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Lindsay Lohan Bikini

Lindsay Lohan Bikini

Is [CEO of Viacom] Sumner M. Redstone crazy like a fox?

Movie industry executives may be forgiven for thinking that the Viacom chairman was mad to let Tom Cruise go after a 14-year relationship simply because Mr. Cruise seemed a little off balance. After all, the movies made by Viacom’s Paramount Pictures studio and the actor’s production company earned more than $2.5 billion at the box office.

Yet, if you ask economists and other academics that study the movie industry,  Mr. Redstone’s decision was, in financial terms, spot on. The best reason to get rid of Mr. Cruise or, for that matter, Mel Gibson, or Lindsay Lohan, is not their occasional aberrant behavior. They, like most marquee names in Hollywood, are simply not worth the expense. — New York Times

NYT has classified Lindsay Lohan as cuckoo alongside Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson!  Does she belong there?

The latest bikini shots of Lindsay Lohan at a beach house in Malibu…

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  • Maria

    Both Tom & Lindsay have to be put on notice, as we know Tom already has. Lindsay needs to grown more mature, as she’s hanging out with a bunch of ‘air heads’ who I doubt will ever mature. Tom — well, I’m not even going to get into that one. Mel, well, he opened his mouth and his brains fell out. I think he’s going to be just fine. How many people when drunk have said horrible things and next day aplogise and that’s that. He’s no different. Paris Hilton — on tape — used the ‘N’ word and no one is shunning her — as a matter of fact, they all welcome her. Is there a different set of rules for ‘Hilton’ and not for ‘Gibson’? Let’s get real here. He made a mistake — a bloody stupid mistake — he’s paying a price, let’s move on.

  • All Liabilities

    I guess part of “the expense” is the potential unknown factor. They are all loose canons, and who needs that liability?

  • Stanley Jobson

    Horray for the New York Times! You guys are officially retarded!!Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise are global name brands. Lumping them in with Lindsary Lohan just shows how much they don’t understand the industry.Sumner Redstone is a confused old pervert.BTW: Lohan’s body is great. That’s how a woman should look. She’s not fat. Fat is gross. It’s totally indicative of someone who is lazy and/or stupid. But even with that body she’s still just another disposable Hollywood tart.

  • Maria

    Stanley Jobson: You are so right about the Times. They are a strange bunch on that paper. Her body is OK. She’s looking healthier, but are those yaboos real or purchased? Either way, they’re a bit too big for such a small body. If they are real, then, hey! Mother Nature’s fault — HA! HA!===============Gaby: Gorgeous is NOT Lindsay, but that’s your opinion and I respect that. I think she’s a pretty girl, and wish she’d just get her head together — so much talent there. ==============She should stay with her true red/alburn hair colour — the black and blonde stuff has to go!!!==============

  • James

    She Looks hot here, her body looks nice againAnd Lindsay is a Brunette now because of A woman of No Importance, the movie that she’s going to star to shoot with Annette Benning

  • susie

    I guess its just me and sorry to all her fans, but Lindsey is really not cute at all.

  • susie

    and also, she HAS gotton fake boobs since last year. Whats the appeal here?

  • p.

    noo, why did lindsay go black again?! is it for a movie role or something? she looks so much better with red or at least reddish blonde.

  • Gaby

    you guys can say anything, but the true is she has a GORGEOUS body…the girl is stunning!

  • Susan

    Gorgeous is being way too kind. She’s okay looking. She has no curve to her body. It looks as if someone planted fake boobs onto the body of a 10 yr old girl.

  • J!NX

    nice.but she’s too fair to be out in the sun like that. she’ll be leather face in no time.but still nice. ;)

  • christina

    you can tell her boobs are fake..

  • Raven

    It’s weird, but Lindsay’s BODY actually looks better with her long hair darkened. I don’t know why… Before, with her red hair, I hated her body… thought it looked like a boy’s with implants. BUt now it looks hot. That’s so weird. Cameron Diaz and Britney spears also look better with dark hair. They’re not getting insulted as much. Now, if you’ve noticed, Jessica Simpson has been getting alot of insults lately. I think people just take you more seriously when you have dark hair. And you look more sultry with dark hair.

  • Garo

    shirinyan@gmail.complease can anyone to write me a Lindsay email!!!thank you!!!

  • selma

    Nooo no more pics of lindsey in bikini again!!

  • want to fuck lindsay

    lindsay does not have fake boobs thay are real and I want to see them both bounceing up and down when I put me 6″ dick in her pussy and fuck her in her ass also