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Britney Spears' Daughter

Britney Spears' Daughter

Producer Swizz Beatz promises something groundbreaking for the new Britney Spears album, which he’s currently working on with songwriter Sean Garrett. "That’s my partner in crime right there," Swizz said. "The Britney stuff, we’re creating just for her. It’s a lot of tempo, a lot of hard drums, a lot of sonic changes. It’s just something that when you hear it, you get goose bumps. She’s back for real."  SO VERY EXCITED!  BRING BACK THE BEATZ, BRIT!

Above is mommy-to-be Britney Spears (HOLLA!) at Primary Action’s and Adwil Agency’s Emmy Suite yesterday afternoon in Beverly Hills.  Britney is due to give birth sometime next month with hubby Kevin Federline. The pair registered at L.A.’s top celebrity baby boutique, Petit Trésor, and chose most girly items… more evidence the couple is having a baby girl!  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • jennifer

    1st ha!ha!

  • Hilary

    Glad to see her smiling but is she at the point where she will pose next to anything. She did the same thing at the Teen Awards. Looks a bit…okay very goofy but at least she is smiling

  • creativegirl

    She looks like friggin’ Willie Wonka in that one picture.Just horrible — they should make her a Project Runway challenge "Make Britney look like a dignified pregnant lady."That would be a doozy!

  • Tony

    She looks wonderful!!! Although she is really on the freebies mood this days. but who wouldnt??!! Im so excited for Britney’s new album. She is been working since February this year, and she’s been in the studio a lot lately, she is doing public appearances at 8 months pregnant, looking great and with an awsome mood!! It sounds like a pre-COMEBACK to me!!1 Britney I LOVE YOU!!! U ROCK!!

  • moi

    She looks like a retard.

  • Maria

    I like Brit, but the woman CANNOT dress!!!! What in heavens name is she wearing? She was having fun and that’s cool, but the dress — the woman ‘s soooo, I can’t describe it, without being offensive, so I’ll not.

  • Emily

    a lot of people hate britney jut because she married kevin. if she had not half of the people that are going to comment woud not say bad thingss about her. she is a great artist and i cant wait ofr her next album to come. so see she is on her way as soon as she gives birth to this child.. why would you call her trailer trash?some people just dont reconize the good points in people. i love her. she looks really good here i love her dress and for all the fans who are commenting go o it has all the pics of her form day one if you are a hater then why are you commenting. people just dont care what they say. she is always in a happy mood and she really likes her life mags are starting to say nice things about her now like People and In touch and etc. i love her dress. she looks really prettyu here. i cant wait to see the new baby i think that it is a girl. i hope her album does good and she gets back in to shape.

  • Kitty

    Another loser !!

  • Doug

    LOVE the pictures. LOVE Brit. Thanks for broghtening our day with your wacky sense of humor.:)

  • joliepittme

    People would hate her no matter what, she could look like heidi klum, she’d still get bashed, its all part of being a celebrity.

  • Dee


  • Chris

    White trash

  • amy

    i think she great!…and i SOOOOOOOOOO cant wait for her album!!!!!….man she looks very happy and beautiful!…im glad she has a smile on her face, shes a glowing mama!

  • ninjasgirl

    I really think a major reason why she is getting so much bad" press is because of the fact that she created a relationship with a man who had a pregnant girlfriend and another child . Her saying that she didn’t know about Shar is "bogus" because everyone else in this country knew! Also even before involving herself with a loser who had no problem dumping a woman pregnant with "his" child, she had an affair with one of her black back up dancers who was "A" married and "B" he and his wife were expecting a baby as well! I’m sure "that" mariage (if it still exsists) will "never" be the same after that kind of betrayl. I wish her no ill will but "Karma" is a BITCH , a lepord doesn’t change his spots,do unto to others as you would like to be done, what "goes" around will come around,you can’t make a "silk purse" from a pig’s ear, last but not least "if it looks like a duck, walks and quacks like a duck , its a "friggin DUCK" (keeping it clean folks just keeping it clean) LOL ;o)

  • adranni

    I loveee UUUUUU Britney!!!!!!!!More Pics here:

  • Grace

    I don’t hate her but I can’t really say I am a fan. She seems to consist solely of smoke & mirrors. Her music is more technology than voice. She has lied about everything in the press …I don’t smoke, I’m still a virgin, I did not know Kevin had a girlfriend, I wanna be left alone. I can’t really say that anyone knows her just the "her" she looks to present and that seems to change often

  • Beth

    In all fairness Brit wasn’t white trailer trash until she married Kevin Federline.

  • bar

    so cute! i love britney!

  • Courtney

    I LOVE BRITNEY! She looks beautiful and I love her dress! Nice to see her soo happy recently!(PLZ CHECK OUT MY SITE PPL!)

  • Ana Carolina

    PERFECT!SHE LOOKS BEATIFUL!I Love the pictures,I love Britney…My favorite singer forever”Everybody’s talkin all this stuff about herWhy don’t they just let she leaves?She doesn’t need permissions make her own decisionsTHAT’S BRITNEY’S PREROGATIVE!!”let she leave!!

  • roxy

    I love her! She looks amazing. She may not make the best choices sometimes but everyone of us has. Its not fair to judge someone. She is a good person the end

  • Melanie

    I miss the old Brit. I still love her though. I can’t wait until she has her comeback!

  • maryann


  • LMAO

    People gotta stop talking all this sh!t about Britney!!

  • b

    she looks great! i admit on some days (even most days) she looks like crap. but i think thats awesome! but shes been looking great lately. she has like a pattern. she’ll look good then look like crap. but in no way i think she is trailer trash. that sounds really snobbish of u people. britney is awesome and shes a great performer! for some of u people that dont like her cant seem to resist reading about her and commenting on her!

  • LMAO

    Stop all that shit talking!

  • Nikki

    she is such a idiot!!! but she looks good!!!

  • gossipgirl

    It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when Britney Spears was the pinnacle of sexy. Now she’s a tragic joke that just keeps getting sadder and sadder and sadder. Altho it is a tad funny too. Hey, don’t forget to check out my site too!

  • Kellie

    Where is her wedding ring?

  • Flo

    (sigh). Just when I thought there was hope left… =(

  • Baltazar

    I love the Britters and her funny faces. Peeps say she’s white trash but from all accounts she’s got a heart of gold and is one of the nicest peeps. Really looking forward to her musical comeback.

  • Mandy

    Britney looks great. I love her. I can’t wait til her next album. It’s going to be awesome!

  • Samual

    Wow. She’s been looking amazing lately. Oh she’s making me anxious with her new album. Get on it Britney. Show them how it’s really done girl!

  • Al

    No one knows who she is anymore. She’s a no talent flop with a handful of kids. Get a life Shitney.

  • Ha

    She destroyed her career. No one wants music from her. Her albums were awful and a waste. She’s old, fat, kids can’t relate, and a whole crop of newer, hotter, and better girls have taken over. She better find a new job, because there’s nothing left.

  • Enough

    Her music is awful. She has no talent. She has no brain. She’s stuck at 16 years old with all these kids. There’s no album for her. She’s a total flop now. The public got it’s fill of her white trash life for three years now. She recorded it, she’s still living it, it’s over for her. Next! She is so boring.

  • Bobby

    Kids and pop singers don’t mix. Someone should have told her that a long time ago. Having two kids under 25 with another handful of stepkids, and a deadbeat dad, kills your career. Someone should have told her that. She will now end like Monica and Brandy, but they actually had talent.Her career was based on the lolita thing. That’s over completely. No one will dare look at her again. She’s gross. Kids just laugh, and the majority of them don’t care about her.

  • Sara

    Comeback? You can’t have a comeback until you had a career. She lasted four years. She went the way of Nsync and Backstreet Boys. She’s Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. No one will buy her shit anymore. Get back to reality!

  • Jeff

    When is the baby due? Does anyone know?

  • amber

    girl u nee to get back in touch wit u fashion sense, i guess being wit a loser can do to your head

  • Roxxi

    WE LOVE BRITNEY. FROM THE CARDINAL CHEERLEADING TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariah

    Omg. seriously you guys you have to cut her some slac. she has had a lot going on and she still looks good. so just shut up and stop talknig shit about her.

  • Bob

    My friend at school keeps telling everyone that she is Britneys daughter. It’s getting kind of weird now. lol