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Janet Jackson Topless

Janet Jackson Topless

Never worn so little?  How about at the Supebowl?

New Album.  New Body.  Same burning desire.  A not so covered up Janet Jackson takes the cover of FHM October 2006.  She talks about her whole new world of sexuality with boyfriend Jermaine Dupri: “I’m way more open, and I know that probably sounds crazy. But he’s taken me places I haven’t been before.”  “I love stripping too because I know he loves it.”   Kinky!  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • none

    Didn’t she say quite awhile ago that she doesn’t like to show her legs. Scars and stuff from when she was a kid. She always had her legs covered. Now they are bare! Maybe she got them fixed cosmetically and of course in photos they can be airbrushed.

  • d. c.

    I have never seen a woman become so dead-eyes masculine and fuggy, repulsively fake.. so quickly.. maybe it’s the photo shop or her spirit and soul was actually stolen.

  • Jessica

    Well, she’s showing the back of her legs. So, maybe the scars are in the front. But she’s got a rockin bod. I don’t like her face anymore though. Her nostrils stick way up and it looks like a skeleton. I know she mentioned something about how her boyfriend made her want to be more natural by not having to wear as much makeup as before. UH, WEAR MORE MAKEUP, PLEASE. Cause this natural thing on your face is not workin for you.

  • Jessica

    I bet guys like the second photo in the middle on the second row where she’s not smiling and stickin her legs out bended. If I were a guy I’d like her in that one, only cause her face looks good there. Her nostrils aren’t stickin up and she isn’t givin that evil mad joker smile.

  • Cin

    Janet is not cute, and never has been. With all their money you’d think the Jackson family could afford more decent rhinoplasty.

  • Me

    Although I don’t really dig her, she looks pretty rockin’ for someone who not that long ago was pretty fat and not very healthy looking. She must have worked out like the bomb.

  • Poison_Cherry

    When you have to show your naked body in front of all magazine covers to promote your career, that’s when you should know that your career is over.

  • Rose

    Remind me of a semi-nude Playboy shoot. In fact she should do Playboy, since she like showing her body so much.

  • sue nommi

    I agree Poison_Cherry. Stick a fork in her…she’s done!

  • aycaramba

    ohmigod!!! Janet’s so fake, used 2 liked her but not nemore……

  • Baltazar

    you really can’t get away with fooling us now-a-days. even though every celeb is shopped for photo spreads, this is too unbelivable. though i doubt it really matters to the peeps who buy FHM.

  • lose control

    i used to like her too. she is trying so hard to rejuvinate her dying career. didn’t she learn from her brother’s fate? it’s better remembered being famous and talented than trashy

  • whatever

    Wow! That’s one ugly slapper!Do people actually buy her dreadful latest CD? That’s a real question, wanna know.

  • FYI

    When was a teenager she was cute. I remember her in Fame-the series, she and Leroy (can he RIP) had a great chemistry. Now she is becomed ugly, sorry janet.

  • hmmmm

    I loved her voice RN, Control, BC, her voice is powerful and sharp and shouting.But since Janet album…HmmmmmmHer voice is just same and boring.She just Humming and Humming and Humming and humming.I don’t understand why she doing like that?Does she has voice problem?

  • whatever

    She said the same thing in Vibe. In exactly the same way. How about she come up with a new quote?!

  • Me

    I wish she’d put it away. I don’t wanna see it. Blech. She’s…weird.

  • YO!

    Latoya she’s not… Now that’s a first class bimbo!

  • Flo

    ^^^If you dont want to see it than obviously dont look. No her career is "not over". Re: #13 yeah people did buy the album, it debuted at number two on Billboard, would of went to #1 if not for Usher’s "Confessions". And "All For You" sold millions of units. Ignorance is bliss…and the truth hurts.She’s not doing this "to sell records". Contrary to popular belief –sex doesnt sell. Nobody purchases music albums if they think so-and-so is hot. Who does that?Janet isnt as good looking as she was say, 10 years ago, but she’s still a lovely person. And to whom making a comment about make-up–Janet looks MUCH better without make-up. She looks younger and prettier when she’s natural than in any of those airbrushed photos.

  • kevin

    Damn Janet looks good as hell. Now thats how you do a mens magazine. This is why she has soooo many fans. she knows how to do what it do!

  • KissJanet`sASS

    Everybody who is hating on Janet here are just jealous idiots. Janet is a gorgeous person including in those hot FHM pics. I would like to see what all of you who is hating on Janet here looks like. Probably ugly as hell. You`re just jealous because you guys know you will never look as good as Janet does at the age of 40. Leave Janet aka the queen ALONE you stupid asses!!!!!I`m sick of people like you hating on the gorgeous Janet..Miss Jackson if ya Nasty. If you guys prefer to kiss and idolize Britney`s ugly, stank ass then go ahead. Grow up hoes!

  • Cin

    Sorry, KissJanet’sAss, the girl isn’t attractive. She was cute when she was a portly teen, but now she’s just plain weird looking…I mean look at her nose…Her nostrils are all showing and they are shaped like little triangles. What freakin plastic surgeon would intentionally make triangular nostrils? Not to mention she looks like a dude. We not jealous, we have eyes…

  • Me

    KissJanetsAss and Flo, you guys need to get out of 1992. Girl is over. And..she’s…scary-lookin. Ew. Spooky!

  • tBONE

    JANET is a Great person and soul.. Positive comments are always better guys.. Come on be nice she is a person like everyone else. Look for the good in people not the bad.. All the Best Janet YOU ROCK>>>