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James Farrell

James Farrell

Colin Farrell was spotted getting his morning smoke on and downing a cup of coffee (tea?) this past Saturday on the balcony his place in Ireland.  His three-year-old son James Farrell  (inset) later came out to check out the view of Dublin with, supposedly, one of Colin‘s sisters Catherine, 35, or Claudine, 33. The other woman is said to be James‘ nanny… More pictures in the gallery!

Colin, 30, has recently been inspired by his son James (mother is model Kim Bordenave) to make more family-friendly films and wants to voice an animated character: "I’d really like to do an animated film next but no one is calling me to do one."  Pixar, sign him up!

UPDATE 1 :: The boy in this picture set may not be James after all…  Nephew, perhaps?  Thanks to everyone who wrote in…

UPDATE 2 :: Apologies, images removed!

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30 Responses to “James Farrell”

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  1. 1
    Alix Says:

    first time first!

  2. 2
    Baltazar Says:

    smokin hot.

  3. 3
    Fae Says:

    His son looks just like him.

  4. 4
    FYI Says:

    that adorable child. Colin is good here.

  5. 5
    lola Says:

    Colin is HOT! James is really cute too…for some reason he made me think of Justin Timberlake….awkward!

  6. 6
    Desert Says:

    Little James is going to grow up to be a heart-breaker.

  7. 7
    Maria Ozawa Says:

    I think he is drinking tea, because Farrell is known to be very concerned about his health.Thank you for sharing this awesome morning picture with me !

  8. 8
    movie fan Says:

    Great pics, jared! You constantly surprise with good pics day after day!So good to see Colin back in Dublin. Getting some grounding with family, and not all caught up in the Hollywood scene is a good way to remember where he came from.

  9. 9
    mel Says:

    Maria, I hope you are being sarcastic. Is tea and a cigarette better than coffee and a cigarette?

  10. 10
    Sarine Says:

    Jared, I found the info you were looking for. Colin’s 2 sisters are Claudine and Catherine.

  11. 11
    missloUiSiAna Says:

    Aw! He looks like his Daddy!!

  12. 12
    Colin Fan Says:

    He absolutely looks like Colin. His hair is just lighter in color than his Dad’s, but the eyes, nose, and mouth are the spitting image of his father. What a cute little guy he is! He’ll no doubt be breaking many female hearts when he grows up. Just like his handsome Dad is now.

  13. 13
    movie fan Says:

    His sisters are pretty — and look really down to earth.

  14. 14
    ? Says:

    why doesn’t Colin get **** for smoking like Brad does?

  15. 15
    Kathleen Tracy Says:

    APPARENTLY you don’t know what James Farrell looks like – he has tons of LONG DARK HAIR and looks Like Kim Not Collin – So that may be a nephew

  16. 16
    TwoSnapsBlonde Says:

    So is it his son or his nephew?

  17. 17
    moonbeams Says:

    I don’t think that’s Colin’s son. I mean, he’s a lovely wee thing, but I think he belongs to one of those ladies. I’ve seen a pic of Colin with his son and that doesn’t look like him. Colin’s son has dark hair.

  18. 18
    Polly Anna Says:

    What a great idea to start picking friendly roles. I wouldn’t want to pretend to be anything I didn’t want to live. I want more fun land in tv and films. Both seem to have no plan and play up sick feeling experiences. I hope Pixar hires Colin and he has a great time and does a great job.

  19. 19
    kellygrimes Says:

    oh my goodness..James is absolutely adorable!! And that is definitely Catherine, his oldest sister, but the woman in the longer sleeved black shirt is not Claudine. I don’t know who that is….?

  20. 20
    colleen Says:

    That boy is adorable, but I don’t think it’s his son. Maybe nephew?

  21. 21
    Just Jared Says:

    Thanks to everyone who let me know that the kid might not be James!

  22. 22
    hr Says:

    he’s probably drinking tea, not for his health, but b/c he’s irish and that’s what they do.

  23. 23
    fiona (Dublin) Says:

    It’s not his son. And that’s not his sister, her name is Claudine not Catherine.

  24. 24
    julie Says:

    He’s such a dirty-hot-*******!!!

  25. 25
    Fiona (Dublin) Says:

    That is not his son. Also his sister is called Claudine, not Catherine, and that’s not her in the picture either.

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