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Rihanna: Lip Sync Video

Rihanna: Lip Sync Video

We already know Rihanna can’t dance, so why couldn’t she writhe and sing live at The Teen Choice Awards?  Her entire performance sounds exactly the same as the song from the radio! Rihanna may have sung over a backing track but boy she did miss every other beat.   I’ve always defended Britney‘s lip syncing because of her high energy dance moves.. Rihanna has no excuse!  (Note: Rihanna still is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet.) More pictures in the gallery…

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rihanna lip sync 01
rihanna lip sync 02
rihanna lip sync 03
rihanna lip sync 04
rihanna lip sync 05
rihanna lip sync 06
rihanna lip sync 07
rihanna lip sync 08
rihanna lip sync 09
rihanna lip sync 10
rihanna lip sync 11
rihanna lip sync 12
rihanna lip sync 13
rihanna lip sync 14
rihanna lip sync 15
rihanna lip sync 16

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  • bhjuerq


  • Susan

    Yeah, she’s attractive, but she can’t perform with shit!

  • YoMama

    I don’t even think she’s attractive. She has nothing going for her. She needs to go away!

  • haon

    lip syncing is more common than people think, they do it all the time on Soul Train

  • case

    Thank you, I thougt I was the only one who noticed she lip synced the whole thing. What’s the point of a "live" performance if you’re just going to phone it in?

  • rob enderle

    I’ve always defended Britney’s lip syncing because of her high energy dance moves.———–You are an idiot. If youre gonna pay 100 bucks to see some chick dance, you might as well get lap dances.We;ve grown since the days of Milli Vanilli but it seems like people will buy any kind of crap to explain why talentless people cant do what they are supposed to.If you go see a singer and she doesnt sing: you ARE getting screwed.Even in live shows you can sweeten up the sound different ways, hide the bad vocals by havnig a backup sing over the same lead lines and so on but the Asslee’s of the world are usually easy to spot.

  • Betty

    i don’t think she’s good looking, she has a slightly nasty she comes from the wrong side of the tracks. no thanks.although i do love the sos.

  • Rachel

    lip syncing is disgusting.

  • baura

    people i’m not defending her cos i dont give a f bout the chick but she’s not lip syncin!come on, give it her credit for this, u can clearly hear that she’s actually singin!and it seems that she doesnt follow the beat because of the video quality!

  • Sonia

    I think she’s beautiful. I would die to have her eyes ;o) And the color of her skin, and her lips, and her body…

  • crissy

    I saw Rhianna in San Diego and I am pretty sure she doesn’t lip sync. This one I am not sure, because it sounds EXACTLY like the cd.

  • Elbee

    Don’t be fooled! She lip-synced the whole way through! I watched it live and laughed the entire time. It was so obvious that I doubt she even knew what song she was supposed to be singing. Somebody should give an award to the genius who is marketing this chick b/c that’s where the talent is in this "performer". Blah.

  • So Cool

    LOL…even a retard can notice she was lip syncing!..*ahem Rachel! lmao!And she was waaaay off the song!!Where’s the real artist at? Shout these phonies down!…The funniest perform since Cassie on 106!

  • dor

    if you listen carefully she doesnt sing it EXACTLY like the cd. ive seen her live and she actually sings , shes just actually GOOD! wow someone can actually sing what a shock.

  • angelah

    ia w/ you on that one j@red…totally sounded like the one from the radio.

  • pface


  • Roxanne Rocks

    If you listen you can clearly hear she is NOT lip synching. If you’ve ever heard and fully studied the sound of someone who has lip synched it’s completely different. You can even hear her breath into the microphone and when you talk into a mic your voice has a different sound then the ones at a recording studio. I’ve studied electionics and recording stuff for a long time and i can say the only thing that is dubbed over is some of the back up vocals . And of course it sounds like the one on the radio…it IS the same song you know. She even went off key once or twice in her live performance so that’s proof it wasn’t lip synching. unfortunately this article is far from the truth and probabley because of the misjudgement of sound a.k.a – not knowing what you talking about

  • LikeOmg

    she’s a fake i hate her

  • Jesse


  • Michael

    First off Britney Spears doesn’t lip sync. She’s not the best live but she doesn’t lip sync. when she’s on stage she dances and that causes her to lose her breath and she would sound horrible if it was just her voice, everyone would, so what they do is they play her vocals in the background and they mix her voice with the vocals. She’s not perfect and does need some help while dancing. NO ONE can dance that good and sound that good at the same time.

  • UnbiasedHonest

    Umm..Dude..studied electronics or not..that was a lip sync performance. Rihanna sounded too perfect and she does not sound like that live. Her voice is rougher when live and she usually cannot sing back the song so exactly. But secondly..Who gives a Shit? Why should you care if she is singing or not..if you dont like her..dont buy her cd’s..dont look at her pictures..geeze..Its like you guys are so suprised when all of the music..and entertainment industry..and hollywood is based on looks and appeal.The point of the matter is..she still has the guts to get up on stage and do her stuff. She has been improving and its really unfair to say she has no talent.

  • Chick088

    LIVE or NOT! She still CANNOT..I repeat CANNOT sing to save her poor soul!Why Jay Z??? WHY???????!!!!

  • meandu

    yo rihanna is so good looking

  • biggs

    hey leave my girl alone even if she was or was not lip sying she is hot and everything and she is reping the caribbean. haterz back the **** up. oh and i am from the caribbean as well.:)

  • Jgirl

    Rihanna sucks..why the hell is she making all this money as a performer?! I saw the Teen Awards..It was horrible.. Get her out of the business. Give it to someone who is actually talented.

  • kristen!

    ugh… the backup dancers are better than her!



  • sally

    okay i don’t like those pics of rihanna with the hat and the white outfit looks to me as an impersonation of janet jackson dont yall think ?