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Hilary Duff in New Orleans

Hilary Duff in New Orleans

On the first anniversary of the storm, Hilary Duff visited Hurricane Katrinca victims today down in New Orleans, Louisiana. She took the time to pass out water bottles, serve lunch, speak about positive role models, sign autographs, and stop by the Medard H. Nelson charter school to visit the children there. Hilary, 18, has contributed over 2.5 million meals so far, which have been distributed through the Salvation Army. More pictures in the gallery!

WATCH :: Hilary Duff Packing The Boxes

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  • yaratik

    I am not sure if I beleive in the sincerity of these celebrities..In any case, they are doing good, better than nothing.

  • jo

    Oh PLEEZZZE!what a buch of phony publicity…..I hate people that use the Katrina victims for their own selfish persuit of celeberty.

  • scarjo

    No offense but she looks haggard and old…kinda like an old lady. Still you have to commend her for taking time out of her day to do stuff like this even if it is for the publicity. Im a lilo fan but I will admit hil actually commits to her charity while Lohan is all talk.

  • mona

    Good for her. Helping others is always a good thing.

  • jo

    Bull-shit publicity!!!!…..bitch has never had a hard day in her sorry-ass-life.

  • paris herpes

    I’m surprised she even noticed Katrina happened actually…thought she was too busy losing weight and doing bullshit movies like Material Girls…

  • creativegirl

    I hate to say it but Material Girls was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I really wanted to leave but my kids wouldn’t let me. Now Talladega Nights, was hysterical. JJ I wish you’d give us some info on Will Ferrell – just for the sheer fact that he is hilarious.

  • Candygirl

    Good for Hilary! At least she’s doing Something and bringing attention to a cause that still needs help! Good for her! I hope she continues helping others, she’s so sweet.

  • Rhe

    even if is for publicity the point is she’s doing it unlike most teen celebs to me it just shows that she doesn’t consider herself too good for things like this.

  • Bee

    she’s thin.thin can be good.but well it doesn’t work for her.Beef up girl.

  • Swen

    By total coincidence she brought along a publicist & photographer, who later by another coincidence put out a press release. Pseudo Celebrity B.S.

  • aj

    "Hilary, 18, has contributed over 2.5 million meals"-please provide proof of this claim…

  • yaratik

    wait a sec. that’s true..Even if it was a 1 dollar meal that would cost 2.5 million dollars..i doubt she can donate that much. How could she have done that?

  • Becky

    Quote: By total coincidence she brought along a publicist & photographer, who later by another coincidence put out a press release. End QuoteSounds JUST like Jolie! Somehow, they have cameras on her while she’s doing her "charity" work. …hmmm. At least Hilary is doing something, cameras or no cameras. She deserves kudos.

  • Sara

    She donated $250,000 to the Red Cross for the victims too…did any of you donate that much? I doubt it so shut the hell up it least Hil’s helping.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby

    good for hil. haters shut up – if she is fake then jolie’s "charity" is made of sheer silicones. I like hil – even though she can act or sing for her life.

  • Willard G. Oxtoby


  • Sabrina

    I think Hilary duff is one of the few young stars actually giving back. I think shes such a wonderful person and so id anyone else who is helping give hope to those in New Orleans. I think she deserves alittle more recognition for the good charity work she does and everyone needs to stop obsessing about her looks, weight or whatever everyone else is talking about. Lets focus on all the good she is doing. And i dont think she is using this to get publicity but her being famouse does help spread the word that theres still work to be done in the gulf coast. And if her fame helps in that way then i say its a good thing.

  • Jasmine

    OH COME ON. You people NEVER believe anything you see. She’s by far the most natural celebrity out there. At least she does something GOOD with her money. As long as it all makes these children happy, it’s only good. I don’t get it, do you want her to just do nothing rather than spending her own money for the victims of a hurricane. You people just have no hearts and you suck andyou’re envy that you’re not that pretty and rich. Poor people.

  • Gyn


  • Liz

    When I saw the picture, I just thought how freakishly skinny she looked, she looks ill.

  • creativegirl

    I love Hil too, and she’s doing more giving back than the Lindsays and Paris’ of the world that’s for sure. I think she is one of the few teen stars who is trying to keep it real and not turn into a super slut over night. That’s why it was so devastating as a mom when I took my kids to see her movie and Hayley was smoking and the first scene of the movie was them in some nightclub with people drinking and all these sexual overtones. My kids just didn’t get it.

  • lizzy

    um good for hil, but what the hell is she wearing are those jeans or leggings hahah any thoughts?

  • Dani

    To #21I saw Material Girls too, and Hilary did not smoke in it. Haily did, and if you watched the bloopers you could tell it was something she didn’t want to do. It was part of her role. Material Girls, in my opinion even before it came out showed it wasn’t a little kid movie. I assume your kids are young kids, pre-teens by your message. The same happened with Raise Your Voice. Younger kids didn’t like sitting through that movie because it wasn’t teeny-bopper (for the lack of a better discription). I personally, though Raise Your Voice was her best movie yet, and Material Girls was a good teen-age movie. The only downfall I had towards it was they had Haily smoke in it (not the best, even for teens, even though many do smoke) or they’re wardrobe. But then again, I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl and rarely like anything different from them, lol.

  • Teresa

    I know for a fact that Hilary has been heavily involved with a non-profit charity (Kids with a Cause) for 7 or so years. You won’t see photos from those events, because that’s not what the charity is about. Hilary has probably done more work with poor, abused and disabled children in the last 7 years than most of you will do in your lifetime.So what if there were photographers there to take photos, at least she’s in New Orleans doing something… what have you done?

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    hilary duff is the best girl ever
    she is magnificent,cute,and a good person
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    love you hilary duff and i wish that u read my message and that i will see you soon

  • Hiếu

    She’s a perfect girl!
    Chị ấy là một cô gái hoàn hảo!