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Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig Dinner

Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig Dinner

Nicole Kidman was spotting dining with fellow actor Daniel Craig at the Posh Berkeley hotel in London (left) before heading back to her central London hotel.  This past Monday, Nicole was also spotted making a quick exit from her hotel (right).  More pictures in the gallery!

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are co-stars in the upcoming New Line Cinema film, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass.  Production begins September 4th in the U.K., with a slated December 2007 release. 

Daniel will play Lord Asriel, a ruthless and mysterious adventurer who is the uncle of Lyra Belacqua, the young girl who journeys to a parallel universe to save her best friend. Nicole will play the mother of Lyra Belacqua, Marisa Coulter.  They will also be joined by Eva Green (Daniel‘s Casino Royale co-star), who will play Serafina Pekkala, the queen of witches who guides Lyra.

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  • first

    whats up with her dress

  • hmm

    is she looking a little embarassed to be caught at the dinner date? if so, it might point to a guilty conscience.

  • Sandbitch

    It’s interesting that since NK married KU, she has less time to spend at the hairdressers, It must save her about 3 hours a day AND it looks better. Not that I give a crap…

  • Sweet Swede

    The guy in the pics, that’s not Daniel Craig, is it?

  • ed3206

    That must be her bodyguard.


    actualy Lord Asriel is Lyra’s father!!! not her uncle…

  • emily

    she looks really pretty i like her this.

  • emily

    she looks really pretty i like her this.

  • the real tita

    This sounds like a good movie. Like Nicole very much. Hope to see more of her movies.As for her clothes and hair…she’s always been able to pull it off when it matters. She’s one of those that can dress to the nines or dress down at the right occassions. She’s a fashion icon in her own right!

  • Alicia

    hells yeah this is gonna be a good movie!! I love the trilogy (his dark materials), own them in hardcover! can’t wait for it to hit theatres, its gonna be way better than harry potter (though i like that sh!t too…..and have them in hardcover as well) :P

  • Mimi

    That guy is Nicole’s bodyguard, I’ve seen him before a number of times. He’s one of the top in the business and has worked for other big name celebrities.No one actually thinks that Nicole would be cheating on Keith at a fancy and popular London restaurant, do they?

  • d.c.

    She looks very pretty with the red tint back in her hair.

  • Lowezl

    Good grief–it was only a professional gathering for the staff involved in the movie–don’t try to make it out as a real date between Nicole and her co-star–it’s the same kind of deal as when Keith has to attend his official functions and has to be photographed with the staff from the TV or radio stations. Nicole doesn’t deserve to have any rumors started about her and her co-star who also has a significant other.

  • aussie girl

    She does usually have affairs with her co-stars, she can’t help herself.

  • Amy

    aussie girl, of course you know this because she told you, didn’t she? it would be nice if morons like you don’t act like they know so you don’t look silly. It is incredible how all these affairs never seem to gel, doesn’t it? you want to name one that you know of that made sense, where it wasn’t all cloack and dagger that made you know so much about it. What a nit wit!Poster #2, guilty conscience? I guess this is the first pic where you’ve seen her looking down and not smiling at the paparazzi? And if that is what it looksa like to be embarrased then you need to go back to school and learn the meaning of words.I guess people like you can’t help it, life must be moving too slow for you or at a stand still. I am sure next time she will deign you with a smile.

  • Catie

    SOTOS: quit putting up spoilers. Some of us actually want to watch the movie.

  • itstherealthing

    Shes so skeleton-looking…shes going to age fast when she starts, and her hair is going to fall out from changing the color so much geesh, cant she just be real? Why be fake? I dont give this marriage more than 5 yrs. keith will snap out of the lustfullness soon

  • Jada

    I love what nicole is wearing from what I can see from the waist down. Her feet look good. and I love the color red. Thse sandals she’s wearing looks really, really nice. I think I’m gonna buy a pair like ‘em.

  • Mad Percolator

    Gossip before fact check? that man is NOT daniel craig.

  • Miller

    How old is this hag? I’m seeing lots of gray hair there. And the botox needs a re-do. Poor Keith, it always looks like he’s with his granny. Wake up Keith, you’re a young dude. Find yourself a young, good looking woman! One that doesn’t sleep with all of her co-stars…

  • JoAnn

    Miller – you must be TOTALLY BLINDED by your jealousy. There’s no way she looks like a granny. You’re just feeling miserable because you don’t have her looks.

  • aussie girl

    Calm down Amy so you don’t look so silly. Maybe Nicole is a virgin, feel better now?

  • Wray

    Miller, your not ever going to get Keith. Your just a sick fangirl who wishes Keith would be all over you but here you are bashing his wife while on a celebrity blog. Your pretty much a nobody. So stop bashing people who look better, and has the man you will never get.’Grow up.

  • Rachel

    no way is that daniel craig. looks more like george clooney to me, if you ask.

  • movie fan

    Very strange the comments about Nicole and her co-stars. She’s been making movies for almost 20 years and that has NEVER been reported or discussed anywhere, and not one co-star has ever been seen with her, said they’d been with her or been linked to her except her husband of 10 years, Tom Cruise. What a thing to pull out of left field! Some bloggers sure let all their weird fantasies hang out, don’t they? Just accept that Nicole Kidman is with someone you wish she weren’t with, and let it go at that.

  • aussie girl

    Movie Fan where have you been? You’ve never heard the rumors about Nic and some of her co-stars? It’s not anything new.

  • Millie

    I wish Nic and Daniel could hook up but Daniel said last time the mags said he liked Nic – He only dated girls in the 20′s range not the 40′s range . Too bad for Keith could have been a good chance to run.

  • Millie

    Miller — LOL Dude LOL!!

  • Millie

    I just looked at the pics it’s funny she never puts on make-up when she with Keith but Danny must rank in her book.

  • OMG

    She is beautiful!much better than recently.She is 39,no one deny it .but she is still adorable .

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