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Fergie Dutchess Album

Fergie Dutchess Album

Fergie and The Duchess of York may soon be joining forces for a charity project to build a school for needy children.  When asked in an interview if she had ever met the "other" Fergie, the singer said: "Yes, I had a conversation with her on the phone. It was great – I was talking to royalty!  I think we are going to do some charity work together. I know that she builds schools and both my parents are teachers. I always had to get good grades so that is an important thing to me because it has helped me along in life." Fergie‘s first solo album "The Dutchess" hits stores on September 19th…

Above is 31-year-old Fergie (nice outfit!) meeting up for lunch yesterday afternoon in Greenwich Village, NYC .  The guy seems kind of skeevy, yes?  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • angelah

    skeevy? yes

  • megasqueeze

    well.. at least i like her shorts. there nothing more nice what i can say right now. she stinks. black eyed peas 2. i daresay that ‘london bridge’ is the worst record ever.

  • Jessica

    Um, look at her lips. Too much collagen. And her face is so wide and pudgy from the botox or what have you. I don’t know what’s goin on there with her face. (??) The rest of her looks hot, though. And did her boyfriend/ fiance or whatever leave her after those photos of him with those fergie look-a-like girls half naked at a pool while he’s checkin their skanky butts out. Sad… I thought he was a good midwestern boy. But he’s into nasty girls. It’s probably all that Vegas in him.

  • sbitty

    did then end up breaking up for real Jared? Just curious there was a rumor she was prego my eggo but obviously not, she looks better than she usually does must say…

  • fyi

    Must be a slow day if you post pics of Fergie. However she looks better than usually. Thanks the same jj

  • suki

    kate moss wannabe

  • ah

    Her hands look weird to me, like the fingers are too short, not helped by the black nail polish. maybe its just the angle. otherwise her outfit is quite ok!

  • kari

    I think she looks pretty. Geeze she is in NYC for her tour, the were at jones beach. I hear she is sitll with Josh, and I doubt the sheev is a date lolBut Jared are she and Josh broken up?

  • gigi

    ok, so how did good grades in school help her, exactly? she’s an entertainer, a plastic surgery nightmare, and an ex-meth head. yeah, get those A’s, kids!

  • Jackkie

    fergie looks amzing as usual i saw her the night before these pics were taking and she looked amazing in concert and she looks amazing now too. oh and whos that fat beast next to her? lol

  • Susan

    I don’t know if she’s had work done or not but I don’t care. I’ve liked her with the Peas and solo. Fergie’s a okay with me.

  • lisaa

    She looks so pretty! She is really sweet and talented. Probably some people who know the other peas and Fergie met them out.

  • msguidedmama

    I have to say, girl has great pegs!But oh, I don’t think collogen, that is a lip implant. Sad what plastic surgery can do to a perfectly pretty girl. Her before pics she is adorable.

  • N

    The man perv is creeping me out – what a pig – wonder if he has a little wife at home or maybe a DAUGHTER that age?

  • FYI

    You have right N this man is perv. It seems that he has see the woman never.

  • Jo

    looks cute

  • Ami

    Give Fergie A Break She HASNT had Botox For godsake stop making pathetic rumours up and get your fact right before spreading them!!!!!!

  • Nika

    31???? Add six years to it! Of course she had botox and fillers, you can even see where the needles have hit the skin. Her lips were done just recently, they’re still puffy. She’s no beauty.

  • Glamour Diva

    Yes the guy she’s with does seem like the biggest perv ever. Maybe he’s her agent? That would explain his skeevyness. lol

  • Glamour Diva

    And what’s with the “brass knuckles” pendent on her necklace? Is this a new trend? Will everyone be wearing miniature implements of torture and death around their necks in the coming months? Put me down for silver, Chinese throwing stars please!

  • TwoSnapsBlonde

    Is it me or does she have Man Hands? She’s sexy but no beauty. Her ex Josh is freaking gorgeous!

  • me

    she looks great

  • Maggie

    she looks like a frog.

  • whatever

    ok, "fergie" or what ever her real name is, is digusting..vic. beckham, I thought, topped the caked , however, this bitch is FUGLY!!! fake tan..ckeck…facke tits…check..wait, fake everything…check..f-ing gross. whatever happened to NATURALLY beautiful…………………………………………………………………………..!

  • anele

    Fergie ALWAYS had a great body, even as a teen if you look at her pics. She is a sweet and nice gril who has been through a lot, and she is still very attractive.I would love to see how all of you look who bash her!She is talented and puts on a great concert.You all sound nasty and bitter. I love how "ordinary" fugly w omen like Aniston are called "beautiful’ because she is no threat to regular women looks wise, but Fergie who is sexy and has a hot guy is bashed.You guys are sad and jealous, Fergie is an international star and has a great relationship, and Josh and she are still a couple and I know that from those who know them. They just have their values straight.Too bad some immature losers online don’t!

  • tandem

    If Fergie is 31 y-o (by the way, wasn’t it this year that she had a grand birthday party and allegedly turned 30), then I am the ghost of Christmas past.

  • Princess Leia

    I believe the guy in the picture is her publicist.

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  • who cares

    you all waste your time worrying about celebrities and their lives. get a life and so something with yours and stop imagining. youre never gonna meet fergie, shes never gonna see your comments, and no one cares about your opinion, honestly. just give it up and go do something productive.

  • http://justjared, sun shine

    shes nt that pretty but i guess shes different i mean the title of her album and her name/ and even her songs r the prove