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Rachel Bilson: Hot Pictures

Rachel Bilson: Hot Pictures

I didn’t realize how pretty Rachel Bilson‘s dress was at the Teen Choice Awards was until I saw this new set of candid pictures (left) and close-ups of the top (right). Kudos to Rachel‘s stylist (and friend) Nicole Chavez on the Zac Posen Yacht Dress pick!  And I love the purse!  The O.C. will return with its fourth season on November 2.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • cleo

    Pretty? Where? She’s horrible.

  • b

    Love her, she couldn’t be more beautiful

  • stef

    Rachel is so beautiful and always seems to look so well put togeter. I lover her and Adam together hope they last forever…just classy

  • sbitty

    she’s a fucking rail ya’ll are screwed in the head if you think she’s fuckable

  • starr

    she looks sooooo much like Cindy Crawford, especially in these photos. Rachel is beautiful!!!

  • Neena

    I’m sorry, but when I see her, I think bobblehead. Sorry…

  • lamiaa

    she looks like "sadie", the new girl hitting on Ryan in season three.

  • Nikki

    I think she looked absolutely beautiful as usual!!! She and Adam Brody are by far my fav celeb couple.

  • geniass

    Hot damn she is gorgeous!

  • neve

    she looks gorgeous

  • Me

    She looks great, but very skinny!

  • ortho

    She looks like a female monchichi.

  • Hutu

    More Bilson posts. Havent we had enough?Yeah she is looking pretty there (it’s the makeup & hair) but she’s average looking and an average actress on a crapshow. I don’t get why she’s getting so much exposure lately? Perhaps it’s the fact that she weighs 2 kilos and shows up to every mundane social event. I mean look what it did for Nicole Richie and she has no quality substance to her either…

  • Bon-Bons in Bath

    i agree with you on the dress, Jared – gorgeous! however, i think the bag is too big and clunky for evening. she probably would have done better with a small clutch.

  • aycaramba

    beautiful lady and i loved her bag, i so want it hihihi

  • Jen

    I think she looks beautiful, as well as her dress. I think she’s just naturally really tiny, at least you don’t see bones protruding from her like Nicole Richie. Now she’s the real bobblehead, along with Kate Bosworth. Kate used to be so hot too :[

  • caz

    Loving the shoes

  • FU

    # 16 | Jen"I think she looks beautiful, as well as her dress. I think she’s just naturally really tiny, at least you don’t see bones protruding from her like Nicole Richie. Now she’s the real bobblehead, along with Kate Bosworth."No she used to actually have curves but she has shrank. A show insider revealed on Fanbolt how she wears size 000 clothes and they still need to be taken in. And upon filming the scenes where Summer & Seth visited Rhode Island, she ate a bowl of freaking lettuce for lunch. Nup she’s too thin and it’s unattractive. Mischa used to get shit for being too thin but Rachel is worse, being so short people tend not to notice it.ITA with the bobblehead notion. It isnt to obvious in the above pics but she does very much look like a bobblehead doll.

  • fanny

    She also gets a lot of attention because she’s dating her costar. It’s good the show’s on it’s last season so she can carve out an independent career or she’s going to be known as Sethsummer Summerseth whatever forever.

  • melli

    she really looks stunning in these pictures! I love her!!

  • Liz

    I have always been a fan of Rachel and while I agree she’s gotten too thin, I still like her. Why? Because she can actually ACT, which is more than I can say for Mischa. She is phenomenally devoid of talent – it’s almost epically bad. It bothers me that MB coasts along on nothing but her looks and spends the rest of her time coming across as a spoiled, vacant, obnoxious moron. I can’t wait to see Rachel in "The Last Kiss" – it looks excellent.

  • Rachel

    she looks frightening skinny!

  • dgaax

    OH MEN WHAT A HOTTIEthanks JAred

  • dgaax

    hey Cleo and ortho you are the same person you have the same IP adress.Loser stop pretending

  • the tempest

    Whoa, I haven’t seen pictures of Rachel in a while, she looks pretty damn skinny to me.

  • Jessica

    I’ve noticed recently (not too long ago) that she ooks skinnier than ever. HOw does she do it? She doesnt look starved, but very petite. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE WITH ALL THESE YOUNG ACTRESSES?? What in the wooorld? It’s becoming diturbing now. Do they eat? Is there some special trainer or secret diet that’s going around in Hollywood?? They must be working out 3-5 hrs a day. Or taking some supplement to rev up their metabolism. You think it’s this new Hoodia? I don’t know. I’m starting to get weirded out by this. It’s like the only way these actresses grab attention. Not good. I like voluptuousness. You can be a little meatier and still be smokin hot. It’s sad. it really is. These actresses have to go to great lengths to look skinny. It doesn’t look healthy at all. I’m thin, but i make sure I still have boobs on me. And I don’t work out the areas that I lose weight the most in. Somethng weird’s going on here in Hollywood. Maybe there’s some secret these women got from Europe to stay skinny like the European actresses. I wonder how many dizzy spells these actresses go thru everyday. They must be tempermental at home too. Terrible. Go on the raw foods diet or something, but gain weight! You don’t need junk food or fast food (I avoid those). But I eat!

  • Jen

    # 18, yeah I agree that she has gotten thinner compared to her earlier OC days. I’m just saying she’s not skinny to the extent of Nicole Richie skinny. But Rachel could use some more pounds on her tiny frame.

  • mee

    She looks hotter than ever. I would love to be her.

  • Scarlet.R

    she is damn beautiful and has amazing hair but is it just me or is she losing those curves? i adore that purse and that dress though, she looks stunning.x x x

  • FU

    # 21 | Liz I dunno. I agree that she is definitely more talented in the acting department than Mischa, but Rachel actually comes across to me as a spoiled moron too. I think throughout their years on the OC both Mischa and Rachel have changed and gotten very hollywood. Both turn up to every pathetic little soiree in LA, both have now gotten themselves stylists (Oscar & Emmy nominated actors, sure. But actors from The O.C? A show that has bombed since it’s first season. Seriously why?) and their interviews I’ve read? Mischa comes across as high and mighty, not having anything in common with her fans (she basically dissed them in one of them). And Rachel’s sound shallow and comments she makes to sound cute, make her sound really dumb . And then don’t get me started on the ‘annorexic diet’ (though Mischa isn’t at fault in that dept as she’s naturally a rail. But we have seen Rachel looking regular & healthy in season 1. Wearing 000 clothes? That’s ridiculous! WORD! on everything Jessica said in post 26) # 24 | dgaaxDude people are allowed to have their own opinions (it would be boring and freaking moronic if everyone though RB is fabulous). Why the heck would they bother?

  • jade

    does anyone know which designer bag shes carrying???? its sooo beautiful i want it ! bittchhhh heheheh

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  • yoli

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