see you in 3 weeks.

  • think positive!

    # 17 | sosickofher |-And your problem is….??This woman is a breastfiding mother with tow other children to watch after rather than picking stylish clothes along with a stylist.So the only think she thinks of now is to be as confortable as she can.

  • ps

    can someone tell me what bag that is?

  • uhohismelltrouble

    That is one unhappy looking woman.

  • gitane

    new pics! jared, you’re awesome! how’m i supposed to get any work done now?

  • piyutra

    Thanks so much JJ!Love her body, she looks healthy and sexy ;D BTW, I don’t think she’s pregnant.

  • peter

    she is hot hot hot…

  • piyutra

    OMG! The haters come so fast…SIGH…

  • pregnant again?

    If she happens to be pregnant again, probably a few will go mental.

  • fifi

    # 27 | pregnant again?Ha ha ha! You’re right, a few will go mental and give her heck, blah blah blah Shiloh still little, Z still a toddler, how could you blah blah blah! For me, do whatever you think is right, Brad and Angie. After all, it is YOUR family!!! My own sister has 10 kids, and they are all scholars, four are doctors; and these nieces and nephews of mine, whose biggest age gap is probably 2 years, were raised by struggling parents with not much money between the two of them.

  • gitane

    i don’t think she’s pregnant again. looks like the same tank she was wearing in the beach pics when she had lunch with brad & madd, but this time the shirt’s not tucked in. she’s not even trying and she still looks better than most of HW’s made up starlets.

  • Alexanderina

    Morning fellow BAMZS Fans and Jared, thanks Jared for the new pictures and Thread of Angelina, she looks great.Hey Jared, I hope you had a fabulous vacation, where are the pictures? :)

  • sbitty

    um she looks so ughhhh… she looks so weird her legs are so thin and her belly looks like a beer gut… she looks like she did in her 4th month of pregnancy… she’s going to need corrective surgery in order to ever get back to her previous figure, she should quit flying and start dieting!

  • FITR

    # 17 | sosickofher – she’s taking a flying lesson, not walking a red carpet you nitwit. She’s in jeans and a tanktop. The same Aniston fans I remember, were remarking in a thread (either here or on a different board) a while back how "stylish" J.A. looked and she was wearing a black tanktop and khaki shorts. Give me a break. Angie looks fine. On her worst day, Angie looks better than 99.99% of us.

  • Alexanderina

    she’s not even trying and she still looks better than most of HW’s made up starlets. # 29 | gitane |————————————————–Hey Gitane, ITA with you, she looks wonderful, I like her hair pulled back like that

  • FITR

    # 31 | sbitty – you asshat. She had a baby THREE FREAKIN’ MONTHS months ago. She shouldn’t starve herself to get back to some weight that you deem acceptable. She looks great. Most women don’t look stick thin right after having their babies, women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and others didn’t, and I’m glad Angie doesn’t. She looks healthy. You were probably the same type of person that was bitching and saying she was too thin while she was pregnant. Now she’s not thin enough? STFU. Seriously.

  • Alexanderina

    # 31 | sbitty | – WTF, are you on crack on something? Because I don’t think you are in your right mind, you are saying that Angelina has a beer gut and she needs to go on diet, my goodness you people are getting stupider and stupider everyday

  • Alexanderina

    I meant "or"

  • FANS

    Angie! You ‘re so cool! Love you. SAY "HELLO" to Brad and the KIDS for us.We’ll always support you and ur family.

  • gitane

    # 33 | Alexanderinamornin’! doesn’t angie look lovely? i like that she still has a little belly. it puts those rumors that she was going to starve herself to fit into her lara croft costume to rest, and i’ll bet braddy’s enjoying his curvy cushion.

  • fan

    She looks so healthy.You are doing the right think ANGIE,remember the most important person in your team is Brad and the kids ,you don’t need anyone else.

  • pregnant again?

    Is she still breast feeding? She has gigantic boobs. Good for Shiloh … she will be a healthy kid. I am sure Brad is a happy man too.

  • anon

    Which picture can you see her shoulder tats in? Every time I open a window, the pictures are too small that I can’t see a close up. Hmmm.

  • Alexanderina

    # 38 | gitane | – Morning to you as well Gitane, she does look great, and I am sure that Brad is enjoying every part of the body lol.

  • Tabitha

    I think she looks good. Some of the photos have shadows on them that make her seem a bit bigger than she really is.


    I’m glad she’s up flying again…(she already had wings:))

  • Alexanderina

    I am off to work, talk to you all in a little while

  • cool

    Love her,Love her ,Love her, Love her

  • UGH

    to the haters that say she has a little stomach -so what???Gwen Stefani still has a little paunch too.Gweynthy Paltrow had her son way before Gwen Stefani and Angelina and she still hasn’t the lost the weight.They all look like healhy new moms. Good for Angelina for not immediately losing the pregnancy fat. Even if she did, there is nothing wrong with that.For you stupid haters, Angelina will always look wrong to you. Either she is too thin, overweight, and BLAH , BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Go take a look at yourselves in the mirror before you start talking sh*t about others. ugh.

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    ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ director Steven Soderbergh has revealed the latest instalment of the heist series will be the last. The filmmaker is currently working on the new movie, which stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon, but insists he has no intention of coming back for a fourth movie.Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Soderbergh said: "’Ocean’s Thirteen’ will be the last one, George wanted to go out strong." Soderbergh has also hinted the new movie will be more of a comedy than its predecessor.During an interview with Shane Danielsen, the director of the Festival, he added: "’Ocean’s Twelve’ was too complicated. ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ is a comedy, and this time Al Pacino is a great bad guy in fact, he’s a monster!" The movie is scheduled for release in June 2008. Looking forward to Ocean’s 13

  • kiki

    She looks good and healthy. I would laugh so hard if she turns out to be pregnant again. Many Xfans would be taken to mental wards lol. But i don’t think so.Haters, why didn’t you notice that your beloved liar, Aniston was also wearing a lot of black? Just look at her pics at the restaurant at Jared and stfu! And the one who looks constantly unhappy (even in the days of her marriage) is Aniston, because she is the type who can never be happy and never will be happy. And she’s got fans like her, which means that these are the most bitter and desperate bitches in the world.

  • CCCC

    # 49 | kiki – I am with you all the way… I wish she were??? The mental institutions will be working over time and the drug industry would make even more $s on the sale of prozac. She looks great, I love her.