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Prison Break Dot Theory

Prison Break Dot Theory

Thanks to the detective work of White Cleats, it looks like we’ve broken the code to Michael Scofield’s (Wentworth Miller) secret message hidden in Sara’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) origami swam.  It’s similar to a type of encryption called substitution cipher — each dot series represents a number.  Once they’re written out as such, if you add them in a column you get 9755867655, aka (975) 586-7655.  RING, RING!  "Hello, Wentworth?"

White Cleats adds, "Earlier in the season premiere episode, we were shown an itemized print out of Michael’s credit cards bills, which listed an answering service; I’m fairly certain that’s the number with which to call it."  And Bingo was his name-o!  If you missed Monday’s Prison Break season premiere, watch it below!

WATCH :: Prison Break Season 2 Premiere – "Manhunt"
(US residents and PC users only.)

DOWNLOAD :: Wentworth Miller KROQ Interview [mp3]

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  • hahaha


  • Meemee

    thanks for that info. I was wondering what those dots meant!

  • mahsnowy

    I am still guessing hmm BUT it is not air in AUSTRALIA TILL NEXT YEAR. BUT love to update with u there. hmm (thinking…………..)

  • ZeNd


  • WooSop

    Thanks for breaking the code…check out more about origami at my site,

  • halliday has the full epsiode of ‘Manhunt’ on their website and it works in the UK, I am assuming it will work for other non US countries.

  • b/w miller

    he’s so hot. and adorable. i love him

  • Lisa

    Someone call the number and see what happens!! The area code is for Misourri I think!!

  • ErinMarie79

    Wow. That is very cool!

  • Angel

    That area code is an overlay for the 816 area code in Kansas City and as of today, it has not had to be implemented yet. If they plan on using that as a real number that viewers can call, they won’t be able to.

  • stelvill

    Thank you JJ & Company for making us fans smile…you guys help brighten our day and you deserve to be acknowledged. FOX, Wentworth and the rest of the PB gang ought to thank you and so with the other web sites that so untirelessly feature them coz you guys too help make them more famous in your little ways. BRAVO!

  • Missy

    Thanks for the PB updates Jared, keep it up yay! Went’s voice sounds so deep in the radio interview. As for that dot code, I would so not figure that out. Imagine missing out on calling Went *sob*!! Can’t wait for the season here in Aus.

  • scillajean

    Now we have to wait to Sarah calls Michael… i can’t wait to see that :-)

  • Kelly

    I tried to call the number and it just beeps. I dont think the number exists. Has anyone else tried it??

  • kmillz

    It’s official….I Love You Jared

  • angelah

    I’m so not going to miss the next show..

  • Melissa J

    I had a strong feeling It was a telephone number. Yay, I can’t wait till Sara calls him! *Squee*

  • Rosie

    I don’t think this is the right solution: "each dot series represents a number", how is that a substitution cypher, it’s just the number of dots! That’s like saying "ABC.." is a substitution cypher for "abc…". Besides, the dots aren’t lined up vertically, you have to draw crazy lines to make them. But nice try…

  • ken

    speaking of hiden codes… did anyone see the maps in the opening credits? i dont have HD tivo or anything but i thought i saw numbers in the maps.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ…That is so cool….



  • g

    Maybe the code is morse code…I don’t know morse code but it could represent taps…which then represent words..for anyone who knows morse code…

  • Sarah

    I can’t thank # 6 | halliday for telling all that the full episode of ‘Manhunt’ was on, I have just watched it and was on the edge of my seat, thanks alot, Wentworth was his normal sexy self. he’s a dream

  • Zack

    #5 WooSop, thanks for the origami link. I hope there’s a detailed instruction on how to make that ‘duck’ (i’ve been looking everywhere for the instruction for the real PB origami duck, but haven’t found one yet).As usual, thanks JJ for the white pill of the day *goes into dreamy state*

  • sweetpatato

    /Thanks JJ for de-coding the message….so now I can get some sleep.

  • Jelly

    I saw the new episode it was very exciting.I’m sure all the Went Fans are happy especially my friend "Lawyer"…..she is a crazy, crazy Went fan.

  • Jennifer

    WTF is up with Went’s voice in the radio interview?! It’s like he’s talking in slow motion dreamstate.

  • Tiffany

    It’s not morse code… don’t even try

  • smoo

    Rosie- The dots don’t have to be lined up perfectly. They’re going by sequence–first column of dots, second, third, etc.

  • Tara

    cool~PB.. but we here must wait more than a one week to watch it.. anyhow, i’m lovin’ it and lovin’ him ……

  • baker

    Yeah Prison Break was really good, the endnig was the best…NOT.

  • brian

    How did you come about those patterns for your breaks? They seem to be totally chaotic and lack any pattern. If you are looking for such a simple pattern, why not straight vertical lines. Yes it’s really easy to break that way but makes more logical sense than the total random chaos you have drawn. What lead you to this pattern?

  • lawyer

    HI JELLY!!! LOKUM LOVER ROSE FLAVOUR!!! I’m glad to find you again, you’re on jj again!!! how are you?? I hope you’re great!!! i can’t see new episodes,you know i’m in turkey but i saw his new pics. they’re great!!! he looks amazing, he is perfect!!! his voice is so manly!!! your pal crazy crazy went fan FERDA

  • lawyer

    HI JELLY!!! LOKUM LOVER ROSE FLAVOUR!!! I’m glad to find you again, you’re on jj again!!! how are you?? I hope you’re great!!! i can’t see new episodes,you know i’m in turkey but i saw his new pics. they’re great!!! he looks amazing, he is perfect!!! his voice is so manly!!! your pal crazy crazy went fan FERDA

  • lance

    vertical lines don’t work i got the number 965-387-6676 and there is no area code 965.

  • White Cleats

    Brian, the sets are strictly ordered and not at all random. Just line them up using a leftmost column. Perhaps if you draw them out yourself with more space between the sets, it will help you see it.

  • jelly

    Hey FERDA….Crazy Crazy Went fan.Long time no talk!!!…..I missed you.I just bought the box set for Prison Break because I have not seen all the episodes…..however I did catch the new episode which was very exciting. I like the story line with Wentworth Miller and Sara, it’s very romantic.I’m kind of glad they shot Veronica, I was never attached to her character.Hope all is well in Turkey, and that you are happy and enjoying life.Your friendJelly :) LOKUM LOVER ROSE FLAVOUR!!!

  • Juliet

    Yaniyor yuregim, yaniyor cigerim..Sensiz olmuyor, olmuyor sevdigim..

  • lawyer

    HI MY BEST FRIEND JELLY!!!! I MISSED YOU TOO!!!! I agree with you there long long time to talk!!! I want to buy prison break dvd box set but they’re too expensive in turkey!!! I need a rich husband or a boyfriend like went :)))))) I can’t stand sara cause i wanna be with went instead of sara and i hate veronica too!!!All is not well in turkey as you know i’m so sorry about my dad and i’m very sick(stomach pain, vomit, vertigo) :((((( What do you do in your spare time and what kind of music do you listen???? I love kurt cobain and nirvana and i also like linkin park, staind, live, radiohead, simple plan, evanescence etc. . I like pop music too!! Enrique iglesias, shayne ward, robbie williams, rihanna (only her latest song) etc. . I’m going to watch emmy awards a hour later!!! I can’t wait!!! FOR ONLY WENT : From the moment i first saw you knew my heart could not be free!!! I will follow you wherever you may be!!! I love you!!! Stay Tuned your pal crazy crazy went fan FERDA :))))) For only turkish people and juliet (cause she is turkish): HEY TÜRK ARKADAŞLAR!!! Sizleri bu sitede görmek gerçekten çok güzel!!! Went hayranları hepinizi bu siteye bekliyorum!!! Ayrıca went eşcinsel mi değil mi bir türlü emin olamıyoruz, gerçi hiç kimse emin olamıyor ama extra bir bilgisi olan lütfen yazsın!! görüşmek üzere!!!

  • Juliet

    Agridagin eteginde…Bu bendeki ask degil cano cano,.Söyle bana nere gidem,.Oy ben nasil edem…Agridaginda eteginde..Sen orada ben burda cano cano,Basim yine belalarda..Koyma beni buralardakoyma beni buralarda cano canoBasimdaki sevdayi karli daglari yazsam..Bu bendeki ask degil, cano cano.. Söyle bana nere gidem…

  • jelly

    Hey Ferda,Sorry to hear that your not feeling well, and I’m sure you still miss your father…do you believe in "past lives"? There is a man named James Van Praagh, he talks a lot about the after life, his site is many people who have lost loved ones go to his chat rooms. I hope this informatinon helps to comfort you as I believe we are all connected in this life and the after life.I love music very much, in the USA we have a lot to choose from. I like a lot of POP music and R&B, I like female singers with good voices like Mariah Carey, in fact I just went to see her concert about 2 weeks ago….she looked really beautiful and her show was very entertaining. In my spare time I go to see a lot of movies and I like to go eat food, like Indian or Thai.Tonight is a new episode of Prison Break, I will watch it just for you… you have got me hooked on this show. I saw the pictures of Wentworth Miller at the Emmy’s …..I think your probably going to want to kill the girl he took as his date……..anyway she is not that pretty so you still have a chance with him Ferda.Nice to hear from you Friend, stay tuned……your english is excellent by the way.All the best…..your pal JELLY!!! LOKUM-LOVER-ROSE-FLAVOUR.

  • Juliet

    Hey Ferda and Jelly,,.Selamlar : )Lots of love from Denmark to you..A quistion for you Ferda, are a lawyer or ?? Bende Danimarkada Kopenhagen ûniversitesinde okuyorum..Law and all that..Burda TR’den went hayranlarin gelmesini nedense hic ummazdim…But Im very happy for that LOL..Do you live in US Jelly? Where? Escinselik konusuna gelince , dogrusu bende ne düsunecegimi bilemiyorum artik..Kumral kizlarini begendigini okudum bir yerde, so I really dont know anymore..By the way Ferda how did you know I was from Turkey ; ) He HehWish you goodnight..Its 23:23 in Denmark

  • jelly

    Hey Juliet…….that’s a very pretty name.Yes I’m from the US….I live in Tampa, it’s on the west coast of Florida, we have beautiful beaches and sunny weather 90% of the time. Tampa is the lightening capital of the US….when it rains we don’t go out side just incase we get his by lightening….however sometimes it’s fun to watch.I have never been to Denmark, but I would love to visit someday, hows the weather? the only places I have been in Europe is England and Italy. I’m assuming you like Wentworth Miller and PB……I just saw the second episode(season 2) yesterday. They have broken out of prision now and have split up. Went and Linclon go to the court house to try and save his son but are not successful.I don’t know how Ferda knew that you are Turkish, I think maybe she is Psychic! Ferda is a crazy, crazy Went Fan!All the bestJelly

  • lawyer

    HI MY PAL!!!!! I ‘m so lucky to find you!!!!!!! First of all,how do i know that juliet is turkish!!!! Her comments is turkish!!! H er turkish is perfect!!! Jelly!!!! I think you’re soooooo good person!!!!!Thanks for your posts and your information!!! yes, i believe in after life(heaven , hell)!!! I’m going to check his site!!!! you’re right, i miss my dad a lot and i only wanna be with him!!! I hope he is in heaven and he’s so happy!!! He is always on my mind and in my dreams!!! I don’t know we are all connected in this life and the after life or not!!!! Thank you very much cause your information helps to comfort me!!!!I saw the pics of went at the emmy’s too!!! I think she is not his girlfriend and they’re not a couple!!! I think they’re just friends!!!! I’m not sure that went is straight!!! I’m still thinking his dating choices!!!! By the way, she is so ugly!!!! I think i have no chance with him (if he’s straight), cause i’m blonde and i have green-hazel eyes so, i’m not his type!!!! But i’m very hot like you!!!!I saw my ex boyfriend and his fiance(she is ugly) a week ago:((((((( I’m still loving him!!!! What can i do?? Give me some advice please!!!By the way i love my new one but i can’t forget my ex!!!!!What’s cooking in america?? I always go to mc donalds and burger king and i love to eat hamburger, cheeseburger and fries!!! I think you don’t like grunge and rock music!!!! Mariah carey’s voice is perfect (i agree with you there) but she’s a little bit fat!!!Am i wrong???stay tuned, all the best ,crazzzzy crazzzy went fan FERDA!!!!!

  • lawyer

    MERHABA JULIET!!! Ben gerçekten avukatım ama şu an yapmıyorum!!!Dokuz eylül üniversitesi (izmir) mezunuyum!!!avukatlığımı şu an yapmama sebebime gelince 2 yıl önce babamı kaybettim kanserden!!!Hala çok üzgünüz(annem, ablam ve ben) ve üzüntüden sürekli ağır hastalıklar geçiriyorum!!! Sen de hukuk okuyosun ama ben nefret ettim hukuk fakültesinden çünkü okumak çok zordu zaten kazanmak ta çok zor!! Türkiye’ye geliyo musun ve Ağrılı mısın??Kaç yıldır danimarkadasın?? Senin türk olduğunu tabii ki anlarım türklerden başka kimse türkçe bilmiyor ki:(((( Türkiyede çok fazla went hayranı var ama ingilizce bilmedikleri için bu sitelere yazamıyorlar!!! Aslında ben de yıllardır ingilizce konuşmuyordum ta ki went’i görene kadar!!! sanırım went gay çünkü her yerde öyle yazıyor ama inanmak istemiyorum, bu kadar muhteşem biri nasıl gay olabilir:(((( o kadar yakışıklı ki bakmaya doyamıyorum, şu an beni hayata bağlayan tek şey!!!!ama gay olduğuna emin olursam çok yıkılcam!!! onunla yattığını iddia eden erkekler var ama hiç kız yok ve tüm magazin yazarları gay diyo,eğer bu sitedeki diğer haberleri ve yorumları okursan bayağı bilgi sahibi olursun!!! ayyy!!! inanmıyorum yaa!!! yanında hiç kız arkadaşı olmuyor sadece özel geceler hariç, onlarda üniversiteden arkadaşları oluyor!!!türkleri burada görmek güzel!!! went’le ilgili bişey duyarsan yaz!!! görüşmek üzere!!!öptüm!!!

  • Jelly

    Oh Ferda you make me laugh, your right Mariah Carey is a little bit fat….but her show was really good. I’m not so into grunge but do like a little rock like matelica. Ferda when your father comes to you in your dreams that is his way to communicate with you, try and remember what he is saying and doing in the dream….it might be a message for you.James Van Praagh is a psychic meduim, he has his own TV show in US, and he talks to people in the audience about family who has passed on, he gives them messages…it’s a very interesting show. He also has books, and on his website they have people who will talk with you and help you…..he is a very honest man and does a lot of good for people.I believe that it’s no accident when you meet people that you connect with….nothing is by chance.I think your xboyfriend is not good enough for you, if he cannot see what a beautiful person you are inside and out than he’s not going to make you happy. Think about it Ferda….if Juliet and I can see your good heart over the internet and we have never met….this means you are not a good match. Perhaps there is a 3rd person out there for you. It’s ok to still love your X ….but let him go. We are all magnets, we attract people who’s energy and mind are the same. There is a better choice out there for you…..give it some time.I like burger’s and fries too…..but I will have to watch it now…..I don’t want to get fat like Mariah Carey.I’m glad Juliet and you are friends, I wish I could write in Turkish.Missed you a whole bunch too…..I kept looking for your posts….I had a feeling you would pop up again for the new season of Prison Break.Went is gay, it’s on all the gossip blogs in the US, there is a site Perez is gay and knows everything about hollywood gay gossip. Perez is never wrong. Sorry I know you love Went.Thinking of you…be good Ferda…much love Jelly

  • Juliet

    Hey Ferda and Jelly…Ferda sana ve ailene bassagligi diliyorum, ve Allahin size sabir vermesini dilerim..The reason why I wrote it on turkish is because that Im not that good at english so..Bence sabirli olmalissin ve ölümünde hayattin bir parcasi oldugunu hatirlamalisin.En azindan simdi baban acidan kurtuldugunu diye kendine tesselli vermelisin..Zor olduguna eminim, keske sana birseyler yazipta sana birazcik olsun yardim edebilseydim. I hope that youll be better soon.As for your x Im not sure what to make of it. Do you have a boyfriend now?I agree with Jelly about the things she wrote about your x..Maybe you just miss the time you were with him, than him. I mean was your father alive when you dated your x? Maybe thats whats bothering you, that when you were with your x, evrything was ok or at least better than now??But neverless, that train is gone and if he was THE ONE for you, it would have lasted right?Like Jelly wrote you deserved better : )To Jelly,.Thanks : )And for Jelly and Ferda..Ive lived in DK since I was a kid, more or less 20 years now..By the way how old are you galls?The weather in DK, is pretty much like in England. It always rain no matter if its spring, summer, fall or winter : ( Well the weather kind of stinks sometimes you know…Wish I lived in a warm country, where it didnt rain evry season..Dont get me wrong I dont mind rain but rain more or lessin 10 months evry year iI thougt you Jelly was turkish too, arent you??Now to a little Wento talk,. Ive read somewhere, that he really want to meet Jessica Alba from Dark Angel..Do you know her?That must mean, that he isint gay right, crazy crazy wentfan Ferda : ) I think shes beautiful.. But neverless really jealous hmff..And kind of hate her now hmfff.. I just dont hope she breaks my dear Wentos heart..So Ferda you still have a chance, cause I think Jessica already have a boyfriend : )You are welcome to write to my own email, if you want too..And you just HAVE to write to me in case you come to little Denmark..And Denmark isint the Capitol of Sweden as many people seems to think : )By the way does anyone know who JUSTJARED is?? I mean is he a fan or what??By the way Its a great fansite so… Ups before I forget, no Ferda Im not from Agri, Im from Konya..That was a song from Ibo Tatlises : ) Well its mornig her in Denmark 06.00, maybe I should sleep gab gab…

  • Juliet

    Ups…I think I kind of wrote to much maybe..Sorry guys, it just happen : )Now time for some quistion about wento, Ive read somewhere that he was dating a new zealandgirl is it true?? We here In DK are 3 or 4 episodes behind you in PB,. I think season 2 sounds more and more exciting, am I right? Does anyone here know about the necklecke Went used to have one?? He doesnt have it on now as far as I can see…Hmmm?Will you guys let us know, if Wento sometimes in the future, visits Skandinavia or Germany, so that we know it BEFORE he comes..And not read about it AFTER he has been there Thank You : )Good morning to evryone and have a NICE DAY : )

  • jelly

    Hey Juliet,No I’m not Turkish, I’m half Indian/English….I was born in India but spoke English. I eventually moved to USA.Prison Break season 2 has not been so good, because the show has taken a different turn, it might get better later.As for Wentworth he is very handsom, however I hate to tell you this but I’m afraid all the talk in the US is about him being Gay, I’ve heard he has been in a relationship with a man for the past 2 years. Ferda wants to go to Hollywood and change his mind :)…she is hoping to get him to like women.There was a promotional tour planned for Europe starting in the UK however rumour has it that it was cancelled because the press wanted to ask him the big question about his sexuality. wentworth was photographed with a date at the Emmys but I think that was to maintain his image of being straingt. Ferda is still hoping he will change his mind !!!!He is still cute and the show is good so keep watching. I like Went but I also like the whole show and the other characters. Ferda is the Crazy Crazy Went Fan.I am quite a bit older than you Juilet, and I am guessing Ferda is probably in her 20′s also. Juliet you are very sweet to give Ferda good advice…good frendship is hard to find.Hope all in well in Denmark, I’ve heard it’s a very peaceful country….not like America you have the best and the worst here. It’s exciting living here because it’s a very fast pace, which I like, however sometimes it’s very stressful and people are not very honest.I’ve written toooooo much….anyway I have to go now.Blessings to you and your family.Jelly

  • lawyer

    HEY JELLY!!! MY PAL!!!! I’m sorry, i wasn’t at home!!!! i went to the hospital 2 days ago and stayed there!!!! But i’m at home now and i’m feeling better!!!!JELLY!!! You’re what a