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Clark Kent Went

Clark Kent Went

If you missed last night’s episode of Prison Break, don’t fret my pet!  Watch it below… as many times as you want!  Or feel free to read the re-cap below –

WATCH :: Prison Break Season 2 Episode 2 – "Otis"
(US residents and PC users only.)

Is it a crane? Is a train? Nope, just Clark Kent (Mike) reading the local newspaper. What is with the cons in this episode constantly reading about themselves? Do they want to get shot? Oh wait, Lincoln does, in his attempt to rescue LJ with Michael from the courthouse and failing. It’s a shame that Lincoln would presume that someone like Mahone would not understand “Otis (w)Right”? This man does puzzles for fun! I’m actually surprised that Lincoln though of it. Sounds like something Michael would think of, since he’s the brains and Linc is the brute. The Lincoln and LJ chemistry in this episode is quite touching, whether it’d be on the phone and or when LJ tells his Dad to “Let go.”

The other cons are doing just fine without the rest of the team (all they got is fried chicken!). Tweener has snatched himself a new alias and is posing as a college student on his way home during Spring Break. T-Bag gets his hand re-attached and in typical T-Bag fashion lethally injects Mr. Gudhat and assumes his identity. The creep factor in that scene was chilling and rather graphic. With a new hand, and new hair, he and Tweener have one destination in mind: Utah.

(Continued after the jump)

(Continued before the jump)

Bellick gets fired (C.O. Geary who was fired last season plays the role of snitch) and the Pope takes a stand and quits. I knew the Taj Mahal would be seeing the last of his days. I almost expected dramatic music in the background as the Pope destroyed the Taj. Poor Popie. And those are some strong popsicle sticks! On a side note, did Bellick seem ready to end his life?

SPOILER WARNING:: Bellick joins the manhunt as a bounty hunter for the reward money. Who he teams up with may be shocking. The brothers are the ones who go down in the car. All this and much more! Stay tuned next week for “Scan.”

[Written by geniass]

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42 Responses to “Clark Kent Went”

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  1. 1
    Ash Says:

    How come Canada can’t see it? not fair!

  2. 2
    john Says:

    who cares

  3. 3
    Estelle Says:

    THANK YOU JJ and AUDREY, I was hoping you will post this like last week, since I did get to see last night episode….you are the best.

  4. 4
    ZeNd Says:

    Thanks JJ… btw… No news bout Sara?????

  5. 5
    Vanessa Says:

    How come the link to the episodes don’t work? Does it work for anyone else? I click on it and Win Media Player just says ready & never shows anything.

  6. 6
    maichan Says:

    Thanks JJ and geniass. Love the screencaps. So much Pretty to look at last night *sigh*

  7. 7
    steph Says:

    Does anyone Know when Season 2 of prison break is on in England?

  8. 8
    REBECCA Says:


  9. 9
    ErinMarie79 Says:

    Thanks Jared. Great pics! He wears geek well.

  10. 10
    fam Says:

    Hi Jared, great blog, as always!(By the way, it’s Otis Right: it’s the right elevator)

  11. 11
    Estelle Says:

    correction: Since I didn’t get to see last night episode….sorry, this key thing, I have to sign annoying

  12. 12
    Becca Says:

    #9 ErinMarie79 – FUNNY! and yes he does.

  13. 13
    single Says:

    The episode was boring….basically nothing happened.Everyone is waiting for the Sara & Went story line to start but with her junkie-ass about to be thrown in jail, how long will it take for that to happen. I’d rather watch paint dry :)Here’s my take:- Sara get’s thrown in Jail, Michael & Lincon disguised in DRAG! get themselves thrown in to a womens-prision to help Sara break out…..the new show will be re-named "Drag-queens behind bars".Third Season, I think will be a Musical….lot’s of singing & dancing Bollywood-Style.

  14. 14
    Jo Says:

    Best Actors on Prison Break are Sara & TBag,,,Sara carries all their scenes when they are together. Tbag straigh-up is outstanding!!!Wentworth is inconsistent, and needs more experience. Also he’s a bit wooden with his speach.His looks make up for his poor acting skills.I thought the show was a bit lame yesterday too!!Hopefully the writers get their **** together for the next episode.

  15. 15
    ILoveNika Says:

    Who let the shippers in? This is the Michael and Lincoln show!

  16. 16
    meemee Says:

    Great episode…looking forward to next Monday.

  17. 17
    Steph Says:

    Soz, for repeating myself but does anyone Know when season 2 is on in the U.K plzxxP.s Great pics of Went!!

  18. 18
    33one878 Says:

    Great images and the episode was truly remarkable. Disappointing end to it, they could have make it better.Steph the PB season 2 will be on in UK next Year sadly long way to go. There is a way to see them if you are interested drop me an email and I will link you.

  19. 19
    Steph Says:

    Thanksxxx #18 , i wish i lived in America!

  20. 20
    IHeartGeek Says:

    Yes, Wentworth wears geek well – it’s like Forrest Gump but the Muey Caliente (sp?) version. I think the kid who plays LJ is pretty good too and I can’t wait to see how the Michael + Sara love story will develop into. What about that TBag last nite huh? Next week’s preview looked better and more action packed. Thanks JJ!

  21. 21
    Melissa J Says:

    I liked last night’s episode, sad thought that LJ didn’t get out, but I have a strong feeling that Papa Burrows Is gonna be the one to get LJ out somehow. Can’t wait to see how NIka will fit Into the whole storyline, I thought T-Bag looked pretty good dressed up driving a nice car. LOL! Can’t wait for next week, It looks really good!

  22. 22
    dolphingirl Says:

    I saw the first couple episodes of S1 when it first came on last year but lost track. Recently I rented S1 on DVD and did a marathon so now I am totally hooked! I haven’t watched last night’s episode but I have it saved on Moxi (digital cable version of TIVO). I am hoping S2 will be even better because now it will be like The Fugitive and they can do more with the characters/storyline since they aren’t stuck locked up in the prison. I am also eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Michael/Sara plot.

  23. 23
    Jess Says:

    I loved last nights episode. I was bummed that they didn’t get LJ out though. I am almost positive they will try again – its a long way to Arizona. haha. I think Nika will be sent to go get Dr. Sara, but since she is in jail, they will have to get some other type of help, or Dr. Sara will be out of jail by then and tell them what to do. Or maybe they will just fish the bullet out themselves and patch it up. Either way, I think Nika will start being the contact between Sara and Michael. Especially in the next episode, but who knows. Nika is only going to appear on episode 3 and 4, and then she is not slatted to appear on any other ones, so her story line will not be long whatever it is. Anyhow, Anyone know what was up with the bird bath at the beginning of the episode last night?Great acting by all. Wanted Sara in the episode, but I guess we will have to wait until next week. She has quite a lot of screen time next week. 14 min 32 sec. I wish Bellick would have pulled the trigger. HAHADoes anything go right for Michael anymore? haha

  24. 24
    blessmysoul Says:

    Ya-gotta love the Tbag!!He is stealing the show…..he should have won an Emmey for his performance last season.I’m a big fan of the Tbag……totally rocking his new look. Glad to see other people have noticed his amazing performance in PB. More ….Tbag…..bring it on!

  25. 25
    kala Says:


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