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Tom Cruise's Secret Yahoo! Deal

Tom Cruise's Secret Yahoo! Deal

After parting ways with Paramount Studios, Tom Cruise secretly (or not so secretly — he did wave to paparazzi after all) met with executives of Internet media giant Yahoo! for a three-hour meeting in in Santa Monica, California.  Remember when TomKat invaded Yahoo! HQ back in March?

Tom‘s future films willl reportedly be backed, funded, endorsed, or whatever you want to call it by Yahoo!. Wife-to-be Katie Holmes accompanied Tom to the meeting but was strangely dressed in a heavey winter coat on a hot summer day…  More pictures in the gallery of Tom & Katie eating at Orso restuarant yesterday also!

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  • tandem

    What have they DONE to Katie Holmes for heaven’s sake!! A heavy coat…it’s like she lost her ability to reason…I’m worried (seriously)

  • CS

    I think Tom is looking better these days but seriously why is she wearing a coat??

  • kiki

    give me a break. She is a grown up now, not Joey from Dawsons Creek and can make up her own decisions… You people act as if Tom has some spell over her, GOSH. Give them a break

  • danny

    Poor girl……looks like she is totally forcing that smile. That coat! Those "alien eyes" sunglasses!

  • Dana

    I love her sunglasses!! Does anyone know what they are?

  • Maria

    I DON’T CARE!!!! Switch channels, will ya!!

  • diane

    Tom looks soooooooooo hot, I love him

  • Claire

    Is that Simon Pegg in pics 13-15 ?

  • Dannielle

    I love them! I was a little shocked by them being a couple…but I am over it. I don’t know why she’s wearing that coat but I am sure there is a reason. I love Tom and even with his split from Paramount I am sure he will get back and be better than ever. He doesn’t look to sad to me…

  • Maria

    Dannielle: He never looks sad — the man likes being photographed. As far as Katie’s coat — you knew people were going to talk about it. These two just turn me off. You like them, and that’s your opinion, of course, but there’s something very strange going on in this relationship. Katie fell in love with a poster on her wall and movies she’s seen with him in them. She’s in a ‘romantic’ bubble right now, but when the bubble explodes, it’s not going to be pretty. If this relationship does work, then good, as I do not go around wishing bad things for people. They also live in ‘LaLa Land’, where 6 months is a long time for any relationship. Sad, but true.

  • cycloneblondie

    The GMD is an absolute freaking wanker!!! Yawn…A total trippin’ loon…and congrat’s to him for winning this latest award in Australia! lmao “:)SYDNEY (Reuters) – Actor Tom Cruise has a new award from Australia to add to his collection — for being the most sexist celebrity. About 400 of Australia’s most powerful women gathered in the New South Wales state parliament late Thursday to decide on the winners of the 14th annual "Ernie Awards" which are handed out for the worst derogatory public statements. The awards were named after a trade union leader called Ernie whose union members included sheep shearers. He once famously said: "Women aren’t welcome in the shearing sheds. They’re only after the sex." The "Ernies" have an international flavour — and Cruise was awarded the 2006 Celebrity Ernie. Dumped by Paramount Pictures for his erratic behaviour, Cruise won for a comment he made about his pregnant partner Katie Holmes: "I’ve got Katie tucked away so no one will get to us until my child is born". You "yanks" can have the "wank" all to yourselves!!! Cheers ":)

  • trullesand

    i´m sorry i´m forced to just post this. in that very first picture: where is his dick in his jeans? it just looks like there´s nothing.

  • blah

    Why does a young pretty girl like Katy dress like an old woman? She is wearing heavy clothing that covers ALL

  • cycloneblondie

    # 12 | trullesand |I was thinking he looks totally GAY wearing Katies same ole jeans!!! uggghhhhhhhhh yuckThose jeans are sooooooooo old!

  • april

    I felt sorry for Katie, but she is a grown woman. They do live in Hollywood, and people do the darndest things for riches and fame.Tom Cruise has changed for the worst, since his split with Nicole.

  • blah

    hahahah – cycloneblondie- you are HILARIOUS!!! He DOES look totally GAY wearing Katy’s old jeans!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karen

    Leave Tom alone, seriously, i know the scientology thing is weird, but he really is one of the nicest guys in hollywood. he’s great to his fans. and as far as katie wearing a coat. if the meeting was in the morning, santa monica is cold in the morning, its called a marine layer. i wear jackets in santa monica during the sumer all of the time.

  • gloria

    will katie ever walk next to tom and not three stepd behind him? and seriously, it’s like tom and nicole brought one another to this happy medium and then when they split they just both went in complete opposite directions. unfortunately for tom nicole’s was sane and respetable and his was not.

  • freedog

    Tom is a of the best actor in Hollywood, together at Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp. He can make any roles and to be in part always. He can act how crazy the last summer, but after that born Suri he is calm down. Now he is a good place and the people can stand with him wit the story of the Paramount.

  • shirls

    :o I LOVE Tom’s hair like that and i love Katie’s coat.

  • kelly

    "and as far as katie wearing a coat. if the meeting was in the morning, santa monica is cold in the morning, its called a marine layer. i wear jackets in santa monica during the sumer all of the time."The meeting was in the afternoon (it was reported on Defamer) and that’s not a "jacket," it’s a heavy winter coat. Oh, and she’s got knee high leather boots on, as well. Can you say cuckoo?

  • Mimi

    Tom is not a great actor and he’s truly jumped the shark. Why does Katie wear a heavy wool coat on a very warm LA day? They’re both weird.

  • Anna

    Temperature in Santa Monica Thu. afternoon was 75 degress at noon and 70 degrees at 5 pm.

  • jiggy

    A heavy coat in August in LA? You know what that means. She’s pregnant…….AGAIN.Slut.

  • Deede

    Some of you people are just haters. I wonder how you personally would deal with people following you everywhere you went…screaming obscenities at you…hanging outside your home snapping pictures when your hair isn’t brushed…or following you to restaurants or your kids games all the while taking pictures and screaming and even trying to drive you off the side of the road. I really wonder how you all would handle those situations?If you look at the pictures, Katie had on a thin shirt with see through sleeves in the meeting. She is wearing a jacket when she leaves…hmm…this is a conspiracy…or could the gal just be cold natured as in the jacket is not a freaking SKI Jacket. Tom has on a jacket. I guess this means he is pregnant also. I guess when you people wear jackets, you all must be pregnant also. It’s a shame. So many pregnancies … not enough sense.When you look at the pic of Katie and the blonde lady walking away, the JACKET does not look heavy at all….just a jacket.For the haters, this couple could not do anything right and you know something, they don’t know you or care what you think. Right now, I think they are just trying to have a life together with their child and Tom’s other children.Haters are miserable people…..

  • kayla

    I think they look great together. Tom is a wonderful actor, and he can and will do anything he sets his mind too. Who cares if she is wearing a coat, what business is it of yours. I think she is one of the best dressers in hollywood.

  • megan

    What is Tom doing to katie. First he hurt her career now this.

  • fritzngray

    i miss Katie’s acting, she’s a great actress since DC and all her movies i watched it and it’s so sad she’s not active working right now. I hope she’s happy, i’d seen her latest pics with suri most of the time and i must say, she matured so much!!!…Tom and Katie relationship is so sudden and i cannot imagine how it happened that fast..just me:D i just hope she’s really happy.