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Beyonce @ The Ellen Show

Beyonce @ The Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres taped the fourth season premiere yesterday morning for The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Central Park, New York City.  Beyonce performed a selection of songs and celebrated her birthday — she turns 25 on September 4th, the premiere airs on September 5th.  From the choreography pictured, Beyonce definitely performs "Deja Vu." Justin Timberlake also helped Ellen kick off hew new season by performing — pictures have been added here. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Tee

    Where is Kelly Rowland at? Seriously, I’m getting tired of Bee solo. And that wig/weave is atrocious. But the ALBUM is HOT TO DEATH…

  • mmyers

    Sick of the wile weave too! It’s just too much!

  • Cin

    How can Beyonce be just 24? To me she looks to be in her early 30s?!

  • aveeno1

    I’m sick of Beyonce too.. she’s so tiring… can’t wait for Kelly’s album next year… which was bumbed to make way for B’s album this year… sucks

  • malcolm

    kelly album sucks i heard 3 tracks. had she release that, it would have flop she needs to spend more time working on that shyt

  • erica

    Beyonce gotta have the most annoying voice and the most annoying way of talking on earth! Hate every song she’s been involved in, especially "survivor"!She is getting fat again huh?

  • LeeLove

    I was at the taping yesterday and she was clearly singing over studio-recorded songs. She did a finale of “Crazy in Love”. It would have been nice if Jay-Z came out but I can tell you this, before she came on people were leaving and after she sang her three song everyone was leaving. No one wanted to stick around and hear her being interviewed for 15 minutes. We all knew she had nothing good to say. The people associated/working for the “Ellen” show were begging people not to leave while Beyonce changed her clothes for her interview. They were pulling people from the lawn to “fill-in” the guaranteed seats.

  • Charlie

    Thanks #7! You only confirmed what I’ve known all along – Beyonce is a fucking robot. When she’s interviewed she has the presence and intellegent and charisma of a cardboard box. LOL!

  • danielle

    well all i have to say is that Beyonce is NOT getting fat! she just lost 10-20 lbs for some movie! you people are mean and her hair is very beautiful assholes!!! one more thing… her music rocks and so does she bitches!

  • paris herpes

    She is an idiot…Kathy Griffin interviewed her a couple of years ago when she was with Destiny’s Child and asked them who was "destiny’s" father? They all looked at each other, and Beyonce answered, "God". A rocket scientist she isn’t…she should at least have something besides how she looks and how she markets herself…I’m just not impressed with her at all…she’s overrated!

  • solange

    pliz get this…WE ARE TIRED OF YOUUUUUUU

  • lissa

    I love her outfither album is greatgood to see her perform

  • joliepittme

    Lol damn, when did everyone turn against her?Her two singles do suck very much however

  • mona

    she is way too stuck up and she can’t even put a sentence together. she should gotake some speach courses ,instaid of making another stupid album. i see her every month , but can’t stand her stupidity….. she always has her body guard ! who’s gonna attack her! she gets tomuch attention for nothing.

  • Tiff

    Yea, it does seem like people turned on her out of the blue. I don’t know what to think about her. I’m probably not alone when I say that I really WANT to like her, but somehow can’t. Or at least not consistantly.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    OMG she cant help but repeat herself over and over again. Seems like a continuation of her old album. Beyonce might be beautiful and bootilycious – but i am not a big fan of her music.

  • kissmy

    Go LaToya…

  • cd

    u guys shd gv B a break its ok for u not to like her music but u guys CHILL on the insults…havent heard BDAY but she s a talented hard worker.. eventho’ i hated her DEJA VU Video

  • God

    she dances like she’s havin a seizure..

  • Rachel

    whoa! look at that hair fly!

  • Beg 4 Mercy

    I still luv beyonce, first of all lets get the record straight she isnt fat shes thick and that is the way a blck woman body is. if u don’t like it go get a skinny white chick and get on her team. but i do agree wit her hair it is terrible and her new songs arent that great either. I just bought her cd and it only has 10 songs lasting up 2 35 min. thats terrible. maybe she is going through somethin I feel sorry 4 her. i still luv her and I wish her the best

  • JonDoe

    I Luv Beyonce. Evrything About Her is Great! All The People Who Are Bashing Are Just HATERS! Yall Never Said Anything About The Great Things She Has Done for The World. Any Beyonce Fans Download B-Day For FREE! On

  • Anonymous

    i cant get the hidden track of the song listen, but i think be has a gr voice. but the videos are not performance oriented, i dont like music videos b/c they make girls slaves lol

  • Shaun

    First let me say I’m not the biggest Beyonce’ fan, but as a native Houstonian, I do love some of her music. Secondly, Miss Mona in box 14 needs to learn how to spell. You sound extremly dumb and stupid trying to put down someone who makes more money than you and probably looks 10 time better than you and not know how to spell the words correctly! FYI Miss Mona, the correct spelling for speach is (speech) and the correctly spelling for instaid is (instead). Also, tomuch should be two words (too much); not one. Instead of criticizing someone who has made their dreams come true, why don’t you drag your dumbass out of the projects and go back to school! It’s apparent you didn’t learn very much or didn’t graduate at all. For everyone else who had something to say about Beyonce, I don’t seen any of you no talents making any albums! When yall start sell millions of records, then maybe you can criticize her. But, until then, all you BITCHES need to shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niks

    This is probably the most entertaining junk I have stumbled upon in years, lol. I must say though a lot of these arguments are devoid of intellect and or any knowledge on the music business and how it works, it is hilarious. I am dying with laughter as I read the tirades, lol. I have to say that Miss Knowles has proven herself to be steadfast and particularly good and what she does. As it relates to her appearance and suggested lack of charisma I for one do not necessarily believe either of those things make and individual inept at singing. Then again I may lack the irrationality that enables one to ‘hate’ and as a result may be incorrect in my judgement. Lol

  • precious

    Some of you guys are such haters ! And JEALOUS ! It’s obvious the girl is bad ! Fine as hell ! And most of all, she can sing her ass of ! But, you want to talk about her. She’s doing her thing and doing it well. Half of you couldnt begin to withstand the pressure she does, but you find fault. Has major talent and carries herself well. Few celebs have that record. I guess if she was partying on tables every weekend like paris, getting arrested like some of the rappers on the regular, or speaking vulgar language about other celebs, you’d REALLY think she was garbage.Some of you are so jealous it smells all the way over here ! Take yourself out to the road…it’s today’s garbage pick up day !

  • prissing

    Her album is HHHHOOOOTTTT ! She has changed her sound a bit and surprised everyone. A true talent she is. Go Be !!


    Everybody need to stop haten on beyonce she is doing her thing. Everybody know they got both of her album they did good on the charts so quit with the games. Beyonce your on top girl can’t wait on yuor nect album to come out and blow them out all the haters.

  • sexy

    thank u Shaun put them Bitches to their Place Especially Mona she is a hater I don’t Know Who Ask her For Comments. when People See u Get up in life they just wanna put u down that’s Why they get no where in life do your thing Beyonce i love u. ignore all the f****** haters. Continue girl And i wish u all the best



  • Linda

    Beyonce é Linda e perfeita eu amo muito ela.. !! s2