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Jennifer Aniston at the Recording Studio

Jennifer Aniston at the Recording Studio

Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving a recording studio yesterday afternoon, lending her distinctive voice talents.  For what, you ask?  Movie voiceover?  Nike commercial?  Keep the guesses coming! More pictures in the gallery!

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jennifer aniston recording studio 01
jennifer aniston recording studio 02
jennifer aniston recording studio 03
jennifer aniston recording studio 04
jennifer aniston recording studio 05
jennifer aniston recording studio 06
jennifer aniston recording studio 07
jennifer aniston recording studio 08
jennifer aniston recording studio 09
jennifer aniston recording studio 10
jennifer aniston recording studio 11
jennifer aniston recording studio 12
jennifer aniston recording studio 13
jennifer aniston recording studio 14
jennifer aniston recording studio 15
jennifer aniston recording studio 16
jennifer aniston recording studio 17
jennifer aniston recording studio 18
jennifer aniston recording studio 19
jennifer aniston recording studio 20
jennifer aniston recording studio 21
jennifer aniston recording studio 22
jennifer aniston recording studio 23
jennifer aniston recording studio 24
jennifer aniston recording studio 25
jennifer aniston recording studio 26
jennifer aniston recording studio 27
jennifer aniston recording studio 28
jennifer aniston recording studio 29
jennifer aniston recording studio 30
jennifer aniston recording studio 31
jennifer aniston recording studio 32
jennifer aniston recording studio 33
jennifer aniston recording studio 34
jennifer aniston recording studio 35

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  • why

    why ar her nipples permanantely hard?

  • Abruzzi

    I hate to say it but in all honesty she’s not attractive and with her aging it’s just more apparent. Does she even comb her hair anymore?

  • design_officer

    obviously something that doesn’t require much talent and is sure to be annoying. maybe whining?

  • Delero

    sorry to all the fans but she really looks like s**t! i never thought jennifer was pretty anyway, but this is really wack!!

  • nipps!

    why ar her nipples permanantely hard? # 1 | why =======================I’ve always wondered that too……..I think is just everytime she comes out she’s self-concious it happens to me. When I think people are looking at me my nipps get hard…don’t ask me why I don’t know….it is really BOTHERSOME especially since i’m not some anorexic exercise obssesed actress so that effect on me just look hilarious!!!

  • Lindsey’s Sister

    What is with the Peace Sign, like Linsey Lohan who is 20

  • IcedNip

    #1She ICED her nipple before during and after the studio session. Something she has been doing for the past decade . And oh, she also has a set of chicken cutlet stuffed up there. It’s her trademark . Her ex roommate mentioned too.

  • trullesand

    i like her voice.

  • judi

    Im a fan, so I think she looks just fine, I don’t see anything wrong with the way she looks, but I see the haters are already here…too bad

  • goaway

    Why are you all so judgemental of her? Jesus, leave the girl alone and focus on BAMZ

  • Nipples Expert

    why ar her nipples permanantely hard?# 1 | why Because they’re Iced, silly. Don’t you know that’s how you get them hard? It’s good to do it when you’re going braless or wearing tank tops. It’s quite the rage, where have you been?

  • Catheine

    Whatever, she’s adorable. I hope I look as good at 37. And I have no doubt that she is WAY better looking than the haters who write about how unattractive she is. Gimme a break and let it go already.

  • jens cute

    I think shes cute, Brad thought she was cute and i am sure he still thinks she’s cute and pretty to……b4 you start bitchin i want to see a picture of you…….

  • Me

    She’s a buttaface.

  • beverlyhills

    I’m so sick of her …she’s always the SAME..still acting like 20′s & the bitch is almost 40!!!cousin it..w/that hair.

  • Rinna

    I’m a fan and I think she looks great like always.Thanks for the post Jared!

  • anon


  • Sex Slave

    Holy heavens! First Vince Shirtless and now Jen’s Nipples!!! You just know thse to are having some vey good and hard sex. Forget Kenya Animal noises, here comes the Animals of the world. Va Va Voooooooooooooom! Oh….it’s getting hot in here!!!

  • why

    # 15 | beverlyhills why why why do you click the link if you hate her so much – get a life ! Jen looks great. Why does her age matter and why is the way she is dressed so inappropriate ???

  • n.o.l.a

    Why are her nipples always hard? She gets off on the attention!

  • ?????

    Wow, She does look just like Dustin Hoffman. ughh.

  • Hell Ya!

    She is such a lesbian! a fug lesbian!# 18 | Gaydar beep |I’d do her if she wears bag.

  • jens cute

    I say it again jen looks gr8………..poor girl humiliated in front of america…….what a poor choice of a husband she chose

  • ew

    im so sick of her face. she’s old and annoying. Yuk!

  • uh_oh

    She is so adorable. And looks great for her age.You should just hope you look even close to that when you’re almost 40!

  • jens cute

    I gotta say shes got it goin on….you all are showing how ugly u are from the inside out when u say nasty crap….

  • Lenapalooza

    I don’t see how you can call her ugly. You know what? I think a few people’s pics are unattractive, but you don’t see me posting about it. For someone who thinks she’s ugly you sure do like to look at her pics and post away. I personally think Christina Aguillera (I apologize to her fans for using her as my example) isn’t all that all that attractive, but you don’t see me posting about it. I think that’s really mean calling someone ugly. Especially when she’s not. You are allowed to be a BAMZS fan and not hate Jen or think she’s ugly. They don’t go hand in hand. You are being hurtful when you call someone ugly. Grow up!

  • jensgreat

    The battle of good versus evil. Aniston fans unite against the dark, brooding evil of team Jolie. Jennifer is soooo much prettier than Jolie who does actually look like a horse in drag, even in her shitshido ads.

  • insecure

    Jen is still a very insecure woman and it shows. I read an interview and she said she hides behind her hair, she is very insecure in her looks and other things and that explains her behavior. She is always looking for some sort of approval , that is why she never does anything by herself, just her. She seems to always need a crutch , someone to prop her up. That is why she wears her girlfriends rings, because they prop her ass up. I had a friend who use to be that why and after a while , you just get fed up of always giving emotinal support like that it wears you down. It is sad, most likely stemmed from her childhood, but she is 37 years old. I think that why a certain kind of woman finds jen appealing they see themselves in her. God forbid she stands up for herself always needs someone to either battle with her or do battles for her. I can see clearly why she is now alone.


    I laugh at all of you Jen fans. Everytime there is a negative post about this woman you inmediately assume it is from the "team jolie" or "team brad" or the BAMZS or something related to them. WELL, I hate to break it to you but his woman has grown a negative fan base all on her own. She has spread her face all over magazines for more than a year.SHE’S OVEREXPOSED & HIGHLY OVERRATED!TRUE, she has some decent wardrobe choices BUT WHO WOULDN’T WITH MILLIONS TO PAY A STYLIST???Get off your high horse this woman is LAME and I don’t need to give a shit about Bradd Pitt to KNOW IT!

  • brad hit it

    all the bamzers r over on angelinas commercial while the rest of us move on….posts dont mean anything.christ you bamzes talk about made up stories (fanfics)?….your family your little braddy….but you dont talk about the issue you are lookin at and reading..get a life.goodbye and good day

  • bebe

    JENNIFER ANISTON has a strong resemblance to DUSTIN HOFFMAN.

  • Ugly Jen

    B-I-G G-I-E C-H-I-N

  • TruthAboutJen

    A ‘Friend’ in need, but not in deed?Nancy Balbirer helped Jennifer Aniston get a foothold in New York before the days of ‘Friends’ fame. The reward for her trouble? Snubs from the new superstar and a rejection from the show, Balbirer claims.Jennifer Aniston probably wishes she’d been nicer to fellow actress Nancy Balbirer, who shared a West Village apartment with her in the late 1980s.Then maybe Balbirer wouldn’t have ratted her out the other night at Joe’s Pub, where an audience of actors and writers shrieked with laughter during an evening of readings to mark the paperback release of "The Underminer: Or, the Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life."The 40-year-old Balbirer was among the performers who told stories of their own personal "underminers." Balbirer’s "underminer" was "a famous sitcom actress" called "Jane" — a thinly veiled Aniston — who she met when both were auditioning to be extras on "Saturday Night Live."A Lowdown spy reports: "Jane, who had recently graduated from the High School of Performing Arts, was a few years younger than Nancy and was the daughter of a soap actor and a plastic-surgery victim who had divorced. Nancy let Jane live rent-free in her Village apartment for a few months."Nancy said Jane, who was then working at a burger joint, was obsessed with her looks, and would give herself bikini waxes while lying upside-down on the couch. The pair went on auditions, on diets, and to aerobics classes together. Jane advised Nancy to try and be ‘more f—able’ on auditions, and to buy chicken cutlets at the Food Emporium to stuff her bra. Jane iced her nipples before auditions, and lamented her big butt and her nose, which she said ‘came from her Greek half.’"Jane moved to Los Angeles, got liposuction, a nose job and a hairline adjustment, and lost a lot of weight after going on Nutri­Slim. Nancy recounted a trip to L.A. where she asked to stay with her old friend, but instead Jane named some hotels, telling Nancy not to be so desperate, because it’s unattractive, especially in a town like L.A."After Jane landed a sitcom about friends who live together in the Village, Nancy independently met with the show’s producers for a recurring role, which she landed on the spot. A few hours later, she was inexplicably fired, yet paid in full, plus an extra week’s pay, despite never filming a scene. Later a producer friend told Nancy that Jane had her fired and the two old friends never spoke again."When Lowdown repeated the dish to Aniston, via her flack Stephen Huvane, she was not amused. "Jennifer does know this woman Nancy, and she did live with her for a little bit, but did not live rent-free," Huvane insisted after consulting Aniston. "They were never close friends — it was not that kind of relationship."Huvane vehemently denied Balbirer’s claims of plastic surgery. As for the hiring-firing incident: "The girl did try out for a role on ‘Friends,’ but the girl just didn’t get it. The cast doesn’t get involved in casting — especially the first year. She just sounds like an opportunist who’s using Jennifer to get attention. This is mean-spirited."Balbirer told Lowdown the "Jane" story "is part of a new solo show and book I’m writing called ‘Take Your Shirt Off And Cry,’ about my life in show business and Hollywood." And Warner Bros. has acquired movie rights to "The Underminer" for Management 360 — Vince Vaughn’s management company

  • jensgr8

    # 33 | bebe Bebe you need your eyes checked ! Let’s have a guess who you look like ?

  • just saying…

    # 32 | brad hit it ——————-is funny when you people pretend not to read fanfics or don’t even know what they are….GUESS WHAT????YOUR BIBLES…LIFE AND STYLENATIONAL ENQUIRERIN TOUCHSTARThose are ALL FANFICS!!!! YOU guys are soooo funny!!!I’m out…this thread is gonna become nasty soon you fat cows can’t stop thinking about BAMZS….but i won’t help you anymore….YOU ALL DESERVE TO BE IGNORED AND LEFT ALONE!

  • nobody

    Honestly, I’d like to know what kind of jeans those are. They are a little unflattering.

  • Anon

    She is ugly, with a bad smile, and bad nose, and horse face. JUST UGLY.

  • sad

    I think what pisses alot of jen fans off is that Brad is actually a happy man now, father of three and still working, and living life. They are secretly pissed that Brad is with a beautiful woman, who is everything jen is not , Angelina is not an insecure person . I think that intimidates aniston and some of her fans. Jen is a follower like most of her fans, that explains who following in paltrows footsteps …lol. That also explains the hatred by some of her fans against jolie always beleiving the worst about her..Why? It is like highschool, jolie represents the pretty girl who all the guys love and all the girls hate because of it. I wish someone in the media would actually do a study on this….It is amazing actually …This why whenever their is a tabloid story about pitt and jolie breaking up or pitts family hates angie they lap it up and beleive it as truth…their hatred is that strong, never backing up their opinions with valid reasons or facts. jealousy is a bitch .

  • Boring!!!!

    Ew, always the same outfit type, always the same hair, always the same lame attitude. she bores me.

  • justagirl

    Clearly the people who have issues with her nipples are not women. If they were, they would know that it is something that happens to almost every woman. Why does it bother you?

  • Ordinary Girl

    She does look very ordinary if not glammed up. So, it must be true, she had a falling out with her hairsytlist, Chris Mccmilan. She seems to always have bad hair days nowadays, she did not touch up her hair color, nor blowdryed her hair. I wonder how it feels when people always commenting on her beautiful hair and she having the best hairstyle award all the time, when the truth is, she really has ugly hair…Even the best thing that she has is also fake!

  • marla

    JENNIFER LOOKS GREAT! for those who take time out to say nasty things about her are just jealous! i bet you are the ones who look like a horse!

  • Ugly Feet

    In Friends with Money DVD, the director commented that Lancome was offended that Jennifer used their face cream on her feet, and Lancome did not like Jennifer’s feet, coz i suppose they are ugly. If you take a look, even her hands are so ugly.

  • jensgr8

    # 39 | AnonAnon. Brad doesn’t seem all that happy to me – you rarely see him smiling. I bet he bitterly regrets knocking up Angie so soon. I’ll also wager that Brad and Angie will not last as long as Brad and Jen did. Jolie is just a media whore.

  • sad

    To jensgr8You have proven my point, and should sign up as the classic jen fan. Jealousy…its a bitch. In your mind brad can never be happy with angie, how dare he. Ya see in your twisted mind their is no way brad could be happy with angie, since he was so happy with jen? wishful thinking

  • bebe

    I just had my eyes checked and now I think Jennifer Aniston resembles Jay Leno!!!

  • Frank

    Try asking "The Village Recording Studios", 1616 Butler Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025, also called Village Recorder

  • jensgr8

    To Sad.I honestly couldn’t give two figs for Brad Pitt. Jen deserves so much better than an air-headed pretty boy. VV is a real man and I hope he and Jen are really happy – her ultimate revenge !

  • jensgr8

    To Sad.I honestly couldn’t give two figs for Brad Pitt. Jen deserves so much better than an air-headed pretty boy. VV is a real man and I hope he and Jen are really happy – her ultimate revenge !