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Catherine Zeta Jones Kids

Catherine Zeta Jones Kids

Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have decided not to have any more children. Douglas says, "I think Catherine‘s resigned to the fact.  She’s gone back and forth on the subject, but when she gets back into work, I think she realizes that two’s enough and I say to her, ‘Just think of your stepson as your third child.’"

Meow! Catherine Zeta-Jones and hubby Michael Douglas were spotted walking their children — son Dylan Michael Douglas, 5, and Carys Zeta Douglas, 3 — off a dock on the Thames River this past weekend in Richmond, UK.  The family nanny was around to look after the kids…  More pictures in the gallery!

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19 Responses to “Catherine Zeta Jones Kids”

  1. 1
    Boring Says:

    Boring people! CAtherine is looking old like the husband.

  2. 2
    observer Says:

    For the purpose of making some idle observation, assuming those were his words about her thinking on the matter,1, it’s pretty deep for him to come to such well-articulated perception about her thinking; 2, he seems to be always speaking for her about what she thinks on the matter. Nevern read anything about what she says as how she thinks/feels. Guess some men just enjoy the fatherly role to their daughter-like wifes–speaking for them, though I don’t notice any father publicly analyzing his daughter’s feelings. I think it’s pretty presumptuous of him to do so, and quite pathetic.

  3. 3
    observer Says:

    …and somebody must have made a joke on him by saying that he said she should look at his oldest son as her third child…

  4. 4
    Maria Says:

    I’m not a ‘Douglas’ fan, never have been. I don’t think this man was every handsome, and he’s even uglier now. I’m an old movie buff, and never liked his father either. I thought his father was the biggest ‘over’ actor out there — along with Charlton Hesten (spelling ?). All the Douglas men are not very attractive. Let’s just hope that the little ones with Catherine luck out. Boring: Catherine’s on vacation with her family. She doesn’t have to glam up.

  5. 5
    glamour Says:

    She looks better without the glamour…the face seems younger and prettier.

  6. 6
    Renee Says:

    Do you really blame her for not wanting any kids with him? Its only going to get worst – Viagra or not. I don’t know why she would give him one child let alone two. The miracle of science….

  7. 7
    kids Says:

    I think she wanted the kids, and that probably was one of the reasons she decided to marry him. Only now that he doesn’t want more, and is trying hard to convince her that she really doesn’t, either.

  8. 8
    aunt lovie Says:

    You guys are ruthless. Let’s give credit where it is due. At least they appear to be happily married, great parents, enjoying life, and accomplished actors. More power to them.

  9. 9
    M Says:

    Poooor Catherine-Zeta-Jones….cher boss says ‘No more kids…Get back to work!"Otherwise, when Micheal Douglas dies…all his $$$ will go to her and HER KIDS…n very little will go to step-son.

  10. 10
    mona Says:

    #6 Renee I agree completely. Having the children assures that she will not want for anything in the event that the marriage fails, because (let’s face it) he is not easy on the eyes and seems to be a bit dominating.

  11. 11
    Maria Says:

    I agree with Aunt Lovie. They look happy, so ‘it is what it is’. Me, I don’t care how much money that man has, not even a paper bag would do it for me. Yuck, just the thought makes me want to take a mint. I also don’t think she married him for his money, as she’s a good actress and can make money on her own. I doubt very much if this Welsh actress would take anything from Mr. Douglas.

  12. 12
    Zeta is Hot Says:

    I hope she does either have another 5 kids, all girls so I have a shot at her very possible hot girls, when they turn legal OR that she stops and just really works out hard and does some movies showing something hot, cause she is HOT. Pretty bright to to marry a Douglas guy too, whose well est. in HW and pretty rich. That’s what classy women with hot ass looks do. Not like Anna who married a practically dead guy or like Brit who marries losers.

  13. 13
    Anna Says:

    Zeta’s marriage to Michael Douglas is the second mystery I wonder about-the first was Sophia Loren’s very long-lasting marriage to producer Carlo Ponti. Both of these marriages have similar ingredients:The extremely beautiful wife, and the much older, succesful husband. I wish I could find an analysis about these marriages-the "why" these women -who can have their pick of men- chose the men they chose.

  14. 14
    ashley Says:

    I am not a fan of either actor, but just looking at them makes me want to throw up. Catherine Zeta Jones is a pretty woman but her attitude makes her ugly. Michael Douglas isn’t that attractive and he is old as hell, although Catherine is old herself, and these two dirtbags made children? At least the children are cute. And they are on vacation and she is dressed like she is at the premiere of the Oscars. *****, be normal! We know u are rich!!

  15. 15
    rob enderle Says:

    Z-Jones was for a long time an on-screen piece of ass, nothing more. She, along with Liz Hurley, were pathetic actors whose only usefulness in films were when you needed some broad to take off her drawers. Then along the way they got married to established stars and revived their careers. Look back at the year when Hurley got her big spokeswoman job for that prestigious perfume and see her film resume before that. The only reason she became a household name is that her man got a blowjob from some tranny.Z-Jones is exactly the same. And so was McCartney’s ex wife.I have no problems with hoes being hoes…but I do get annoyed at how starlets can get a good PR job done and then rebuild a new virginity (the best example being A.Jolie who went from being the punchline of jokes because she was nuts to a saint in less than 3 years).I like Lil Kim and even Pam Anderson, btw….theyre both hoes. They know it and proud of it. Good for them. Its when the hoes start lifting their pinkies while drinking and trying to pretend their something else that its gets ridiculous.At this rate, 5 years from now, well be talking about the classy people that are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

  16. 16
    dana Says:

    #15 People change. That’s the purpose of life. None of us are the same as we once were.

  17. 17
    MARY Says:

    I AGREE WIH DANA, but seroiusly 25 years is alot…have they ever publicly spoken about how they met even? I just think its a bit weird thast all.

  18. 18
    frankie Says:

    LMAO! the ppl n the first one…shes braiding her hair…

  19. 19
    | WorldWide Latest & updated News Website Says:

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