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Danity Kane Interview

Danity Kane Interview

If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers!  The girls of Danity Kane of Diddy‘s Making the Band 3 will be popping by Just Jared at the end of the week for an exclusive interview.  The comments section is open for you to ask Aubrey, Aundrea, D. Woods, Dawn and Shannon all of the questions you never had the chance to ask. I’ll try to get as many of them answered as possible… Ask away!

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  • Jen

    what is your favorite freebie that you have recieved since you have become a group?

  • Maria

    Who are these girls? Are they the group Diddy put together? If so, they’re awful!!! I saw one of their videos and it was BORING!!!! Can’t we come up with some better talent? Give me a break!!!

  • Dahamu

    Have you had a crazy fan expierence yet?

  • Susan

    Is there any particular place in the states or possibly world wide that DK would love to travel to and perform?

  • stacy

    what were the other names for this group besides danity kane?

  • Morgan

    will you tour? if so when? how do we find out where? how long does it take you to get ready for appearances? what is your favorite name brand clothing to wear on a regular basis? like jeans… true religion, miss sixty, rock & republic? favorite stores? congrats on making it so big you girls have done amazing i am so proud come to az you have many fans here! play at desert mountain all the girls and guys love you at DMHS!!!!!!! SENIORS 07 LOVE YOU DANITY KANE

  • kelly

    Angelina or Brad Pitt?

  • chels

    if u didnt make the band what would you be doing? and do you girls have any boyfriends?

  • RayGina


  • Nikka

    Shannon, how big is your engagement ring?

  • chloe

    where you intially pleased with the composition of the group?

  • Steph Luva

    My question is who are the girls celebrity crushes?

  • kena

    who do you guys look up to for insperation? and how do you guys keep sane with all that is going around you?

  • emily

    wow i cant belive this. who do you guys think has the best singing voice. also who is the best dancer?

  • arby

    why did wanita change her name to ‘d.woods’ all of a sudden? ‘wanita’ is the best name ever! (aside from ‘taquita’)

  • Katie

    Do any of you think you will branch out and do solo projects in the future?

  • Tessa

    What song is gonna be the second single? Is there any chance that you’ll release "Sleep On It" or "Ride For You"?

  • Tessa

    Why is the song from SHE, She Has Everything, not on the album, but the song Touching My Body from Chain 6 made the cut? I loved Aubrey singing, "Lately I been looking for a man, who got it so good I be eating out his hand…" It’s such a catchy song!

  • Tee

    Who are some of your girl group inspirationals? And aren’t you tired of people asking "Whose gonna go solo first?"

  • Tessa

    What’s your favorite song to perform live and why?

  • pooky

    Whats your fitness routine? workouts, diets, everything….

  • Chaunce & LaLa

    Chaunce:Do u like da idea of me dancin’ in da window while blastin’ yo music,while people were lookin’ at me like i’m on crack?Is dat a good or a bad thang?LaLa:Do u like da fact dat we play yo music all day witout meltin’ it?Or worryin’ ’bout wut other people think?Chaunce:Do u have any job offerings 4 me?Cuz i’m available,don’t 4git dat. Please.

  • Amy White

    What are your BEST DIET -Weight Loss tips, and how tall is each member!

  • Angie

    I love the album, love the group…I was wondering if you will ever go on tour anytime soon?

  • Angelee

    Danity Kane,-How are your relations with your labelmates, and do you get to interact with them much?-What are each of your favorite motion pictures and television shows?-Ms. D.Woods, do you or have you ever played golf seriously? If not, you should really consider it, because you would probably have a MEAN backswing that could drive the ball to the green every time! You look like a golfer!-Shannon, I love God and I know you do, too! Are you tolerant of all religions, though, such as Islam, Judaism, all branches of Christianity, and so on? And do you still say "Gosh darn it?" because I have always used that phrase, as I don’t swear or use the Lord’s name in vain. Ever. You’re a GEM!-Aubrey, you are an extremely funny chick. Do you have anything to say about "Yo, yo, yo," "Aubrey A.K.A Aubrella," or "Where all my money-makin’ brothaz at?" You are too funny!-Dawn, it is pretty well-known now that you draw characters. Before the success of Danity Kane, particularly in high school, were you ever singled out for your artistic talents?-Aundrea, what is your favorite word in the English dictionary?-Finally, to the group, do you have hope for the world in terms of all of the issues going on today? I do! Do you stay up-to-date with current events?Thank you, Danity Kane! It is very thoughtful of you to answer these questions!

  • yo

    why do you guys suck so bad?

  • aaak

    who do you like the most in the group? who do you hate the most in the group? and dont give a stupid ‘we all love each other’ answer.

  • Damien

    Who is your biggest influence? And why?

  • jiggaWHAT

    Shannon – how hard is it on your marriage now that you’re so far away and busy?All girls – are the guys any nastier or more lame now that you’re famous?

  • nicole

    how do you keep fit?

  • kat

    shannon, are you still married? if so do you get to see your husband with your busy schedule?

  • kat

    Aundrea-Are you still with Rudy after the way he treated you? You are such a beautiful person!!!

  • Toren

    What do you guys want the next single to be?

  • Toren

    Who is the party girl of the group?Are you guys going to be doing any writing for the next album?What is the next video going to be like?What do you think about your labelmate Cassie and her slew of bad performances? How can Diddy take that crap?

  • nicole

    rock it guys! however, aundrea, ive got a brother……..

  • Aqsa

    hey girls!!!! love you!!! just wanted to ask what your next single is? btw i LOVE YOU ALLL!!! can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!!

  • Aqsa

    hey girls!!!! love you!!! just wanted to ask what your next single is? btw i LOVE YOU ALLL!!! can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!!!!

  • Fabiana

    Hello Chicas !! A question for Aubrey ! Is Aundrea your best friend ?

  • RudyF

    what’s your favorite song off the album?how does it feel to have your debut album be number 1 in its first week?

  • dana

    hey girls, congrats on everything!! i was just wondering if you needed any back up dancers for your videos? i love to dance and i would love to be on stage with you girls. good luck girls. take care. I LIVE IN MIAMI SO HOPE TO SEE U SOON!!!!!!!!

  • alexa

    Ok first of all, I just want to say that I love you all soooo much…you all rock. Aubrey, you crack me up. That one episode with the mouse, and you getting the knife and saying, "Hi, what’s your name? Come and kill my mice, baby!!" hahaha. Oh, and I LOOOOVE your voice :) Well, I love all of your voices :D Dawn, you’re so funny too. I loved watching your CD reviews on your myspace :) THANK YOU so much for doing that, I really enjoyed it. Shannon, I LOVE to hear that you’re a Christian, because I am too. It’s nice to see an artist out there who stands up for their faith, so don’t EVER change!! D. Woods, you’re awesome. I just love your attitude about everything :) And DREA!!! You are so adorable. Every time I watch you, I’m like, "AWWW." haha. and I hope you don’t take that the wrong way :D hahaAll righty then…the questions. Since, I think, this has been your dream since you were young, I was wondering if you ever had doubts, because it’s my dream to be a singer and sometimes I just have doubts that it might not happen.And watching the show, it looks like there are times when it just gets really hard, and I was wondering, what keeps you going and wanting to never give up? Or what do you think or tell yourself when it gets like that?Thank you girls sooo much for reading all this….i hope you didn’t get bored :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! God bless!!!!!

  • Annie

    Aundrea, is Aubrey your best friend?

  • Chaunce & LaLa

    Danity ya’ll think dat dumbass "yo" is stupid? Well 1st 4 da name "yo", and 2nd 4 dat ignorant question? Cuz we think so.

  • vic

    Are there any plans to realease the album in the UK or Europe?

  • Lindsey Morse

    Hey I have one question. Does being in the spot light help your personal life or not? Your fan Lindsey MorseOklahoma

  • Karley

    Hi my name is Karley, i love danity cane they rock my favorite 2 are aundrea and aubrey i do love shannon and d woods and dawn i love your song ride 4 u

  • Karley

    i dont really care for what the people say that is mean about you guys i think your awsomediddy picked the right ladies you guys have been my favorite from the beging ~Karley~

  • trish.

    First of all.
    AUbarella, you’re HILARIOUS. Everything you do is funny.
    For Dawn, Are you & Q still being flirty with each other?

    And for Shannon. You’re so pretty.
    If you are still with your husband. Is it hard trying to balance your work and your personal life (husband)at the same time? I’m sure he’s understanding but that’s still pretty difficult.