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Matthew McConaughey Muscles

Matthew McConaughey Muscles

Matthew McConaughey got a little unwanted female attention in Miami Wednesday night. An optimistic brunette followed him out of the Forge restaurant, where designer Nicole Miller had been holding a runway show. Onlookers say McConaughey was wearing flip-flops and looking very much like he was ready to call it a night. And he apparently wasn’t pleased when the young lady followed him into a waiting car. "The brunette got into the car for about 30 seconds and then was propelled right out," our spy tells us. "She was miffed." Moments later, Lance Armstrong (with a blond gal pal) joined him in the car which hightailed it into the night. — NY Daily News

The shirtless-ness just don’t stop!  But do you really want it to?  More Matthew McConaughey taking dip in the ocean during a rain shower and chatting up the ladies yesterday in Miami Beach!  

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  • balzac

    NO MORE MATTHEW. People!! What;s wrong with u all? Who is this guy? He wont even play Lance Armstrong! He wasnt funny in Sahara, he was pathetic with Kate Hudson in this shitty comedy, where they used Sacramento Kings and NY Knicks. Gaaaaaaaaaah. He is not even handsome. He’s got short legs. C’mon. Think twice.

  • jaromir

    Funny that you loath him that much, but yet you notice that he has short legs.Sure I don’t think that he is the best thing that walked this planet, but even I have to admit that I understand why the ladies find him attractive.Its actually pretty simple, if you see a post with him in it, just don’t click on it.

  • Ken

    I am so tired of seeing Matthew and Lance shirtless. They are just doing that to get some media coverage. Enough already. Unless they get fully naked, I won’t be paying much attention to any pics of them shirtless.BTW, Matthew is such a horrible. No matter what character he played, he always have the same accent, which most of the time does not match the background of the character he played.

  • blah

    Ken….you seem to have a lot to say about someone you don’t like. ….interesting. Personally, I find him one of the HOTTEST MEN TO WALK THIS PLANET!! And his voice is the sexiest voice I have EVER heard. YUM

  • wow

    I can’t get enough of him, he is GORGEOUS!! Keep the eye candy flowing Jared!!!!Matthew makes my day.And for those of you whose sick and tired of seeing him….ummm…why don’t ya’ll try ignoring his threads??Jealously is a crazy emotion people!!!

  • wow

    I can’t get enough of him, he is GORGEOUS!! Keep the eye candy flowing Jared!!!!Matthew makes my day.And for those of you whose sick and tired of seeing him….ummm…why don’t ya’ll try ignoring his threads??Jealously is a crazy emotion people!!!

  • Jada

    He was cuter when he was younger. But i’d go out with him, i gues. He’s not the hottest guy to walk this planet, but he’s pretty close. He looks like Moses or God or something here. Walkin on the water. Damn, he’s gettin pretty cute.

  • Jada

    I want to see him in more serious roles like a detective or something, where he gets naked and seduces a girl.. maybe someone like Angelina Jolie. Oh, that would be hot…

  • Jada

    You know who would look good with him! Giselle Bundchen, in real life, as a girlfriend (not in any movie). Hook ‘em up!

  • Jada

    Or Halle Berry would look good with him too. They both have rockin’ bods. Ok, my last post here.

  • ray

    geez – bring back the ryan phillippe working out pics. matthew is SO tired, and i never thought i’d say that.

  • black

    I think this guy is in love with his muscles….But he really needs lot of time to build them up- other guys only train 3 times a week and it´s the same result.But oh well, if he needs it.

  • Paula

    I too can’t get enough of him. He rocks. He’s the best body in Hollywood. He’s so down to earth, a real man. More Matthew, Jared, please!!!

  • movie fan

    #3 KenYou made me laugh!! That "same accent" that doesn’t match his characters is HIS OWN, dummy!! The man is from Texas and has a Southern accent. Reminds me of when I saw Broadcast News with Holly Hunter in it years ago with my college boyfriend and his dimwitted brother. The movie obviously went right over his head, and he was bored. Afterward, as my boyfriend were enthusiastically discussing the themes and dialogue in the movie, he was uncomfortable, so he said he was annoyed by Holly Hunter’s "fake accent"!! We just looked at him, not knowing how to explain to the dipsh*t that she is from Georgia and has a very pronounced Southern accent!Yeah, okay, you don’t like him. We get it. We don’t care. Move on.For those not thinking he’s not a good actor after his latest silly roles, rent Contact and A Time to Kill. He used to be more serious. Seems to be regressing into a college-kid type phase right now, and taking Lance with him.

  • junglegirljlt

    Good comment, movie fan! Keep those Matthew pictures coming Jared! You know I come here for him and I thank you for keeping me here! LOL!You are the BEST on the Net!

  • *******

    Been looking at him over the last few weeks hanging out with his buds, and keeping busy….but he looks like refried sh*t I think he trying to keep busy to keep his mind off the breakupIt ain’t working!I think he’s taking the breakup hard

  • Ken

    #13 PaulaYour post made me laugh too.No matter what character he played, regardless of the background of the character, he always have the same southern accent. Unlike some great actors, like Meryl Streep, who actually learn the accent that suits the character, Matt just talk like he was himself. How good an actor is that. He played an religious leader in Contact….oh please, who cast him?Paula – you like him. We get it. Move on.

  • JLT

    Woo hoo! More Matthew pictures!



  • nicinoz

    I have been watching this guy for 10 years. And though I long for the meaty roles, the guy is one hell of a salesman!! .. He knows his market, where to make his money and his mark. I am patient enough to wait for the goods. Til then DANCE NAKED!


    Matthew McConaughey’s accent is fake. He didn’t talk like that in high school. In fact, he wore Izod and played golf in highschool. Where this hippy, potsmoking, guru, terrible beard “dude” came from I don’t know. Everyone changes a lot from high school, but he’s become a totally different person. What really gets me is the fake accent. He had NO accent, I repeat, NO accent growing up. It must be part of his fake persona.

  • Alexia Tessier

    Ian Somerhalder has finally responded to rumors that he’s a favorite to play this role…
    The Movie Fifty Shades Of Grey