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Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Celebrity Yearbook Photos
  • Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures are parting ways. The studio will sever its 14-year relationship with Cruise‘s film production company because "his recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount." "It’s nothing to do with his acting ability, he’s a terrific actor.  But we don’t think that someone who effectuates creative suicide and costs the company revenue should be on the lot." Cruise‘s partner, Paula Wagner said their company has already obtained commitments from two hedge funds, whose names would be announced soon.
  • Star reports that George Clooney and Ellen Barkin are an item, saying the two got close while filming on the set of Ocean’s 13.
  • Us Weekly reports that Eddie Murphy is about to pop the question to former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.  A source says, "They are already living together at Eddie‘s house," and"Each got a tattoo of the other’s name."  Um, barf?
  • Michael Angarano, aka Jack’s long-lost son on Will & Grace, joins the cast of 24.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s Guillermo at The Teen Choice Awards red carpet — interviews with Wentworth Miller, Jessica Alba,Wilmer Valderrama, Kristin Cavallari, and Dane Cook.  "That interview, I give him an F.  He doesn’t like to talk too much!"  Hahaha.
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  • lrg_00

    Okay…with the Jimmy Kimmel live thing…Is it me? Or did anyone else find Went kind of stuckupish….(Iknow that’s not a word). I found him kind of disappointing. Let me know what you all think? I think he’s a phenomenal actor and I’m still enamoured with him…but I felt kind of down when I watched it.

  • ash

    Those celeb yearbook pics are really cool, but I can’t tell who half of them are!!

  • Katie

    Britney and justin look the same Brit was such an adorable little girl.

  • steph2

    who are those people

  • Jennifer

    LOL I love Wentworth.

  • angelah

    Ahh the memories [yearbook]

  • POP

    Almost all his co-stars have said the same thing JJ.Wenty is very quite and doesn’t talk much.Maybe deep down he’s shy.

  • rico

    seem all weirds

  • ZeNd

    No matter what… I still love Went.. lol

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  • julie

    #1 irg_00Your right I felt the same way about Wentworth Miller. He was stuckup and rude with no sense of humor. Why attend a teen public function if your in a bad mood or your head is the size of Texas. I guess the teen choice awards were a little below his standards.Hey now you see why in college the gave him the nick name STINKY…….he’s not quite as humble as I thought he was.What a great example for teenager’s ……….what a hero…..or should I say ZERO.Oh well…..I still love the show and there are other actors on the show who have nicer personalities.Dissappointing!………Oh! crap now I feel down too :-(All I got to say is Why Wentworth ??? Why??

  • POP

    Julie why was he stuckup and rude?what did he say or do.I am asking cause my computer won’t let me see the video.

  • Diane

    If I have this right, apparently Guillermo asked Went if he wanted to touch his head, to which Went said no. Then Guillermo asked if he could touch Went’s head, to which he said no, and then, "I have to go now. Goodbye", and walks off. No humour whatsoever. "The Pretty" just fell a couple notches on my crush-o-meter. Julie, I agree 100% – if he didn’t want to go, he should’ve stayed at home and waited for the Emmys. (Strangely enough, I respect Jessica Alba WAY more – she totally had fun with Guillermo!)

  • MissS

    Actually, Went is smiling the whole way through even though he’s kinda deadpanning. He concludes with a friendly slap on Guillermo’s shoulder and says ‘it’s really nice talking to you’. He definitely does not say ‘I have to go now’. Nick Lachey and Kevin Federline didn’t even stop to talk to Guillermo. I see absolutely nothing ‘stuck up’ about Went’s demeanour and nothing to indicate that he didn’t want to be there.

  • julie

    # POPHe just answered every question with an air of arragonce.The reporter was very cute and funny and so were all the other people that stopped to talk….which made Wentworth look like a total ass.The Reporter ask Went if he could touch his head and Went in a very rude manner said NO!…. so the Reporter tried to save the moment by asking if Went wanted to touch his shaved head to which Went anwered with another rude NO!……then he cut the conversation off by saying "nice talking to you" in a sarcastic way and didn’t wait for any response, just turned and walked away.He just seemed cold and annoyed……..I too have more respect for Jessica Alba who was sweet and happy.Went forgets he’s representing the show and his actions might turn people off, or worse destroy all the hard work the other actors,producers,writers etc have put into making PB such a high quality drama….he was so snooty, I wanted to slap him. Reporter got a quick one-liner in by making fun of the situation……as Wentwoth walked away he said " I have no idea who he is"…….which made it look like Went was a D list star that no one had heard of…..ouch!Sorry POP to tell you this …..hope it dosen’t spoil things for you. It not nice to watch someone you like make a fool of themself on National TV.Like I said eairler he went for Hero to ZERO!!In fact the Reporter gave Wentworth an "F" for his interview.

  • julie

    #21 DianeThanks … totally hit it right on the money, Jessica Alba was cute and light-hearted.I don’t think Wentworth considered the fact that the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS are being watched by teenagers who look up to him…..very bad publicity for the show ….what a downer!Sorry Diane … man-crush-o-meter went down today too.

  • smile

    Wentworth definately had a stick up his ass!

  • POP

    Thanks Diane & Julie

  • j

    ha,i guess he’s not as nice as all the mags keep writing that he is.I think the only reason he went to this award show was because he was nominated and nothing more .I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he was in a crabby mood that day.

  • j

    ha,i guess he’s not as nice as all the mags keep writing that he is.I think the only reason he went to this award show was because he was nominated and nothing more .I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he was in a crabby mood that day

  • lrg_00

    Thanks for all the replies…I’m glad I wasn’t alone in thinking this..I felt kind of down the whole day after I saw the interview…I’m such a huge fan..and I’ve heard on radio/tv/interviews and he’s always so nice/funny/gracious…this little interivew with Guierrmo kind of threw me for a loop. I just hope that he was having a bad day…or got tired of stopping every 2 inches to stand and talk to reporters on the way in…I’d rather think the latter and not think that he’s just rude in general. But….gosh he’s hot!!

  • CNo Nana

    I am glad Went said no to that reporter why would anyone want to touch a strangers head or be touched by a stranger.Went said and did the right thing!

  • meemee35

    I saw the Guillermo clip with Went. I have to say that I was little disappointed (seeing how the other celebs like Jessica Alba, Dane Cook interacted with Guillermo). Went could have lightened up a bit. He could have used that moment and show us his dry sense of humour. In his interviews, whether he was on the radio or on a talk show, he showed his dry wit . He didn’t seem rude to me, just annoyed… maybe he doesn’t watch the Jimmy Kimmel show and is not familiar with Guillermo’s interview antics. When he realized where the interview was heading, it annoyed him. It’s a side of Went that we heve not seen. I don’t think this incident makes him a prick. This concludes that he is just human.

  • julie

    It was definately an unguarded moment……perhaps rare for him…….however!! …watched by millions of fans on TV and the Internet around the world.Can’t take it back once it’s said.#Your welcome POP & Diane.Hopefully Wentworth hasn’t gone too "Hollywood " for his fans. It happens!!!……FAME is a tough thing I’m sure, people are always stroking your ego.I still love the show, it’s well shot,directed,cast and written….so I’ll still tune in for show….I just won’t be looking at Wentworth in the same way…..can’t get the interview out of my head.

  • julie

    This was definately an ungarded moment for him……rare perhaps!…..however watched by millions of people on network TV and the Internet around the world.You can’t take it back once you have said it.#Your Welcome POP & DianeI hope Wentworth is not too "HOLLYWOOD" for his fans. It happens sometimes, I’m sure Fame has a lot of pressure with everyone stroking you ego.I’m still going to tune into the show because it’s well written, directed, and cast. However I won’t be looking at Wentworth in the same light…….I can’t get the interview out of my head.

  • lrg_00

    I whole heartedly agree with you Julie! It definitely won’t keep me from watching PB!

  • ErinMarie79

    I don’t think he was rude at all. Went seems to be a straight laced person and not much of a jokester. He did not seem to be familiar with this guy (I wasn’t either), like some of the other stars were, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many celebs walked right by G and didn’t acknowledge him at all. That is quite rude is it not? During the interview Went has a smile on his face, politely says no to each question, (which I would too), then he tells the guy to have a nice night and moves on. I don’t get how he can be considered a prick for that. Of all the interviews we have seen/heard with Went, he is always pleasant, well spoken and friendly. If this little "incident" turns you off, that’s pretty pathetic.

  • k

    The Wentworth Miller interview surprised me, it was very un-cool of him to act like that.

  • Fred


  • Fred