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Brad Pitt in Uniform

Brad Pitt in Uniform

Pictures from the last few days of Brad Pitt (wearing a security guard uniform) and Matt Damon both get transported around the Los Angeles set of Ocean’s 13Matt‘s wife Luciana Bozan, 30, and their two daughters –  Alexia, 7, and Isabella, 11 weeks — were also around the set to show their support.   More pictures in the gallery!

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brad pitt in uniform 01
brad pitt in uniform 02
brad pitt in uniform 03
brad pitt in uniform 04
brad pitt in uniform 05
brad pitt in uniform 06
brad pitt in uniform 07
brad pitt in uniform 08
brad pitt in uniform 09
brad pitt in uniform 10
brad pitt in uniform 11
brad pitt in uniform 12
brad pitt in uniform 13
brad pitt in uniform 14
brad pitt in uniform 15
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brad pitt in uniform 17

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  • Yowzax2

    Too much beautiful men in one place. Luv Brad in uniform!

  • cycloneblondie

    so what??? am I truly going to do that lameo thinghy of going FIRST!!! ":)

  • QQQQ

    First… Is that the woman who had on the shirt saying "Crack is Wack"

  • cycloneblondie

    WOW!!! and I was! lmao rofl ":)

  • Tabitha

    I wonder if we will see Angelina/kids on the set or are they very careful to have3 that happen when the set is closed.

  • QQQQ

    The woman in the pics with Don, looks like the same woman who had on the t-shirt "Crack is Wack"

  • julia

    oh my god, Brad looks so good.. He gets sexier by the day, Yikes.

  • angelah

    Thanks for another new thread j@red!! whoo pic#4!!


    In photo #5, I wonder who Brad is talking to? Someone said he looked too skinny. He fills out that brown shirt, very nicely.

  • lizzy

    am i first? oooh he is so hott! hes also a really good actor. i cant wait to c O13 and Babel. they both have got 2 b good. i heart brad 4 life

  • African Girl

    Awwww, look at MD with the little girl. I love to see daddies with their little girls. It gives them these very…..interesting aura.

  • Maria

    I love Matt holding his oldest daughter’s hand. Too cute. Protective Dad. ‘Crack is Wack’ — isn’t that Whitney Houston? Oh, sorry — Bobby Brown is the man in that horror house — JUST FUNIN HERE!!Cold Hard Math: Hi! It might be Angie or Mad, as Mad’s always calling him. I love the shirt on him — Yummmmmmmmy!! No, he’s not skinny, as long as he has them there muscles, he’s OK with me!! Even without them — he’s OK with me!!

  • Maria

    Oh I just love me a man in uniform!!!

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for another thread and thanks for cutting the page shorter.

  • Estelle

    # 4 | cycloneblondie-Hey CB, I left a post for you at the previous thread with an possible explanation of why your AG’s wedding inv. has not yet arrive…LOL

  • Lynn Campbell

    Holy moly does Brad look good in pic#4. I am completely overdosing on BAMZS and loving it.

  • Estelle

    it could be x calling him and pesting him about the Esquire Interview-( good topic for a phone convos, anyone?)

  • angelah

    # 15 | Lynn Campbell lol, I’m loving it as well.

  • guli

    JJ great pics as usual many thanks….

  • the real tita

    Isn’t that the shirt he was wearing at the art gallery with AJ? Someone posted that he came straight from the OC13 set so he probably didn’t have time to change. I don’t think he’s too thin as some people claim. He probably just lost excess fat and is getting to be all lean muscle. Could be a result of giving up junk food for healthy food choices. After all, AJ likes to eat a lot of veggies and fish (with the occassional burger, so I heard) so he’s likely to be eating the same things. Anyhoo, he still looks good in uniform, in tees and in suits. Gotta love a GQ kind of man.

  • cycloneblondie

    # 1 | Yowzax2 |^^^^^^^^^^^^Hey! How did you come to rip me off in the first post category!!! I swear I saw the page come back with me taking the "grid position"! hahaha giggle ":)J2!!! Ya ripped me Man!!! lol (The nerve! hmmmpfffffffffff)# 11 | African Girl Just read your post on the other thread and I am still laughing Matey! ":) sooooooooooooo I missed total "X Files" type stuff around here!!! Damn! I shall have to do some back tracking/reading later on today….after I catch me a wee lil nap shortly!sooooooooo….You shall have to let me know where you are "registered"…for like yer wedding gift Matey! I want to make sure I give you something totally terrific and tres chic!hmmmmmmmmm…Yeah! and don’t sweat it AG….if I become a millioinaire tomorrow night, I hereby promise all my BAMZS’er Mateys will definately be receiving a nice gift in the mail. ":)# 14 | Estelle|lmaoYeah Matey!!! ":)Bloody pidgeons! I have a wee lil story about a homing pidgeon that once upon a time crashed into my bedroom window. Trying to cut a longgggg story short! I had to keep him in my bathroom for 10 days until he was well enough to fly again! I tell ya….pretty weird thing going in to use the toilet and ya have a pidgeon sitting in the shower cubicle….looking through the glass at ya! ":)(I had to keep him there so my 2 cats wouldn’t get him….anyways…he had a band on his leg…he belonged to someone from a club in Kingston. Hence I called him Kingston!) He has visited me twice since those days! God Bless him. hahahahaphewwwwwwwwwwww Ya probably don’t appreciate that story/the short version…but anyways…I must away to my bed now….trullllly….Goodnight BAMZS’ers. Keep the faith.Cheers.

  • angelah

    aw Damon with his daughter, dainty.

  • mamadog

    Oh my goodness, love Brad in pic#5. Lainey said it best, "he makes my loins quiver!" LOL

  • ((chanel))

    wich are newere pics these or the one of Brad & Angelina: Art Gallery ???

  • julia

    I would love to know what Brad wears around his neck? He has it on always.. hmmm, I woner.

  • julia

    wonder . : )Matt is so cute with his family..

  • Amy Leigh

    brad looks like john travolta in the eyes in those guard uniform pics.

  • Estelle

    # 21 | cycloneblondie -Amazing story regarding the " bloody" homing pigeon. So the pigeon next couple of visit were social or business?…LOL.Oh, don’t bother to get AG anything domestic like blender (Guli got that already), knives/daggers set ( I got that) or toaster ( PT got that)…

  • kiki

    Do i have to sign in every day? It’s a little bit awkward but effectively keeps away the haters. Brad looks good in anything.

  • Estelle

    # 21 | cycloneblondie- I lost my post for you.any way, amazing pigeon story, so his/it next couple of visit were social or business?…LOL

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new Thread, you are so spoiling us :)

  • Passing Through

    Dang…another new thread? I can hardly keep up with all the posts!

  • freedog

    Matt is wonderful with her girls. Yesterday i have seen of the pics of him with wife and the little girl Isabella, very pretty

  • fiona

    Brad maybe is calling Angelina to bring the kids too, coz Matt brought his wife and 2 kids.I understand they are now filming in a hollywood hills house, so maybe we can Angie and the kids visitng the set, too.

  • gitane

    brad. brown shirt. pic #4. oh yeah! that’s just the way i like it, baby!

  • NYCGalnVA


  • ((chanel))

    what pics are newer the one of Brad & Angelina: Art Gallery or these pics??that are on this thread?

  • emily

    OMG hot hot hot brad looks so hot. Doesnt Matt look Like Leonardo DiCaprio????? i love both of them. god i wish i can just kiss both of them double love!!!!!

  • emily

    OMG they are so hot brad omg i could just die and go to heavean in that brown shrit. mat looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio. i love both of them iwish i could kiss them both on the cheek or even better on the lips!!! double love,baby!!!1

  • brocolli

    yeah, somebody please brief me. did he come with someone on the set and join angie at the gallery, and then went home together?also, is it true about angie staying in the car until jon voight left? NY post mentioned jon voight. is it any ounce of truth????

  • African Girl

    # 21 | cycloneblondie Oh i forgot to add….we also had an accountant who was very particular about Checks and Balances and The moral Police keep in us in check on "Hypocrisy"…. Fun, fun group, no?

  • ((chanel))

    are these pics newer then the one angie and brad art gallery??

  • Maria

    Have a super week-end All. Heading off early today — HURRAY!!Guli: Love to Korey!!

  • case

    They both look great! Love Matt in the "B" hat.

  • Jeremy

    I know there won’t be oscar winning performances with this movie but I’m looking forward to it

  • angelah

    that wasn’t a great accountant. he/she/it cheated the system ala

  • Estelle

    I was reading from some where that AJ and Holly were at a meeting earlier that day and they met up with BP…so many stories out there….but the only thing I care about is that they are together at the party and leaving together…

  • bdj

    Brad and Matt are looking great. However, my secret crush, Don Cheadle is working that pink shirt or reddish shirt, can’t really tell. Only real, fine men like Don can get away with that. Love ya, Don. Just kidding. All the guys look great.

  • black

    Even I have to say that brad is looking good… guy.

  • Angela

    You know I love Don Cheadle too! Terrific, terrific actor. I have no complaints about ANY of the guys in the OCEANS Series though. They are all talented and I’m glad they aren’t all clones of each other which seems to happen in the music scene