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Prison Break 2 Premiere Video

Prison Break 2 Premiere Video

Sorry for the delay in the little "surprise."  Basically, Just Jared is teaming up with Fox to allow full streaming (at least) of the first three Season 2 episodes of Prison Break!  Very exciting as you can watch these PB episodes as many times as you want… commercial free!  If you missed the premiere last night or want to re-watch it… go for it!

WATCH :: Prison Break Season 2 Premiere – "Manhunt"

UPDATE :: It seems this only plays in the US and doesn’t work on Macs!  Sorry for everybody that falls in that category…

Now onto the recap… What a season premiere! The departure of one major character (RIP Veronica), the arrival of a new one, FBI Agent Mahone (thank goodness he was renamed from Buck to Alex), and what will the fugitives do next?

Veronica’s exit was expected (did her picture need to be removed from the credits that quickly?) but was ultimately sad. Were the two body bags really necessary? However it was moving to see a big man like Lincoln break down from hearing her die. Ouch. I guess the good doctor is the last woman standing. And yes, she is alive and we will not be seeing the last of her since Michael left her a cryptic message (what was with the dotted code on the bottom? — pictured above) in his signature origami crane.

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Bill Fichter is an excellent addition to the show. His menacing and equally calculating Mahone is the antithesis to Wentworth Miller’s Scofield. So is Scofield really as clever as he thinks he is by leaving a scent of cookies for Mahone to follow? Or has Michael finally met his match? Although Mahone with a cheat sheet of the tats does not exactly make him too smart in my book. And what’s with the pill-popping? Sounds eerily like another Fox character. I’m looking at you, House.

It was so amusing to see Lincoln and Michael (aka Archie Ryan and Phineas McClintock) with the best disguises, and they were wrinkle-free. Must be some powerful fabric! Abruzzi’s high water pants were a vision in themselves. And that train sequence? Pretty intense. Very nice opening Fox. I’m still giggling over Bellick’s “I will gun you down Scofield!” By the end of the episode, it looks as if the gang has already gone their separate ways. And another prison break in store for the brothers? Stay tuned next week for “Otis.”

[Written by geniass]

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  • sheila

    1st…i love Prison Break . It was a good season opener

  • Ashley

    i cant get the video to play

  • McClintock’sHat

    Roses R Red, Violets R Blue, For all your fantabulous Went + PB posts, Jared – we friggin’ love you!!!!! :o)

  • io

    LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!the two body bags were indeed unneccessary, and Steadman is a really wimpy character…i wonder whether he’ll be dynamic or static. hopefully, he’ll fight back.keep the Wentworth posts coming!

  • jo

    Who makes all the little ducks??

  • mahsnowy

    It is BU****** Veronica cant be dead. Nevermind. Went look HOT!! hehehe…

  • Chariot


  • Jennifer

    I’m laughing at the screenshots of Went tucking in his shirt. Very clever. Thanks, because I wasn’t able to pause live TV ;)And I’m glad Veronica is dead. Bitch pissed me off from the get-go.

  • Chariot

    The wideo wont play.

  • teddy


  • Hannah

    Thanks GOD Sara’s alive!!! That was so sweet she said "he never cared.." she has no idea! lol. Wonder what that crane was about though !?

  • meemee35

    I loved the premiere. Looking forward to more episodes.

  • Jess

    WOW! Awesome surprise! I love your site, it always updates me on wentworth and the pb gang! Thanks so much! How awesome for you as well. Congrats!Best Show On TV – awesome finale!!!

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the re-cap of the show last night, can you do this every week?….thank you again.I love this show and the new show " the Vanished"….what a Monday night

  • Emily!

    Is it wrong that I’m a little happy that Veronica died? I can’t help it, Robin Tunney sort of annoys me.Jared, you are the king! Keep the Went/ Prison Break posts coming! They get me through the day!

  • Rosaki

    hey thanks so much for all the info on prison break. please can u fix the video i cant seem to play the episode. keep up the good work.

  • Becca

    Jared you are the man for PB and WM updates. You are #1 on my favorites. I swear trying to figure out the dots (Morse Code maybe?) on that Crane is going to be the death of me! Keep up the GREAT work. Love ya!

  • Loveulikeafatkid

    Jared you fat shit, fix your damn video

  • jo

    #18 LoveulikeafatkidYou know what……that’s just rude.I think you should apologize to Jared

  • sweetpatato

    The video works just fine Jared….thank You.Congrat’s on getting the PB stuff.

  • Melissa J

    For me, It was a great season opener, Went looked great as always, I’m glad Sara Is alive, but I have to say I’m sad to see Veronica go, I guess because they did say that season 2 was gonna be Lincoln’s time and I would have loved to see him and Veronica reunite. I can’t wait to see episode 2 on Monday!

  • lrg_00

    Jared your awesome…thanks for all the great pics of Went!! I loved the season premiere…I can’t wait for next week. Keep the Went updates coming..!!

  • sweetpatato

    Has anyone figured out what all the dotts mean at the end of the message.Jared please find out, I don’t think I can wait till next week

  • POP

    Dumb writers getting rid of V and letting that mousey ST alive.Make it that Sara is so furious that she was used that she get’s some sort of revenge on Mike but that falling in love nonsense it’s been done on shows before it doesn’t work.

  • louveciennes

    I And the video is working just fine for me, so y’all need to stop hollering at Jared and figure out what the hell is wrong with YOUR computer. And stop being so damn rude while you’re at it.

  • Missy

    The video isnt working for me either! Im in OZ and we wont get PB til like, next year! Help!

  • louveciennes

    Oops that first line was supposed to be "I *heart* Phineas McClintock!"

  • kmillz

    i really did not like the first episode

  • ronnie

    Thanks for the recap and pics! Argh! I so wanna watch it! For those who are saying that they can’t view the video… I think it’s because it can only be viewed by people in the U.S. (Though I hope I’m wrong). I’m in Australia, and it wont work for me either. *cries*

  • foxs


  • kmillz

    hahaha i got to see the video…but it doesn’t matter because i seen it already

  • Just Jared

    Sorry guys, it’s for US people only! And it seems to not work on Macs either…

  • a
  • Diane

    I was SO excited … until i realized I can’t access the link here in Toronto. It’s okay, though. I’ll just have to bit-torrent it again this season (and not read your site until I see the episodes). Thanks for all the goods, JJ!

  • Zack

    Hah, that explains it! Never mind..:-(Anyway, keep on updating us on the good news about PB and Went, JJ. You’re like this little white pills that i have to pop on daily basis; you’re my PUGNAC! Keep up the awesome work!

  • J

    Wow this guy is a deep,heavy breather.When he talks he sounds like he’s out of breath.It’s sexy though

  • angelah

    Thanks j@red for the vid!!

  • ed

    OMG THANKS A BUNCH JARED! I had to miss this to watch Kyle XY (matt dallas is sexier) but now i can watch it. this is why i love ur site and keep coming back. much love.

  • Res

    OMG! Jared!!!!!!! i loovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!!! You are the Sh*t! on the real.

  • White Cleats

    The dots are a simple substitution cypher. Each series represents a number. 3221243324422131223123133121When you add them in column form, you get…9755867655. Better known as (975) 586-7655. When we were shown the itemized print out of Michael’s credit card charges, among the list was an answering service. I’m thinking this is the telephone number with which to call it.He’s sure giving Sara a lot of credit in thinking her junkie ass will figure that out.

  • Violette

    NOOOOO!! It wont play!? GRR I was so excited for a minute! I won’t get my went fix! :(

  • Allie

    OMG White Cleats, thanks for solving the dots. That was driving me nuts!!!!I’m sooo relieved Sara lived. I’m also glad Veronica died. I’m sad for Linc, but Veronica was just so bloody stupid and annoyed the heck out of me. Obviously the phone would be re-routed – IDIOT!!!

  • Doug

    Anyone knwo where I can view a video promo for next week’s episode? I have to download the episodes cos I’m in Australia and we won’t get this season til like next year. So when I download it they always cut the episode right at the end before the promo for next week! Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Danni

    WOW!! what an opening!! it kind of annoyed me that no one got caught (well not yet i guess haha). glad veronica is gone – she really drove me nuts!! and clever clever with that dot code thingy hehe i was trying to figure out why he would put all those dots on the swan LOL (der silly me) this season sure looks interesting … whats up with the new dude, he was very quick to sus out the tattoos!! wonder if scofield thought anyone would figure it out, especially so quickly??? hmm ….ps: doug im with you … lucky we have the internet, otherwise it would be forever waiting for ch7 to start season 2 … haha cant wait THAT long hehehe

  • Mink

    Aw, JJ! "..leaving a scent of cookies for Mahone to follow." LOL! You kill me, babe!

  • Amanda

    I know that they are filming this season in Dallas,Tx. Where can I go to find out where they are going to be and when?? Anyone know???

  • Gabby

    I read somewhere that they will film in little elm again next week. They probably stayed in LA this week because fo the Emmys.

  • fanofthepretty

    Pop i have to agree with u it sucks that those idiot writters have to kill off veronica,at least she was good for something like trying to solve whether that geezer was dead or not… That sara yeah the 1 with the really creepy eyes i can’t stand her i don’t know what good she is on the show who cares if her and mike are "lovers" rolls eyes, we have seen it in show after another i mean this is about prisoners not some trashy horny doctor. Again the writters SUCK big time. Oh and went and how good looking he is just over rated give me amaury any day. However i,m still a fan of went just not crazy about him as i use to.

  • Alicia

    i just want to say i love prison break its my favorite show now. and i also want to say i love wentworth miller aka my baby went. he is the second sexyiest guy on the planet. he makes a girl seriously want to commet a crime and i will be his doctor sara. he has the sexyiest blue eyes but i want to see his real eye colors on him because blue aint his real eye color. and from the show i also like sucre aka amaury, t-bag aka robert and tweener aka lane. those guys are hott too. amaury is just like latin heat, i would be his cellmate any day. robert knepper as t-bag is just awsome. besisdes michael, t-bag is my favorite character on pb. and i love lane too. i like how he be tryin to act black. he my boy. overall prison break is the most awsomemist (lol) show on tv. and wentworth miller is the hottest multiracial person on tv. KEEP ON BEING SEXY WENT! you know i love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elle

    Please, please, please get this to work outside the US…im hooked on Prison Break and can’t wait til it’s back on here IN A FEW MONTHS!!!! Please get this video up for all, this is killen me. Thanx