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Kirsten Dunst: Interview Magazine

Kirsten Dunst: Interview Magazine

Kirsten Dunst takes the September 2006 cover of Interview Magazine…  Please, go buckwild in the comments!  I encourage it this time.

READ :: Kirsten Dunst Interview By: Jason Schwartzman [pdf]

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  • K

    I was just wondering about that too, mickey. gossip websites call her ugly and hate her so much. I’ve never heard so many bad things said about her until before. my theory is that she dated jake gyllenhaal and gossip websites think that jake could do beter.

  • aran

    "Grabs the Crown" is a reference to her new movie Marie Antoinette. Jason Schwartzman, who interviewed her, co-stars in the film.

  • yeah

    I would love to know the answer to that as well….I don’t care about her one way or another, but all the gossips hate her, but never explain why – they treat it as a given

  • equinox

    Yikes, if this is the best pic for the cover, what the heck did the others look like?

  • jean


  • James

    I already saw Marie Antoinette in France, thought it was a great movie, not so good like Lost In Translation, but solid. And i was really impressed by Kirsten performance, i always liked her, but here she finally shows that she’s one of the best young actresses around, playing with perfection the main character

  • whatever

    she looks cross eyed and dumb – jeez – who paid her to make these pictures??? Whoever it is is FIRED

  • d. c.

    what’s with channeling 30′s and 40′s stars? This could have been pose makes Kiki look even more horrendous in real life.

  • LethalTouch

    Well, I love Kirsten no matter what she does, so I won’t be too mean while posting this comment. I will say this though, sha has looked better than this, but come on, who hasn’t looked bad in a photo before! Hopefuly the pictures inside the issue will be as good as her STUNNING 2006 Vouge spread. I can’t wait to see her on Marie Antoinette and hopefuly even more magazine covers.

  • yeah

    yeah, i too wonder at the blog-o-sphere hatred of kirsten. i’d always admired her for not being typical but then she went and did those spiderman movies… though, her performance in the vampire movie when she was a kid is pretty amazing. kinda sucks when the rest of your career is anti-climatic by comparison.

  • Maria

    I think she looks really good. I like the picture and I love the colour red on her. I don’t get all the ‘negatvies’ on her. It’s not like she like that Posh person. Annnnnnnnd she’s no cock eyed, it’s the way the camera light has hit her eye. I buy the mag and see the rest of the pictures before I FIRE anyone.

  • Amy Leigh

    We care so much about what celebrities look like when they aren’t working. Their job is to produce great films. Spiderman 1 and 2, Eternal Sunshine, Virgin Suicides, Interview With a Vampire, Bring it On. Most actresses would be lucky to have so many good films under their belt. She’s talented, so what if she goes out in comfortable clothing sometimes with no makeup on and looks a bit dumpy. You expect actors and actresses to look like a covershoot all the time. Nobody is really like that. We all have our bad angles and I know some BEAUTIFUL girls who look like crap in the morning. You only hate her because you uphold some ridiculous ideal for all actors. They are artists, and while I do like to look at photos of some of my favourites, I’m not going to hold it against her and call her fugly because she has off days. You can’t complain about those Spiderman 3 set pics with Tobey and James, can you? I’d rather see people like her playing the characters I’m supposed to relate to than someone who looks like a model all the time. Jealous people say ridiculous things. She’s not my favourite but I do enjoy most of her work. And if you hate her over one or two bad films, one or two out of 54 is nothing to snuff at. Actors have no idea how a movie will come out until the premier (Keira and Orli will testify to that with the first Pirates). She’s a veteren and she’s only in her mid-twenties. That deserves a little respect.Also, her eyes are totally centered. Blame the photographer for the lighting if she looks cross eyed to you.You expect everyone to be perfect, but I bet most of the people on the blog-o-sphere complaining about her look a lot worse.

  • Is that her

    Wow – doesn’t even look like her

  • Me

    My god, looks nothing like her! Strange. Anyway, I think she looks gorgeous here . She always does. You sound jealous, ‘whatever’.

  • mickey

    She looks unrecognizable. I have a question. Why do people on the internet hate Kirsten so much? I don’t care about her one way or the other, but I’m just curious why everytime I go to a celeb gossip site most people say negative things about her. Is she known to be a mean person?

  • Mo

    She is dressed up to look exactly like Jean Harlow. It’s frightening how much she resembles her.

  • aneurysm

    love love love her.

  • des

    Is it too late to say that the only crown she’ll walk away with is the one she stole from a drag queen??

  • creativegirl

    Well this photo doesn’t even look like her at all!I really haven’t liked too much she’s done other than Kiki’s delivery service and of course there is the super jealous factor over her with Brad in Interview with the Vampire – which I thought she was great in.Oh well.

  • C

    Seriously, I don’t get why no one likes her, either. I like her just fine. I even happen to think she’s pretty-but then, my idea of pretty tends to differ from the conventional…I can’t stand typical dumb blonde kristin callevaris and paris hiltons. Sometimes I think the bloggers hate on someone constantly just to boost their own "ratings", as it were. Like a catchy hook. But it’s not catchy at all- it’s boring, and cliche. Call me when she bangs a dog in public while snorting coke- that’s news. One bad magazine cover- pretty boring.

  • Maria

    Amy Leigh: I could not agree with you more. Your were spot on.Mo: I didn’t notice the Jean thing until you mentioned it. Gosh, you’re right.She can dress the way she wants when she’s out and about on her own. She’s as normal as you can get. Julia Roberts likes to go around ‘normal’ as well. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! It just proves that some actors don’t go the ‘Hollywood’, just let me get my eye make on and let’s not forget the lipstick before I head out the door. Good for her!! SHE’S NORMAL!!

  • w

    this is the best she’s ever looked. haven’t you people seen pictures of her? she usually looks like crap.

  • bunni

    Kirsten is a box office thief – she gets in a big movie and then delivers no performance – ELIZABETHTOWN should have been a great film, Cameron Crowe is a great director and what a wonderful story, but no, Kirsten cheated once again. Orlando Bloom got blamed but he was great as always. And now MARIE A becomes Kiki in ruffles with no performance – Sofia couldnt get Scarlet so we end up with Kirsten and her usual theivery of your box office dollar.

  • tom

    Dunst doesn’t look anything like Harlow. Nice try at making her look good as somebody else, because as herself she just doesn’t excite.

  • Mary

    I think she looks great. I have liked quite a few of her movies. Some of my favs are Crazy/Beautiful, Wimbledon, Mona Lisa Smile, Spiderman, Interview with the Vampire, and Little Women. I think she is very talented. I, too, like to see ‘normal’, not fake, actresses.

  • ann

    Photoshop sure does magic.

  • weffie

    Billy. Corgan. In. Drag.

  • LethalTouch

    Well I just got my issue of Interview last night, and just like I’d predicted yesterday, Kirsten looks beautiful in her spread. I still have no clue why this photo was chosen to be the cover photo, but who cares. As long as she made it to the cover, that’s all that really matters!

  • joy

    I think she looks stunning.

  • Frenchy

    Great Cover! Very Metropolis> (the film)

  • Lisa

    Does anyone think she looks like Nicole Kidman? definitely dosn’t look like Kirsten!

  • camila

    It’s not that no one likes her. The ONLY ONES who don’t like her are these jewish bloggers who love jake g. and natalie portman. That’s why they hate kirsten.

  • maria braun

    So you have to be a Nazi to like her.

  • tara weed

    She was moderately convincing as a child vampire and hasnt impressed since – palming her off as a movie star amounts to fraud.

  • tara weed

    She was moderately convincing as a child vampire and hasn’t impressed since – palming her off as a movie star amounts to fraud.

  • Holoh

    I think she looks BEAUTIFUL. She reminds me of Jean Harlow in that pic.

  • Rachel

    i think the fake lashes look bad on her.

  • corpsebride

    No comment about the cover for we all know that almost all actors/actresses looked different in their pics once in a while. But I’m sorry to disagree to those who hates Kirsten. I just like her not only as an actress but her personality too. You know just being one of us? Hollywood is surrounded with "FAKE" people and so few are like her so why hate her that much??? Just because she’s not being vain like the rest of the hollywood? Oh come on people, we’re better than this…

  • MissKaNia

    Not only that she looks cross eyed but also the fact that she was interviewed [and praised] by her own co-star Jason Schwartzman. This is definitely The ‘Duh’ of The Year 2006… so far!

  • ds

    she’s gross. this looks nothing like her. they painted a new face on her. she pretends to be down-te-earth. she’s a jerk. kate winslet told her she should talk to film crews and she studies julia roberts so she knows how to come off as a nice person, but she’s fake. she’s not attractive unless she’s totally made over for a movie or a photoshoot. she’s a bad actress unless she’s doing some slutty thing.

  • tt

    hello, the pics do not look like kiki dunce. the face is totally painted on. we all know she has no upper lip or a face. she’s disgusting and fake. can’t stand her faking the down-to-earth famous actress act so everyone will like me act.

  • gl

    that interview was such bs. at cannes she said that sofia and she didn’t care if people didn’t "get" their "art project" and now she’s playing humble saying she was so afraid she couldn’t do the part, etc. and how her nose bled. she’s playing up to the masses and doing damage repair. ass kissing dunst also made a cheap plug for sofia’s boyfriends band saying that was what she was listening to. I guess kiki want sofia to keep repainting her face and choosing her clothes for the movies so she actually looks good. she’s really street smart our kiki dunce.

  • kimora

    Since Interview with the vampire she is not so great, but who knows, if she gets the right role.