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Hugh Jackman's Kids Play in the Park

Hugh Jackman's Kids Play in the Park

Hugh Jackman carried around his two big bundles of joy — 13-month-old daughter Ava Jackman and 6-year-old son Oscar Jackman — at a local park around Melbourne, Australia.  The X-Men star helped Oscar out with a little rock climbing around the big boulders (I love this butt shot).  Hugh also accompanied baby Ava down the playground slide (pictured in the gallery). Proud parents Hugh, 37, and Deborra-Lee Furness, 46, have been married for over ten years.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • UberGoober

    They are such a cute family!

  • ha

    They’re so low profile compared to so many couples its refreshing

  • tamara

    How come the son is so dark? Is he adopted?

  • Danielle

    ohmygosh! Cute as ANYTHING. Jude you’ve just been bumped down to no. 2 dad on my celebrity-dad list.

  • Sunshine

    Ava and Oscar are great names. Hugh Jackman will always have an Oscar–the very best kind.Love this family,

  • wagn1103

    Thank you so much, JJ. You saved my day !And yes both kids are adopted.

  • arabella

    Cute, cute, cute and more cute.

  • The Family

    The whole family is stylin’! Great pics. They look like easy, natural parents.

  • Hug Hugh

    Yea, I think the son is adopted. I think both children are. But the boy looks a little bit like his dad, even though they’re probably not biologically related. I wonder if Hugh Jackman is gay.

  • Sophie

    # 9 | Hug Hugh – he doesn’t look it. Hugh Jackman is handsome. Do Americans like him as much as the Brits do?

  • Lisalynn

    Never heard a smidge to indicate anything other than Hugh is straight as an arrow. And Hawt!!!

  • caligirl01

    Love the way the kids are dressed. Actually the whole family looks very hip and interesting.

  • angelah

    Hugh’s a freakin hot dad!

  • estella

    Good-looking family, the lot of them. I’ve read a lot of good things about Hugh Jackman and I’ve been trying to keep up with all his films.

  • estella

    Good-looking family, the lot of them. I’ve read a lot of good things about Hugh Jackman and I’ve been trying to keep up with all his films.

  • estella

    Good-looking family, the lot of them. I’ve read a lot of good things about Hugh Jackman and I’ve been trying to keep up with all his films.

  • estella

    What happened? Sorry for the triple post. Guess I like Hugh three times better than most celebrities. lol

  • MarieMJS

    Gosh the man is so perfect…Their family looks insanely cute and Hugh is such a talented guy, a charming personality!! I’m very happy for them, it’s kinda refreshing to see nothing more than simple happiness with their children… I’m almost embarassed to see these pictures uh!!

  • Josephine

    Very refreshing indeed #18! Hugh is one of my favorite actors as well.

  • AWWW


  • Violet’s Auntie

    Yes, we Americans just love Hugh! He’s a great gentleman and great with fans. And he obviously is a great family man.

  • Sara

    This is the first time I’ve seen Ava so clearly.What a beauty. Nice Mom & Dad, and big brother too.

  • Maria

    Oooooooooh, Mr Wolverine is just toooo hot for words. I think he’s yummy and his little family is sooooo cute. I’m glad they go back home and enjoy time together away from all the madness with the paps in the U.S. He has an apartment in The Apple, which he’s not given up so that when there’s another Broadway opportunity for him — he’s got a place — plus, he likes visiting and doesn’t have to spend on hotels. Love this little family.

  • jen

    I love this family:) and I have some questions….Are they adopted children??? This couple has any infertility problem?

  • Bobby

    The man is gay. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is gay. Have you seen his wife? Nice lady, but no movie star that looks like Jackman would be with an old woman like that.

  • Caroline

    Oh Bobby….maybe he’s just not superficial like you. o.k. LOL Don’t forget inner beauty lasts way longer!!.

  • Fan

    Oscar and Ava are both adopted – Hugh and Deb have both spoken openly about Deb’s miscarriages and failed IVF. And Deb is not an "old woman" – if you’ve read anything about them or have seen them in public you can see they they adore each other. She was a big star in Australia and he was a nobody right out of drama school when they got married and she put her career on hold to raise the kids and watch his star rise. They’ve been married for 10 years.

  • Patty from Lima

    Hugh, Deborrah, Oscar and Ava make a lovely family and the kids are adorable (thanks God you always have the chance to adopt if you can’t have biological kids)!I totally love Hugh and his work, haven’t seen any of Deborra’s though… But she seems to be a really nice lady who, most important, makes Hugh very happy ^_^!

  • lferna5

    In response to Tamara’s question – Does it really matter if Hugh’s son is dark skinned? I felt that you made a very rude and insensitive comment.

  • kara

    Hugh’s kids are beautiful, and he seems like such a loving and attentive father. just an observation, i think its great that they aren’t always referred to as hugh’s adopted children. but i was just wondering why that was, i mean, every other celebrity who has adopted, their kids are always referred to as their adopted children, even though everyone on the planet knows that they are, i.e. the jolie-pitts and cruise’s, but i have never seen hugh’s kids referred to as adopted.

  • kara

    ps, did anyone see dominic purcell talking about hugh jackman on the morning shows the other day? apparently he went to school with hugh. it was adorable, he referred to him as "hughie" and talked about how he was always the one in the class with the most energy, jumping around all the time

  • tamara

    to number 29.. what are you talking about? It was just plain curiousity. No it doesnt matter if his son has a dark skin, no Im not a racist (not that you should care but im mixed myself), and yes it is a cute family. If you thought my question was insensitive and rude than I am sorry for you, all i can say then is lighten up chick, and try to smile now and then.

  • Algy

    Hugh’s wife was actually more famous than he was when they got married, they worked on the same TV show in Australia. But then he got a few roles in the US so they followed his career….just because she’s a few years older doesn’t mean they can’t be in love. I think it’s fantastic that he hasn’t become a shallow star that only like’s ‘pretty people’, he likes who he likes and that’s how it should be!!

  • Lisa Patterson

    I heard Ava was adopted, but was had by surrogacy, which would make her their biological child.And yes – they are gorgeous.

  • HughJackmanLOVER!

    I love hims sooooooo much i wish i could meet him, i really would love it if i could meet him!, his kids are sooo cute, and so is he!!!,, hahahaha