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Just Jared: Back from Bahamas Cruise

Just Jared: Back from Bahamas Cruise

I’m back from my cruise to the Bahamas… 10 pounds heavier. (Okay, not really.  I actually lost weight).  I vacationed on the Norwegian Spirit with 70 other friends and family members and had a blast!  We made stops at Port Canaveral (Florida), Nassau (Bahamas) and Norwegian Cruise Line‘s private island, Great Stirrup Cay (Bahamas).

Audrey and I chowed down at the Chocoholics chocolate buffet (left inset) and checked out the very impressive 34-acre Atlantic Resort in Nassau (right inset).  We also took a boat tour of Port Canaveral and went snorkeling on the aforementioned private island.  We even played a lot of Bingo (we never won) and took a ton of dance classes (hip-hop, salsa, and line dancing). The most fun was dancing the Cotton-Eye Joe in a circle with 20 other pairs. "Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe?"

Below is a video of the finale from the NCL crew talent competition. It’s basically NCL staff walking around in togas and spitting water at each other with Enya‘s "Only Time" going in the background (it was funny at the time) The tall dude with the glasses and wild hair is magician/comedian Ed Alonzo.  He played Max, the owner of The Max on Saved By The Bell — he also had his own magic/comedy act the first night on the ship.  More pictures in the gallery!

Big ups to Doobybrain for holding down the fort while I was gone, hope everyone enjoyed his stay here!  Above is me with my head between the samurai statue’s legs and my brother Jason‘s head over his shoulder.  And yes, I posted the last four entries… Just Jared is back in action!

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  • rowena

    welcome back jared and audrey! we missed you!

  • rowena

    hopefully ur gonna give us some action from our beloved!you know….the hottest couple!….anyways,by the ways,and highways.we’re happy that ur back!

  • gitane

    jared you’re back! it looks like you had fun! goody! now, get back to work! ;)

  • stranger

    dude! you’re asian? i always imagined you as slightly older white guy… who blogs in his underwear.. haha! good to have u back jared!

  • Just Jared

    I do blog in my underwear but I’m not white! (Kidding. Sorta.)

  • april

    Welcome back Jared. Doobybrain was great.

  • black

    Wow….good to see that I´m not the only one who is quite surprised by the fact that you are an asien.Makes you cooler.

  • black

    On second thought… come that all these sites are run by guys?(with actors and stuff like that you would think more of a girl)The bloke from Egotastic is a guy too-gay- but still………..I wonder why ………….


    Welcome back Jared & Audrey…Glad to know you enjoyed your trip. Now you are back to reality!

  • rowena

    nice legs jared…..

  • ariel

    Happy to see that you enjoyed your Bahamas trip. I know going for a cruise all you see are food, food & more food. So welcome back

  • fan

    Welcome back JJ and AUDREY.We missed you and thanks to your friend who looked after us while you were away

  • piyutra

    Welcome back Jared & Audrey :DYou two are cute!BTW, I’m really surprise that you are Asian! Wow! ASIAN ROCKZ :D

  • Original Curious

    Welcome back Jared and Audrey. Looks like a fabulous vacation. Missed you, and am now going away myself. Love the summer!! Doobybrain did much better his second time in residence. There was an argument [when is there not?] about whether it’s hits or posts that make money…or is it both together? Just "curious" lol

  • here we go again

    Welcome back!!!You look as though you had a blast!!!

  • Marisleysis

    Thanks for sharing pics from your trip, Jared. That’s very nice of you!

  • nikki

    Hi Jared and Audrey! Welcome back guys. Looks like you guys had a great time! Good for you. Take care

  • Maria

    Welcome Back Jared and Audrey!!! We missed ya. The pictures are brillant. It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us. I love number three and four. I’m a shutter bug, so love looking at pictures.

  • Me

    i didn’t know you were asian!!! i like this still even more now.

  • Marla

    Jared: are you filipino?

  • selma

    wait… i am drooling over the chocolate buffet pics you’re showing us… omg…………… *fainted*

  • Just Jared

    I’m not Filipino…

  • Dona Esperanza

    Wow, looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the shots of the vacation. I can’t believe you lost weight on the Chocoholics Chocolate buffet. I would have packed on the weight! Glad to have you back!

  • me

    you look thai, loas, or vietnamese to me…and you’re young too!

  • Estelle

    WELCOME BACK JJ and AUDREY!!! ( sorry for the shout, but I’m happy). Any how, the pictures are fabulous, thank you for sharing your vacation with us. My sisters and I were there 3 years ago, loves the beach.

  • Ed

    Welcome back Jared! You’re cute. Are you single? Them guys in the last pic were so hott (with 2 T’s).

  • angelah

    Welcome back j@red & audrey!! The clip was hilarious!

  • me

    sorry i can’t type today!!! but definetly cooler than the ugly and ASS/PUSSY kisser perez hilton though!!!

  • Passing Through

    Jared – good to have you back! Love the vacay photos. I hope that Chocolate buffet was as good as it looks!

  • jjoy

    Jared and Audrey….glad to see you’re back….doobybrain did a good job but still miss you guys….seems that you had a fantastic vacation….lots of beautiful places to see and of course….lots of food!!! again, welcome back!!!

  • jjoy

    # 22 | Just Jared….are your family from hongkong or taiwan or mainland china??? just wonderin….

  • Dinky

    I just gotta know this: How the @%$#!! can you take a cruise and lose weight? It’s just not possible! I oughta know as I’ve done quite a few (15+ yeah, you read right). Pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me your secret!!!!

  • Beth

    Welcome back Jared. Looks like you had a blast! 70 friends and relatives?? Holy Wa Eh! (excuse the epression) I would go completely crazy!! And dear GOD the chocolate! I would never have been able to get my husband to leave!!!! Glad you’re back…..

  • C

    JARED..YOU’RE HOT! haha, btw, nice pics. i wanna go there now.. hehe.

  • Kristine

    wow that place is beautiful! Glad you guys had a good time! :)

  • pinky

    HI justjared, funny I always thought you were a white gay guy. =)

  • guli

    welcome bacjk Jared and Audrey, looks like you had a great time….

  • Paris

    You guys look like Singaporean ?

  • Rachel

    looking very tan indeed!

  • Tony

    hey Jared!!! i am surprised you are asian!!!am from singapore, stay in touch!!

  • ashley

    kudos bro!i was on the NCL spirit in dec & i went on the 8 day sailing on aug 5. hot ship, eh?

  • Mongoloid


  • ErinMarie79

    Welcome back Jared! The pics are beautiful!

  • amrlion

    i saw some of the pics on xanga….dang you’ve gotten a lot of sun this summer with these vacations!