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Brad & Angelina: Burbank Airport

Brad & Angelina: Burbank Airport

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted on the runway of Burbank airport this past Friday and Saturday.  Brad reportedly dropped off Angelina for flying lessons…  More pictures in the gallery!  Thanks to angelah and fiona!!

[Pictures via]
Just Jared on Facebook
brad angelina burbank airport 01
brad angelina burbank airport 02
brad angelina burbank airport 03
brad angelina burbank airport 04
brad angelina burbank airport 05
brad angelina burbank airport 06
brad angelina burbank airport 07
brad angelina burbank airport 08
brad angelina burbank airport 09
brad angelina burbank airport 10
brad angelina burbank airport 11
brad angelina burbank airport 12
brad angelina burbank airport 13
brad angelina burbank airport 14
brad angelina burbank airport 15
brad angelina burbank airport 16
brad angelina burbank airport 17
brad angelina burbank airport 18
brad angelina burbank airport 19
brad angelina burbank airport 20
brad angelina burbank airport 21
brad angelina burbank airport 22
brad angelina burbank airport 23
brad angelina burbank airport 24
brad angelina burbank airport 25

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  • angelah

    Love u j@red!!!

  • rowena


  • angelah

    hot pics, aren’t they? lol =D

  • TY

    Thanks JJ for the new photos! Why together again? I think SOMETHING BIG is COMING SOON!!!!

  • rowena

    hmhhmhmh sweet!

  • Sapphire

    Great pics. Thank JJ, your’re the best.Does the tatoo seen on Angelina seems to match the one on Brad, on the set of O13, sitting with GC in the lounge chairs?

  • CCCC

    Thanks JJ … so sweet!

  • susie

    it looks like she changed outfits, glasses and earrings. Are these the same day? Anyway they look gorgeous!! When are they going to do stuff with the kids? It seems like those kids are always stuck at home, inside, when angelina used to always do stuff with them.

  • chi-chi

    thanks jj! you are the best.

  • Be sane

    Fianlly they know they don’t have to be "considerate" and now they can behave like a normal couple in public. It’s way overdue. Paving the way for a certain red-carpet walk together soon? :)

  • gitane

    sweeeeeet! thanks jared!

  • Lady Lurk

    Beautiful. Y’all let’s see what the Fanistons will come up with now. Thanks Jared, you are da man.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared and also thanks to Angelah and Fiona, I love the pictures, love Angie’s dress. Don’t you guys just love the walk they walk insync, just love them, so sweet.

  • alero

    The pics of Angie flying was Friday. other pics with Brad and Angie I think was Saturday

  • CCCC

    # 10 | Be sane – ITA.

  • Alexanderina

    # 10 | Be sane | – I agree Be sane, this is the first of many outing to come, I can’t wait.

  • Alexanderina

    # 11 | gitane – Hi Gitane, sweet indeed, look at that smile on Angie’s face when she greet Brad, I love it :)

  • Lady Lurk

    #9 SusieHey Sus, We only like a few seconds of their 24 hr day, how do you know they don’t do things with the kiddies? Jeez, it is always something, ain’t it?

  • FYI

    This must be the week of B&A. Happy to see that they are together and happy. This couple will stay together forever, i know it. For they are lucky and happiness. This is their year. Brad will win his first Oscar with Babel and Angelina her 2nd Oscar with the Good Shepard. Yes this couple will have everything in your life. Money, lucky and beautiful. Congratulations. Thanks for the pics jj.

  • i have a dog

    Well they are obviously in love, and together, and all is well! YAY! She looks amazing, so slim and chic and of course incredibly gorgeous!

  • think positive!

    # 8 | susie |-No.the picks are not from the same day.The pics with Angie flying her plain is from friday and with Brad and Angie in the airport are from saturday.Witch means yesterday.As for the kids don’t worry Brad has a huge and beautiful garden for them to play all day long. I think Angie will make the trip to Torondo. ;) Love them!

  • CCCC

    # 17 | Alexanderina – They are so much in love and couldn’t wait to see each other. So beautiful!

  • Missouri Fan

    THANKS JARED & AUDREY !Your suppose to be off! Jared thank you for not staying away from us…. lol..Oh! loving to see the WONDERFUL COUPLE..WE LOVE YOU BRAD AND ANGIE!! and your little CHILDREN too..

  • I have a cat

    Amazing pix, check out the smile on that woman’s face.

  • Amaya

    Is she smiling in the last couple of pics? It looks like it ;) They are oh so sexy.OF: The Emmy’s are tonight is anyone else watching? My reasons for watching…1. My dear Conan is hosting.2. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are nominated.3. Kathy Griffin is nominated (please still love me lol) I enjoy her show.4. Steve Carrel is nominated.5. The Office is too. Although I’m still pissed off that John and Jenna didn’t get a nod. They are way more deserving than those who did, no offense.

  • countesslurkula

    nice pix. i doubt the part about Brad dropping her off though. he’s carrying a helmet & she’s in a dress w/heels, which aren’t motorcycle riding clothes. nice to see them looking happy!

  • Alexanderina

    # 22 | CCCC – I totally agree CCCC.Well I am off to church talk to you guys in a little while

  • observer

    Paps are nowhere near, so they walk closely together … side by side!

  • Renee

    Awwww. thank you, thank you, thank you, Jared and Audrey. It’s wonderful to wake up and see this beautiful couple. I am glad to see the Jolie Pitts out and about. Now, hopefully, we can get new pictures of the kiddies too..

  • Maniston

    # 8 | susie I had to laugh at your comment because the other day someone was complaining that Brad and Angie never do anything without the kids. LOL I really think the kids are fine and get plenty of attention.

  • Missouri Fan

    # 8 | susie |-Brad has a huge and beautiful garden for them to play all day long.( lol think positive) I’ll be watching them while doing gardening. lol. Susie, just be patient..

  • Be sane

    Alexanderina, and everyone,Hi there,Re: in syncAlthough Angie doesn’t have an ounce of make-up on, this is my absolutely favorite picture of the two taken in Haiti. Just look at their body language. When I saw this it just made me realize what a strong bond these two have. This is why they don’t need to "adoringly look into each other’s eyes" in front of the papps for fake PDA.

  • CCCC

    # 26 | countesslurkula – Brad was actually meeting her at the airport… she was arriving a destination.

  • CCCC

    # 31 | Missouri Fan – You are so funny MF. That would be really cute.

  • luceabb

    I am so happy for this couple. They deserve all the happiness in the world after the bs of the last two yrs. I must say my favorite site is so much better now that we have gotten rid of the ally cats!! i dont like you know who so i dont go to her sites or comment about her, would be a waste of my time. AJ/BP are my fave always have been always will their garbage will never change that. love you guys there is a lot of people who support you and your family kep living LoL

  • piyutra

    Thank you, Jared and Audrey!BAMZS 4 LIFE ;D

  • freidaflo

    Thanx JJGreat pix of the duo.Obviously did not arrive together. She is in a dress and Brad is holding his helmet.Whatever .. They were able to evade the paps.AJ looks happy,. Passed another aviation test.?It won’t be long , she’ll be able to fly a jet ,ala Travolta…That’s my girl….

  • Amaya

    I just noticed….Brad left his top buttons undone again :)


    It’s really fantastic to check justjared site on a sunday morning and find a new BRANGELINA thread…… you made my sunday jared..thank you.. i just love, love,love and loving to death this power couple…GO BRANGELINA..May GOD BLess you always and your beautiful family…kumusta Ate Char!!!(Missouri Fan) and to every BAMZS diehards …and also to my other kababayans who are JJ regulars. Have a beautiful sunday to all.

  • aveeno1

    oh so cute! Angie is smiling and touching Brad! they look normal and happy! I agree with BeSane… could this be in preparation for a redcarpet walk together? I hope so…..

  • bdj

    Wow! AJ looks amazing. They both look so happy to see each other. It is good to see them out and about, enjoying what they love to do and not letting rumors and tabloids lies interfer. Their children are blessed to have such loving, caring parents. No need to worry about their children. I am sure that Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh get all the love and attention they need. Parents need sometime alone also.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t think this is in preparation for the public at all, I think this was them caught unaware, which is why she is smiling and they are touching. I think it might have been a surprise visit, seeing as how the obviously didn’t come together or can leave together, their clothes indicating he rode up to the airport on his motorcycle and she was already there. I think the paps have figured out when she goes flying and were lying in wait and got an extra bonus. In the pics of them walking together, they must have figured they’d been seen so they are back to expressionless, no touching. But on greeting, they are natural and it’s so good to see. Just like on that gallery video, we get a glimpse of their true demeanor to each other. This is SOOOO not a couple who are fighting, living separately and only together for the kids. Brad is very supportive of her flying and she is obviously very happy to see him. They are so cute together!

  • angelah

    before i go—-# 38 | Amaya HAHA, trying to allure Angie, oh yea definitely jp

  • jerzeegirl

    Good to see her smile. Would love to see the whole family.

  • Amaya

    #43 AngelahBrad’s such a tease.

  • Maniston

    # 46 | Trish No stranger than John Travolta being a father of two who flies his own jet.

  • ritzygal

    # 42 | remember da truth I agree with you but I also have to add that the normal thing would have been for him to walk up to her and kiss her hello.I think they are too guarded.

  • CCCC

    # 46 | Trish – What’s so strange about it?

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared for the pics, u always hook up the BAMZS fan….

  • Lady Lurk

    #46 TrishWhat is strange is your comment.