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Jake Gyllenhaal NYC

Jake Gyllenhaal NYC

Brother-sister team Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal hit the streets of New York City yesterday afternoon.  Jake‘s inner right arm tattoo is slowly fading away more and more… Mom-to-be Maggie is expected to give birth October 2006 with fellow actor Peter Sarsgaard.   More pictures in the gallery!

What do you think Jake is lugging around in that ginormous bag he’s carrying?  Bike equipment?  Gifts for BFFs Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong?  Or dozens roses for Natalie Portman?

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  • sheila

    FIRST!! God I love Jake…

  • freedog

    jack is the best

  • Mrs. X

    oh man, what he’s lugging in the bag he’s carrying is really not our business, I think. He’s got a prvate life, too, wheter we believe it or not. Wheter he’s lugging roses (haha, how heavy must they be!?) or a bycicle or a bottle of champagne – who cares???! That’s his life..the better question would be, about what does he look so astonish the first photo?

  • angelah

    is the tat real? lol @ pic1

  • ZeNd

    wait a secs.. is jake date natalie portman?

  • Ippink

    One saw them together 2-3 times, and one of these times, he waited for her in the entry of the apartment with a rose.I loved so much when he was with Kisten Dust.

  • condoms

    Maybe condoms?lol

  • ann

    Gay guys love to offer roses and other things to their female friends. I know for self experience.

  • sd

    Cute pics of him and his sister Maggie.

  • moonbeams

    Jakey got a lousy hair cut. But hair grows and he’s still the sexiest ,most delicious man I’ve ever seen!!!! Had no idea Maggie was SO tall! He’s 6′. BTW, Ann (#8): Psst! It was a movie!

  • LD

    Jake and Maggie together are too cute!!

  • C

    haha. i dont know.. i think its a cute haircut. AND Maggie and Jake do look cute together! haha.

  • Nineveh

    I can’t wait to hear what her baby is and the name.And just for the record, Natalie Portman is currently dating violinist Joshua Bell.

  • fyi

    jack will be a wonderfull uncle, maggie is very pretty here

  • moonbeams

    Natalie accompanied her parents to Joshua Bell’s concert and then they joined him at a dinner party. I think his boyfriend would be very surprised to know he was on a date with Natalie (and her parents), at the same time he was! LOLOL!!!!

  • megan

    yeah..joshua bell is gay. he came out a few years ago. cute pics!

  • r

    Yep,have to agree monnbeams.Lousy haircut.It was so nice before.Now it’s a mess.Who the hell did it should be punished severely.As for whats in the bag…Natalie Portman?

  • bc

    FWIW.Jake wasn’t waiting outside outside Nats apt with roses.He did meet up with her in NY a few months ago and gave her a cheap bunch of tulips.It was still sweet and it’s the thought that counts.

  • Susan

    I loooooooooooooooooove this man. He’s gorgeous! Maggie looks beautiful being pregnant and very happy as well. Good for her.

  • Baltazar

    i disagree, i think the haircut is really sharp. my guess for the duffle bag would be a whole lotta porn (circa 1985 )on vhs.

  • moonbeams

    LOLOL!! r. Yeah. Maybe Jake shoved ol’ Natalie in his carry-on. The great thing about hair is that it grows! I bet he was hanging out at Martha’s Vineyard, and his mother took one look and made him get a haricut for his dad’s poetry reading. It looks like a local (!) haircut and not one done by the usual expensivestylist type person. Not that Jakey would care that much. He seems to be the kind of guy who wakes up one day and says "Shit! I need a hair cut!" Maggie looks SO adorable!!!!

  • r

    Moonbeams you are right.Definately not done by a professional stylist.Maybe his mate did it when he was,it will grow.Not quick enough for me.Maggie is a natural isn’t she.Adorable brother and sister.

  • Andrea

    Wow Jared really surprised you didn’t know Jake is a homosexual. Jake is gay and he’s dating Austin Nichols. And where are the Austin pics anyhow? Everyone from Perezhilton to Ted Cassanlanca has outed this gay couple. Soon they will be the new Lance and Reichen.

  • ?

    @Andreayes yes, suuuure, jake is gay. And Kirsten Dunst is a really great man. Everynody knows she is. Ehm, I mean HE, of course. Yes. And Brokeback Mountain…well, it wasn’t a movie, you’re right, it was just a documentation, that’s why we all know he’s gay and he fell in love with heath for a couple of moths and now…..austin nichols?? well how ever..sure, he’s gay. haha. ridiculous

  • FYI

    Stop it! If Jake is gay or not, is business own no our. He is beautiful man that cares his sister pregnant. He cares his family and this is the only thing important here. Thumbs up for Jake

  • ?

    But why should he be gay?? Theres no reason! There’s no occation that make’s us believe it. He never had a relationship with a guy and he told us in his interviews that he isn’t gay. so why should he lie??! IT WAS A MOVIE. Wake up people please.

  • Ohstopbitching

    ^^ Are you about 12? What do you mean ‘there’s no reason’. Don’t be so silly. There are gay people in the world you know. It does happen!Anyway, gay or not, he seems a super nice guy and Maggie is great. I like his haircut and he really seems to look after his sister.

  • ?

    Oh man, that’s not what I actually said. What I mean, is, there is no reason that HE is gay. If he was, why shouldn’t he admit it??! I believe him. II know "it does happen" and I’m not against gay men but if Jake says he’s not – why should he lie, I repeat!?

  • megan

    Maybe it was for a movie or something(tat)

  • bugsy

    Jake is soooooo luvly, and he has a greatfamily. You can tell they care for each other.So what if he loves men. MYOB fucktards.

  • Adult

    Children (particularly "?"), just because someone says they’re straight doesn’t mean they are. It’s called coming out of the closet, sweetie. So did Lance say he was gay all along? No. Grow up. Also, you might have heard about "gaydars". Gaydar says Jake is a flaming queen. So pick another celebrity darling to fantasise about.