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Wentworth Miller: Emmy's

Wentworth Miller: Emmy's

If someone can ID the girl, I’ll give you a cookie…  Many more pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: The girl has been ID’d as Marianna Claveno. Take it FWIW! Thanks, Tara!

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wentworth miller emmys 01
wentworth miller emmys 02
wentworth miller emmys 03
wentworth miller emmys 04
wentworth miller emmys 05
wentworth miller emmys 06
wentworth miller emmys 07
wentworth miller emmys 08
wentworth miller emmys 09
wentworth miller emmys 10
wentworth miller emmys 11
wentworth miller emmys 12
wentworth miller emmys 13
wentworth miller emmys 14
wentworth miller emmys 15
wentworth miller emmys 16
wentworth miller emmys 17
wentworth miller emmys 18
wentworth miller emmys 19
wentworth miller emmys 20
wentworth miller emmys 21
wentworth miller emmys 24
wentworth miller emmys 28
wentworth miller emmys 29
wentworth miller emmys 30
wentworth miller emmys 31
wentworth miller emmys 32
wentworth miller emmys 33
wentworth miller emmys 34
wentworth miller emmys 35
wentworth miller emmys 36
wentworth miller emmys 37
wentworth miller emmys 38
wentworth miller emmys 39
wentworth miller emmys 40
wentworth miller emmys 41
wentworth miller emmys 42
wentworth miller emmys 43

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  • geniass

    I heart you Jared! I’m offering a free copy of EW (the one WM was most recently in) for a positive ID!

  • casey

    i read some ariticle.He is dating now .. the girl is from New zealand.Her name is Esther lees.I’m not sure whether she is or not in that pic.She could be a sister. (?)

  • sarai

    Marry me please Wentworth—I love you

  • Mink

    Oh no!!! That dress needs to die!!! Wentworth! You can do soooo much better!

  • Shannon

    yaay Wentworth. I’m not going to say anything mean about the girl. I’ll just go cry into a bowl of ice cream lol.

  • ErinMarie79

    Went looks great! His date is pretty, but her dress is quite ugly! #2-That Esther name was posted on wikipedia. That site is not reliable since anyone can edit info on the page.

  • mahsnowy

    NO NO NO CANT BE (SOBBING…..) HE IS MINE…. But she is lucky lady anyway. He is the guy i will still drool at hehehe..

  • Jess

    Wentworth stated not even two weeks ago that he is currently single and does not have time for a relationship at the moment. Therefore, I do not think they are dating.I doubt he would take a girl that he just met to the Emmys with him, so I am guessing that it is either one of his two sisters or it is a friend from college or something. I was looking at a picture of his ex-girlfriend Kelly and it is not her. But, by the looks of it – it seems they know each other pretty good. I am guessing that its one of his sisters, but who knows.

  • Jess

    On Another Note: Her dress is horrific! HAHA But, Went looks gorgeous in his Tux! Though, he does need to get his pants altered before he wears them because they are too baggy. Anyhow, What I would give to be his arm candy for the night. HAHA

  • Ginny

    Jess, do you have links to pics of his ex? I don’t think it was his sister – was he interiewed on the red carpet?

  • geniass

    Definitely not his sisters.

  • Jess

    Why don’t u guys think it is his sister? The main reason I think it is his sister is because they have a similar nose? Here is the pic of his Ex-girlfriend

  • robin

    The poor girl! As soon as she’s ID’ed, she’ll be hunted down by fangirls. Er, where do I sign up? :D

  • Trish

    Her name is Maria. She and Went are good friends.

  • Just Jared

    She should hire a bodyguard now before it’s too late. geniass just loaded and cocked her AK-47!

  • jess

    I figured she was a good friend or a sister. How do u know her name and info?I am just curious – not so much because of his status but because I know alot of celebs lie about their status to make themselves more of a sex symbol and was just curious if he did as well. hahaBut, its good to know that he is honest. I think Trish gets a cookie and a magazine?? haha Or does she have to verify? HAHA

  • Trish

    They met while Went was working behind the scenes. She works in development. As I’ve seen how his fans get, I won’t be mentioning her last name. I’d like to protect her privacy, to some degree, anyway.

  • Taylor

    Is that his good friend or his girlfriend?

  • Trish

    I understand them to be good friends. Maybe they’ve been more, but I’ve never asked. I didn’t think it was any of my business.

  • Sandra

    Thank you Trish. I was already about to cry. haha.

  • mike

    People…wake up. Wentworth is gay. He’s had a serious boyfriend for over two years. The chick is simply red carpet eye candy.

  • TJ

    He looks so yummy in that tux.

  • Trish

    I’ve always found the "Wentworth is gay" remarks rather amusing. He’s not gay. Sorry, boys.

  • Missy

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics Jared! I googled this years list of nominees for the Emmy’s and I didn’t see Went’s name there so I’m guessing he was only there to present? And I gotta say, wat a lucky woman to be on Went’s arm! Whoever she is!

  • Shannon

    lol there always has to be one person to bring up the gay rumours again.

  • Scillajean

    Hi Trish, how do you know them?

  • Lauren

    She’s brunette, she works in the business behind the scenes, he asked her to the Emmys, so he’s probably interested in her. She is probably totally hot for him like the rest of us, and Wentworth is a nice guy as far as we can tell, and it would be cruel of him to ask her out if he wasn’t interested in her. Can you imagine being asked out by Wentworth and he’s like "I just want to be friends. Please, no touchy."

  • Trish

    I used to work in development over at Paramount. I met Maria through my work. Hollywood is like a small town and it’s easy to become acquainted with certain people because you cross paths often.

  • robin

    Lauren – lol at "no touchy"

  • Jennifer

    don’t know who she is but you know she’s the envy of every red blooded girl right now. damn hoe.

  • touched

    Mike, proof please. I only believe what I see. So unless you have photographic proof what exactly is your point. If he has had a serious boyfriend for the last two years, I want to know his name, what he does for a living, where he lives and PHOTOS.

  • Trish

    ITA, robin. :) I loved your last line, Lauren.

  • Just Jared

    Haha, "NO TOUCHY!!!!!"

  • Millay

    "The poor girl! As soon as she’s ID’ed, she’ll be hunted down by fangirls. Er, where do I sign up? :D"

  • Jennifer

    "The poor girl! As soon as she’s ID’ed, she’ll be hunted down by fangirls. Er, where do I sign up?"this is true. this is true. sooo…maria huh? i’m sure out team of investigators can come up with a last name, address, birth certifiate, a urine sample and blood type. right? heh ;)

  • I Love Trish

    Trish, thank you, for the legitimate sounding and non-hysterical information. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • Marie

    Spread the cookie love, Jared!I *Heart* You.

  • Jennifer

    oh and went, babydoll, please please…grow your hair out…just a little teeny tiny bit? please?

  • ringerchick16

    I want to rip her head off !!! with me girls? I want to cry like really hard. my heart is so broken

  • Lauren

    We all knew that this day would eventually come.

  • Joycee

    Thanks for the pics Jared! I don’t know who that girl is but Evangeline Lilly & Wentworth were the best looking presenters of the night!

  • Sarah

    I am NOT believing a thing…despite what some are claiming…how can people claim to work in the business with NO proof. It’s just all talk. Guess we will just have to wait until E! or People discover THE REAL TRUTH for us. Until then… (Although they do have a resembling features, eyes, nose…so it could STILL be a sister….nobody knows….so just keep giving your theories.)

  • Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Everytime I watch Prison Break and he gives those wry smiles or lick his lips with the tip of his tongue I go crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Hi Trish!

    Trish, I appreciate that you’re keeping everything vague in protection of Maria. I know you said you didn’t know if they were ever "together", but can we at least get your opinion on what you think due to your observations? Is it possible that they are rekindling or starting something new?

  • totusdulcidine

    Damn people did you think he was going to be your own personal eunuch…oh I forgot…you did.

  • Just Jared

    I would like to share this avatar I made.

  • Trish

    No one is forcing anyone here to believe anything. I thought it was appropriate to point out that these two are good friends. As far as any other details are concerned, if Wentworth feels compelled to fill his fans in on his personal life, than that’s his prerogative. It’s not my place to drop every detail about their "relationship" to a group of strangers over the Internet.Hollywood isn’t the only industry in which *some* level of confidentiality is appreciated and respected. Sheesh. Calm down, people. :)

  • Trish

    LOVE that avatar, Jared! :)I’m not sure if they’re together as an official couple. My understanding is that they’re good friends. As private as Went is, some of his closest friends may not necessarily be in on who he’s currently dating, or for that matter, interested in dating. He’s weird like that. ;)

  • Everie

    Does anyone else think it is unlikely for someone claiming to "know or be acquainted" him and this so-called "Maria" to be chatting away about him (or any detail of intimate detail of him for that matter) on an internet gossip site?

  • thewriter

    suit’s a little big on him, but he’s a studmuffin even in a potato sack. girl’s cute, a little to pale, but i’m glad he had a classy date. i just left his hotel room so he’s gonna be sleeping soundly till the late morning. good night, t’was.