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Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn = Best Chemistry

Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn = Best Chemistry

Off-screen couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were honored for their on-screen work in The Break-Up, winning the category for Choice Movie Chemistry during last night’s Teen Choice AwardsJen and Vince weren’t around for the big night but they filmed a funny little video segment of them arguing with each other… like a non-engaged couple would.  Watch the video below… more screencaps in the gallery!

VIDEO :: Vaughiston’s Winning Chemistry

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  • Ha ha !

    Boy, what a joke ! She is so annoying.

  • Makes Sense Now

    TEENSOf course! Now everything makes sense.Thank you Jared for clearing things up. You are the best.

  • teen lessons

    Sheez- Is this what we teach our young girls now.WEar a negligee like blouse, straps showing on public tv. Where’s the decency.

  • Rinna

    I like them together.:) Jen looks pretty like always and Vince is so funny!

  • JenFan

    #3Yeah you are right. We should, instead, be teaching them to wear others blood ( in vials and on our shirts) french kiss our brothers, and have affairs with men in relationships, have many tatoos, not be big enough to FORGIVE our fathers, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on

  • Marisleysis

    Even though I’m not a Jennifer Aniston fan, I can admit when she looks a little bit better. That being said, here is a recommendation for Jennifer Aniston: Cut your hair in the style that you had for the Along Came Polly premiere. It was a much more flattering style for you. The hairstyle above is not working for you, I’m sorry to say.

  • don’t forget….

    #5having sex on the first date…swapping boyfriends with our girlfriends…leaving our mothers homeless…not being into charity or caring about other people…goddess circles…pity parties…lying about wanting children…the list goes on and on…

  • JenFan

    #7 having sex on the first date with the man she MARRIED, –swapping boyfriends with our girlfriends NO PROOF,–leaving our mothers homeless after them trying to make money off a book she writes cutting Jen down, –not being into charity or caring about other people UNLESS you talk to Jen’s friends who always talk about how god of a friend she is and that you can always count on her. and as far as charity, if you don’t know about Jens gifts then you don’t know anything about her, she just doesn’t make sure EVERYONE in the world knows about what she gives. (keeping it quiet is the real spirit of giving, not the see what I do attitude OTHERS have). And the rest of your "points" are not even worth a response..

  • to Jen Fan

    #5 Let’s talk about the present. A 37 yr.old woman projecting herself like a teener. Want’s to be identified as one of them? What do you call that?Retardation or Regression . Take your pick.

  • JenFan

    #8Sorry I ment good of a friend

  • the tempest

    While I adore Jennifer, I was not at all impressed with her and Vince’s chemistry in The Break-Up.

  • em

    #8 – unbelievably stupidjen’s hair is in her face again, no surprises there. she really shouldn’t be dressing like that.

  • anon

    Another Huvane show?

  • loves Barbaro

    She might look better in some of her other pics.This one reminds me of horses.Whoever did this video sucked big time. My Derby winner Barbaro looks better…..ha ha ha…

  • fiona

    Maybe they have chemistry but it wasnt sexual chemistry, it was more a comedic chemistry, as in they look funny together. Vince too fat, too tall and too big, Jennifer, too thin, too short and too ugly, hence, if you put them together, it was funny without them being funny or the actions/dialogue being funny. Same manner as Vince has onscreen comedic (i dont know how to call it )chemistry with Owen wilson or Ben Stiller.

  • sagging breast

    Her breast are sagging, and she was so annoying not funny, and Vince wa in his usual irritating voice. I just dont get whats so interesting with them.

  • ******

    New Thread and the Brangeloonies are here already. Brangeloonies must be destroyed before they take over the cyber world. In real life the shack where they congregate will be burned down or gassed.To All Jen Fans,Who is interested in starting a private message board, where we can have a discussion without rude interruptions.

  • JenFan

    # 17 | ******Sign me up!!

  • noTime4fans?

    Jen + Vince = Best FAKED Chemistry so trying to be some big timer and can’t even take time out to receive the award ? Is that how they treat their fans ? So Jen rather walk her dog and Vince pub hopping then to take time to thank their fans . How ungrateful.

  • judi

    I was really hoping that they would be over at the Angelina pic, chanting and worshiping, but I guess its too boring over there, so they have to come over here where its more lively..I think they get tired of seeing " OH MY GOD SHES SO BEAUTIFUL’over and over and over.

  • JenFan

    #9Let’s talk about the present. A 37 yr.old woman projecting herself like a teener. Want’s to be identified as one of them?ok lets— angelina is a woman that you never see smile. and don’t give me that crap it’s because of the paps either, before she had that baby she was pictured smiling all the time. And lets talk about thoses kids. Is she just collecting them to make herself look better. And we all know she had shiloh to keep brad.A 37 yr.old woman projecting herself like a teener. Want’s to be identified as one of them?And what proof do you have of this? Jen does something nice for kids and NOW she wants to be one? Don’t be so stupid. Atleast come up with something smart to say.

  • RetroChick

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two. They ain’t parading themselves round Africa pretending to give a shit about the orphans and they couldn’t give a fuck about Brangie. LOVE YA J&V

  • To: JenFan

    # 5 | JenFan – There you go, you cannot bloody well survive without talking about Angie. You make an absolute jackass of yourself. You are pathetic.

  • noAward ?

    so JA loss out in the Choice Movie Actress Comedy award category to : Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone) the sad day of an aging star is becoming reality !

  • To Retrochick

    No but they are parading themselves around PRENDING to be a couple. What a joke!

  • JenFan

    #23Try to stay up on the conversation BEFORE you butt in and make an ass of yourself ok

  • To: #8 JenFan

    # 8 | JenFan – She was not only having sex with on the first, she was blowing him all night long. Which man wouldn’t want a woman on her knees with her face between his legs all night. That the banana split she promised to make in her wedding vow. He never took anywhere besides a motel room. And you call her the American Sweetheart… get a grip!!!

  • barf

    They don’t even look like a couple.

  • JenFan

    # 24 | noAward ? UUUUHHHHHHMMMMMMWas your goddess angelina even nominated for anything???I thought NOT!!

  • *******

    JudiI’m glad you’re interested. How do we go about it? I don’t know much about building websites but I will be happy to learn if someone shows me how.

  • Chica

    Ha ha ha, I didn’t know Jared have put a new thread for Jen. Jen and Vince look happy, I post a two songs for them maybe I post it here again. They both by sting.

  • lylian

    # 5 | JenFan | We should teach our teens that we are not victims of our childhood, nor victims of our circumstances. We should be teaching our teens that if you hurt and you cut or selfmutilate yourself, you need help, and that it IS POSSIBLE TO LEARN TO DEAL with our emotions in a healthy way. We should teach our teens that if they have friends or know people who self mutilate or self harm, these people need help, not condemnation and being labelled crazy. We should teach our teens not to be overly judgmental about other people and how they come across because of their tattoos, their clothes, their hair. Rather, we should teach our teens to look at a person with kindness and compassion. We should teach our teens that they are very lucky in life, very privileged and that it is their duty to share that privilege in whatever way they see fit. We should teach our teens that being different is OK, to be proud to live our lives on our own terms. We should teach our teens to handle insults with grace and humour. We should teach our teens that sometimes, we have to plow a alot of sh*t but we can use it to grow a lot of roses. And most of all, we should be teaching them that there is always REDEMPTION. We can always become better people.

  • ******

    Correction to my last post.JenFan not Judi

  • private chat room

    Don’t forget to ask Jen’s #1 fan Chica to join your private website for saying how great Jen looks, LMAO.

  • WOW

    I don’t see why her threads have over 700 posts….it’s simpy not that serious.Having the same discussion over and over again under each thread is getting old.

  • Billy

    Ther look great !!!!I love this coupleee!!Jennifer lloks stunnig!

  • Chica

    Jared put a new picture of Angie, why the Brangelina fan stil here. Go away, why you will not listen. I will post on you thread now.

  • to: #17

    # 17 | ****** – go right ahead, you would be lost because you wouldn’t have anything to make you think. You guys take all the contents from B&A thread anyway and bash it around which gives you something to bitch about. Chica can fill it all up for your with her songs. I like Chica.

  • Nataly

    pleaseee Angelina & Brad fans.. go to the new topic Angelina and live this topic alone!!!Pleaseee respect each other!!If you don`t like Jen..ok but don`t blame her pleasee ..Imagine that the people do the same with Angie..Pleaseee!Nataly

  • chigirl

    my dream girl Beautiful Aniston

  • …….


  • JenFan

    # 32 | lylianThat was a very nice post. While I do not agree 100% with everything you said I would like to say that if the bamzs fans would leave us alone we would leave them alone. I have tried to get a truce going but it did not work. Now I am just sick of them.

  • To Jen Fan

    For the record Angelina won Best actress, action aventure last year for MMS, they also won for Best movie rumble. Of course they are nominated this yea, coz they dont have films shown this year. Wait next year, both brad and angie have 2 films coming out soon.

  • TeenAwards

    # 29 | JenFan | ==============Well, this is a Teen awards. It’s for the likes of Britney Spear, K-Fed, Paris Hilton. Glad to know Anistion is lumped together with a bunch of teens idol . That explain alot about her fan base . Go Figure .

  • Chica

    I post on the Brangelina thread because I want to show them they are not the owner of JJ. They say always go away from the Brangelina thread and when I tell them to go away, they no listen.

  • Human

    #3Yeah you are right. We should, instead, be teaching them to wear others blood ( in vials and on our shirts) french kiss our brothers, and have affairs with men in relationships, have many tatoos, not be big enough to FORGIVE our fathers, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on # 5 | JenFan | August 21, 2006 10:05 AM LOL, kissing your brother with closed lips is called french kissed? Not firgiving the man who abandoned you and your mother and brother as a child and then humilated you more than once in public is called not big enough to forgive BUT fueding with the one who raised you up for 10 years, not inviting her to your wedding and give negative remarks about her everytime you have an opportunity is called big-hearted, oh yeah i forgot for calling her daughter ‘spolied brat’ is something SO huge!!Having relationship with men in relationships NO PROOF..having tattoos is apparently bad now?hmm interesting. Anyway, If sleeping on the first date with the man two years later she married is fine, i guess wearing the blood of your husband must be fine since marrying someone trasfer immorality into good thing.

  • doggie

    # 6 i agree can we say shaggy DA

  • whatever

    WOW that thread amazing! I just wonder what is the average mental age on this website. If JenFan Chica or the Brangeloonies (LMAO) are above 12, they need to get psychological help ASAP.

  • Whatever

    # 44 | To Jen FanRIGHT (keep telling yourself that)

  • HUH?

    I HAVE A QUESTION…..where teenagers even allowed to watch this movie??? I didn’t and I thought it had lots of swear words?? and "mature" context??? how come they "won" at the teen awards?????it doesn’t make sense…TRUST ME…I’m a teen and I did not vote for them, I haven’t even seen the movie???