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Jennifer Aniston Nike Ads

Jennifer Aniston Nike Ads

Rumors that Jennifer Aniston would be teaming up with sportswear giant Nike started to surface earlier this month.  Some new evidence was just sent in, possibly sealing the deal. 

A major NYC-based ad agency reportedly formed a team last month to work on Nike‘s Fall/Winter 2006 campaign.  While Aniston has not confirmed, the ad agency is still looking to book a slot for a Super Bowl commercial and run with an international ad campaign.

The big bucks (the most Nike has ever paid for an endorsement deal) is being offered to Aniston but she is looking to bring focus to cancer research in her deal with Nike. Nike is, in fact, offering Aniston full control over the charity portion of the deal — several donations to her favorite cancer research charities.  Aniston has even suggested signing famous cancer survivors for the campaign including Sheryl Crow.  Stay tuned…

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  • Marta

    I wont buy Nike anyway :P

  • Its_me

    I think she is sweet and kind!

  • Ash

    Yay good for her! Hopfully they can get lots of money for charity!

  • dr lady

    Nice picture, I think she has great legs and is very fit she would do great for their ads, If she loses herself up.

  • creole

    not a good deal : smoke / sport doesn’t fit together;Not a good exemple for the yougest people

  • wqwqwq

    I hope Jen stops smoking

  • whoa

    Was Brad wearing Nike’s when he ran away from her annoying whiny ass?

  • marcie

    she’s beautiful ! sounds like a great way to help people too !

  • Idiots

    The same people who said "brad can make his own choice about smoking" are critiquing Jennifer Aniston about smoking….you are all a bunch of hyprocites

  • maggie

    This could definately help people a LOT MORE than jet set photo-ops with poor black kids in war torn places they can’t remember. Tyler Burden and Tomb Raider are all vanity, Jen is real.

  • em

    She is not even wearing a Nike tennis shoes, the signature product of Nike! I don’t know if the endorsement deal is worth it, Jennifer Aniston is losing it- her credibility, box-office appeal and even her looks.

  • pop

    Jen can’t really smoke and talk about cancer prevention at the same time ! I think "New Jen" is really focusing on her health a lot more: vitamins, exercise etc… I bet she quits cigs now she and Vaughn are not contractually obliged to hang out for ambiguous publicity.

  • kiko-moon

    em: 1) barefooted people don’t normally wear shoes: 2) this photo wasn’t released for the press announcement….3) Everyone gets old and loses their looks, that is nature. Idiot. Jen has a warm heart and that lasts her lifetime. One thing I notice Jen has a lot of jealous enemies.

  • sad

    Taken from Vouge April 2006""“You know there’s stuff I’ve done in my career…” She trails off and then says, “This is such a delicate subject.” Here, for the first time in any conversation we’ve had, she starts to say something that sounds canned, a bit rehearsed. “I think it’s an amazing thing for people to do, and we as actors have the platform to go out there and bring awareness and bring people together and make things happen. It’s one of the great perks of what we do.” Long pause as she realizes she’s beginning to wade into Brad-and-Angelina territory. “And everybody participates in their own way, whether it’s political or economic. I think we all do our part. I’m more… I like to be… I get really nervous about public anything when it’s making a declaration. I should probably become more opinionated about certain things. But you know, I just don’t like… I see a lot of… See, this is where I don’t want to get too into this, because, you know, I want to be very delicate about… actors going out there and… being… politicians. Or representatives of this and that. Which I find… It’s just not my thing. It’s not what interests me. I commend anybody who goes out there and does it. And when the moment happens and it’s authentic for me, I’m sure I will.” I don’t know this chick personally , but she seems to change as the wind blows, If this is true and the money is going to chairty then good for her. I guess when you have paltrow ( who she obviously emulates, and jolie , kidman , cruz,and all these other beautiful leading ladies endorsing stuff, she wants to get in on it too. Yes a leading lady endorsing sneakers, how cool, will work wonders for her career.

  • Maria

    Thank goodness I don’t buy Nike!!! If Jen wants to smoke — that’s on her. Just like Brad — it’s on him. Smokers are out there and that’s a reality. It’s up to her if she wants to go around chewing gum all date and taking breath mints so she doesn’t have ‘smoke’ breath. ==================Whoa: Never saw Brad in sneakers. He usually wears boots, doesn’t he? I think he drove his bike away when he left her — it was much faster!! HA! HA!==================Karma: MAJOR, MAJOR air brushing!

  • Maria

    Sad: I don’t think she can think on her feet without a script in her hands.

  • polluxx

    #8: You watch FRIENDS ? That is an ACT. Jen filed for divorce and she should have never married that fake. Fake architect, Fake humanitarian. He even has fake teeth! ALL CAPS. He is just an image to make you like him so ha can have a career. The macho thing is another act for the camera.

  • Meridian

    "He even has fake teeth! ALL CAPS."A hollywood actor who has capped teeth… OMG! They all do honey, even the nearly 40 something Ms Aniston.

  • loodqew

    #15: can you read ? THEN READ THIS BIT TOO " The big bucks (the most Nike has ever paid for an endorsement deal) is being offered to Aniston but she is looking to bring focus to cancer research in her deal with Nike."

  • Ru

    um, what has she done sporty to deserve this

  • HotMess

    ugh, this is a worse idea than ScarJo for Reebok. Nike’s played out anyways, its all about Adidas and Puma. And if they wanna increase sales this is definitely not the way to do it. All of J Man’s fans are fatties or housewives, they aren’t gonna be buying nike’s sh*t

  • go figure

    is Brad’s smug conceited smile a fake or is he REALLY smug and conceited ?

  • Jules

    I think she looks GREAT! My mother had breast cancer and you guys that haven’t been through something like that should not be so critical of someone that can bring attention to the disease while promoting Nike. Good for Nike and good for Jennifer!!!

  • crazy

    It must be a huge endorsement "the highest ever" !! WOW !!!

  • crazy

    It must be a huge endorsement "the highest ever" !! WOW !!! Kobe Bryant’s was 40 million.

  • crazy

    It must be a huge endorsement "the highest ever" !! WOW !!! Kobe Bryant’s was 40 million. Tiger Wood’s was 100million.

  • Go figure

    #28: Angelina wears a strap on. Go figure. Vince was a smoke screen.

  • Meridian

    Maybe the adverts can be half as good as the new Shiseido tv adverts:3,3 MbQicktime format32 secs.……BE74B785966C9D6

  • Meridian

    Maybe the adverts can be half as good as the new Shiseido tv adverts:3,3 MbQicktime format32 secs.……BE74B785966C9D6

  • Rinna

    Lovely picture, thanks for posting it.

  • lol


  • L train

    Go team Aniston! Get that money mamacita! If square buns, horse shoulders Jolie can do it you can do better!

  • ginger

    This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. This woman isn’t an athlete, is anorexic and belches smoke. We can all say good bye to the Nike brand.

  • SusieQ

    Jennifer Aniston is a great spokeswoman for NIKE. They stand for sporty, natural beauty, just like Jen. I am really looking forward to seeing this campaign

  • Tor Eric


  • Tor


  • madmaxine

    she is not an anorexic. she eats well and exercises and has a slamming, toned body. so it makes sense that she would endorse a sports product. leave the bamzs crap out of it…

  • rowena

    she’s always spotted in bikini,she’s good with this.but since that its about sport clothing ?she should stop smoking…..dont start with brad his a man……aw he was the one who dump her eerrk! sorry

  • SS

    While Brad and Angelina only bother to go to staged photo ops with starving kids as props in a desperat bid to make people forget that he is an adulterer and she is mad (ref: tounge kissing her brother and weraing her ex-husbands blood), Jen on the other hand stands for honesty and beauty that comes from within. She will be a fantastic role model for Nike.

  • emmy

    I think this might be true, but I doubt they are paying her more than anyone. More than Tiger? More than 100 million? Good for her though.

  • Meridian

    40 – Aniston isn’t giving from her fee for this endorsement–she’s making Nike pony up more. She doesn’t do ANY of the charity work Jolie does nor does she give a portion of her earnings.

  • Terasa

    uhhhh… i love jennifer and all but Nike is just one big GIANT sweat shop? definitely not the company i would want my face plastered all over and definitely not one i would trust to do the right thing when it comes to charity. just saying… i think she should have went with a better company.The factories are in Vietnam and the worker conditions violate VIETNAMESE law. Its that bad.The amount of profit they make on those shoes is sickening. They work 65 hours for $10 a week.

  • n.o.l.a

    her people must have approached NIKE becuase I HIGHLY doubt they came after her. she seems desperate to keep her face in the public eye. If NIKE was really interested in doing charity for cancer, they ONLY need Sheryl Crow and not aniston. Yep, her people contacted Nike.

  • Smozan

    She smokes – big deal. So does Scarlett Johanssen. Where was the outrage over her being a Nike spokesperson? I think it’s great that J.A. is trying to bring awareness to cancer research.

  • Angelinaisfake

    When will you Angelina fans realize that she only does her "charity" to get publicity? Lots of celebrities do more charity work than her, they just don’t invite the entire press with them to document their "help".

  • Terasa

    46 – God you really are making yourself sound a complete idiot. Her role as an ambassador for is to bring the problems to the public eye.If people didn’t know about it, she would doing a lousy job. Aniston lovers don’t respond well to logic, though. Didn’t you know Jennifer Aniston is a Greek goddess and Jolie is a soddomite devil.

  • creole

    HOW COME " international"?she’s tabloids celebs in US and west countries, other than that she’s unknown and can’t endorse an international deal;sorryand better endorsement than sportsmen and women?what a big JOKEAHAHAHAHAHAH





  • uh_oh

    Lovely, lovely picture…and lovely, lovely person.