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Wentworth Miller: Teen Choice Awards

Wentworth Miller: Teen Choice Awards

Wentworth Miller presented the award for Choice TV Actress to The O.C.‘s Mischa Barton (who was given a sandwich by host/comedian Dane Cook) at last night’s Teen Choice Awards with Prison Break co-star Amaury Nolasco and singer Christian Milian.  Watch the video of them presenting below!

Wentworth, 34, visited the My Scene Fab Faces Dolls Celebrity Retreat Tent after the show and showed his support for cancer research by signing the pink City of Hope Surfboard.  BE GOOD, YA HEARD?  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • casey

    oh i love him so much..

  • peter

    Very nice of him to do that… he seems down to earth

  • geniass

    I love him. Thanks for posting that tidbit Jared!

  • PB+JFan

    Welcome back JJ – you’re my #1 source for Wentworth goodies!!! Can’t wait for tonight’s season premier woohoo!

  • ErinMarie79

    Well that was nice of him. The whole show was lame with the exception of Went and Amaury’s presenting. Also, Went’s eyes look amazing.

  • Kristi

    OOOOH I just love Went. He is the hottest human on the planet. I would just do anything to look into those beautiful eyes of his—in person!!! Cannot wait for the premiere tonight–only 9 hours left!!

  • amy

    His pants definitely could have done without the whole flaring-out at the bottom but I still love him nonetheless.

  • Mink

    Oh Boy! Could this man BE any finer? The tan is just sending me over the edge. And, wow, it just brings out his eyes more than ever! Thanks so much for all the goodies JJ! And I have to say, I lurve the jeans!

  • Ramona

    You lucky Guys! You get to see him tonight! I want to see him too but his show doesn´t air in my country! Please be kind and share pics and news about him with those of us who are less fortunate! He is just soooo hooottttttt!

  • b/w miller

    all I have to say is Damn he is Hot!!!

  • Meemee

    I watched the TCA last night just to see him. All I can say is that guy keeps getting hotter and hotter. He’s beautiful.

  • Julissa

    Oh god wentworth is so hot god damn. I watched the whole stupid awards just to see if he would win and present. I loved when he was presenting he looked so comfatable and happy. I thought that was so cute when a fan yelled I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH, when the whole place was quiet.

  • Get Real

    I remember the first time I ever seen him in a program. It was on Buffy. He still looks the same. Crazy! The exact same haircut and good looks. What a beautiful man!

  • Lauren

    I think he’s trying to walk the extra length off his jeans. I love that his clothes are never perfect. It’s endearing.

  • skylar

    Jared, you are either going to give me a stroke or an orgasm…..first Ryan Phillippe and now Wentworth looking hotter, hunkier, and just generally drop dead sexy. Oh yeah..I think it is the latter of the two.

  • louveciennes

    "Be good–stop having those dirty, dirty thoughts involving you, me, and a bottle of chocolate sauce."Tonight, ya’ll!!

  • Jennifer

    I’ll be good Went. I’ll be REAL GOOD.

  • Missy

    JARED!!! AHHH!! How am I supposed to finish my assignment when you keep distracting me with WM?? I loved the radio interview, he seems so genuine and down to earth and lovely. And he looked so hot at the TCA. Damn I need to move to LA and find out which Subway he goes to!! :P Thanks for the pics Jared you rock XX

  • POP

    That show was pure torture the only highlight was seeing Wenty and Amaury.Went looked sort of like he didn’t want to be there.

  • Wentfan

    My baby daddy’s looking hot like always

  • Melissa J

    He looked so good last night, I wish he would dress like that more often! *wentgasm*



  • Zack

    Sigh… I wish i were a teenager. I’m so TOTO (too old to be obsessing). Luv ya, Wenty-poo!

  • Jennifer

    Zack, I feel you on that one. I’m almost 24 and everytime I see Wentworth I go right back to my days as a 14 year old fangirl.

  • Zack

    #24 Jennifer, I’m a 30-yr-old mom. THAT is TOTO! btw, join us at

  • stelvill

    GRABE!!!! Went is so hot!! Sizzling. I’m always in "limbo" whenever there are new pics of Went…makes me high and lost. Very nice of Went on showing support for the cancer research. Hope he’ll pledge.

  • Ethan

    thanks for this! went is really cool! visit us at

  • Denise

    Oh what i wood do to him. Hes sooooo hot.

  • Tiffany

    Nice duds..its so nice to see a really hot, deliciously sexy man be able to dress himself. He looks really hot in those clothes…but lets rip em off..ok!!!!

  • craig stairs

    isn’t it a little weird/sick for grown men to be hosting teen choice award shows? I know this all goes on in california and they’d prefer no age of consent at all for anything, but my god, it’s all sick when you think about it.